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  • Canadian memorial cemetery
    Canadian memorial cemetery
    by Natalya2006
  • The monument to the British parachutists
    The monument to the British parachutists
    by Natalya2006
  • British tank
    British tank
    by Natalya2006

Oosterbeek Things to Do

  • Airborne Museum Hartenstein

    This is a really great museum if you want to find out all there is to know about "Operation Market Garden"in the Oosterbeek area.In September 1944 more than ten thousand British & Polish Airborne troops fought in and around Arnhem. Their objective was take the Rhine bridge. Six hundred of them managed to reach the bridge. Waiting for reinforcements...

  • Ginkelse Heide and Airborne Memorials

    Ginkelse Heide was drop Zone Y, the furthest form the bridge at Arnhem of all the DZsThe heath was a drop zone for the second lift of Operation Market Garden, scheduled for 10:00 on 18th September 1944. Bad weather delayed the drop until 15:00, which was a good thing. The Germans had by this time found a set of plans giving them all the details of...

  • Kate ter Horst House

    This is the old rectory where in September 1944 so many wounded soldiers were treated by army medics and the local doctor with the help of local Dutch ladies.The house is featured in the films "Theirs is the Glory" and " A Bridge Too Far" although it is said that the modest lady always maintained that that her role was glorified in the films and...

  • Old "Lonsdale" Church and Memorials

    It was here that survivors from the 19th September 1944 savage fighting in the area gathered and were reorganised by Major Lonsdale.In a sermon from the pulpit, Lonsdale with his hands in bandages, began his stirring speech "You know as well as I do that there are lot of bloody Germans coming at us...We must fight for our lives and stick...

  • Airborne Monument

    The foundation stone of this monument was laid in September 1945 by General Urquhart and the memorial was unveiled by Queen Wilhemmina in September 1946 but not actually completed until September 1947. It was funded by the people of Oosterbeek and is known locally as "the Needle".

  • Airborne Wandeltocht

    Every year on the first weekend of September there is a remberance march, the Airborne March. Distances of 10, 15, 25 and 40 kilometres, it is an "all-age"-march.The routes are laid out through the several villages of the municipality of Renkum in the Netherlands, along the battlefields and drop zones of the operation Market Garden of September...

  • Air Despatch Memorial

    This memorial gives recognition to the vital Air Despatchers, known as "The forgotten heroes of Arnhem"Between 18-25 September 1944 610 dropping missions were flown with Stirling and Dakota aircraft. 84 planes were lost. 1,247 of 1,561 tons of supplies were dropped but unfortunately only 7.4% of it actually ended up reaching British troops. This...

  • Arnhem Oosterbeek CWGC

    Flowers in the Wind MemorialEvery year the children of the area lay flowers on the graves of the men who gave their lives for liberation.The cemetery was set up after some debate, as Major-General Urquhart, commander of the 1st Airborne Division had requested that the site be at the Hartenstein Hotel. It was eventually decided that a nearby...

  • Tribute to our liberators!

    Airborne Museum HartensteinThis museum, situated in General Urquhart’s (Commander of 1st British Airborne Division) headquarters in September 1944, shows the course of events during the Battle of Arnhem. Devoted to the Operation Market Garden and to the Battle of Arnhem, the museum contains a large collection of original weapons and equipment of...

  • Catholic church

    The neo-Gothic catholic church of St. Bernulphus lost the upper half of its tower in 1944, and no one bothered to rebuild it. This church was designed by architect Alfred Tepe, many of whose designs are quite similar anyway, so there are plenty of other places where you can admire a tower simular to the one that used to be on this church. There are...

  • Visit at least one place of the fighting

    In Oosterbeek there are many places where the fighting was fiercer then any ever on earth. The Germans called the "perimeter" also the "heksenketel" (witches cettle) as for the constant shooting and shelling. A nice place is the Old church in the Oosterbeek "beneden-dorp". Here the wounded defended themselves until the last man, after which they...

  • Airborne Museum

    In the former headquarters of general Urquhart, hotel Hartenstein, nowo-a-days a museum is explaining about the fierce battle that took place here and became known as the "Battle of Arnhem" or "A bridge too far". In the museum the tragedy is explaned in a perfect way and in the cellars some diorama's give you a nice impression of details in the...

  • Remonstrant church

    This is a very rare opportunity to see a church ornamented with Jugendstil details. The Remonstrant church dates from 1906 and was designed by J. van Burk who used white bricks mostly, making it quite an eyecatcher.

  • Villa Hartenstein

    Villa Hartenstein was just one of many big houses in Oosterbeek, until general Urquhart made it his headquarters in September 1944. It's now a museum about the battle.

  • Old town hall

    The former town hall, a much nicer building than the one they built after the war; a huge monster that cannot be ignored, no matter how you try. OK, this old building isn't spectacular either, but it does symbolize the peace and quiet of this place a bit. In the neighbourhood are many, many more nice old houses.

  • Old church

    One of the last positions of what was left of the British airborne division before it managed to escape over the Rhine was the old church, which as a consequence was heavily damaged. There was one positive thing about this; suddenly people discovered that the church was much older than they thought. Originally a 10th-century romanesque church,...

  • Airborne Monument

    In September 1944 more than ten thousand British and Polish Airbome troops fought in and around Arnhem. Their objective was to take the Rhine bridge. Six hundred of them managed to reach the bridge. Waiting for reinforcements they fought for four days holding the Northern ramp. The rest of the force, however, didn't succeed in reaching them. Those...

  • Oosterbeek War Cemetery

    Shaded by trees this cemetery, the final resting place for 1700 British, Polish and Canadian soldiers, is quiet and peaceful, very solemn and one of the Netherlands most moving World War II memorials.   A directory near the gate locates the burial plots for soldiers who were indentified.


Oosterbeek Hotels

  • De Bilderberg

    This above average hotel is situated in the forest just West of Oosterbeek. Scenically a magnificent...

  • Hotel Dreyeroord

    Graaf Van Rechterenweg 12, Oosterbeek, 6861 BR, nl

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Oosterbeek Transportation

  • Bus or bike

    Oosterbeek is very close near Arnhem, but I recommend the walk only if you're used to distances and hills. The bus will take you there within a few minutes, but it should also be a nice trip on a bike.

  • Walking and biking

    Like I tell on many other pages, in The Netherland you best enjoy the landscape by bike or on foot. The first might be called our national means of transport and many Dutch even have two bikes (one for workingdays and one for the weekend - hahaha). Though in Oosterbeek one has to reckon with the hills (up is hard, down is however easy!), the many...

  • By train, car or bus

    Oosterbeek has it's own tainstation on the line Utrecht - Arnhem. Take a stoptrain as the fast ones do not stop here.Citybusses from Arnhem bring you quickly to Oosterbeek and also by car it is very easy to be reached.


Oosterbeek Local Customs

  • Larger houses, quite wealthy village

    Oosterbeek is looking great and it's natural surroundings, wide setup in housing, attracts the wealthy above the less fortunate. Oosterbeek has a elegant charm of nobility, though it never lost it's touch with the ground.

  • English influences still noticable

    Watch when walking through the shoppingstreet around. What do you notice? Yes, many see it and call out "hey, a typical English telephoneboot!"Further into the livingareas you should take a look at the houses and gardens. Here too a British look has found a way into the daily view of life. Cottage-like houses and landscape-gardens in English style...

  • Know your history

    Some ethnocentric clod wrote "God Bless The USA" in big letters in the comment book at the Oosterbeek War Cemetery. US soldiers did not fight here and none are buried here. The cemetery is the final resting place of British, Canadian and Polish soldiers.Pictured: Memorial for Warrent Office EW Bancroft


Oosterbeek Warnings and Dangers

  • by M7460 Updated Sep 13, 2010

    Beware of car thieves at the Airborne Cemetary in Oosterbeek. I and another English visitor had personal effects stolen from our vehicles yesterday 12 Sep 2010. No items could be seen yet the rear windows or both vehicles, 4 x 4s, were smashed to gain access. Signs are posted and it is a known area for this type of crime. A Dutch gentleman was most helpful at the scene yet despite his best endevours the local police were not interested. Interesting too that similar Dutch and a German vehicle of the same type were not broken in to. I suggest that you park somewhere less secluded and walk the remaining distance to the cemetary.

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Oosterbeek Off The Beaten Path

  • Airborne March

    In remembrance of WWII, the Airborne walk takes place every first Saturday in September.The actual Airborne walk, that I walked several times when I was a teenager, is not in Arnhem but in nearby Oosterbeek. That's where I lived during all my high school years.So from Arnhem, take the 5 minute train ride to Oosterbeek. There's a farm camping in...

  • Airborne museum "Hartenstein"

    Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'Utrechtseweg 2326862 AZ OosterbeekEvery year the Museum has a different exposition on some specific aspect of the Battle. Guided walks through the combat areas are organised. Applications at the Museum. More extensive battlefield tours are organised throughout the year. Guided by experts the participants travel by...

  • Monument

    This monument is situated across the Airborne museum. To honour the victims during the second world war


Oosterbeek Sports & Outdoors

  • most attended in it's kind: the Airborne...

    Every first Saturday in September, the Police dep. of Renkum (district) organises the Airborne hiking march. This one-day event is the largest (in contestants) in the world and draws each year app. 30.000 walkers. rom veterans to children and from all over the world they come. The hikers are welcomed "back" by 100.000 enthousiastic people and the...

  • Swimming, waterskiing and boating

    This path turns off Klingelbeekseweg. In the direction of the river Rhine there is a small lake where you can swim, sunbathe on the shore, waterski and row.It's just a simple place, no restaurants or anything. Just a hole filled with water, 70 metres deep!

  • Oosterbeek Hotels

    2 Hotels in Oosterbeek

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Oosterbeek Favorites

  • Forever in your debt

    Thanks for the few days of liberation ... thanks for the returned hope for a permanent freedom ... thanks for fighting for us ... we will be forever in your debt. At the Airbornemuseum there is a commemorating stone that is from the airborne-troops to the people of Gelderland and I always let some tears when I read it. It says: "We came to you and...

  • Keeping the memory alive

    In Oosterbeek many things remember the Battle of Arnhem. First there is the hotel Hartenstein, where during the battle commander Urquhart kept his headquarters. The building was totally destroyed in the fierce battle and surrounded with graves. It got rebuild and across the street is the main monument raising up high in the sky. In the forest...

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