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  • Modern architecture: Silodam
    Modern architecture: Silodam
  • Modern architecture: Westerdokseiland
    Modern architecture: Westerdokseiland
  • Modern architecture: Amsterdam North
    Modern architecture: Amsterdam North
  • Rupanworld's Profile Photo

    high rises

    by Rupanworld Written Feb 2, 2008

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    Favorite thing: Well after all those Things to do tips, if anybody believes that Amsterdam is an old city with only old buildings, that's not true and so include these photos in my general tips. Just have a look at the high rises near Amsterdam Zuid station.

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  • betako3's Profile Photo

    Old houses

    by betako3 Updated Dec 2, 2007

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    Favorite thing: I'm sure that everybody who visits old Amsterdam falls in love with its architecture. I loved those blocks of houses aligned along canals, supporting each other like people standing shoulder to shoulder. Some were so old that they seemed on the verge of crumbling. It made me sad at times. Our tourgide said at some point that she couldn't understand why the prices of real estate in that area were so high and still growing. The houses were built a few hundred years ago on something like wooden logs driven into wet ground for stability. Now living in the houses becomes more and more dangerous. If nothing is done, she said, they still have about a hundred years or so before they go down. Is that true?

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    by RoyJava Updated Jul 15, 2006

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    Favorite thing: Already told I could not live in Amsterdam. Love to work, to shop, to go fo dinner, to be with friends, to visit a theatre, to spend all night long ... in Amsterdam. But not to live!
    The best in Amsterdam are the trips, wherever it be. The Dam Square is such a place you'll never miss when going for a walk. People here always look happy, funny, fashionable, free, multi-coloured... and gay! And the Nieuwe Kerk always catches my eye for its art. On one of my Amsterdam trips I saw one of the most beautiful statues ever seen ... the

    P R A J N A P A R A M I T A

    Fondest memory: Amsterdam isss Amsterdam, thought its international character reminds me how free Amsterdam is in Dutch terms. Even its old colonial time in Indonesia freedom enriched the capital of the Netherlands ... even the wealth came from Indonesia. See for the Prajnaparamita statue the link Nieuwe Kerk - Index - Indonesia Exhibitions

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  • Pravatti's Profile Photo

    are they going to overturn

    by Pravatti Written Jan 18, 2006

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    Favorite thing: you probably know that that Amsterdam is on dam,so there are different layers of clay and sand and durin the time a lot of houses are sinking.I've noticed so many inclined houses and when i looked at them it seemed like it's going to collapse....just pay attention on old houses.

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  • IceBear7's Profile Photo

    House decorations/ names

    by IceBear7 Updated May 8, 2005

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    House signs in Amsterdam

    Favorite thing: Years ago the streets in Amsterdam didn't have names nor numbers and often people didn't have surnames either. In addition many were not able to read or write. In order to identify where they lived the put often beautifully designed signs above their doors - and could tell people "I live in the house with the lade carrying two buckets". or "in the house with the bear".

    Many of the signs can still be seen when walking through Amsterdam - so you should not only look at the beautiful gables but also the signs above the doors!

    When houses were knocked down, many of the house signes were safed but put together in various open-air museums at different locations in the city, for example at the wall of the Historical Museum at the Sint Luciensteeg. There you see about 50 of the signs!

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  • codrutz's Profile Photo

    Introduction to Amsterdam

    by codrutz Updated Aug 14, 2004

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    �� Municipal Dept. for Monuments of Amsterdam

    Favorite thing: Amsterdam grew along the banks of the Amstel River and learnt to live and draw its livelihood from water. Its fortunate geographical position and the hard work of its people made the fishing village to became a large trading center, during the era of the famous West India and East India Companies.

    In the course of the 17th century the crescent shape of Amsterdam grew, because people formed more semi-circular canals, making the city wall and the city gates further and further on the outskirts.

    The city is known also like the Venice of the North, because of its 100 kilometers of canals, linked by about 400 stone bridges, and its about 90 islands.

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  • JetlagCity's Profile Photo

    Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right...

    by JetlagCity Written Jun 12, 2004

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    leaning houses

    Favorite thing: Be sure to take a good look at how much the houses and buildings in Amsterdam lean. Lots of them are either leaning forward, like the ones in this picture, or to one side or the other to a significant degree. I just couldn't seem to get over it, and was constantly stopping and exclaiming over it.

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  • acemj's Profile Photo

    Great architecture

    by acemj Updated May 1, 2004

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    Favorite thing: There are obvious architectural challenges to overcome when you consider the below sea level location of Amsterdam, but they've done a terrific job in restoring many of the older structures. As you stroll the city, you're definitely going to be captivated by what's going on at street level and below. The bicycles whizzing by, the attractive people, great shops and beautiful canals will all grab your attention, but be sure to look up and notice the architectural details in the many towers and steeples around the city.

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  • chuckie797's Profile Photo

    Splendid architecture and scenery

    by chuckie797 Written Apr 22, 2004

    Favorite thing: From Central Station to the Leidsplein area this city is a feast for the eyes. The best way to get around is by public street cars. The red light district is very close to central station. This is a must see anytime of the day. The city is one of the most progressive in europe. Walking around is fun but watch out for the bicycles. The coffee shops are worth a visit. Each has a different feel and many sell marijuana. The small shops are fun to visit and there are many different ethnic restaurants. Pick up the tourist guides at Central station for hotel bargins and restaurant discounts.

    Fondest memory: The canal boat tour is a good way to get acquainted with the city. The people were friendly and helpful.

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  • tompt's Profile Photo

    no addresses

    by tompt Written Mar 24, 2004

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    Favorite thing: In the old days the adresses were not as good as they are today. The streets were known for famous buildings in it. Like church street or station street.
    But the less known areas had no street names. The houses were identified by a stone in the facade. This stone had a picture of something, sometimes related to the business or the people living there.
    This example, a calf, could be from a butcher or a rich landowner.
    In fact there is not much known about this stone. Not the designer, or the year it was made, nothing.......

    You can find it at : Zeedijk 43

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  • micas_pt's Profile Photo


    by micas_pt Written Dec 11, 2003

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    Favorite thing: Amsterdam's architecture delighted me. My idea of typical Dutch house is narrow, tall, with lots of windows, steep rooftop and a kind of look that reminds me of doll's houses - i was fascinated walking around streets and kept looking up. The steep roofs make a unique wonderful rooftop scenario, mainly in those charming tree lined streets by the cannels.

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  • zrim's Profile Photo

    The Distinctive Architecture of Amsterdam

    by zrim Updated Oct 24, 2003

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    typical Amsterdam architecture

    Favorite thing: I don't exactly know what the correct term for the distinctive row buildings is. Each building is exceedingly narrow and usually ranges from four to five stories in height. The buildings look very similar until you take the time to examine the roof lines. Almost every building will have a unique gable that points to the use the building had in prior days. Many gables have maratime symbols, while others will feature symbols pointing to the trade of the original owners, such as bakers, butchers, cobblers etc.

    This particular view shows the row of buildings as seen across the Damrak. At the time this was our first real view of the city of Amsterdam--little did we know that behind these unassuming looking buildings was the teaming fringes of the redlight district with countless bars, restaurants, coffee houses and sex shops.

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  • guell's Profile Photo

    Why the houses are so skinny

    by guell Written May 28, 2003

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    Amsterdam's skinny homes

    Favorite thing: The residents of Amsterdam once paid property taxes based of the area of the front of the house. In order to get around this technicality, many of the homes were built very tall an narrow. The wealthier the family was, the wider their house was.

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  • nighthawk's Profile Photo

    From Russia with boo

    by nighthawk Written Feb 24, 2003

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    Cow on a door

    Favorite thing: Look for decorated doors many of the doors have decorations, sometimes as nice as this cow.
    Actually it were two doors with a cow's head on top of each.
    This one was near the Radisson hotel, in a street called Rusland (Russia).

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  • chancay's Profile Photo

    Mixed city

    by chancay Written Dec 17, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Amsterdam offers a great mixture between traditions and modernity.
    A mixture between red light zones around the station (one of the most famous in the world, I think) and high level culture, great museums (Van Gogh, Rembrandt........)
    A mixture between more than 2000 house boats , traditional houses and modern constructions.

    Fondest memory: I like very much the variety Amsterdam offers like I mentioned already above. Amsterdam is a modern european metropolis but you don´t feel to be in a overcrowded big city. There´s a lot of quietness as well.

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