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  • Walking
    by simplytaj
  • Former paint and varnish factory
    Former paint and varnish factory
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    Insurance company Noord Braband Waalwijk
  • Walking and Itenerary Planning

    by ACoolJeweledMoon Updated May 5, 2006

    Walking is definitely the way to go when exploring Amsterdam. And even if you are not much of a walker, it is still doable, but just don't try to overdo it. I would suggest planning your daily itenerary to see sights in particular areas, and just remember that you can always take a "coffee break"! Be sure and pack comfortable shoes, and if you have ever been to NYC, then you know to watch out for cabs - well in Amsterdam it's that way with bikes!

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  • rawfooddude's Profile Photo

    Bikes trams or Taxis

    by rawfooddude Updated Nov 18, 2005

    I have to say in my opinion the best way to get around Amsterdam is by bike you can explore the whole city and in a day or so other than that walkingis your next best bet, Ams. is small enough to walk to all the popular stops but you can take the tram if you are lazy or a taxi late at night , keep in mind the Tram stops running at certain time if you are close to Clubs or the Red Light district you can catch a cab, depending on where you are staying you may not even need it, don't bother with a car there is no need for ityou could rent a bike and really exlpore which is fun. The buses are OK too, by the way there are some late night buses that run after the tram but I did not take them and I am not sure when they stop runing.

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  • Umfufu's Profile Photo

    Walking in Amsterdam...

    by Umfufu Written Jul 22, 2003

    The best way to see as much as you can from Amsterdam is going by feet. No bus or tram or taxi can make a better score. There is so much to see in Amsterdam that walking is the very best way to enjoy it all.
    And.... you can go in all the small places and the small streets.
    If you look at these signs on the street you cant walk wrong (and if you do walk the wrong way, you will find something else that is wonderful to see or enjoy)...and finally meet an other sign like this.

    The way to go in Amsterdam
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  • vickss's Profile Photo

    Trot Trot

    by vickss Updated Sep 19, 2003

    Amsterdam is a small city and walking and cycling is a way of life and is very natural.
    I had visited Philips head quarters and one of the top guys said he comes to the office in a bicycle. So its THAT ok.
    Infact if you normally ask a local the distance to a place he will tell you the WALKING distance unless it is too far off.
    One thing that one shoudl be careful about is that those on cycles- specially the kids pedal pretty fast and unless you stay cautious you are bound to smash with htme one day or the other.
    The cycling lane is just alongside the pedestrian lane and for colour blinds LIKE ME it can become problematic. By the way I managed to come out of th place without any accidents. But lotta close encounters.

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  • Gnar_kill's Profile Photo

    Walk You Lazy Bastard!

    by Gnar_kill Updated Oct 25, 2003

    Just walk! You don't need a tram to get to the Anne Frank House....everything you want to see is a perfectly walkable distance, unless you have children with you. But even if it is raining, leave the umbrella in your room and go SEE Amsterdam from every angle that you can.


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  • dragontml's Profile Photo

    Take a walk

    by dragontml Written Dec 28, 2003

    Another good way to experience Amsterdam is by foot. Amsterdam is set up in a wheel construction. From the center of Amsterdam, the Singel, you can go in various directions and experiences some of the old sites of the city. The infamous Red-light district, which gives a whole new definition of window-shopping, is accessible from this point.

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  • Walk walk walk is the best way...

    by Chanya Written Aug 26, 2002

    Walk walk walk is the best way to explore the city. Anyway I used the trams quite often as well. You can buy a tram ticket on the tram or at the tourist center.

    Don't forget your comfy shoes. I thought I could wear my high heel shoes and pose nicely for my camera, but end of the day I only wore my sport shoes :)

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  • oneonta_ni's Profile Photo

    Walking is best!

    by oneonta_ni Written Sep 19, 2002

    The trams are apparently easy enough to use but we found that everything we wanted to see was within about a half an hour walk from our hotel in the city centre.

    The only danger with walking is the bikes. You may be walking along what looks to be a nice path for pedestrians but it is really a bike path. The cyclists are not shy about letting you know when you are in their way, either.

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  • isolina_it's Profile Photo

    Walking around

    by isolina_it Written Jan 13, 2003

    Central Amsterdam is very small: most distances are walkable, and walking is pleasurable, giving the best chance to appreciate the Amsterdam architecture. Beware of walking on bike paths, which are distinguished by their reddish colour: cyclists will show no mercy. Also take care when crossing roads, even at a green pedestrian light. Cyclists consider themselves pedestrians in Amsterdam, and so tend to ignore traffic lights. Note that in true European style, streets may change name along their length.

    Amsterdam is, as you may have noticed, structured as a half wheel. In the middle you have the old centre bounded by the canal called the Singel. It contains the Red-Light district around the Oude Kerk, the Nes theatre street, a quaint maze of small streets and quiet canals, and the Royal Palace at the Dam, with pedestrian shopping streets going north and south.

    Surrounding the old centre, you have the three concentric ring canals Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht (it can help to note that they're in alphabetic order). All four canals (with the Singel) are nice to walk along. The Herengracht is the grandest, especially along the 'Golden Crescent' to the east of the Leidsestraat, the Prinsengracht is perhaps the friendliest with its houseboats. The streets that connect the ring canals, especially in the section between the Brouwersgracht and the Leidsestraat shouldn't be missed for their lovely individual shops.

    To the west of the ring canals, in the area on the map where the streets all run at an angle to the canals, is the Jordaan, a lovely area to walk, with quiet canals, and tiny streets, and many unusual shops. You'll find a lot of the better restaurants and more interesting bars there too.

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  • pginer's Profile Photo

    Walk and walk and walk

    by pginer Written May 1, 2008

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    And walk and walk ... there are so many beautiful houses ... many of them are inclined because Amsterdam is built on mug from the sea.

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  • Erin09340's Profile Photo

    Fantastic city for walking

    by Erin09340 Written Jul 15, 2005

    Amsterdam is so chock full of beauty and interesting sights, walking is a great way to get around and see everything.


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  • RaquelMac's Profile Photo

    Different Options!

    by RaquelMac Written Nov 21, 2004

    Transport in Amsterdam is something amazing. You have several different options, but you have to be careful when walking around, as many times what seems to be a sidewalk, is in fact a bicycle lane!

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  • carolineraat's Profile Photo

    Walki, walk, walk...

    by carolineraat Written Nov 25, 2002

    Amsterdam┬┤s historical city centre is the largest in Europe. Still, it is great to walk, even just a part of it.But if you want to see it ALL, you need a month...

    typical street

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