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Urk Things to Do

  • Hardships of the fishermen, expressed in...

    "Hier wenden zij de steven en door wie achterbleven werd hier op hen gewacht. Hier werd voor hen gebeden maar ook intens geleden als de "tinge" * werd gebracht. Velen in zee gebleven Hier staan ze ingeschreven en wordt aan hen gedacht"* = Tinge = TijdingThese words are written in the feet of the statue, representing a fishermen's wife / mother,...

  • The little church by the sea

    Built in 1786 this little church shows the religiousness of the Urker fishermen. Only believing in God could be meaning a safe return home on the next fishingtrip. Some fishermen even in those days already went up the Northsea and staying out of port for several days to more then a week. Some ... never returned. The little church was also a place...

  • The green facaded houses in the alleys

    When walking through the chaotic strees and alleyways of old Urk, one falls from one little surprise into another. Time has been kept still here as new houses are also built in the style of the fishermen's-architecture of centuries ago.The houses are small and when one realises that a whole family (three generations) lived there one could get...


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  • Restaurant overlooking the harbour

    Spacious restaurant with outside terrace overlooking the harbour. Interior a bit dated but friendly and excellent service. The fish fritters (called Kibbeling) are excellent! Well fried, lightly seasoned with homemade remoulade, good salad and good fries.The fish soup by comparison was a bit of a disappointment. Too salty because of the smoked...

  • Don't miss the fresh seafood!

    What do you eat in a centuries old fishermen's place??? Well, fish of course. Fresh from the sea it's distributed all over the land (and even exported), but here it's fresher then it will be anywhere else! Enough restaurants will offer you the finest fish-dishes one can think of. Recommended is the "IJsselmeer-paling" (= eel) or "Schol" and...

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Urk Transportation

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    What better way then to enter by boat

    by Pavlik_NL Written Jul 12, 2003

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    Though Urk now-a-days is connected to the mainland and has roads (cars / busses) leading to it's backdoors, still the harbour is the frontdoor. As IJsselmeer-boating (sailing, motor and also just regular lines with for example Enhuizen) this entrance is possible for everyone. And well ... it has been the traditional way to come to Urk for centuries.

    Enetring the harbour by sailingboat

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Urk Local Customs

  • Fishing still goes on

    Still many fishingboats are going out of the harbour to get a good catch. From the lighthouse one can see them leave towards the North and the North Sea. This is still the main drive of Urk, though tourism has also brought a welcome challenge with watersports and daytrip visitors.

  • Urk traditional dress

    Here in this village there are still several men and women that stick to the traditional clothing of the fishermen and women of Urk. Slowly the people are however putting it away, but on the Urkerday many again put it on and walk around in style. This is always on the Saturday before Whit-sunday.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Urk Off The Beaten Path

  • The windmills of the Urk-Lemmer dike

    Along the dike to Lemmer there are 50 windmills (Essent) of the windmill-park in the Nord-Oost Polder. The polderlands are very efficient to have these permanent energysources. Low land, sea is close and wind is almost 99% of the year guaranteed. All around Urk you see these enormous rotors on high poles turning around and making electricity for...

  • Plaques and memorabilia

    Everywhere in Urk one can see little things from ancient times, but only for the watching eye. Here and there years are carved in the stones of the houses and most visible is the plaque on the lighthouse telling why and by whome it was ordered to build. Try to see a few times into the houses (often possible as Dutch do not prefer closing curtains...

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  • and now ... (a little bit of the...

    The land is half surrounding Urk, making it a part of the Noord-Oost-Polder. The land is however still a few meters under waterlevel and protected by a dike. Old Urk sticks out over that dike and respresents still that island that stood tall above the waves for centuries.

  • and then ... (a little history)

    After the closing of the Southern Sea, the IJsselmeer became a landwinning project of a scale the world never saw before. Actual plans were to comepletely drain the whole lake, but later this was overthrown by environmentalists that saw the impact such enormous project had on the surrounding area's. The impact for Urk came soon after when in 1936...

  • and then ... (a little history)

    Deeper back in time is the fact that Urk people were always quite religious. No wonder living on such turbulent place like an island in the middle of a sea. Many disasters followed one another and if the fish-caught was bad ... the whole island had to suffer. Therefor it was also rather frequent that someone was charged with the accusation of being...


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