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  • Norg
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  • The typical Drenthe monuments: Westerveld Hunebed
    The typical Drenthe monuments:...
    by Pavlik_NL
  • A warm welcome under straw roofs
    A warm welcome under straw roofs
    by Pavlik_NL

Norg Things to Do

  • The windmills of Norg

    First the two windmills of Norg are the village pride. One in the Northern section of the village, the other Southbound. "De Hoop" (= The Hope) is a eightsided double-leveled windmill dating from 1857 and open for public when the blue flag is out. It's working and grinding grane for backers in Norg. The windmill belongs to the windmill society of...

  • The old Romanic church of Norg

    In the centre of Norg the old Romanic church is immediately jumping into view. It's simple tower reaches to the heavens and it's the place around which the village eventually appeared. Already around the year 1.000 there was a wooden chapel here. And as being one of the first stone variants of churches in the Northern part of the Netherlands, in...

  • The "Westerveld" Hunebed

    More then 5.000 years ago the "Trechterbeker" people lived in the present province of Drenthe. To burry their dead leaders they erected "Hunebedden" large piles of huge stones that were available since the ice age that brought them to this vicinity. These megalithic monuments belong to the oldest in North-Western Europe and still leave quite some...

  • Front

    This is the front of the house you just saw from aside. I cannot imagine how life was in old days, especially when I think people got more than 5 kids very often.It must have been crowded!

  • Another farm

    The farms have a certain shape which is typical for this neck of the woods. Small living quarters and a large shed built on.People prolly weren t that tall back then.This one is right behind the church.

  • Farm and brink

    This is what I like about the village of Norg: those brinks shielded by trees, almost still can smell the horse sh*t that once must have covered the then unpaved roads that lead here.


Norg Hotels

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  • Hotel Karsten

    Brink 6, , Norg, Drente 9331 AA

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel De Klokbeker

    Westeind 7, , Norg, Drente 9331 CA

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Comfort Logies de Eshof

    Esweg 25, Norg, 9331 AP, The Netherlands

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Norg Transportation

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    by Pavlik_NL Written Nov 15, 2005

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    Norg is not easy to reach, when you relay on public transport. The route is then to reach Assen and go on by bus. For automobilists it's easier (and of course, camping is done either by car with caravan or with a tent in - and bikes on the back). Follow the A28 from Utrecht and follow the signs Norg when you reach Assen. However, to get arund in Norg, leave the car near the camping and start walking or biking.

    Roadsigns in Norg

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Norg Local Customs

  • Farmhouses with enormous straw roofs

    As said before, the farmhouses in Drenthe are large and almost always topped with an enormous straw roof. Straw was a material that was very much present in the (wet) Netherlands. It was easy to find, cheap and very isolating. Especially in the Northern half of the country, it became very popular as roof material and is still seen very often in...

  • Dwelling stones all around Drenthe

    Stones are something that are typical for Drenthe (and other Northern provinces). Not for nothing it's here that we find the "Hunebedden", the ancient gravemarkers of 5.000 years old. These stones were brought here by the enormous ice masses that came Southwards in the ice ages. Before them they pushed enormous loads of sand as well as rocks. In...

  • Norg Hotels

    3 Hotels in Norg

Norg Off The Beaten Path

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    by Pavlik_NL Written Nov 15, 2005

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    Of course I can imagine that most foreigners focus within the Netherlands to the main attractions. But do you want to get to know the Dutch better, then one actually should go where the Dutch go. No, now, do not immediately jump to the conclusion that you have to get out of Holland and follow them on one of their many trips to foreign countries, but I mean ... go to the places that the Dutch go to within their own country. Especially when we have a family, camping is one of the favourite holiday stays and Drenthe (together with the nature on the "Hoge Veluwe" and the coast) are very popular. Here you find perfect campings and will enjoy the outdoor life optimal. Also you will see Dutch relax, which is already quite a revelation!

    A dragon sculpture in Norg Straw roofs and old fashioned shields: typically N

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Norg Sports & Outdoors

  • Another picture of a horse pulled...

    This couple was dressed up in a formal way. I think it was the oldest couple to join the game. The youngest one at the game was a four year old boy.

  • Ring steken .. erm my English fails me...

    When we were in Norg there just was a game of 'ringsteken' going on. At least 2 sit on a carriage, one holding the bridles and one holding a stick.The one with the stick has to catch the ring stuck in a piece of wood on a pole, looks easy but I can tell you: it takes lots of practice and a sure hand! Horse and carriage and someone next to you.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Norg Favorites

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  • Funny

    This was one of the funniest carriages I think. Especially the hat the horse has... haha great! t Was a headstrong horse and I was surprised he ran the race so well.

  • Little horses

    Like most children, my children are always drawn to horses and they gotta stop and feed the horses some grass.These ponies weren t too eager to come to the gate, too bad I forgot to bring along some peppermint/sugar cubes.

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