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  • Knooppunt 5
    Knooppunt 5
    by Nemorino
  • Knooppunt 5
    Knooppunt 5
    by Nemorino
  • Gronsveld town border
    Gronsveld town border
    by Nemorino

Most Viewed Off The Beaten Path in Maastricht

  • Park and Walls Walk part 3

    by ger4444 Written Apr 20, 2008

    At the end of the wall path you find an iron gate. This is the entrance to a former Jezuite cloister garden. Here, these days the university has its buildings. You will enter the place where the ‘powderhosue’ is located. Go back throuhj the little gate and follow the path to a flood sluice. This was an important instrument of the fortifiation. The sluice could be closed so that a part outside the city in fron of the wall got high water. Now, go down the steps and you enter the Heksen straat. Immidiately at the left side you cross the Jeker, on your right is the Bonnefanten straat.Walk along the Conservatorium, a new moden building along the Jeker. In fron of you you can see the ‘house above the Jeker.’ Continue walking till you come at a T-cross, where you go to the left, go ahead, you pass by the ‘Ezel market’ and at the end of the street follow your direction ahead till you are again at the T-crossroad at tongerstraat 1, at your left hand is the Tribunal again. (This walk will take about 2-3 hours) Combine the walk with a nice stop at the ‘tramahalte’ (cannerplein 1, at the tongerse plein go into the tongerseweg, then on your right side). Have a second stop at ‘t Knijpke (from the Hel Gate, a street goes in the direction of the OLV plein, it is the st. Bernardus straat. On the right side you find a cellarbar). End your tour with a drink and some little food at the Tribunal pub.

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  • Park and Walls Walk part 2

    by ger4444 Written Apr 20, 2008

    On your left hand you directly see the citywall. Here you fisrt see the left overs of the Wilhelmina Bastion. We walk in this park, called the Aldenhof park, follwing the river Jeker. Go down the stair and go to the right, here you cross the river. At the end of the park the road crosses the path. So go to the other side of the road, and continiue the path, which is the Nolenspark. Go to your right at the little lake. At the end of the park Gate ‘poort Waerachtig’ a neo-gothic big town gate from the 19 th century can be found. Here is the bastion ‘Haat and Nijt’ and bastion ‘De five heads.’ Walk along the little lakes at your left hand till you reach the end of the pass where the Jeker goes into the Maas. At the OLV parking, at the end of the path, where you enter the straafic street, you are at the ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwenwal’ I is a beautiful place in the park with many canons in front of it. You can go to the left and climb the wall by a staircase. Ejoy the view. At the end of the wall, go down the steps and see the Jekertoren (Jeker Tower) at your left side and the Hel gate at your right hand. This gate is the only left one of the city and dates back to 1229, being also the eldest gate of the Netherlands. Go now under the gate again and you enter the park again, but now go directly to the right, where you can see the beautifull scene of the ‘pater vink tower.’ Here was the second city wall build in the 14 th century. You can now cross the Jeker, go to the Begijnenstraat, at the left you see the ‘pesthouse’ and after a white house you can go up a staircase. You are now on top of the bastion that overlooks the ‘Vijf Koppen’ here Pater Vink was executed as he was suspected from being a traitor. The next rondeel has an entrance to the kazematten. You now see steps downside and neglect the little flootgate. At the right side cross the bridge over the Jeker. Here you see the Leewenmolen, one of the three mills at the Jeker. You can now go into the Pieterstraat, where you find at the ‘lange grachtje’ a very big part of a citywall, with arches. Now, follow the Lange grachtje, and ga ahead continuing the grote looijerstraat. At the end on your left side there is the Niewenhof gate. At the left side there is a staircase again, upto the wall. This is the scond wall.

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  • Park and Walls Walk part 1

    by ger4444 Written Apr 20, 2008

    A few of my tips deal on the Ciry park. I probably must love it very mucf then. Actually it is wrong to speak abou one “citypark” since there are a few, but they all connected together. The parks are mainly located near the walls and fortifications and the river Jeker. This is not so strange, since the citywalls and the river and fortifications (kazamatten) had the function to protect the city against the French and Spaniards. As the city was not used as fortification city in the ninetheent century, walls could be opend and green parks could be planned for the middle class, next to the historic walls. An interesting walk can be the following. Start at Tribula pub (Tongersestraat 1, quartier latin). (Vrijthof-continue the road on the south corner of the square-follow the curve) One of the walls inside this pub has been a part of the first city walls). On the other side of the street you go up a hill, where you find the Minderbroerderschurch, now used by the university. Keep continueing till you get at the Abstraat, where you go t the right. Then you seee at your left hand a small park, go to the right and follow the path. Here you find reminders of the city wall and a statue of D’Artagnan. He was one of the three muskiteers from the famous book by Dumas. His name was Charles Castelmore and he died in 25 june 1673 in Maastricht. This happened by the attacks by Louis the 14 th. This statue of d’Artegnan is by the hands of Math Camps. It used to be located inside the park, but was not well received by the audience. You keep on going aheat, till you come at a T-crossroad. At the lefthad there is a Gate, this is the place where the former Tongerse gate must have been, which has been broken down in 1867. At the cornerhouse of the Aldenhof Park and the Tongerseweg you see a mozaiek of d’Artegnan. At the other side of the street, 50 metres further there is a d Artegan statue, made by Taratynov. Go back to the Tongerseplein, go to the left and cross the zebra where you enter the Waldeckpark. After the zebra go immidiately to the right and then left up a little hill. Here is again a d Artegnan statue made by Januszesky,behind the statue there is a amemmorial sighn. It says ”d artegan, musketeer of the king,born in Gascogne 1611, fallen in Maastricht 25 june 1673. This is most probably the exact place where the man died. Follow the path up and down. Down again, left side, walk alongside the park till the corner. There is a canon here. Go rightside the park in and then see a tombe for Baron des Tombe, chief command for the town of Maastricht in the old days.You follow now the mainpath of the park, along the trees and iron green bows. This path goes into a curve and on your side you see the kazamatten. The entrances to them are closed. You then enter the trafficroad, the Prins Bischopssingel. Cross this street and the Jeker becomes visible

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  • Country side walk part 2.

    by ger4444 Written Apr 11, 2008

    Go along the Apostelhoeve or take fist a look at the court of the wine farm. Then go down the hill along side the Appostelhoeve. First road to the direction of the Jeker and the watermill Molbok. Cross the Jeker. Follow the road (Drabbestraat) till you ge ton the Mergelweg. At the Mergelweg 363 a path to the left goes uphill. On the gavel way you go to the left. Follow this path for some time. First traffic way to the left. Cross the plateau straighfoward at the left side of the plateau. A sighn of “natuurmonumenten” is visible, go to the left here, entering the wood through a small door. Walk left side around Fort Sint Pieter and have a grand viw over Maastricht. The path becomes a concrte way. Go down the road passing by Chalet Bergust and the Fort. At the fiveway crossroad straight forward in the direction of city centre. At the trafficsighnts pass the street in the direction of Sint Hubertuslaan. Pass the brigde over the Jeker and enter the Pieterstraat. After number 31 to the right by a small door. Cross the flootgate and go to the left, walk up the stairs. Cross the gate. Go downstairs, go to the right and then immediatley turn to the left through the Helpoort. Walk trough the St. Bernardusstraat. On your left side the OLV square is there agan. Have a drink at one of the pubs.

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  • Country side walk part 1

    by ger4444 Written Apr 11, 2008

    This walk takes 5 hours and is 20 kilometres. It starts at the OLV square in the center of Maastrichtalong the Wall of Ceastert and the Hidden Valley we rech the Belgium village Kanne, then we climb the Cannerberg hill, from which we go along the st Pietersberg back to the OLV sqaure. Sart at the OLV square where you walk trough the park along the river Maas. For this, walk through the park as you have entered the park through the Helport (st bernardusstraat from the OLV plein). Walk prallel at the Maas trough the park untill you reach the trafficlights. Cross the Maasboulvard at the trafficlights. Pass by the Maaspavilioen. Say as close as possible to the Maas. Go under the viaduct. At the dike, at the first house at the left side go to the left and follow the dike. First road, go to the left, then immediately turn to the right. Walk straight ahead at the parking place. Walk paralel at the Maas passing by a port with baots. At the dike turn to the left and follow the dike for a long time. Pass the ENCI houses, follow the dike along the Maas till the last house of the ENCI. Down the steps and cross the street. At the last house at the right side walk on. After 20 metres a small path goes uphill, at your right side. This is the wall of ceastert. Its rather steepy! (in case you fin dit too steepy, alternatively walk on the street till an electricity house on your right hand, take the path uphill on your right hand walk on to a gate). Up the hill there is a cave. Here turn to the left. Walk this path at the same level, ignore all the side paths. At the crossing to the left. Ignore again all side paths. Enter two stone pilars and go to the right. Go under the porchway. Follow a braod path uphill. A treeway crossraod with a pillar you see at the left side a small path. Follow that one and ater 300 meters on your right hand there is the Hidden Vallley. Walk on then turn to the left down hill. At a threeway crossroad, go to the right into the Hidden Valley. In the Hidden Valley go to the left (right turn stops half way but is very beautifull). Walk on to the end of the valley, at the threeway crossraod with a cocrete pillar turn right uphill. The road curves in the right direction. In this curve a small path to the left. To the left, along the side of the acre. Follow the side of the acre, turn then to the left. The road gets smaller, ignore all side roads. At the end of this road you have a nice panorama over the floodgates, and the Heuvelland. Now, walk back, and folow the gravel path a long time. On a cross raod with a broader gravel road go straight ahead. Follow the red-white signposts. At the canal go to the right and you enter Kanne village. Enter the bakery (vlaai!) Second road to the left. Have a drink at one of the pubs and pavement terraces. At the bridge directly into Bejats street where at the end you go to the right, over the dorpsplein. At Willy snacks cross the street and go to the right. At the threeway crossroad to the left. At the Chapel straight ahead, uphill Muizenberg. First gravel road to the right. Before the castlewall of Chateau Neercanne you go to the left, uphill. Follow the red little pilars to the right direction. Don’t go to the right at the threeway crossroad with green little pilars, just go ahead. At the treeway crossraod with a bench, go straight ahead. Follow the red sighns. At the next threeway crossraod take the steps uphill leftside. Walk through the “millenium bos” pss the round square and walk on till a Y-crossraod. There, go to the right. At the place with the big cross, go ahead straight. Next crossroad, go to the right, follow the sign “appostelhoeve”

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  • Brewery “de keyzer”

    by ger4444 Written Apr 11, 2008

    A brewery, which is founded in 1758, very well preserved. It is a part of the city’s industrial archialogical heritage. Around 1900 there were 30 breweries in twon, the Keyzer is the only one stayed working. It is a steam brewery in the neighboorhood of Wyck. Here the Bosch family brewed beer according to traditional methodes untill 1970. The brewery has stayed completely in tact and is an industrial monument. It has the authentic atmosphere with the traditional equipment. You can enter the five stores of the malt house and the brewery with it tun. Guides will explain the aspects of the beer brweing process. At the end of the tour you taste 2 special beers in the bar. Regional chees is served as well. The tour is 1 hour and costs 7, 50 euro p.p. (childern for free) Adress: Wycker Grachtstraat 26. open: 14.30 pm. (march-november 1 th/3 th saterday of the month)

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  • ATLC's Profile Photo

    International arts and crafts fair

    by ATLC Updated Mar 15, 2008

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    International arts and antiques fair known as The European Fine Arts Fair (TEFAF). 7-16 March 2008 in Maastricht. Do have a look at their website. What they have on offer is mind blowing. This year it included a Rembrandt. For sale, mind you!

    Press quotes about TEFAF:

    'Grandiose and informed'
    Financial Times, 17-18 March 2001

    'The Premier fair where museums buy'
    Antiques Trade Gazette, 31 March 2001

    'The World's Greatest Art Fair'
    Forbes, March 2001

    'Glanzvolles Schauspiel alter Malerei'
    Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12 March 2001

    'Museale Schätze zum kaufen'
    Handelszeitung, 7 March 2001

    'Appuntamento a Maastricht con il mercato mondiale'
    La repubblica, 5 March 2001

    'Maastricht Art Fair Casts Its Magic Spell'
    The International Herald Tribune, 11 March 2001

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  • LaHolandesa's Profile Photo

    Take a stroll along wonderful Wijck

    by LaHolandesa Written Nov 20, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you're in Maastricht, talk a walk around the old part of the city "Wijck".
    Start at the train station and cross the street. On any given saturday there is a antique market in the street. Passing through this market you come to a roundabout, just continue straight ahead. Just after this roundabout there is a café called "Poshoorn" where you can eat a hearty soup, sandwich or have a fresh draft beer.
    From here on, (the stationstraat) you can keep walking until you get to the bridge. Just before you reach it, there are 2 cross streets with a lot of nice restaurants, art galeries and little boutiques. Definately worth a visit.
    If you take the last street on your left hand side (Rechtstraat) and walk through there, you get to the new part called Ceramique. This is where the new walking bridge is and the delicious coffee shop "Coffeelovers" (look at my tip!).
    Defenately worth a visit! It´s a nice stroll through the old part oof town to cross over to the city center.

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  • MikeAtSea's Profile Photo

    Wall Walk

    by MikeAtSea Written Nov 19, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I put this tip as an off the beaten path trip since it is not quiet easy to find. Close the the Jeker Tower and the Helpoort you can find a little path to your left, that climbs on top of the nearby wall and offers a stunning view across the Jeker Valley and adjacent old town. It is a little slippery there, hence take caution!

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  • stoto's Profile Photo

    The main place isn't the only place

    by stoto Updated Sep 18, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Whenever anyone visits Maastricht, they always grab lunch or dinner in the famous Vrijthof. Don't get me wrong, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is euphoric, but it can get a bit expensive. A better option is to tour the city (or ask) to find Our Lady Square. It is another square which is smaller than the Vrijthof, but the food is just as good and if you stop for a moment and look around, you'll feel nice and relaxed. --
    The Vrijthof is right next to the street, so you'll see bus tours, motorscooters, bicycles and cars going past. It can get loud sometimes. But in Our Lady Square, the only thing that comes by is the occasional car because it's tucked away off the main streets. It's cheaper, too! --
    When I first arrived in the city, our tour guide told us that Our Lady Square was voted as the best Square in the Netherlands in 2005.

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    Dousberg area

    by hanoi Written Oct 5, 2005

    The Dousberg area, not far from the city center, is an undoscovered part of Maastricht. This hill hosts an artificial skiing ramp, a hotel and open-air swimming pool and - but that's history - a camping site. The camping site is put out of use many years ago and as you can see on the picture indeed makes a desolate impression. Nevertheless, the area is great for walking - an oasis of rest and tranquility. Less than a kilometer from the parking lot at the top of the hill, the Belgian border starts - with an original border stone from 1843.

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  • cadzand's Profile Photo

    How to combine old and new

    by cadzand Written Aug 25, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Very surprising, indeed. A new building has been built behind the walls of the former building, with respect for its safeguarding.
    Click on the image and you'll see the inscription on the new building 'I am not like I was before". I bow to the constructor.

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  • gkitzmil's Profile Photo

    Look Up!

    by gkitzmil Written Feb 13, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You don't need to venture any farther than the center of the city -- but most people do not notice the wonderful plates over many of the doors! Here is one from 1612! Some are quite interesting. So when in Maastricht, look up!

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  • Imaniac's Profile Photo


    by Imaniac Written Jun 15, 2004

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Next to Hell's Gate, at the end of the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Wal, you'll see this tower. It is called the Jeker Tower, because it used to stand in the river Jeker. Just like it's neighbours this tower was built in the late 13th century.

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  • Imaniac's Profile Photo


    by Imaniac Updated Jun 8, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Bisschopsmolen (Bishhop's Mill) is a big water mill in the centre of Maastricht. It dates back to the 17th century. On the outside you can see a huge wooden wheel, used to power the mill. The mill is powered by the river Jeker. The building itself dates back to the 11th century, when it was used by the famous Godfried de Bouillon.

    Every second and fourth saturday of the month you can visit the mill from the inside. You can access the wooden wheel on the street called "Achter de oude Minderbroeders" near the church of Our Dear Lady. If you want to visit the mill you have to go to the street called "Stenen Brug". The mill is still in use to grind food for the cattle.

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