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Lelystad Things to Do


    The Aviodrome is the National Aeronautics themepark in the vicinity of Lelystad.At the end of 2011 the park had financial problems but those are overcome.Entrance fee: Euro 15.75 (adult)Opening hours: Tu-Su: 10AM - 5PMParking fee: Euro 5.00 per dayOptional Air trip: from Euro 49.00

  • Zuil van Lely

    Cornelis Lely, the father of Flevoland, is shown on many monuments. Lelystad’s central monument to him is the Zuil van Lely, a 32 meter high pillar. A bronze sculpture of Lely, a replica of the one located at the western end of the Afsluitdijk, is on top of the pillar. For information about Cornelis Lely, please read my To see the Lely sculpture,...

  • Sightseeing Air Tour

    Take a trial lesson at Lelystad airport and see Holland from the air.You can see colorful tulips fields, the Delta Works and Amsterdam or just fly to the island Texel for a lunch.

  • Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum

    From 2005 the Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum is open to the public. It's a combination of museum and study center. The museum mainly shows the history of the Flevoland polder.Opening hours museum:Mo-Fr: 10AM - 5PMSa-Su: 11.30AM - 5PMAdmission: Euro 7.50 (adult)Opening hours study center:Tu-Fr: Noon - 5PM.Admission: free entrance

  • Monument to Cornelis Lely

    This monument in front of the museum Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum is dedicated to Cornelis Lely. This famous dutch engineer is the initiator of the Zuiderzeewerken project which had the purpose of closing the Zuiderzee and make the ever-changin landline controllable. Afterwards, land was won within the Zuiderzee (now called Ijsselmeer) by draining...

  • Modern Architecture

    Lelystad’s city center is nothing like the town centers you know from other provinces. Its 1980s and 1990s architecture with some ugly, but also some interesting buildings. Like in Almere, life is only slowly entering into the new structures. The town hall is surely the most notable structure, but some smaller ones are interesting too. Like in many...

  • Bataviawerf

    This shipyard is the base of a project, where you, unemployed people learn traditinal handicraft jobs to rebuild historic ships. The first one was completed in 1985 and is called the “Batavia”. It’s the replica of a ship which was built in 1628, but sank during its first trip to East India (today’s Indonesia) off the western australian coast. While...

  • Bataviastad

    This open-air shopping mall with the shape of an old fortress has become one of Lelystads main attarctions in the past years. Most shops you’ll find here are middle-class segement, so not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. Most are outlet stores of larger brands, some other are quite interesting unique ones. As in all shopping malls,...

  • Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum

    The Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum is dedicated to the history of the Nieuw Land, the land won from the 1930s on in the Zuiderzee. You may ask yourself what kind of history that might be. Well, the coastline of the Netherlands has dramatically changed during the century. In some places, the sea gve way to new, fertile land. At other places, the nature...

  • Welcome to the Aviodrome

    The Aviodrome in Lelystad is an interactive museum for civil aviation. It houses a large collection of old aircraft inclduing some which are still in airworthy condition. The aircraft are stored in two buildings, some of them are also outside. The museum focuses on the history of dutch aviation, but the variety of aircraft goes far beyond. The...

  • Six Flags Holland

    This is the attraction park where young and old will have a wonderful day. A world on her own. In the attraction park you will find nine themes-areas, among France, Mexico, Mainstreet, The Wild Wild West, Bugs Bunny World and Sherwood Forest. You will be surprised by how many attractions the park has. The most unique one is The Goliath, The Goliath...

  • City Hall

    If you love modern architecture Lelystad is for you. All buildings are recent and the City Hall is a special one.The design is by Jan Hoogstad and in 1984 the building was completed.The design has won the Grande Prix architecture price.

  • Batavia Werf

    The Batavia Werf is the rebirth of an old Dutch Shipyard at a location where those old wooden castles of the sea used to sail.The name of the shipyard originates from the former VOC vessel Batavia, build in 1627-'28 at Amsterdam by Jan Rijksen at the Peperwerf, the old VOC schipyard. The ship sailed out at October 29, 1628 under command of salesman...

  • Dutch Maritime History at it's fullest!

    BataviawerfThe Batavia Yard in Lelystad, the Netherlands, is foremost a center fortraditional shipbuilding. Since 1985 over 200 young people have built anauthentic reconstruction of the VOC-merchantman Batavia from 1628.The first goal was to educate these young people in special handskills. Later it became a king of historical maritime...

  • Shopping all day long!

    Batavia Stadopened it's doors a few years ago. It was one of the first outlet shopping centers in the Netherlands. All big brands have outlet shops here!Batavia Stad outlet shopping is open all year 7 days a week from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs.

  • Aviation Dream!!

    AviodrômeA magnificent museum of the history of aviation, especially Dutch aviation. From the first planes until the newest ones. Schiphol Airport is built here as it was in the early days.Several movies are shown about aviation and lots of children's activities.Opening hours:Open from Tuesday till Sunday, from 10.00 to 17.00 hrs. On monday it is...

  • Batavia Wharf

    Now that the Batavia itself has been completed for some time, there's another ship under construction at the Batavia Wharf - it's called De Zeven Provincien.Entrance fee to the wharf or shipyard: 9 euro (adults). This includes a visit to the entrance hall, the workshops and the ship Batavia itself. Free guided tours available.

  • Batavia Wharf - Wood carvings

    Statue made of wood, intended as a part of the decoration on board of the ship "De Zeven Provincien".


Lelystad Hotels

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Lelystad Restaurants

  • Small modern brewery

    The Koekoek Bierbrouwerijis a small modern brewery where you can anjoy a local beer and more.Lunches till 4.30PM; Special menu's for just Euro 25.00.Pancakes are also availale.Business hours: Daily: Noon - 8.30PM

  • Patat at the local snackbar

    Piet Friet Snackbar is a typical Dutch fast food joint at the Batavia shipyard and Bataviastad Outlet center.

  • Eetcafé within Bataviastad

    Sailor’s is one of a hand full of restaurants in Bataviastad. As you may guess, they focus on maritime decoration, but its not suffocating like in other places. The menu is dominated by typical dutch snack food such as kroket and almost everything comes with fries. However, the restaurants in Bataviastad are not the cheapest and even Sailor’s is...


Lelystad Transportation

  • Lelystad buses

    The Lelystad city is well served by Connexxion buses. The bus station is in front of the Main Train Station:Local Buses:A - LelystadB- LelystadC- LelystadD- LelystadE- LelystadF - Batavia StadRegional Buses:150 - Enkhuizen154 - Swifterbant315 - Groningen330 - Zwolle

  • Lelystad Airport

    Lelystad Airport is a small airport aimed at business flights , training flights and leisure flights.The following business airline companies operate from Lelystad Airport:-Aero-Service -Flight Center Lelystad --Helicon-Heli-Holland-Lelykopters-Polder Aviation-Vliegcentrum Lelystad BV-Singles & Twins-Wooning Aviation Business hours:Mo-Fr: 8AM -...

  • Lelystad Centrum Train Station

    The Lelystad Centre Train station is just a 37 minutes ride from the Amsterdam Central Station. It's a big modern station in the heart of this young town.


Lelystad Shopping

  • Shopping in an "old" Dutch setting

    Batavia Stad is an outlet shopping center which houses 132 shops selling Brand names.Half the number of shops are fashion outlet stores, but there are some nice other shops and restaurants as well.Unlike other Dutch malls the bathrooms are there (!) and clean!2013 update: The majority of shops are fashion shops now. Prices are not always the...

  • Along the South Side of City Hall

    The Kroon Passage is a little Mall with some quality shops.Some how I think it's just a copy of the Den Helder Kroon Passage.

  • Batavia Stad outlet center

    Huge and highly trendy outlet center, fashioned (pardon the expression!) after a 17th century town with fortifications. With an equally huge parking lot.


Lelystad Tourist Traps

  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    by pieter_jan_v Written Sep 29, 2005

    If you have a real Dutch snack in between your museum and Batavia Stad visits and try to enjoy your "Patat", you will loose some of your food to our feathered beggars.

    There goes another patatje.
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Lelystad Off The Beaten Path

  • Prehistorical houses

    An enthusiastic group of volunteers (often archeological students) have built a prehistoric village here. They do tours and tell you all about how they organise camps for school children who have a full week of living like prehistoric man. They all sleep in a house like this and I don't want to imagine the smells because there are no showers. They...

  • Central fireplace

    Now this is a nice campsite. They also built an oven for breadbaking. The volunteers have been trying to perfect this and only after building the third oven, did they succeed.

  • Making fire 1

    The next few photo's are a demonstration how fire was made. I kid you not, the fire was made quicker than you can read these tips!


Lelystad Favorites

  • Lely's Column

    Town centre: Lely's Column ('De Zuil van Lely'). A tall column - 32 meters! - with Lely's statue on top of it. Its height is very exceptional by Dutch standards for a statue dedicated to just one person. The column was erected in honour of civil engineer C. Lely who played a crucial role in the drainage of large parts of the former Zuider Sea and...


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  • Local Tourist Office

    The VVV/ANWB Lelystad shop is located at:Stationsplein 1868232 VT Lelystadtel: 0900-2040720Opposite the train station to the right.


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