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  • De Warande
    De Warande
    by yumyum
  • De Warande
    De Warande
    by yumyum
  • old buildings (derelict)
    old buildings (derelict)
    by yumyum

Gilze Things to Do

  • De Warande Park

    I really liked this park. It’s quite large and just behind the Den Overkaent garden. It features two lakes with ducks and other birds. Some people even fish in there.It’s also a popular place for locals to walk their dogs. You are supposed to keep your dog on the leash unless you let him into the special dog paddock where they are allowed to run...

  • Garden Den Overkaent

    This private garden is a major attraction in Gilze. It’s famous in the Nederlands and has won prices. You can also have a picnic there and they even have a toilet in the back.Obviously my visit wasn’t in the most flowery season but still, it’s a lovely and peaceful place to have a stroll in.You may also rent the garden for wedding receptions and...

  • Old townhall

    There are not that many old building left. But in the center of the town which has two supermarkets, you will find a few older buildings, a park named Mollebos and the old townhall.The building dates back to 1863 when it was built for people to live in. After a fire, it was once again a home and a hostel. After reconstruction and extension, it...

  • Old fountain

    On the small square at the beginning of Niewstraat you will find this funny looking building. It houses a very old wooden fountain or what is left of it. It is hundreds of years old.Near the old fountain you will find a shop that sells postcards of Gilze. There is no postoffice in Gilze but you may buy stamps in packets of 4 at eg the tabacco shop.

  • Shoe maker monument

    The shoe maker monument is close to the old fountain monument and the tabacco shop. It is dedicated to the shoe making business which was once common in the area.

  • Church

    This church looks rather impressive with its big tower. In fact I was told that it’s not that old at all. More or less opposite there is a bakery shop.

  • Wash and Iron museum

    Wash and Iron museum show you the history of doing the laundry .The museum has started as a hobby of collecting all kinds of was - and iron objects. This collection has developed in the course of time. Now the collection includes even more than 1600 objects, among which mangels, presses, fold grips and even a 17th century ironglas. There are...

  • Public garden "d'n Overkaent"

    If you are in the neighborhood and you have some time left to enjoy a beautiful garden, come to Gilze to public garden "d'n Overkaent".Against the pond the Warande which you see further at this Gilze page you find this garden.A place where you can enjoy many plants, trees and bushes.There are not that many parks where you find this kind of...

  • cherry blossom

    The trees in this street are so beautiful when they are in bloom, I sometimes make a detour just to enjoy it.Everytime when I ride through this street I think that I have to make a picture of it, well I did eventually enjoy the view.

  • Winter time

    During my daily walks with my dog, one morning I discovered this beautiful white landscape, I rush home to get my camera.Some children even try the ice

  • Make a great day!

    In Chaam(next to Gilze) is a place where you can play midgetgolf, play on the big playground and make a cycling-tour on 4 ore 6 persons-bikes true the wood.. there is a café too.

  • the park

    This is a picture from our park.They call the park "Mollenbos" (mole woods) that is because the park ones belong to a mrs Mole who lived in the big house just outside the park.Ones a year a big party is kept in the park. Saturday evening their is a big concert.Sunday morning an other concert from the local brass band, in the afternoon a lot of...


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Gilze Restaurants

  • Between Breda and Tilburg

    Located on the A58 (Tilburg-Breda), accessible from both sides and offering plenty of parking facilities. Ask for the annual programme with its culinary specialties like special brunches, fish and meat buffets and seasonal game and asparagus festivals.

  • Irish pub with a small restaurant

    The pub serving food have been housed in an old garage against The Irish pub.The institution is cosy and warm. By it's domestic environment.The Banner is an extremely suitable location for a diner with friends, family or knowledge. After result the pub or the eatcafe are a very well ambiance for sociable drink.

  • A wonderful Cafe Rest on the road near...

    This is a wonderful restaurant ,and the location and the food was great , there was plenty room and the cafe-restaurant had a very nice outdoor terras and a nice playground for children. Broodje Kroket ,this is a bun with a '' Kroket ''or two .The kroket is round ,about one inch by 4 inches and is has meat inside ,the outside looks light brown and...


Gilze Nightlife

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  • I am not sure where to add this Cafe?

    This café is a great place for children cause you find here the largest play yard of the town.But you can also party here during the evening, or have a quiet evening on the terrace.Several cycle paths through the woods, lead you to the café. After riding your bike you will be hungry so they prepare a small meal for you

  • Kermis in '' Gilze ''

    An annual event called the '' Kermis '' or Carnaval, an event that usualy comes to a town or a village on a yearly basis .It is fun and great for children as well as adults .An evening of fun for the whole family ,with rides fun houses bumper cars ,food ,candy and many other things. Dress warm as the weather can be cool in the fall ,october when...

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Gilze Shopping

  • Waalewiener's Profile Photo

    A typical Dutch '' Kraam '' you find on...

    by Waalewiener Updated Nov 14, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The name in Dutch is '' Hollandse
    Gebakkraam '' it would be called a Dutch Pastry outlet , this one was at the ''Kermis ''
    in a village called Gilze.

    What to buy: You can buy a variety of Dutch Pastry and sweets at this location .There are too many to mention them all.
    Some of my favorites would be ,Tom Poes , Appelgebak, Moorkop etc etc.
    I don't think they had all these items but these are my favorites hahaha. yummmyyy.

    What to pay: They are not cheap. Prices ???

    Hollandse Gebakkraam.

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Gilze Local Customs

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    aniversary of the village

    by MATIM Written Jan 28, 2005

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    Gilze has a very old history.
    The thousand anniversary of the village took place at 1992..
    Lots of events took place during that year. Among the events also a historical parade.
    Gilze is a small village with a charming little centre, where you can find the local pub, the park, two schools, the church and some stores like the grocerie store, drugstore situated in the park and some bakeries.

    historical parade
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Gilze Off The Beaten Path

  • wow....

    THis is realy of the beaten path, Hansi doing the dishes while we have a dish washer!!Hans asked me to make a picture of it cause like he said:"this is the first and last time we ever see this again!"Poor Lori :)

  • Driving our bicycles where there were no...

    Just a little 4 feet bike path , nothing but farmland around you .Very relaxing ,off the beaten path.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Gilze Favorites

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  • café de Tip

    The pub looks like this when the Dutch soccer team has to play at the European championship or during the Olympics.

  • shoemaker

    In the old days there was a lot of shoe industry in Gilze, slowly they all disappearedTo memories the people who did a great effort in the shoe industry they placed this small statue on the square

  • the church

    The gothic church dates from the 13th century.In 1818 the 1540 catholic people from Gilze started to use the church.During the years the church elaborated with a chapel, two new side aisles and a baptism chapel.At 27 October 1944 withdraw Germans blew up the tower of the church, a half hour later the Polish liberated Gilze!Until the tower was...


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