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Doetinchem Things to Do

  • I make no apologies....

    by Mariajoy Written Oct 1, 2004

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    for including another fab photo of a gorgeous Finnish guy in leather!!! It's my page and I'll do what I want with it!! :)))


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Doetinchem Hotels

  • Villa Ruimzicht

    ds van Dijkweg 40, Doetinchem, Doetinchem, 7001, The Netherlands

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Stadshotel de Graafschap

    Simonsplein 12, Doetinchem, 7001 BM, The Netherlands

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Restaurant Boszicht

    Rekhemseweg 18 En 22, Doetinchem, 7004, The Netherlands

Doetinchem Restaurants

  • Gringo's: Excellent food

    by bania83 Written Aug 24, 2009

    nice atmosphere, good quality, super desserts (especially for chocolate lovers)!!!

    Favorite Dish: Chocolate dessert (I don't remember its name, but it contained different small pieces of chocolate, chocolate cakes, ice-cream) just super!

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Doetinchem Transportation

  • Wish we'd had one of these!!!

    by Mariajoy Updated Feb 15, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We arrived at Doetinchem station after a longish and pleasant train journey from um... oh yeah... Brussels via Roosendaal (wish I'd kept notes!!) When we got there we had to look for the number 27 or 29 to the Huntenpop Festival...which was somewhere else.... and I still don't know where but it began with a G and had only four or so letters... Anyway when we arrived there we just followed the small band of festival-goers who seemed to have a bit more idea of what they were doing and where they were going than we did.

    Alternatively... many of them arrived by bike. This is something you just would not see at a festival in the UK, but it seems like a really good idea.

    Oh the bus was 4 Euro and we were given two tickets. I don't know why... it wasn't a return.... I don't understand this system... but I paid up.

    Festival goers bikes

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  • This could be Rotterdam or anywhere.....

    by Mariajoy Written Sep 20, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This trip involved so many trains.... I have no idea where I took this one.... I just hopped off for a minute... we seemed to be waiting here a long time.... but I can't remember where it was... maybe Den Haag or Arnhem.... We did 865 kms of the Netherlands (and a bit of Belgium) and didn't see a single windmill. Think I could ask for my money back??

    All aboard!!!!

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  • Doetinchem Hotels

    3 Hotels in Doetinchem

Doetinchem Shopping

  • It didn't have one: Huntenpop shop

    by Mariajoy Updated Feb 15, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There was all kinds of stuff for sale here. But not food... well there was food in one tent but it was all in Dutch and you needed more vouchers... so we got chips. Yeah I know... but they understood "chips" - I mean how do you say "roasted mediterranean vegetables in a foccacia baguette" in Dutch... hmmm?? see??? You wouldn't know either... so I got chips. There was other stuff like sausages in breadcrumbs but I am a vegetarian and there wasn't anything on the menu that said "Kaas" so chips it was.

    Oh this is a shopping tip - not a restaurant tip.. I got sidetracked... Other stalls were selling CD's, t-shirts, jewellery, musical wooden frogs, all the usual festival paraphenalia but we didn't buy anything 'cos you just have to lug it round all day in your rucksack and we didn't want to do that and there was nothing there that really made me go "ooooooh but I neeeeeed it and I can't live without it!!!"

    What to buy: Well to be honest this is about the festival - not Doetinchem exactly! Oh but when we got to the train station there was a snack shop place doing those sausages in breadcrumbs and other fast food stuff and icecream and soft drinks - which was really convenient as nowhere else was open. I got a bottle of chocolate milk and some Pringles for a few euros.

    What to pay: Depends on what you want to buy. CD's were mostly 20 Euro for the good stuff - like Apocalyptica!

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Doetinchem Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings? Yeah!!! I got some...

    by Mariajoy Updated Apr 8, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    1. When you are gossiping, giggling and gabbling hysterically on a train about the most inappropriate things of a girly nature...remember most Dutch speak perfect english and understand every damned word you are saying!!!! SO if the gorgeous bloke opposite is trying not to laugh out loud...he's probably not laughing at something he read in his book!!!

    2. This "They all speak English" doesn't necessarily apply to people who should be helpful... like train staff.... so when you say "which platform for Amsterdam"? and they look at you blankly... and it takes another Dutch passenger to whisper loudly to him in English.... "They're English" to him... and then his response is "oh Amsterdam?? Yes.. Platform 7b".... It makes you wonder..... what did he THINK I said???

    3. If you sit shoeless in the long grass in the evening waiting for a bus that has forgotten to come to the temporary bus stop in the place with four letters beginning with G you will get bitten and your traveling companion will take great delight in telling you that " spiderlings will hatch out of your ankle after a few days". You have my permission to hit her/him.

    4. Talking of bus stops... if the hole in which the bus stop sign is standing looks recently dug... like that morning.... then the drivers probably don't know it's there and will forget to come. Be sure to take down any taxi firm number - just in case. Thank god some of our fellow festival goers had done this... otherwise we would still be sat there. And thanks to the lovely people that called a cab and offered us a lift :))

    5. If you are at the Huntenpop Festival and want a drink you need to buy vouchers first from the "consumptionstemple" or something... just give them 10 euros and they will give you 6 vouchers. 1 voucher for soft drinks and more for bier. If you ask for water or coke they will assume you mean Heineken. Be firm. It seems unless you say ONE or TWO coke or water they won't understand. But I think they just want you drink Heineken. :)))

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Doetinchem Off The Beaten Path

  • Varsselder

    by Mariajoy Written Sep 20, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place couldn't be much more off the beaten path! Even the Dutch bus drivers forget to stop here. This is a photo of Petra counting out her foreign money - hoping she's got enough for the bus - 'cos I wasn't gonna pay for her!!!

    Hope I've got enough for the bus!

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