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  • Doesburg
    by FlyingDutchmen
  • Old monuments where-ever you go!
    Old monuments where-ever you go!
    by Pavlik_NL
  • The entrancegate to the mustardmuseum
    The entrancegate to the mustardmuseum
    by Pavlik_NL

Doesburg Things to Do

  • "Hofjes", courtyards, hidden little...

    Take the small roads, the alleys, or dive into a small corridor that leads away between the houses. Some gates at first look closed, but already one can see through the iron bars green gardens that are well taken care of. These little parks in between the houses are called "Hofjes" (courtyards) and in old towns that have preserved them well, there...

  • The hidden reformed church

    Walking the streets and alleys of Doesburg, you have to look sharp to see the Reformed church of Doesburg. Missing a churchtower and looking from the outside like a warehouse or large livinghouse, one could easily be mistaken. A closer look will find the small belltower on top and the long windows, showing that the space behind the outerwall much...

  • The town's park and former towncanal

    Doesburg also had it's typical medeival defence line. Walls surrounding the town, followed by earth walls and a canal in starshape. This is still visible on the map of Doesburg or from the air. The Northern part is now changed into a peaceful and green park, where water and hills are the remainders of the defences of this town. A welcome walk after...

  • The monumental houses of Doesburg

    Everywhere you go you see old and monumental houses. The streets are filled with them and they are so many that one could easily loose attention to them. So, keep looking and find out more about each building that you pass. With 60% of everything being a monument, Doesburg is a true open air museum.On the houses one also can see that Doesburg was...

  • The village spirit within a city

    Doesburg is already very long a city. It got it's cityrights in the early medieval times and was one of the larger and most important towns then. Now-a-days it is a small town and it has miraculously kept it's village spirit (maybe because of that). People know one another and there are a few monumental farmhouses flanking the citycentre. One of...

  • The Saint Anthonius-Guesthouse

    next to the Saint Anthonius-chapel one finds a wonderful green courtyard surrounded with rather nice houses. This is the Saint Anthonius Guesthouse, a refugee (or somewhat like a beguinage) for less fortunate that are sheltered by the church and helped out for a while. Originally the houses go back to the 16th century. The houses have been restored...

  • The old Saint Anthonius-chapel

    Older then the Martini-church is the also much smaller Saint Anthonius-chapel. The chapel was a part of a complex, a kind of monastry. It dates back to the 14th century and was founded / built here between 1337 and 1354. Later the Lutheranian church took over the building and since then it is belonging to this religious order. The nextdoor...

  • The old town's herbs garden

    Doesburg is one of the few towns in The Netherlands that has made a herbs-garden in the style that many towns used to have one in medieval times. The place where this wonderful and special garden is situated used to be the garden of the grane-warehouse "Spijker" of the lords of "Voorst". This wealthy nobel family was of great importance to the...

  • The Mustard museum is a MUST(ard)

    Doesburg means mustard and mustard means Doesburg. A visit to Doesburg is not complete when you are not going to go to the Mustard-museum. It shows the importance of mustard to this Hanze-town as being one of the top-quality products that was exported from here throughout Northern Europe (along the Hanze-network). In the museum one explaines how...

  • The "Hof" (Royal Court) of Gelria

    Doesburg has always been an important town within the history of Gelderland. Therefor royal Gelria-families often had a house or court within the Doesburg centre. Nextdoor to the cityhall, one finds an example that was the "Hof van Gelria" (Court of gelria) and dates back to the 15th century. It was also a place where law and order were guided...

  • The Walcker-organ in the Martini-church

    Inside the "Great" or "Martini" church there's another treasure of Doesburg. A monumental pipe organ and the largest in it's kind in The Netherlands. This early 20st century organ has electronicaly steered pneumatic drive (that what blows the pipes). The 75 registers contain not less that 5415 pipes are played by a four leveled organ! For it's time...

  • The Martini-church of Doesburg

    High above the houses and monuments of Doesburg a tower is rising to the sky. This tower can be seen from large distances in all directions, but especially along the river "IJssel", it's silhouet is a very recognisable item in the Gelderland-landscape. Without it's graceful shape, Doesburg just wouldn't be Doesburg. The Martinitower has had some...

  • Oposit cityhall the most beautiful...

    In the same style (Gelre-architecture) as the cityhall is right oposit the crossroads the "Waag" of Doesburg. This old building can be found in many historical towns of The Netherlands and used to be the place where trade transactions were made and the goods were officially weighted before selling. One can see it as the medieval variant of the...

  • The old cityhall of Doesburg

    This very fine building in Gelderland architecture dates back to the 15th century. It actually is a complex of more then one building now-a-days as in the 1800's the "Schepenen"-house (a schepen was a city-official and seconds to the mayor of the city) and the old winehouse nextdoor. The old red-brown bricks are typical for the region that knows...

  • Try some Mustard!!!

    Doesburgsche MosterdfabriekThis is were the original Doesburgsche Mustard is made, follow the process of making and buy some in the shop.Opening hours:Sunday and monday: closed Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 to 17:00 hrs. Saturday: 11:00 to 16:00 hrs.Entrance feesChildren to 4 f.o.c. Children 4 to 12 € 1,00 Adults € 1,50


Doesburg Restaurants

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    De Theeschenkerij (The Tea-Pouring-house): Tea for two in the "tuin"

    by Pavlik_NL Written Oct 31, 2003

    Within the cosy shoppingstreets of Doesburg, there is a nice teahouse (first street right from the churchsquare (besides the church!). This teahouse has a wonderful garden behind the restuarant and - weatherpermiting - it's a heavenly teaparty sitting here in the sun.


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Doesburg Transportation

  • Walk through town, matter of hours

    Visiting Doesburg, excluding museumvisits or intensive shopping, can be done in a few hours. The compact towncentre is not big and everything is situated with a few square kilometres. Best way to enjoy it all is done walking. one can park the car (or bike) on the outskirts of the centre and then see Doesburg by foot.

  • By car, buss or bike

    Doesburg is situated at the end of the freeway A348 going from Arnhem towards Dieren and Zutphen. Parking is often not a problem (except on marketday), but bring small change for the metres. Public transport is available as busses (from Arnhem, as well as Dieren, Doetinchem and Zutphen). By bike one arrives most spectacularly over the dikes along...

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Doesburg Shopping

  • Candy from Doesburg,

    Like any town in The Netherlands had it's own "koek" (kind of pie or cookie) also many had their special candy. In Doesburg one can either buy the famous mustard that made this town famous or buy a pound of "Doesburgsche moppen". This sweet candy is deliscious and surely worth a try.

  • A shop where you can get custommade...

    Ever dreamed about your own custommade "klompen" (cluggs / wooden shoes)? Here it's possible! This shop has everything in shoes and an enormous collection in the most traditional among Dutch shoes. The wooden ones!

  • Shopping, the local way

    Doesburg is a quite small provincial town, but has everything a small town needs in shops and a great setting surrounding it. walking through the streets on a average day, makes you aware that here it is a lot less busy and a lot more friendly then on the average day in the larger towns. Here life takes a more gentle course and time is not rushing...


Doesburg Local Customs

  • Mixed houses and monuments

    What better way to preserve monuments then to make them into homes. The centre of Doesburg is monumental, but also just a living area. The people that live in a monument get statemoney to maintain their house and so maintain the past in the present. And well, look at some of the houses that you pass (see extra travelogue). For many just a dream to...

  • The weapons of all cities

    With becoming a city and gaining cityrights, the town Doesburg decided on a weapon of it's own. The picture shows it, as it is in the wall of a city-officials house across the road at the cityhall. The castletower shows the town as being a fortress (defensed), the other signs I still have to look up for your information.

  • The "witte wieven" (white whitches) etc.

    Legends and storytelling is popular within the "Achterhoek and the wide surroundings of this part of the Gelderland-province. Many are about witches and the "witte wieven" are a very often returning element within these stories. These witches are gliding over fields, acres and through forests, always seeking weiry souls to drag into their pitts. An...


Doesburg Off The Beaten Path

  • The "Hof van" Court of "Wisch"

    Wisch, a neighborhood within the Achterhoek, should have had a mighty powerful ruler and important nobel family. They have had all over Gelderland their houses and "courts" and in Doesburg one is kept for our present historic interest. The house was a courtshaped complex with a yard inside. Only one side of the buildings remains, including a piece...

  • The house of the widows (Weduwenhuis)

    This house started out as a "Frater"-house. "Fraters" were a kind of munks and these were driven out of the Northern town Zwolle and found refugee here in Doesburg. The founded the house already in 1423, which makes it one of the oldest monuments in the town. Later it became the "Latin School" and again later (19th century) it was in use as a house...

  • The small details are making up own...

    In Doesburg, many houses have shields within the stone walls. They always tell something extra about the people that lived here or the traditions, religion or time. Watch them, especially in this place, as there are many to be found.


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