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Arnhem Highlights

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     Excellent museums and parks, fun restaurants and cafes 

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     Confusing streets, limited parking 

  • In a nutshell
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     If you don't like zoo's , you might like this one... 

Arnhem Things to Do

  • Burgers Zoo

    It's a very nice place to spend a day. On one and the same day you can “visit” Africa, Safari, Desert and Ocean. The animals here are kept like in the real nature. I liked a set of cafes located in beautiful places of the Zoo. Sitting in a cafe is a great way to enjoy a beautiful view and wild animals.

  • Open Air Museum

    At the Open Air Museum you will see how the Dutch people used to live. There are various farmhouses (from various areas around the country), gardens and windmills (old style). There are also shops in old style selling items which used to be sold (and some still are). There are also some activities you can watch or do yourself like baking your own...

  • Devil's House - Duivelshuis

    Mysterious and a gloomy building named Duivelshuis or “Devil’s House”. The basement of this building served as temporary prison for captured British parachutists during Oparation Market Garden in September 1944. A German MG team was also positioned here. Today, there are still bullet holes in the building.


Arnhem Hotels

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Arnhem Restaurants

  • Javanese Food

    Authentic Indonesian interior with wooden wall interior deco.Quite a busy restaurant since it was Saturday and they do serve Eat all you Can Buffet.We did not make any reservation as we are on our way home from a day trip to Germany, and we are searching for a restaurant for dinner in between our drive. Our Ayam Panggang Makasar was delicious, but...

  • Café with a history

    Café 't Moortgat offers 12 draft beers and some 100 bottled Dutch, German and Belgian beers.Beside the drinks there are snacks available.This is a place in action with many events going on, not limited to the pub itself.Business hours:Mo-We: 3PM - 1AMTh-Fr: 3PM - 2AMSa: Noon - 2AMSu: 4PM - 1AM

  • Great Eetcafé

    Maarten Blom and Marloes Ertman welcome you at their eetcafé/restaurant Rubens.They serve seasonal Dutch and Belgian dishes, both fish and meat. Also fondue and grill dishes.Their unlimited gambas option is popular.


Arnhem Nightlife

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  • The Best-heated Terrace in Town?

    Despite it being late June the evening of our little meet was damp and chill and so for an after dinner drink the terrace of Cafe Sint Jan, with its row of gas-heaters, was particularly inviting. This is a pleasantly laid-back cafe with swift, friendly, service and a good range of beers. Prices are reasonable and because it's off the main square of...

  • Where It All Seems To Happen

    Arnhem's Korenmarkt is the square in the centre of the old city and is literally surrounded by terraced cafes and bars, which also extend into its side-streets. Because it is compact it's an ideal meeting place and whatever terrace you are sitting in you can see what's happening everywhere else.For our mini VT meet this proved ideal. PJ arrived...

  • Just An Early Evening Visit...So Far

    I'd only dropped in for a swift beer early-ish evening before meeting up with PJ and Paul at 6 pm but that swift beer turned into two as I couldn't resist having a second one as I got caught up in what is a pleasantly lively little owner-run pub.'t Moortgat is a proper "brown bar", where beer and conversation are the only (unwritten) rules. I spent...


Arnhem Transportation

  • Another Dutch Railway Station Under...

    It seems that every railway station in the Netherlands is a permanent building site and Arnhem's Centraal Station is no exception.It is though a perfectly functional station with all the facilities expected of a major city terminus with left-luggage, cycle storage, shops and cafes. It is located on the main road, on the edge of the older part of...

  • Central Bus Station

    The Central Arnhem bus station is still to the right when you exit the Arnhem main train station via the subterranean tunnel.There is work in progress to build a new bus station in front of the new station hall; these works will take some more years.Arnehm is the only Dutch town that still has trolley buses in operation.Downloadable Bus station...

  • Willemsplein bus stop

    While construction at the station main hall is in progress, the new bus station will not be ready until some years from now. I personally do not like the present central bus station.A good alternative is the Willemsplein bus stop, that also is closer to most Arnhem downtown shops.


Arnhem Shopping

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  • (Second Hand) Books

    POLARE, housed in the former Post Office, started in 2013 as a combination of the former Dekker and De Slegte book shops.The interior is completely renewed and upgraded; in other words a book lovers heaven.There is a small coffee corner at the rear.2014 update: Well the POLARE giant had a short life. It looks like most shops will return in some...

  • The best Bread at Arnhem

    Bakkerij van der Meijden is one of the very few bread bakeries that makes bread on their own and at their own style. The shop will take you back in time and the bread is just fresh and delicious.Van der Meyden is in business over 100 years.Their top product is "Het Grofje", a patented raisin bun, that comes in a string of 10.Business hours:Mo:...

  • Crafts and more

    Pipoos is a Dutch crafts chain store (about 25 stores and a webshop). The Arnhem branch is well stocked with a modern interior.There is a separate half open space for art classes and demonstrations.Business hours:Mo: Noon - 6PMTu-We: 10AM - 6PMTh: 10AM - 9PMFr: 10AM - 6PMSa: 10AM - 5PMSu: Closed (Open at "Koopzondag") Craft products


Arnhem Local Customs

  • MoBA

    Arnhem has a long history of association with the textile industry and it's reckoned that the city had hundreds of clothes shops around the turn of the 18th into the 19th centuries. Although the shops no longer number in the hundreds the city is still regarded as the fashion capital of The Netherlands and there are dozens of high-end boutiques,...

  • Finding Your Way Around

    Although Arnhem is quite a widespread city its historical centre is very compact and very simple to navigate - every road leads to or from the Korenmarkt. If you arrive by train there's a useful city map which was located just inside the station's main entrance (note that it may have moved since then, as the station was a building site) but within...

  • Showing off the wrong way

    Arnhem has a tendensy of showing of ... the wrong way. Arnhem has so much to offer, but the towns promotional programm is below any standard. With a magnificent Zoo, the Open Air museum, the fifth most popular shoppingcentre, the river Rhine cruises, the National Park "Hoge Veluwe" incl. the Kröller-Muller museum and so much more ... one should...


Arnhem Warnings and Dangers

  • Less shy sharks

    Be aware of the Telecom sharks (or whatever they want to sell to you).Ask for a brochure and say you will study it and think it over first.

  • Take care where are you walking in the...

    I did not feel safe being later on the streets and I was advised to stay away from the periphery and Sonsbeek too after the sunset. That area around the Mill is not looking very friendly... And even in the centre the things are changing during the night...

  • Taxi driver rip-off

    I took a taxi last night to my campsite and the cab driver played a nasty trick on me. She deliberately handed me my change in the dark so that I couldn't see that she was short-changing me. She gave me a series of 20 cent coins instead of 1 euro coins! When I got into the light, she was already speeding off. I know she saw me chasing the cab....


Arnhem Tourist Traps

  • Open Air Museum

    Arnhem has an open air museum with a big collection of rebuilt old buildings that were endangered on their original locations. Sad that it was needed, but at least in this museum they survive in some form, which is better than nothing. Problem though is that some of these reconstructions are not correct. For example, there is a brewery that in this...

  • Never ever go and eat your...

    Never ever go and eat your whatever at the local restaurant called Planken Wambuis in Ede cause the food is NOT tasty, the staf is NOT friendly and you WONT have a pleasant stay when you end up there. Better have a travel to Arnhem and ask for 'Rosegeur en Maaneschijn' situated behind the 'Bijenkorf' in the center of Arnhem. You will have a very...

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Arnhem What to Pack

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    Miscellaneous: Our e-mail-address in case you need help of any kind or just want to have some inside tips. If possible, one of us would be glad to guide you around personally.

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Arnhem Off The Beaten Path

  • Arty Arnhem

    OK This is really just an excuse to use the pic but Arnhem does strike me as an arty city. This passageway with its colourful murals links the riverside to the street of Molenkom in the old city.

  • A bit fishy? The Original Dr. Fish

    The Original Dr. Fish is a shop that offers a special hand- and feet skin treatment.After thorough cleaning your superfluous skin is being eaten by Garra Rufa fish In clean water basins.The shop is located at Rijnstraat 20 - 6811 EW Arnhem.Business hours:Mo: ClosedTu-Fr: !1AM - 6PMSa: 10AM - 6PM

  • Study the Arts aside the Rhine

    The Arnhem branch ArtEZ Institute of the Arts is in a modern building down by the river. I'm not sure how "open" it is normally for the casual visitor, but I was with my friend who worked there for a time. It was between terms, so very quiet and great for photographing. The dance program seems to be based at this campus.The museum, MMKA Arnhem is...


Arnhem Sports & Outdoors

  • Cycling

    Arnhem is part of the National Dutch cycling routes.The center of Arnhem is the so-called "Fietsknooppunt 41".From Arnhem it is easy to explore "De Hoge Veluwe" forest by bicycle. Bicycle (with gears)

  • Hypermodern stadion "Gelredome" first in...

    The football-stadion from Vitesse Arnhem was the first in it's kind. The fact that the roof could be opened and closed is - of course - not that special, but that the playingfields (grass) can be slided outside the stadion ... that is a technological highlight never seen before. The huge concrete box, in which the grassfield is naturaly growing,...

  • Grote Koppel swimming pool

    On March 17, 2002 we visited this recreation centre in Arnhem, called "Grote Koppel". It offers several swimming pools, including a fun pool with a wave machine.


Arnhem Favorites

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  • KAREL statue

    Karel van Gelre was an important count around 1500. Numerous wars with the Germans, French and Spanjards were fought during his life. Through careful choosing his opponents and friends. Karel gain influence and power in the Netherlands and established the foundation for the present Kingdom.The statue of Karel is located at the Jansplein at Arnhem.

  • Ome Jan van Lankwaarden statue

    Ome Jan van Lankwaarden was a bar owner in nearby Rheden. A local sculptor made a statue of him in the 1970-s, but the local counsel did not want to place the piece of art at Rheden.The Arnhem consel in contraray, was interested and Ome Jan's statue was place in the Wielakkerstraat.Since 1978 the Rheden bar De Stofwolk is run by Jan's son Willy and...


    The VVV Arnhem Tourist Info- Toeristeninformation is located at Stationsplein 13 - 6811 KG Arnhem.Useful links:Arnhem Start PageCity counsil start page


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