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    platform 11b
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    48 hour card
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    How to buy tickets for public transport

    by yumyum Written Oct 29, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Arriving in Schipol airport I faced the first challange when I bought a train ticket at the ticket machine to Amsterdam.

    It actually gave me two choice of routes. I then bought the cheaper one (Euro 3.80 in October 2012). As it turned out this is for any sprinter train. You may use any train BUT the Fyra trains which cost a supplement. Since the train journey is short anyway there is no point in buying the more expensive ticket IMO. What upset me, was that if you pay by credit card there is a surcharge of 50 cents. Not having a debit card which I can use abroad, I had no option to get the ticket at its basic price. The machines don't take cash and apparently when you buy it at the counter there is a surcharge too.

    For Amsterdam itself, I bought us 48 hour cards at the GVB office in front of the Central Railway station in Amsterdam. You will find this office to the left of the tourist office with a separate entrance. I bought the tickets from the card with pin machine at no surcharge for credit cards. You could also draw a number and buy it from the counter.

    From the tram/bus driver you can only buy a one hour or 24 hour card. Please note that if you want to buy a top up card, then the basic card costs you 5 Euro. IMO this is only worth it when you plan to revisit Amsterdam various times within 3 years.

    48 hour card train ticket to airport

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  • Train from Schipol

    by CoAir13 Written Jan 31, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From Schipol, you can get anywhere in Holland by train. For 3.40 EURO you can get to Centraal Station in Amsterdam. It takes about 20 minutes. There are two types of ticket machines.....the older ones, which are all in Dutch but have English directions (confusing and at the top of the machine)and takes ONLY paper bills! The other machine is for credit card users and is a touch screen with your choice of languages!

    Outside Centraal Station

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    From Schipol to Amsterdam centraal

    by jo104 Updated Aug 12, 2009

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    A single ticket 2nd class to Amsterdam Centraal from the airport will cost EUR3.80 from the machine

    Bear in mind it is better to purchase a ticket from the machines as the ticket office charges a EUR 0.50 transaction fee.

    The trains come regularly & are now mostly all non-smoking carriages & very clean, do make sure you are not sitting in a 1st class carriage. You can view timetables as well as prices & info in Dutch & Engish on the website.

    The journey takes approx 15min. An intercity is the fastest service. A Snel trein is a fast train, a stop train makes a few stops inbetween & takes a bit longer.

    Make sure you select 2nd class and full fare as if you select discount and do not have a discount card or travelling with a discount card holder you will incur a fine of Eur35. Check your ticket carefully and if you have to reselect your options clear the screen & start again.

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    schipholtrain and amsterdam daypass(es) in 1

    by dila Updated Mar 13, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    update 2013
    This does not exist no more as all will change to a chipcard system soon.
    for tourist info go to

    Holland Tourist Information
    Schiphol Airport, Arrivals 2 at Schiphol Plaza
    Tel: +31 (0)20 702 6000
    Opening times: Monday - Sunday 07:00 - 22:00

    Think they sell the Iamsterdam card but dont think that includes the train.

    updated 2010
    Amsterdam All in 1 Travel Ticket (Aai1TT)

    The Amsterdam All in 1 Travel Ticket is only available at the Holland Tourist Information desk at Schiphol Airport (opposite Arrival Hall 2, open daily from 07.00 – 22.00 hrs.)

    You can use the card for:
    - Returnticket train Schiphol- Amsterdam (Train comapany NS)
    - 24, 48, 72 or 96 hour travelling through Amsterdam tram, metro and (night)bus of the GVB company (this are all tramlines 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10,12,13,14,16,17,24,25 and 26.
    metrolines 50,51,53 and 54
    with busses it need to be GVB company like 15,18, 19,21, 22 and more ( mostly white/ blue busses)

    Prices 2010
    24 hours € 13.20
    48 hours € 17.25
    72 hours € 20.85
    96 hours € 24.45

    It is cheaper then buying your ticket separeted
    pictures is taken from the site of my work. (Its a old picture from the paper ticket)
    New Ticket is a chipcard
    With chipcards you need to check in and check out othjerwise they will not work.

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    Train from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam

    by WardrobeMK Written Sep 25, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The quickest and cheapest way to get into Amsterdam from Schiphol airport is the train.

    The platforms are under the airport, when you reach the huge red and white "meeting point" cube right in the middle of the airport (you can't miss it, it's massive!), the escalator going down to to platform 3 (where the train goes from) is right next to it. The yellow ticket machines are nearby. Some of them do not have instructions in English but are easy enough to use.

    The code for Amsterdam Centraal Station is 1000.

    Type that in first. Then it will ask 1st or 2nd class? The prices are (September 2007) Single 1st class 6.10 Euro and Single 2nd class 3.60 Euro. There is virtually no differenc in the train compartments so 2nd is fine.

    Then it will ask cash or card. Note: the machines will only take Dutch bankcards so it's best to pay cash.

    Then it will ask single or return. Single is "einreis". Then it will ask do you want it without a date or for today only?

    It will then print your ticket. If you do not understand Dutch or can not work out from the buttons which to choose (easy to work out) , there are always people around you can ask. Or just watch what the the person in front of you does, that's what I did!

    The ride to Amsterdam Centraal is smooth and quick and you arrive right in the middle of town.

    Nobody inspected my tickets on the way in/from Asmterdam but there are inspectors about and a touristy sob story is not going to wash with them so you will get a fine. It's best to buy a ticket, it's not exactly going to break the bank!

    The Centraal station is notorious for it's "lowlife" so keep an eye on your belogings and keep things like passports, creditcards/money tucket away in a moneybelt under your jacket/shirt.

    Ticket machines at Schiphol airport The meeting point A Dutch Intercity train
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    Air Transportation to/from Amsterdam.

    by flyingscot4 Updated Feb 3, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most tourists from outside Europe arrive in Amsterdam by way of Schiphol International Airport. This very modern and functional facility is well organized and convenient for any tourist entering Europe. The train station is located at the arrival terminal along with a large underground shopping mall. There are numerous departures for destinations all over Europe hourly. One never needs to leave the terminal. There are no problems getting help as almost everyone in the Netherlands is fluent in English. Although there is a lot of walking required, Schiphol is the easiest air terminal to navigate that I have been to. All in all, it is a perfect gateway to Europe.

    The outside of Schiphol International The tails of aircraft in the KLM wing.
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    by micas_pt Updated Dec 6, 2003

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Schiphol there is a train station that will take you right in the middle of Amsterdam. It is a quick trip from airport to city centre, but make sure you get a direct train - it's faster and more confortable. A return ticket is 6euros. You can find information about train schedule on Schiphol website .

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    From Schiphol to Central Station

    by lina112 Updated Mar 7, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best option to go to Amsterdam from the airport is by train, it cost 3.60 euros and it takes 20 minutes to reach central station. The tickets are sold on the yellow machines situated at Schiphol plaza, don´t buy the ticket on the ticket sales office because they are more expensive. On the way back to the airport on Saturday they weren´t direct trains to the airport, we took a train from platform 7ª to Ámsterdam Sloterdijk and there from platform 10 another train to the airport.

    La mejor opción para ir desde el aeropuerto al centro es en tren, cuesta 3.60 euros y tarda unos 20 minutos en llegar a la estación central. Los billetes los puedes comprar en las maquinas amarillas que hay junto al acceso a los andenes en el Schiphol Plaza, si lo haces en las ventanillas de venta de billetes tendrás que pagar un extra. En la vuelta al aeropuerto en sábado no había trenes directos al aeropuerto, había que coger el tren desde el anden 7a a la estación de Ámsterdam Sloterdijk y desde allí coger el tren hacia el aeropuerto en el anden 10.

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    Train from Schiphol airport

    by Dabs Updated Jul 14, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The train from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam's Centraal station should be easy, but we first had a problem using the ticket machines and then proceeded to get on the wrong train! The ticket machines, located inside the baggage area and near the escalators for the train platforms, have menus in English and take several forms of payment but they require a PIN to use your credit card and it wouldn't accept my debit card. We tried again at a different machine and I used the PIN I have for cash advances on my credit card and that worked. I read there is also a ticket desk if you don't have luck with the machines. Same day 2nd class round trip tickets are 6.40E (a little more than 1/2 that if you go one way), trains leave frequently and the trip takes less than 20 minutes.

    Well, less than 20 minutes IF you get on the right train, it must have been that we got up too early in the morning because neither one of us thought to look if it was the right train until after it already started moving and I noticed that we were heading to Eindhoven. Fortunately there was a stop at another Amsterdam station, we got off, headed back to Schiphol and started over. There are several tracks at the Schiphol train station, the overhead signs will tell you if the train is going to Amsterdam Centraal.

    No need to purchase 1st class tickets, the ride is short and there are plenty of seats in 2nd class.

    Amsterdam Centraal

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    trains to and from shiphol - amsterdam

    by dila Updated Jan 22, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For transport Schiphol -Amsterdam and public transport in Amsterdam tickets

    public transport in Netherlands

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    How to move around

    by mindcrime Written Jul 17, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At SCHIPHOL airport use the yellow machines(instructions in english), put 3.60euro for a ticket and take a train(one every 10') to CENTRAL STATION which is in the center of the city. There you will find the Tourist Info where you can buy a map for 2 euro but the most important is that there is also the starting point or the 10 tram lines that will bring u to your hotel. What's more u will find there many buses or the metro station.

    The city is walkable and most of the sights are in the center but buy a stripenkart(15 strips 6euro, 45 strips 20euro) because you can use it at trams/bus/metro (1zone 2 strips, 2zones 3 strips, it's easy and anyway the driver will validate it for u) and not only in A'dam but in other cities too like Roterdam, Den Haag etc

    Everyone in the city has a bicycle, even the tourists so it's a good idea to explore the city at least for some hours with a bicycle. There are several places to hire a bike but my favorite is ORANGE BIKE at Singel 233(50meters from Dam Square). They have new bikes. for 3 hours(6euro), for 1 day(8,5euro), for 7 days and more(4euro per day). Never leave unlocked your bike!

    There are many boat tours(7euro for 1,5hour) in the city but take one the first day so u can have a good view of the city and the canals so to know where u are and what u see later. Usually they have tape guides except the museum boat that works like a bus with stops that u can hop on and off. There are also canal bikes but be careful of the bigger boats please! :)

    no, u don't use the big ship for boat tour :)

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    Take the train

    by malianrob Written Nov 25, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We took the train from the airport to Amsterdam. It was really easy. There are little booths that you can purchase your ticket from. You just pick your language and then follow the instructions. If its still too confusing there is the ticket place inside the airport where you can have an actual person help you and answer any questions you might have. If you use an actualpersaon at the ticket counter you will be charged an additional .50cents euro. If you are really confused and dont want to end up somewhere that you dont want to be thisis the route to go.
    We had three big suitcases and two hand luggage, I have to tell you it was alittle complicated with all that luggage but we did it! It was an experience. We paid about 3.50euro to take the train from the airport to Amsterdam. If you take a taxiit would have been about 45.00euro so its a big difference.
    Another thing, if you take the train be listening for your stop. Sometimes it ishard to understand what the conductor is saying. We had to ask the lady next to us a few times "what did he say? " Dont be affraid to ask,people are usually very helpful.

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    Airports Train Station

    by MikeySoft Updated Nov 2, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The train station at the airport is a mayor station. You can get trains for all over Europe from here.

    It is a short train ride to Amsterdam from the airport.

    Please rate this and my other tips whey you find them useful.

    Amsterdam Train Station

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    To and from Schiphol Airport

    by mickeyboy07 Written Mar 17, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The safest,fastest and cheapest way to get to the City Centre from the Airport is the train.Operating every 15 mins to Central station from Schiphol Airport,just follow the train signs which lead to the platforms under the airport.Pay at the tourist kiosk or ticket machines.Price is 4 Euros 60 per person.Coming from Central station to the Airport is much the same,use machines for tickets or kiosk at the same price,trains to Schiphol from the station usually go from platform 11A,best to check when you buy ticket.

    Central Station Tickets for Schiphol
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    From Schiphol to Port of Amsterdam

    by ATLC Written Aug 3, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Port of Amsterdam
    Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA)
    Port of Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Address: De Ruijterkade 7, 1013 AA Amsterdam

    Take a train to Amsterdam Central from Schiphol (6 trains per hour), after that it's a 6 minute walk. Or if struggling with luggage, a taxi might be handy since it's only a short way.

    The train ride costs 3,80 euro one-way.

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