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  • Strippenkaart 2008 for bus/metro/tram
    Strippenkaart 2008 for bus/metro/tram
    by ATLC
  • The strippenkaart selection
    The strippenkaart selection
    by rsilva
  • Strippen Kaart
    Strippen Kaart
    by soupdragon88
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    Public Transportation

    by tini58de Updated Aug 18, 2005

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    You can get all over the city by tram, bus, metro and local train for a reasonable fare. The Strippenkaart (a "carnet" of tickets) can be used on all forms of transport. You can buy them in the offices of the city transport authority GVB at the Central Station, Stationsplein 15, in the Scheepvaarthuis, Prins Hendrikkade 108, at Amstel Station and in all post offices and tobacconists.

    With a day ticket you can use all public transport for a whole day. They can be bought from the GVB office or at the tourist office.

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    The different kinds of "strippenkaart"

    by rsilva Written Aug 10, 2005

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    The strippenkaart selection

    As you might or not know, in order to take the tram or the bus, you will need to either pay the driver (more expensive fare) or buy a "strippenkaart" before you get on.
    Although the name may sound strange it is just a ticket with several "strips" (lines/stripes), each valid for one "zone". Minimum is 2 strips.
    In order to understand better how all this work and to understand how many strips you need for your trip (thus avoiding any fine), check out the OV-Info (Openbaar Vervoer - Public Transportation) website that has comprehensive information on the subject. It also has the latest fare information.

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    Get round cheaper

    by rbosch Written Mar 26, 2005

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    When you are in Amsterdam and in good health, most things can be visited by going there on foot... Still you might feel a bit tired from walking or a rainshower might surprise you. Then you can take the tram or subway. Buying cards in the trm are rather expensive (1.60 euro for 2 strips)... It's better to buy a card upfront, in a local bookstore or in a supermarket (15 strips for 6,50 euro's or 45 strips for 19 euro's)... The tram will take you everywhere within the cityring for 2 strips. The strips are valid till 1 hour after you get the stamp from the driver, so if you don't like the place where you went, you can go back (or elsewhere) on the same strips !

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    Strip tickets...for Metro/Tram and Bus

    by soupdragon88 Written Aug 14, 2004

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    Strippen Kaart

    If you are travelling around Amsterdam for a few days, and going to use the metro, tram and bus, buy yourself a "Strippen Kaart". You can buy them from most news kiosks and metro stations. They cover a number of trips and are stamped by the driver depending on the number of zones travelled. I bought a "Kaart" for 15 journeys last week and it cost me Eur6.40.
    Tip...if you return on the tram within 1 hour you can do the return trip for free.

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    Strippenkaart... ur passport 2 get around

    by l-e-z-ah Written Jul 28, 2004

    d first thing u have to buy if u wanna get around amsterdam is a strippenkaart. They have two kinds... one is blue, which is d normal one, and d other is d red one, for kids, senior citizens and d holder of OV (a kind of student identification)... Usually, u need to buy the blue one, which is EUR 6.40 (15 strips) and EUR 18.70 (45 strips)

    U can use this strippenkaart in buses, metro, and trams. In buses and trams, when u first ascend them, just give it to d driver. They will stamp your strippenkaart according to d zone of ur destination. for 1 zone, they will stamp on d second strip; for 2 zones, on d third strip; and so on.......... while in d metro, u can just stamp it on d yellow machine near d entrance (there's usually a map telling u about d zones)....

    some people like taking d risk of not stamping if they think they can get away with it, but be careful, coz in d middle of d way, sometimes there are officers that will check and if u get caught, u will get a fine

    you can buy d strippenkaart at d train station, post office, albert heijn (a supermarket brand), and sometimes, in d hotel u are staying in... it's a lot cheaper than paying by the time you ascend d tram/bus, which is twice as expensive

    P.S. you can use d stamped strippenkaart again if u use d tram/metro/bus again within one hour of d stamped time (for one and two zones, more zones will give u more time... see d back of strippenkaart if u can read Dutch)... just show it 2 d driver

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    The GVB ticket

    by KOGU Written May 11, 2004

    For a visitor to Amsterdam, the GVB 24 hours ticket or 48 or 72 hours ticket is most convenient and inexpensive ticket. I heard this ticket covers from Tram lines, buses, ferries and metro. I got this ticket at the GVB tickets and information in front of the Amsterdam Central station. (Open time: Mon-Fri 7.00-21.00 Sat-Sun 8.00-21.00) The price was 6.30, 10 and 13 euro respectively. Especially I often used Tram lines because of the coverage, punctuality and above all easy to find! The most surprising thing for me, Japanese, was that most of the drivers of the tram lines were conducted by female. Honestly speaking, this may be by chance but I have never met male drivers… Am I right? Anyway, enjoy your Amsterdam sightseeing with using the GVB ticket.

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  • Trams

    by sabsi Written Feb 14, 2003

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    Strip ticket

    By tram. Within the city centre you can easily walk everywhere you want to go. If you don't want to walk then jump on a tram or the Metro.

    You can get a day ticket for NLG 12. There are tickets for more than one day available as well but I don't know how much they are unfortunately.

    Or buy a 'Nationale Strippen Kaart' with 15 units for NLG 12.15. You can use these strip tickets all over the Netherlands. The city is divided into zones, stamp two units when you travel within the city centre (one zone), if you go outside the centre it's normally three units (two zones). The strip tickets are not valid on the trains - and not in the red light district ;-)

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    What´s a ´Strippenkaart´ ???

    by PeterHolland Written Jan 15, 2003

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    It is not easy to travel with public transport in Amsterdam on a legal way. I mean, paying the fares in a right way! In the 70ties we invented the famous ´Strippenkaart´, which is for Dutch people also difficult to understand!

    Try to buy a Strippenkaart before you travel, much cheaper as buying it from the driver!
    You can buy Strippenkaarten at the Central Station and in certain shops (also selling cigaretes, sweets, magazines etc.). Each time you travel you need to stamp one strip for each journey PLUS one strip for each zone. Most tourists only travel within the central zone, so each time you travel it will cost you 2 zones. You can use the strippenkaarten in the Tram,Bus and Metro (tube). Stamp BEFORE you travel! Otherwise you´ll have a chance that you have to pay a fine when caught. In trams and busses the driver will stamp your strippenkaart, but you need to stamp in yellow machines on the platform for the metro.

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    Day Passes

    by BlueBerry_7 Updated Nov 23, 2002

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    The main source for information about public transport and tickets is the GVB ticket office opposite Centraal Station, next to the VVV.

    Riding the trams can be quite an adventure itself so if you are planning to use them a lot to get around town purchase a day(s) pass. They range in price according to amount of days you want, 3, 5, 7 or 9 day passes are available. Pictured are 3 day passes for 10,70 Euro and the 9 day passes are 23 Euro.

    Day and week passes and strippencards are valid on all trams, buses and metros, and also on trains within the city limits ( an exception is Schiphol airport: you have to buy a train ticket ). You must stamp a day or week pass the first time you use it only.

    The trams run until just after midnight ( the last trams leave Centraal Station at 12.15 ). After that there is an hourly service of night buses from Centraal Station.

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  • But A DagKart at VVV, for the Trams

    by LastHamlet Written Nov 16, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    View from Water.

    When you get to Central Station, go outside and across the tram tacks to the small building. Go inside to the VVV, ask for a DagKart for the number of days you will be there. This will save a little cash and be much more easier than purchasing strippenkarts each time you want to get on the tram.

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    A strip of tickets cost 12.5...

    by SCondrey Written Aug 26, 2002

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    A strip of tickets cost 12.5 guilders. At the train station there are machines that you can get them at. HAVE YOUR MONEY READY before you go to the machine. There are scoundrels in the train station that will 'help' you get the tickets if you don't know what you are doing and they usually help you out of some of your money.

    When you get on a tram you have to fold the strip to stamp it in the machine at the back of the tram or the conductor will stamp it at the front. If your staying in the Centraal District it will take one stamp, if you go to 2 districts then you skip one of the lines and stamp it. Fold the strip and stamp it everytime you get on the tram.

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    by BlueBerry_7 Updated Nov 5, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    StrippenKarts are the most economical way of getting around in Amsterdam if you are visiting for just a short time. At 5,90 Euro per Kaart, one or maybe two will be sufficient

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