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  • Churchsquare of
    Churchsquare of "Heytsen", peaceful and...
    by Pavlik_NL
  • The old watermill in the
    The old watermill in the "Leu"-valley
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  • Grandfather and -mother, me and
    Grandfather and -mother, me and...
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Heythuysen Things to Do

  • The Saint Elisabeth Monastry

    Between the nature park and the village of Heythuyzen is a large building in a beautiful parklike setting. This is the Saint Elisabeth monastry and it has been here already for at least 300 years. In the late 18th century it was eventually as large as it is now, but there are several things that show that a religious "outpost" was here long before...

  • Everything you need to know about the...

    At the "official" entrance of the "Leu"-valley natural reserve there is also a small museum that tells everything about the history of this vicinity. The geological as well as cultural-historical past is pictured out very clear to the visitors. Quite intresting to those who want to know everything about this beautiful piece of the midLimburgian...

  • An ancient monument in the centre of the...

    In the middle of the natural park "Leudal" one will find the wonderful watermill along the river "Leu". This watermill is dedicated to Saint Ursula as one can see to the old wooden statue above the door. Already in 1773 this mill was grinding grane (for bread) and seeds (for oil) for the local population of surrounding villages. Now it attracts...

  • Forests and fields of the "Leudal"

    The national park counts 900 square kilometres and is a mix between forest, grass and some heather fields. Two small rivers join together in the park, the "Leu" and the "Zelster". It's hard to believe that the sandy environment is actually river dunes that were deposited here by the (20 km. away east) river "Maas". This river made huge windings in...

  • National nature reserve the "Leu" valley

    Just a few kiloemtres East of heythuyzen is the beautiful natural area in the valley of the small river "Leu". It's running waters have brought furtile grounds on which a forest has grown centuries ago. This last remaining peaces have become a nature reserve of national importance and is a deliscious place to make walks through half open foresty.

  • Every village it's wind mill

    Heythuyzen in the heart of Limburg is still a Dutch place and there for needs a wind mill. On the outskirts of the village one finds a wonderful example of a "belt" mill. "Belt" windmills are standing on top of a small artificial hill, so their sails reach higher and catch more wind. In these relatively high environments in the Low lands, windmills...

  • Heythuyzen village park

    The other central square in the village og Heythuyzen is next to the townhall (well, actually manucipality hall). Bordering this square, that is mainly a parking, is a small green zone, the village park. In this park ar some benches and flowerbeds, so visitors can enjoy the green in a peaceful way.

  • The mission chapel right next to the...

    Next to the Saint Nicolas church one finds a so-called "mission chapel". It was built in 1847 and is called "mission" chapel as for the ten days of "mission" that always followed after opening such religious little tempel. Ten days of "thunder"-preaches and warnings for what will happen when you would do wrong. With these religious indoctrinations...

  • The Saint Nicolaas church of Heythuyzen

    Though Heythuyzen is surrounded with many small chapels in the fields and ackres, the main church imarks the historic centre of town. Devoted to Saint Nicolas, the church is a pseudo-basilica in Gothical style. The slightly higher roof with the small tower is the oldest part and dates back to the early 16th century. Inside one can enjoy the...


Heythuysen Hotels

  • Hotel Het Anker

    Dorpstraat 106, Heythuysen, 6093 ED, nl

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Heythuysen Nightlife

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    by Pavlik_NL Written Apr 6, 2004

    A typical Limburgian café with a great name. "Sinterklaoske" is Limburgian dialect for Saint Nicolas. You can find it right across the frontdoor of the church, which is called ... Sanit Nicolas church. On the rooftop, the image of our most beloved holy man.

    Caf�� Sinterklaoske, just had to be mentioned

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Heythuysen Shopping

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    by Pavlik_NL Written Apr 6, 2004

    Heythuyzen is definately not a shopper's paradise. Besides the main street that contains several shops that offer the usual groceries and products, there is a kind of shopping plaza created in the square of an modern appartment complex. The things to buy here are however to be found in the traditional butchershop or for example the backer. They always have some regional specialties to offer you.

    What to buy: Limburgian "vlaai" (pastry / pie) and "Bloedworst" (blood sausage)

    Modern sculpture in an equal modern shopping plaza

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Heythuysen Local Customs

  • The restingplace of my "Opa & Oma"

    In Heythuyzen they also are burried, my grandparents, my mother's father and mother. Much too short I have known them (as well as my father's parents). When I was twelve, they were all gone, and I especially recall my mother's mom to have been so nice to us. We were often excited to go to Heythuyzen, pick cherries from the trees or play in the huge...

  • My roots in Heythuyzen

    My mother was born and raised in heythuyzen and it was the place where my grandparents lived. On the stationsstraat the family Philips existed of father, mother and six daughters. Yes, my mother only had sisters and not even one brother. Strangely enough on this side of my family the present generations only have boys, except for my mother and...

  • Modern things in a oldfashioned village

    People in Limburg have the tendensy to be more Bourgondian then other provincials in The Netherlands. Here one still takes the time to enjoy a deliscious meal, a good beer or wine and in general have a good time. Strangely enough in heythuyzen this rather conventional way of living has met the urge to modernise drastically. An example of the...


Heythuysen Off The Beaten Path

  • Horses and "Heytse"

    Heytse has something with horses. This region has something with horses. According to the many maneges and riding schools that are to be found here, people have a long bound with mankinds best working friend, the horse. In front of the manucipality hall a statue of a white horse emphasises this bound, though I also heared the rumor about a legend...

  • A visit to Heythuyzen is well of the...

    Not many tourists or travellers will cross this place, but holding my roots I found it an obligation to myself to have it in my lists and promote it at least a little bit. The village itself is indeed not that attractive (especially after what they did to the place in recent times), but the "Leu-dal" national nature reserve is very nice for nature...

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Heythuysen Favorites

  • Heythuyzen, from village to "wannabe...

    Heythuyzen, or "Heytse" as they say in the surroundings of this mid-Limburgian village. The place where my mother's roots lay and my grandparents lived as long as I knew them. Since they left our world the village has changed rapidly and - in my idea - not for the better. In an attempt to become more modern and "bigger" it modernised half of the...

  • Het Dorp (The Village) - Wim Sonnevelt

    Thuis heb ik nog een ansichtkaartwaarop een kerk, een kar met paardeen slagerij J. van der Ven.Een kroeg een juffrouw op de fietshet zegt u hoogstwaarschijnlijk niets,maar het is waar ik geboren ben.Dit dorp ik weet nog hoe het wasde boerenkinderen in de klaseen kar die ratelt op de keienhet raadhuis met een pomp ervooreen zandweg tussen koren...

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