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Beneden-Leeuwen Things to Do

  • Stoottroeperskapel

    This is a chapel were each year the first fallen soldiers of the dutch 'stoottroepers division' are remembered. They fell during the period september 1944- may 1945.

  • The mighty wings of the mill!

    WielewaalIn the center of the town you find this windmill. On occasions it still works as a mill.On certain days of the year you can go up into to the mill. May be it is possible on request, I don't know. Look at their site to find out!

  • Seeing the ships go by!

    On the Willem Alexander Bridge you can see the ships pass from Rotterdam harbour to the German Ruhrgebiet and back!The river Waal a main extension of the river Rhine floats along our area!If I get on a boat here I could sail all the way to Basel, Switzerland on the rier Rhine.Many ships go by each hour of the day! I can watch this for hours!


Beneden-Leeuwen Local Customs

  • Dag van Lauwe

    Every little town in the Netherlands has it's own feast or something like it. Here it's called: Dag van Lauwe which means: Day of the Town. Lauwe is dialect for Beneden Leeuwen. This is a day full of festivities: A lot of attractions for kids, a market, musicstages, demonstrations of fire brigade etc.And a special event:Maas en Waalse...

  • Carnaval

    Each year in approx. february Carnaval is celebrated. Beneden Leeuwen has one of the biggest parades in the province of Gelderland. The parade almost lasts for 2 hours. All kinds of subjects are mentioned in the parade, like politics, partying, sayings, public figures, past events etc.The people of Beneden Leeuwen have a different name in...

  • Beneden-Leeuwen Hotels

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Beneden-Leeuwen Off The Beaten Path

  • More old farmhouses!

    This farmhouse was converted to a top restaurant. Unfortunately it is closed nowadays! Today it is the office of a House Renting Foundation!

  • A beautiful modern bridge!

    This bridge was built with a lot of local money in 1977. Before 1977 we always have to take the ferry across the river to get to Tiel or the rest of central and northern parts of the Netherlands.

  • Typical Farmhouse!

    This is a typical farmhouse in our area. A lot of them where build on little hills to keep the house from flooding of the river Waal. In 1995 we were all evacuated because of a flooding danger in our area. More than 250,000 dutch people had to leave from the water.


Beneden-Leeuwen Favorites

  • Roeffie's Profile Photo


    by Roeffie Written Apr 27, 2004

    Favorite thing: Ocassionally the river Waal floods its banks and can form a threath to people living behind the dikes.

    The water can rise about 4 or 5 meters at that time.

    From an already mighty river the Waal almost gets 3 km wide at some places.

    The diffence between the land behind the dikes and the water can be sometimes more than 4 or 5 meters.

    Standing on the dike you can imagine what it's like. You see the water half a meter or a meter below the top and the houses about a meter or 5 below the top.

    If a flooding would occur here, the hight of the water in the villages would reach a level of 2 to 3.5 meters.

    It is a constant treath to the people living here, but if you would ask them to move elswhere for their safety most of the people would answer 'no', simply because they are used to it and also love the river.

    High water level in the river Waal!

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