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Venlo Things to Do

  • Jongerenkerk – Youth Church

    Construction of the then Franciscan church started in 1614 and took 3 years to complete; the church was unofficially commissioned at the end of 1620. In 1917 the church came under the local municipal and was used for storage until 1938. The church was then transferred to the Parish of St. Martin for the symbolic sum of one guilder and for the next...

  • Floriade 2012: once every ten years

    This international horticultural expisition is held every ten years. When you're visitibg Europe and you love everything with gardens, flowers and food: make sure you visit this hugh exhibition.We liked The Willowman exhibition most, weird shapes made by bending willowbranches. Set in the wood it has been build as a tribute to rests by prehistoric...

  • De Groote Hei(de)

    Near the German border there is an area that is called the great heathland. It has the remains of many WWII bunkers in the woods, and there is an airfield that was used by the Germans in WWII and now is used for gliders and model airplanes. especially on Saturday and Sunday. Overall the area is a nice place to enjoy a bit of nature, heathland and...

  • Dominican Chapel

    The monastery chapel was built in 1416 and extended in 1785. During World War II the monastery was destroyed and the monastery chapel was damaged. After the war the Dominicans established a new monastery and rebuilt the chapel. These were given up in 2005. Now called the Domani it is used for concerts and weddings.

  • Explore

    As I said in my introduction, our day in Venlo was a very wet one, we spent most of out=r time avoiding the heavy showers and thunderstorms.What we saw of the town looked good and also enjoyed a short walk by the river.Here are just a few photos.

  • Visit the Limburgs Museum

    Right across the street from the central train station, there is the Limburgs Museum. With an innovative design by Jeanne Dekkers, the museum opened in 2000. It is an historical museum of the area with an extensive archeological collection.

  • St Joriskerk

    Dutch Reformed Church. A late Gothic part of this church was already in existence at the end of the fifteenth century and was part of the former Gasthuiskapel. This church was given to the Protestants in 1632, the Catholics in 1637 and back to the Protestants in 1702.

  • Limburgs Museum

    The varied cultural history of Limburg is central in the permanent displays and assorted exhibitions in the

  • Museum van Bommel van Dam

    Museum for modern art, every year 6 different exhibitions are

  • Sint Martinuskerk

    The St Martinuskerk was built in the period 1410-1430 on the site of an older Romanesque cruciform church. The church has received many additions and renovations since, the last being in 1950 in order to repair serious war damage.

  • Stadhuis – Town Hall

    The town hall largely dates from 1596-1601 and was designed in Renaissance style by Willem van Bommel of Emmerich as a square building flanked at the front by two towers of unequal height. During a restoration between 1880 and 1887 two more towers were added, this time to the back of the building, rebuilt by P.J.H. Cuypers.

  • The market

    There is a large market in the middle of the city. One of the crowded I saw in Europe. Lots of items, fruits and vegetables and cheese or course.

  • St. Martinus church

    Venlo's major church is the St. Martinus, a three-aisled hall-church from the 15th century. In 1945 the tower was destroyed and after the war replaced by a new one, designed by architect Jules Kayser. I think it's a bit ugly but I don't know what exactly bothers me about it.

  • Town hall

    The town hall largely dates from 1596-1601 and was designed in Renaissance style by Willem van Bommel as a square building flanked at the front by two towers of unequal height. During a restoration between 1880 and 1887 two more towers were added, this time to the back of the building, while the facade was rebuilt in neo-Renaissance style designed...

  • Church of Our Lady

    This was my major destination that day: the Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk ('church of Our Lady'), which dominates the southern part of Venlo since 1913. The tower was damaged in World War Two, and its upper part was rebuilt in a different form later. This was architect P.J.H. Cuypers' last church and it was still missing in my collection of pictures of his...

  • A bit of wall

    It's my guess that this is what remains of Venlo's city walls. A guess, because there was nothing that indicated what exactly this is. It's not much anyway. It's not even impressive. Far more interesting were the excavations that were under way just behind them. However, I was disturbed when I looked at them, as someone approached me and asked me...

  • Church of the Holy Family

    The Kerk van de Heilige Familie ('church of the Holy Family') dates from 1939 and was designed by architect A.J. Kropholler in his characteristic traditionalistic style.

  • Romerhuis

    The Romerhuis dates from the 16th century and has a brick facade in Gothic style. Badly damaged in the war, it was restored in 1950.

  • Metropole

    Metropole is the name of a complex with shops and apartments built in 1903 by architect P. Rassaerts in Art Nouveau style.

  • Latin school

    This Renaissance facade from 1611 belonged to the latin school. The building behind the facade was replaced in 1926 by Jules Kayser.

  • Visit the town hall

    The town hall is the most famous monumental building in the city. Much of the other monuments were destroyed in the war.


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Venlo Restaurants

  • Let op vooroordelen

    We legden een bezoek af bij kennissen in Venlo.Het is gebruikelijk dat we dan gezamenlijk gaan dineren. De gastheer mag voorstellen waar we gaan eten.|Het werd Luif, het theater restaurant van Venlo. Mijn ervaring heeft mij geleerd dat het eten in een theaterrestaurant meestal niet van een hoge culinaire staat is. Dus met wat scepsis op weg.Maar...

  • Alt bier

    Dashed into this bar to avoid a memorable thunder storm, on sale alt bier - no longer brewed in Venlo but pretty good all the same.Beer in Düsseldorf style plus a wheat beer to try as well. Loved the alt! sadly no time to try the food menu tempting though.

  • The Great Wall of China

    I was taken out for the night to this very pleasant restaurant " The Chinese Muur". The food was excellent and we had a set meal for three, although if there had been five of us there would still have been enough. The restaurant specialises in Chinese-Indian, Chinese, Cantonese, Szechuan and meals from the northern Beijing region.Seating for...

  • A True Adventure Steakhouse

    The complex has recently changed its name, previously it was Taurus but is now known as The Adventure World of Taurus and also comprises of a Bowling Alley and Laser Quest.In the restaurant itself you can enjoy a nice meal in a casual dining atmosphere either for the whole family or for a romantic dinner for two, in my own case it was for a large...

  • Avoiding the rain

    So, a rainy evening and nerest to this restaurant when the heavens opened. Lucky! Quiet on a wet Monday but friendly and food very good, Mrs B happy with choice for vegetarians too. Looks like several bars all joined together to make the labarinth? anyway we enjoyed our visit, prices OK too.

  • All you can eat

    Chinese buffet style restaurant with a choice of starters consisting of soups, hot buffet or cold buffet. The main courses can consist of pre-cooked meats or can be cooked on the Japanese teppanyakiplaat.From Monday to Thursday: € 15.95From Friday to Sunday (and holidays): € 17.95Children from 3 years to 12 years: Your age is your priceHours: 16:00...


Venlo Transportation

  • Taxi to Town

    If staying on the edge of Venlo, get the number of a reliable taxi service, when dropped off I also arranged to be collected at a pre-determined time and location.Taxi van BommelKlagenfurtlaan 3255916 BB Venlo

  • Rail

    Easy to reach from Germany, link to Viersen and also on to Eindhoven (Nl) for rail linms to the rest of Netherlands and the airport.

  • Small Central Train Station

    On my way from Düsseldorf to Roermond, I made a brief stop at the Venlo Central Train Station. Instead of immediately changing trains, I walked through the small station -- and took a brief peek outside. The station is pleasant and clean, with some small shops.Right across the street from the station, there is the Limburgs Museum. I would have...


Venlo Shopping

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  • Cheese

    Obviously cheese is one of the famous things in the Netherlands and beside the large market you can buy cheese in special cheese stores around the town. This one was just next to the market, very nice shope with lots of cheese and good service. Cheese

  • Absinth

    For those of you that come from “primitive” countries where you can buy drug in the street but no Absinth in the stores, maybe here is a nice place to do your shopping.

  • The pedestrian street

    The pedestrian street is where everyone does his shopping. On Saturday it is over crowded as any city in Europe but here it is even more, as Venlo in near the German border and millions of Germans coming here for shopping.


Venlo Favorites

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  • History of Venlo

    General Tips: History of VenloThe history of Venlo can be traced back to Roman and Celtic times, when it was believed there was a settlement here known as Sablones on the Roman road that connects Maastricht with Xanten. By the ninth century Venlo had become a trading post and received city rights in 1343. The city has since then had a chequered...

  • Carnaval...

    Every Year we have Carnaval, its an old Catholic event... but nowadays it's just a good time to drink beer...3 to 4 days of party and drinking beer and everyone is in a costume or just funny dressed.Every Saturday before Carnaval there is a event in Venlo called the Boetegewoene Boetezitting... many carnaval bands play local music and everybody is...

  • I have worked here

    I had a part-time job here in the municipal chamber on administrative law. That was a great experience.


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