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    Wieckse Witte

    by BillNJ Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Wieckse Witte is a beer that originated in Maastricht and is now controlled by Heineken. It has a cloudy pale yellow color, a thick white head that fades, a wheaty taste with a touch of citrus, and a dry, slightly bitter finish. It is a smooth and refreshing beer that is a good choice for the outdoor cafés in Maastricht.

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    Wieckse Rosé

    by BillNJ Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Wieckse Rosé is another beer under the Wieckse label that is now controlled by Heineken. It has a red color, thick white head that fades, raspberry flavor, and a finish that is both fruity and dry. It is quite unique and refreshing -- I really enjoyed it.

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    by Nemorino Updated Sep 19, 2012

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    Until recently Maastricht was a popular destination for foreigners wanting to buy marihuana and other soft drugs.

    From 1976 to 2012 the ‘coffee shops’ were allowed to sell up to five grams of cannabis per person per day. This was not exactly legal, but was tolerated and not prosecuted.

    On May 1, 2012, a new law went into effect in the three southern provinces of the Netherlands: Limburg (including Maastricht), North Brabant and Zeeland. Now the sale of cannabis is tolerated only if the buyer is an adult resident of the Netherlands and can show a special registration card, popularly known as a ‘weed card’, to prove it.

    Non-residents cannot get a ‘weed card’, and residents have to apply for it at the town hall of the place where they live. Many people are reluctant to do this because they are suspicious of what use might be made of their data.

    There used to be fourteen ‘coffee shops’ in Maastricht, but now most or all of them seem to have gone out of business. This has led to an increase in illegal drug sales, supposedly; at least some people say they have been approached by dealers along the banks of the Maas.

    This did not happen to me, but I imagine I did not project the image of being a likely customer.

    The city government of Maastricht is so far quite satisfied with the new law. They say that previously ten thousand people per day (!) used to come to Maastricht solely for the purpose of buying soft drugs. Now that is down to about one hundred per day – only 1 % of what it used to be.

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    Student associations

    by Nemorino Updated Sep 19, 2012

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    After I had been riding around Maastricht for a few hours, it gradually dawned on me that I had come during the Students’ Introduction Week or INKOM, in which new students are introduced to the city and the university and to the “many social, sports and student associations” that go to great lengths to recruit the new students as members.

    There are well over a hundred student associations in Maastricht, only a few of which sound similar to American fraternities or sororities. Some of the associations claim to be “traditional”, but since Maastricht University was only founded in the 1970s none of them can trace their histories further back than that (unless they borrowed their traditions from somewhere else).

    Judging from the number of light blue T-shirts people were wearing, I have the impression that Circumflex is the largest association. Circumflex does claim to be the largest, but so does KoKo.

    Second photo: Saurus turns out to be a student rowing association.

    Third photo: Students outside a pub near the university. Those in the light blue T-shirts are from Circumflex and those in the dark blue T-shirts belong to MSTV Stennis, which logically enough is a student tennis association. The rest are presumably undecided about which association to join, if any.

    The man riding past on his bicycle in the third photo has just been shopping at Albert Heijn, as you can see from his blue bag.

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    Party of the Giants or 'Reuzenfeest'

    by sachara Updated Aug 21, 2005

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    At the 11th and 12th June 2005 the Reuzen Gilde Gigantius celebrated the 7th international Reuzenfeest (Party of Giants). I didn't see the international historical procession of giants at sunday afternoon, because I had to catch the train in time. At saturday evening I saw one of the giants standing besides the music stage at the Vrijthof.

    During the weekend there were about 100.000 visitors to visit the procession at sunday and the historical wedding at saturday.

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  • Local specialties

    by ger4444 Written Dec 14, 2002

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    Some Limburgian specialties. In the southern part of the province of Limburg there’s a concentration of Top-restaurants, that have acquired their “stars” for their suburb quality of regional cuisine. What are the specialties you must try, when you are in the Maastricht regio? 1) Rommedoe. It’s a delicacy; its cheese, that you eat with treacle (Canisius stroop from Schinnen!!) and pumpernickel. In Limburg the Rommedoe is called stinking cheese, so be prepared! 2) Beer soup. It’s a soup that Limburgian people have been drinker for ages. 3) Black pudding. Its prepared with warm apple and bacon and sometimes as a sandwich. 4) Tete de veau. This takes some nerves to eat! It’s a combination of the brains, tongue and cheeks of a calf. You eat this with eggs and bread. 5) as Desert: vlaai or Wafels (the best “wafel” to choose is the one with warm cherries and whipped cream on it)

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    Limburg Anthem - Dutch version

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Gerardus Leonardus Hubertus Krekelberg. Weaver, later schoolteacher at Vlodrop, Limburg, The Netherlands. He was a poet and wrote the words to the Limburg Anthem.The English 'translation' cannot do justice to this song which is well known nationally and sung on many occasions.
    To hear it, go to the website below.


    Waar in 't bronsgroen eikenhout,
    't Nachtegaaltje zingt;
    Over 't malse korenveld,
    't lied des leeuwriks klinkt;
    Waar de hoorn des herders schalt,
    Langs de beekjes boord;

    Daar is mijn Vaderland;
    Limburgs dierbaar oord !
    Daar is mijn Vaderland;
    Limburgs dierbaar oord !

    Waar de brede stroom der Maas,
    Statig zeewaarts vloeit;
    Weeldrig sappig veldgewas,
    Kostlijk groeit en bloeit;
    Bloemengaard en beemd en bos,
    Overheerlijk gloort

    Waar der vaadren schone taal,
    Klinkt met heldre kracht;
    Waar men kloek en fier van aard,
    Vreemde praal veracht;
    Eigen zeden, eigen schoon,
    't Hart des volks bekoort

    Waar aan 't Oud Oranjehuis,
    't Volk blijft hou en trouw;
    Met ons roemrijk Nederland,
    Een in vreugd en trouw;
    Trouw aan plicht en trouw aan God,
    Heerst van Zuid tot Noord.

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    Limburg Anthem - English version

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Maastricht is the capital of the province Limburg.
    Official anthem (in Dutch, by G. Krekelberg and H. Thyssen) of both the Netherlands Province of Limburg and the Belgian Province of Limburg.
    The 4th stanza is generally not sung in Belgium.
    Quoted from: Studentencodex, 1965, Leuven, KVHV, 560 pp., p. 41
    To hear it, go to the website below.

    Where in the bronze-green oakwoods,
    The nightingale signs;
    O'er the mellow wheatfields,
    The lark's voice rings;
    Where the shepherd's horn resounds,
    Borders along the brooks

    There is my Fatherland;
    Limburg, beloved resort !
    There is my Fatherland;
    Limburg, beloved resort !

    Where the wide stream 'river Maas,
    Stately flows to sea;
    Luxuriant succulence of the fields;
    Beautifully flowers and grows;
    Garden, meadow and the woods,
    Exquisitely glimmer

    Where forebears fair tongue,
    Rings clear and strong;
    Where one proud and brave by nature,
    Alien pomp despises;
    Own customs, own beauty,
    Enchant our peoples heart.

    Where to the House of Orange,
    People stay loyal and true,
    With our illustrious Netherlands,
    In trust and joy as one,
    True to duty and faith in God,
    Prevails from South to North.

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    Limburgse vlaai - Limburg pies

    by Luchonda Updated Mar 7, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Limburg pies are thin, flat pieces made of bread dough and filled with everykind of fruit and grains.
    They are made in all sizes from 4 to 20 inches (10 to 50 cm) in diameter. I never saw this size in Belgium bakeries, but they taste wonderful and are an inspiration for my next BF with...guess who ??

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    Sunday Afternoon Concerts

    by johngayton Updated Sep 4, 2010

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    The street leading from the railway station (Stationsstraat) to the St Servaas bridge is a twin-carriageway boulevard but not a particularly busy one regarding road traffic as most vehicles cross the city's two main bridges on the inner ring road.

    The centre of the boulevard towards the station end is used as a public performance area and on the Sunday I was there I was treated to an excellent performance by the local brass band. They played an interesting set of classical brass pieces as well as adaptations of a few pop classics and what was particularly impressive was the age range of the players.

    This was something I'd just caught by accident, having arranged to meet Valentina (MacedonianUK) at the atmospheric taproom bar of the Hotel Poshoorn where I also enjoyed a glass or two of the excellent locally-brewed Gulpener.

    I assume the tourist office has listings of the events here but even if there's nothing scheduled it's still a lively area with some excellent bars and restaurants.

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    Football Fever

    by johngayton Updated Sep 4, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was quite fortunate to be visiting the Netherlands during the 2010 Football World Cup finals and there seemed to be a permanent party atmosphere everywhere I went, even on days when the Dutch weren't actually playing.

    It wasn't just Maastricht, it was the country in general enjoying the event and whilst partisan it was also a celebration of the game. There were no nationalist flags just the simple orange of the team's strip and of course the black and white footballs to adorn the town's streets, centre and suburb alike.

    Here's the loo at Hotel Poshoorn and a few other pics from around the city.

    Always good to see.

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    Play bowls

    by Cristian_Uluru Written Jul 31, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    During my visit in Maastricht, on August, I was very surprised to see a tournament of bowls in Vrijthof, the main square of the town. I was surprise to see many young people to play it (in my country it is a sport for old man or for beach game during summer :) ) and the competition was very hard and the teams try to go very close the little bowl.
    Good luck to everybody!!!

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  • Local Beers

    by ger4444 Written Jun 6, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The region of Southern Limburg has many local beers. 1) Brand. The eldest brewery in the Country, dating from 1400. try the bitter Brand Up. . 2) White beer: a fresh beer on hop, and malt. tastes a little sour and bitter. served in a special heavy glass mostly with a slice of lemon. Wyckse Witte is among the well known. 3) Leeuw. dating back from 1886 originally coming from german hands. try the sweet oud bruin. 4) Gulpener. dating from the ninetheen century the brewery is still a family company. it has a large sortiment of special beers amongs which the very strong Gladiater is a must taste (11 % alc.) also Mestreechs aajt ( a bit sour) and fruitbeers 5) Alfa. founded in 1870. its one of the independent breweries, and since 1995 Ryal Warrant holder. General: when you drink beer you ll find different types served in differnt types of glasses. For the avergae pilsner beer you find yourself a bit dissapointed because it comes in a very small glass called "een fluitje"

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    Our Lady Stella Maris (O. L.Vrouw ter Zee)

    by cadzand Written Aug 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Our Lady's church. is well knowh for its pilgrimage to the Our Lady Stella Maris statue in the entrance of the church, floodlighted by the so many votive candles.

    You' can find more about the history of Our Lady and "Stella Maris" on this page
    History Stella Maris

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  • Preuvenemint

    by ger4444 Written Jun 4, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Preuvenemint is a culinary event at the Vrijthof square, helt each year in the last full weekend of august, resting 4 days. The whole square is packed with stands from restaurants from all over the town. There is also Live Music. The word Preuvenemint comes from tasting (preuve) and event (evenemint). No entrance fee, you jsut have to buy special food bills (called preuvenelappe). One bill costs 1,80 euro. Drinks can be bought for one bill, food is often more than one preuvenelap.

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