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Vaals Highlights

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     Much fun to go to especially with a few VT-ers 

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     Small & Quiet 

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     good for one day outing... 

Vaals Things to Do

  • The Tripoint

    The Tripoint to the place Vaals is the point where the borders between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet, located at the top of the Vaalserberg, in the southernmost part of the Netherlands.About 50 meters north-west of the three countries, at the highest point, in 1926 a symbolic border triangle constructed, consisting of three displaced...

  • Go For A Walk

    From the summit of Vaalserberg there are several nature trails leading into each of the three countries and some that circle around taking them all in.There are plenty of maps and the trails are signposted in the relevant languages.

  • Go For A Beer!

    There are several bars at the summit of Vaalserberg, a couple of which offer panoramic views. The Bezoekers looks over the Netherlands and has a wooden observation tower and a pleasant sunny terrace facing inwards onto its car park.The De Bokkerijder looks out over Germany and has a panoramic terrace.You have to pay for car parking on the summit...

  • Obviously Climb The Mountain!

    OK It's more of a hill than a mountain but it is well-worth a visit, just to say that you've done it, and there's several bars at the top to encourage your effort!There's a couple of observation towers from which you can get a panoramic 360 degree view over the three countries and if you want to buy the T-shirt the VVV office will happpily sell you...

  • Drie Landen Punt

    The Drie Landen Punt is the point where Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands come together. It's the top of the Vaalser Berg (321 meters); the highest point of The Netherlands.


    As you can imagine, this area attracts a lot of tourists. Besides the Drie Landen Punt ( 3 Land Point ) there is a Labyrinth and a Panorama Tower. From Valserberg, the highest hill in the Netherlands, one can admire the superb view of Aachen, just across the frontier.This area is a lot different than the rest of Holland as it is hillier than the...


    Vaals is the place where 3 COUNTRIES MEET. The Drie Landen Punt ( 3 Land Point ) is located at the top of the Vaalser Berg ( 321 metres ) in the south of the Netherlands.To the south is Germany.To the west is Belgium.We just followed the directions up a steep hill just outside of the town of Vaals.


    Located in the Provincie Limburg, VAALS is the place where 3 countries meet - Holland - Belgium - Germany.DRIE LANDEN PUNT is the point where they all come together.People were having fun stepping in different spots and proclaiming which country they were in. It was quite a hoot. " I am now in Germany" one would proclaim. The other would say " I am...

  • Drielandenpunt - Three lands point

    A point where you can stand and see three countries (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands).The location is on the hill, accessed through small city of Vaals (Netherlands). There's also a tower to see great views of the three countries. Unfortunately it was already closed in late afternoon when I was there. When you're tired after you walk uphill, there...

  • Dreilandenpunt

    This is the place where the 3 countries meet...Netherlands/Germany/Belgium.And when you take the lift to the top of the tower you have a good view of the diiferences in such a small area.The Netherlands have the electricity generating windmills and population density, Germany the view the training Hospital Klinikum and the Industry of Belgium.

  • Three Countries Point

    A bit outside the town, on top of the Vaalserberg, the borders of The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet in one point. Which attracts lots of tourists. The borders are shown in the pavement. Few people know that until 1918 this was a Four Countries Point. The borders of the vanished mini state of Neutral-Moresnet are visible in the Belgian part....

  • labyrinth

    we did not do this, we saw it from the boudewijntoren.Labyrint Drielandenpunte-mail

  • Tower

    Head up the tower. We needed quite a while to decide it but it was fun being up there and enjoying the view.. It will cost you 2,50 euro

  • Roman-Catholic church

    The Roman-Catholic church H. Paulus Bekering was built in 1892-1893 and was designed by J. Kayser in a neo-Gothic style that incorporated elements of Gothicism in northern Germany. A typical feature are the glazed bricks. Perhaps the church is often open, I don't know, but I had the luck of being able to get in. Very nice.

  • Bloemendaal

    The former Bloemendaal monastery is a complex in neo-Classical style and was the result of extensive rebuilding in the 19th century of a house Blumenthal built in 1786 for J.A. von Clermont by architect Joseph Moretti.

  • Reformed church

    The reformed church dates from 1672, although the tower is much older, dating from the 13th century. This tower was part of a church that under the rule of the Republic was used by both catholics and protestants. The increasing number of protestants urged the community to build a church of their own square on the old one. The catholics themselves...

  • Lutheran church

    The former Lutheran church dates from 1736 and was built for refugees from Aachen. It's an octagonal building with two storeys. It was designed by either an architect Von Littich or by Johann Josef Couven.

  • Von Clermonthuis / town hall

    Johann Arnold von Clermont was the most important of a group of protestant cloth-manufacturors from Aachen who settled in Vaals in the 18th century. This Von Clermonthuis was again designed by Joseph Moretti and built in 1761-1765. It was a house combined with a factory, and now is the town hall.


Vaals Hotels

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Vaals Restaurants

  • Hotel Kasteel Bloemendal

    This château, dating back from the 18th century, is a very nice setting for hotel-restaurant Bloemendal.The restaurant is in one of the wings of the castle. It's a bit too huge for my taste, nevertheless it was beautifully furnished with nice large tables and comfy chairs. Furthermore high ceilings and French windows looking out on the nice...

  • Scrummy Strudel

    There's quite a few attractive looking restaurants and patisseries on Vaals' main street and I chose this one because its terrace was fairly busy. I hadn't realised it was an ice-cream place until I read the menu. This was written in Dutch, although the friendly waiter seemed to be Italian, but that wasn't a problem as the pictures told the...

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Vaals Transportation

  • To Vaals form Aachen

    Vaals is located west from Aachen Germany, between this two cities is only the state border.You just need to find the bus that goes on the Vaalser strasse. Local bus company is called ASEAG.

  • Getting To Vaals From Maastricht

    There is a regular bus service between Maastricht and Vaals, the South Limburg Veolia #50 which goes on to Aachen. Buses leave from stand D, just outside the train station, approximately every 15 minutes with a journey time of about 50 minutes. The main Vaals bus stop is on the high street, Maastrrichterlaan, and is a couple of minutes walk from...

  • If You Don't Fancy Climbing The... can take the bus. There's an hourly bus service, the Veolia #149, which runs between Vaals bus station and the Vaalserberg summit. If you've come from Maastricht and have bought the day ticket then this is valid on this service.


Vaals Local Customs

  • A Quick Change Of Identity!

    With the 2010 World Cup football finals taking place during my Netherlands visit there were a riot of orange flags and pennants in every town, in many cases decorating whole streets.Here in Vaals, despite its proximity to the German and Belgian borders, it was no different. Pictured here is the Cafe Suisse on the main street which had temporarily...

  • Four Borders?

    In the past The top of the Vaalser Berg was the point where 4 countries came together. For a time the neutral Moresnet was country number 4. It was a piece of land disputed by Germany and Belgium for economical (coal) reasons.The streetname still reflects the old situation.

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Vaals Warnings and Dangers

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    by Mique Written Aug 18, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    going up the tower is a definite fun thing to do. The view is very much worth it. But... after you exit the elevator you have to climb a stair to get to the actual platform. And those stairs and the pathway to it is see-through. And it is quite high.. Several of us had a very funny feeling in our stomachs....

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Vaals Sports & Outdoors

  • Walking through the Villender woods

    There are several walking routes in the woods of the Vaalser Berg.One is the Krijtlandpad. Good walking shoes and some food and drink.

  • Hiking

    There were signs indication different routes to hike. Of course we didn't do any of them.. but if you feel like it. It is quite a nice area with lots of forests and hills Good walking shoes would come in handy. And a lightweight raincoat. Don't trust our weather too much..

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Vaals Favorites

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  • The German Border

    Whilst Vaals is a Dutch town the German border is actually on the main street and the town is more like a suburb of nearby Aachen with about 30% of its population being German. On the German side the post boxes and telephones are all German and the houses were sporting the German flags (with it being the football 2010 World Cup).

  • VVV Tourist Information

    Both in the centre of Vaals and at the summit of Vaalserberg there are VVV Tourist Information offices. The one in the town centre is on the main street, Maasterichterlaan, and is part of the newsagent/gift shop Totaal Gemak whilst the one at the top of the hill is a wooden cabin which also sells souvenirs and postcards. Vaalserberg VVV

  • Vaals,Limburg

    Vaals is small city on the border to Germany.Easy to access from Aachen by car or bus.Big shopping mall at the entrance to the city.The city is also home to the art weeks Tri-Arts in July and to the smallest museum of the Netherlands, De Kleng Wach.


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