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  • Castle Oud-Valkenburg
    Castle Oud-Valkenburg
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  • view of Oud Valkenburg
    view of Oud Valkenburg
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  • Genhoes
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Oud-Valkenburg Things to Do

  • Castle Schaloen

    Castle Schaloen, is a romantic castle surrounded by a moat. It was first mentioned in 1375. It was destroyed in the 80 year war with Spain, but rebuilt in 1656 by lord Hoen van Cartiels. In 1894 it was again restored in neogotic style by the famous architect Cuypers. It was only then the small towers were added and the castle got its fairytale...

  • orchid garden

    And if the botanical garden next to the castle is not enough you can also visit the orchid garden. It is within walking distance, about 30 minutes. The garden is established in 1958 by W.H.Driemont. The sheep were allowed to graze here and the trees got no change. That way the local flowers began to prosper. Today you can see many endangered...

  • Kasteeltuin Oud Valkenburg

    Next to the castle Schaloen is the castlegarden. In this botanical garden you can learn a lot about the local flora. They have planted old plants that used to be grown around here. Like some wheat sorts or vegetables that are out of fashion today.You will get a booklet with explanations. Through this garden you can get to the watermill (see...

  • Schaloens Mill

    This watermill belonging to the Schaloen castle is built between 1661 and 1665 by the Spanish, who were the occupiers then.To get their money back the people in the area had to mill their grain here. The penalty was severe if you didn't use this mill.The mill was powered by a huge waterwheel. But when the production had to increase the wheel was...

  • Lane with lime trees to castle Schaloen

    The driveway to castle Schaloen, a symbol of status, is very old. In 1550 this lane was on a map by Jacob van Deventer. The lime trees you see today are about 145 years old. In 1969 the lane became property of the municipality Valkenburg. They did a survey among the trees and many of them turned out to have a dissease. But due to the excellent care...

  • Genhoes

    The Genhoes is not open to the public. But is still makes a nice picture seen from a distance. (This picture was made on the road to the castle, beyond the no entrance sign...)The castle dates back to the 12th century. Was destroyed during the 80 year war with Spain, and rebuilt in the early 17th century. The farmhouse is dating from the 18th...


Oud-Valkenburg Off The Beaten Path

  • Well in the Gerendal Valley

    An ancient well (Schaapsput) at a valley near Oud-Valkenburg called the Gerendal. A six or seven kilometer walk will take you along both sides of the valley. Great views of the surrounding area.

  • Sheep

    The sheep are still grazing around here.In the old days the sheep grazed on the fields that were in the leap year between harvest years. One year they planted grain, the next vegetables and then the field had to rest not to be exhausted.Today the sheep graze on fields from Natuurmonumenten to keep the environment as authentic as possible.

  • Schaapsput

    This well is dating back to 1550. The name says it all. Schaapsput = Sheepwell.It was the place where they got water for the sheep. Near this well is still a sheep fold. A modern one tough from Natuurmonumenten.The well is dating back to 1550, but the present one was a gift to the nature conservation organisation (Natuurmonumenten) by the...


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