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  • Tiel
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Tiel Things to Do

  • Kesteren windmill

    Kesteren windmill "De Zwaluw" (The Swallow), Dutch windmill database no. 1235, constructed 2002. Type: 'stellingmolen'. From what I gather from the 'molendatabase', they started off with an imported framework from Germany, but had to replace so many 'parts' that they ended up constructing an entirely new windmill. Well, judging from a distance,...

  • Eck en Wiel Art Gallery (1)

    This is what we had in mind all day long: a visit to Art gallery Nieuw Beerenburght to see the work of our friend Gerlinde. This structure - Gerlinde's magnum opus - is entitled "Het achtuurjournaal met Harry Mulisch"

  • Eck en Wiel Art Gallery (3)

    Another work of art by our friend Gerlinde, I forgot the correct title, I think this one's called "Naar Anthony Caro" or "Voor Anthony Caro"

  • Brick kiln, De Blauwe Kamer

    Brick kiln north of the river Rhine on the edge of the natural reserve area De Blauwe Kamer. I just love these architectural monuments - but, to be true, brick manufacturing would not be my favourite occupation ...

  • IJzendoorn church

    IJzendoorn church, Dorpsstraat 30. Plain Protestant church, late Gothic with choir dating from late 14th century, the church itself and the tower 15th century. Pulpit 2nd quarter of 17th century. South facade with rectangular portal. Heavily damaged during World War II, restored in the 1950s.

  • History of Tiel and Betuwe

    Streekmuseum "De Groote Societeit"It shows you the history of Tiel and the Betuwe. Tiel is the main town of this area.The museum is situated in an old stately Gentlemen's Society, built in 1789. On the outside the typical Louis XVI-style is clearly visible.The collection tells you the history of Tiel from the roman period until nowadays. Opening...

  • A palace for justice

    Tiel has a strong regional function and houses also the "Kanton gerecht" for the riverlands-area. It is supervised by the Palace of Justice in Arnhem, which on it's turn is under the highest court in The Hague. This palace of Justice in Tiel is housed in a very beautiful mixed "Jugendstile-Roman" style building that can be found just outside the...

  • A special place for devotion and prayer

    The - for me - most serene place within the town of Tiel is the Ceacilia chapel next to the green little park in the centre. I always have had more love for chapels then for churches as their small character gives more space for devotion and prayer. The name of this tempel of God is also quite seldomly found: Ceacilia, which makes it to a quite...

  • Right next to the "Ambtman's Huis" it's...

    The "Ambtman's Huis" or Civil Servant's house has next to it a little park. This is a small Arboretum and creates a green oasis within the centre of Tiel. The old onument also gets a wonderful green character because of this as shown on the picture here. Now-a-days this house is used for official activities of the Tiel townhall, like weddings.

  • The top of the town

    Tiel's main church is the Saint Maarten's (Martin) church that is in the centre of town. There are many more churches as Tiel is in a quite traditional and religious region of The Netherlands. It's tower's silouet is visble from various sides of Tiel and a landmark to guide your walks towards so you will surely not get lost.

  • A collection of old and new trees and...

    The Arboretum of Tiel might not be that big, but it houses a few trees that are ebormous in seize and quite old (over a hundred years). Besides that the variety is quite nice and it shows the wide range in plants that (can) grow in these riverlands. No, you won't find any fruittrees here, for those you have to go to the surroundings of Tiel.

  • The oldest original monument of the town...

    In Tiel centre there are various monuments, but the oldest original is the "Ambtman"s house. It dates back to 1525 and is still looking very fine and taken care off. Translation is something like "Civil Servant" but obviously it will have been the house of a mayor or high ranking civil servant in stead of a deskclerk.

  • For all who want to know more about...

    Next to the Watergate is also the museum about Flipje and Jam (-making). As capitol of the fruitlands and the related industry, this museum gives a nice and simple view of what this was all about. "De Betuwe" jam was famous in The netherlands and is still there, but as part of the Hero-concern now and not anymore produced in Tiel.

  • Not only in London, also in Tiel

    Gentlemen's clubs, you might have heared about them as societies that were exclusively there for the (richer) gentlemen in a town. Socialising, talking, reading the news, smoking cigars and drinking brandy. Well, this kind of clubs were not only in London, but also were found in The Netherlands and in Tiel one of these buildings that housed such a...

  • "Watergate" ... seems like it invites...

    Entering Tiel from the "Waal" waterfront will no doubt be through the "Watergate". This old gatebuilding dates back to the medieval times and was actually the gat OUT to the waterfront. In the wall near the gate there is a inlet in which are clearly visible the sparings that allow wooden poles to close the wall against the water. The gate itself...


Tiel Hotels

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  • Van Der Valk Hotel Tiel

    Laan Van Westroijen 10, Tiel, Netherlands, 4003 AZ

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Tiel

    Laan van Westroyen 10, , Tiel, Gelderland 4003 AZ

Tiel Restaurants

  • Good Wok restaurant

    I had never been to a wok restaurant before and this restaurant provided me with a great eating experience. This is a large restaurant that can seat 300 people on two levels - the best views out to the countryside are at the front on the upper level. There is a an extensive menu with set Chinese meals but the better option is to go for the all you...

  • Terraces to enjoy good food or just a...

    Like on my other Dutch pages you have seen it and maybe it starts to become boring. Dutch love to enjoy good weather while it lasts (so in late spring, summer and aftersummer). Therefor terraces are very beloved, both to have a drink and a chat while watching the people pass - as well as for a simple dinner or a good lunch. In Tiel there are plenty...

  • Tiel Hotels

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Tiel Transportation

  • Ferry

    Pontveer Opheusden. Bikers pay a mere Euro 0.60 to cross the river Rhine in either direction (2006). On this occasion, we crossed from north to south. From here to Tiel either along the dike to Eck and Wiel, then turn to Tiel and the river Waal - this is the scenic route we took - or directly by means of an inland route to Maurik.

  • Bike rental

    Bike rental at the Tiel railway station: Rijwielshop Grauwelman, Stationsplein 1. Good, robust bikes. We paid Euro 7,50 per bike for the entire day (and we handed them a temporary deposit of Euro 100 for two bikes).

  • Tiel, surrounded by rivers and ......

    Tiel, situated on the river "Waal" and not far from Rhine (Rijn) and Maas, has many ferries and bridges to connect to the other riverlands. Just South of the town there is a small ferry, so people that really love water and take all chances to be on it: go along the ferrystreet and hop on over the river for one (two or more) time(s).


Tiel Shopping

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  • Tiel, home of a few very traditional...

    Walking through the "Watergate" one enters a square where an old building has the text "Eerste Electrische Grof-Fijn Scheeps smederij" on it. It means "First Electrical Rough-Fine Shipping Forgery" and these are such nice things to discover in town everywhere. Tiel has several of these old traditional shopwindows or facades. Look around in the...

  • Tiel, small town with nice...

    Nice thing of Tiel is that it is very compact and offers some rather old and traditional shops. Whereever you walk, there is always a terrace in the neighborhood that invites you to sit down and rest a little, before you're hunting further for some discount-offers or that one of a kind shirt that you were always looking for.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tiel Local Customs

  • Oogstfruitcorso

    On the first saturday of september, Tiel celebrates the start of the fruit harvestingseason. All surrounding villages make there own show wagons made from a wagon with an iron frame and fruti and vegetables complete the showwagon. They are glued and stuck on the frame. They can make beautiful tableaus out of them.On the picture you see Flipje the...

  • The Swan, a sign of the Lutherian church

    Not that local, but it might be intresting to you:On top of the Ceacilia chapel I recognised the swan. Now I am not sure if the Ceacilia-church is a Lutherian one, but the Swan is the sign for Lutherian religion. In The Netherlands all other churches have a rooster on top, that relates back to the chapter in the bible where Petrus gets warned by...

  • A Dutch tradition in Tiel

    Fighting against the water is a very Dutch tradition. Water, sea as well as rivers, always have been our best friend as well as our worst enemy. In Tiel the fight is against high tides of the river Waal and the town has been abondanned in 1995 with extreme tides that roose against the citywalls. The gates were all closed and luckely this time...


Tiel Off The Beaten Path

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    by Pavlik_NL Updated Sep 14, 2003

    Dutch people will not all go to Tiel frequently, but foreign visitors will obviously only come here because of the unique fruitcorso (often the second weekend of September). Well, when being here, also enjoy the beauty of Tiel town, as everything can be seen just around the corner from where the corso-parade or the corso exhibition will be. And ... the town that is capitol of the fruit- and riverlands is surely worth that!

    Just one of the unspecified beauties in Tiel

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Tiel Favorites

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  • I wanna take a juicy bite!

    The Fruitcorso is definately my favourite thing about Tiel. See what they can make from some apples, tomatoes, sprouts and so on.

  • Tiel and the river "Waal"

    In ancient times the river "Waal" was they transportroute for the town and was the reason of economical wealthy times in the Hanze-treaty. Connected by water and so able to transport goods by boats, the exchange of products (in this case fruit, but also fruit-related products) went all through Europe.Now-a-days the ships that go over the river Waal...

  • Tiel, sweet memories of a virtual friend

    Already quite long ago I was chatting and e-mailing with a girl / lady from Tiel. She called herself "Noortje", but that was actually het daughters name. Her own was the seldomly heared, even unique name, Jean Phille. Our writing eachother was always deep and pleasant, but we lost contact at one time. Anyway, here I want to show that I haven't...


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