Safety Tips in Amsterdam

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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Amsterdam

  • not everything is allowed

    by mokum1 Written Jul 4, 2006

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    I 've read a couple of times that almost everything is allowed in Amsterdam.That's ***.
    you will get arrested if the cops see you snorring coke ,thoug for a small quantity they send
    you away with a fine.
    Over the last couple of years the police is far less tollerant than they were before ,so don't listen to fairytales telling you that you can get away with everything ,again that's ***.

    Don't be overcoutious when you visit the red light district ,there are some stupid tips on this forum like put your hand your wallet ;that only makes a potential robber think that you've got a bunch of money on you.
    Displaying that kind of behavior will get you robbed in any town of the world.
    If you behave relaxed ,nothing will happen to you and you will see amsterdam is a safe place.

    No go areas don't exist in Amsterdam ,in daytime you can go everywhere without exeptoins.
    During nighttime don,t go to the D and E section in the southeast erea (during daytime it's safe)The other parts of Amsterdam are safe during nighttime.

    In general i can assure you that Amsterdam is a much saver place than the big city's in the US.

    Yes there are pickpockets ,so put your wallet in your frontpocket ,that's all.

    If you are approached by a dopedealer ,just say no thanks and you will be fine.

    If you do say yes you are stupid ,they sell you ***.

    Don,'t flash big amount's of cash to attrack attention ,you shouldn't do that in any town.

    Don,t buy your hash or weed in the ''tourist'' coffeeshops (lots of times they sell crap),but ask a local to point you to a shop where they sell you good quality.
    Greenhouse is an example of a coffeeshop that sells good quality.
    Ask a local to buy it for you ,many coffeeshops carry socalled touristbags with less in it.
    A local gets more and can give you a neutral advise what to buy.

    to resume ;

    Amsterdam is not a dangerous place at all ,just use your head and you will be fine.

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    Do not drink canal water

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Dec 17, 2013

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    The Amsterdam potable water is safe to drink (you do not need to buy bottled water).

    Canal water however is not suited to drink; except for the special bottled CANAL WATER souvenir.

    In 1967 Peter J Muller, a well-known figure in the Amsterdams scene, already sold true canal water for as little as 2.50 guiders. In 2013 this idea was revived and bottles filled with a set of 4 bottles with water from the Singel, Heren-, Keizers-, and Prinsengracht canals that was sold for 50 Euro's (!). Each bottle has a QR-code with the indication of the exact part of the canal the water originates from and a short story of the canal..

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    Open Bridges

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Mar 23, 2014

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    The bridge on the major waterways at times will be raised to allow boats to pass.

    So, don't be surprised to see your path blocked, even on major through streets where trams are riding too. Everything will come to a halt.

    ALso the Amsterdam bridges have to be maintained. Remember, that some of them are century old bridges and a major overhaul is a common thing to come across in the city center.

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    Be careful who you travel with!

    by Jenniflower Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    It's always nice to travel with someone whom you can have laughs and fun with! In this case, I have my husband and partner in crime :)

    Wherever we go, whatever we are doing, you can be assured you will be entertained.

    Funny thing is... this 'mad' side of him only comes out for me... sorry! haha

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    The Cats of the Brown Cafes

    by hrothgarorange Written Jan 27, 2007

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    If you should go to a brown cafe and get yourself an "appeltaart met slagroom" (appletart with whipped cream), you may find yourself with a new friend - the cat of the brown cafe. Be warned, she seems friendly, but really she just wants your slagroom.

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    The Hells Angels

    by GCoop Written Mar 3, 2008

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    Their is a HUGE Hells Angels contingent in Amsterdam. It appears that they have entwined themselves in operation/frequenting of many bars in Amsterdam, as well as some sex shops.

    Make no mistake, they are organized crime organization. Be weary while around them.

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    Try to avoid going to the Van...

    by JonAdam Updated Aug 26, 2002

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    Try to avoid going to the Van Gogh museum and Anne Franks house in the weekends. Then they are almost always overcrowded! However if the weekend is your only chance they are both still worth waiting for.

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    All prices in the Netherlands...

    by matcrazy1 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    All prices in the Netherlands by law include tax and tips: the price you see is the price you pay. Don't feel obliged to leave a tip: it is not expected. If the bill says 'service not included' they are just trying to rip you off. You don't need to tip in taxis either.

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    Another think that you have to...

    by Aisha Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Another think that you have to consider is that, expecially if you go to the camping: take always your bag and your baggage with you, don't leave anything in your car and don't leave anything outside when you are having the shower. Take a big bag with you with all the things that you need and take this one in the shower with you. Remember that the showers are not free (buy your shower coin before doing the queque :-P

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    Flowers are nice. We didn't...

    by DrewV Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Flowers are nice. We didn't see any, as it was a particularly gray and gloomy March. But the flowers were starting to peep through. If you buy bulbs, make sure that they are certified for export; otherwise, some nice customs guy will get your flowers.

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    Do NOT ( I repeat) Do NOT buy...

    by bertje Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Do NOT ( I repeat) Do NOT buy hashis on the street!
    there are plenty of coffeeshops in town and they sell mostly good quality for a reasonable price!
    If you need to change money GO TO A BANK!!
    or change at the Grenswisselkantoor.
    Be ware of pickpockets in the trams, metro, and trains!

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  • Things to Do in Amsterdam When You're Dead...

    by RudeManNistelrooy Written Aug 26, 2003

    Things to Do in Amsterdam When You're (playing) Dead...

    1) Show your arse to a boatload of OAP's, thus encouraging a couple of locals to identify you as "f**king English" and start your weekend off with some pride in your heart

    2) Liven up your weekend with a few well chosen forfeits (for no apparent reason) - the finest of these being the 'play dead' routine, which if executed efficiently, should produce a reaction from all walks of life, from ugly German tourists to Amsterdam's boys in blue! Special note should be paid to those who 'dance the waltz of the dead' in a Burger King restaurant

    3) Try to avoid all Scousers of the female variety. They will undoubtedly change the entire course of your weekend by enticing you down a back alley (which smells of p**s) and forcing you to digest magic mushrooms with a swig of Diet Coke. This is all washed down with a hash-cake, Corona and some Red Bull, just to make sure that your head will be deposited somewhere on Jupiter! Mind you, if you do end up in this state, look out for the midget on the custom-built BMX - he's a winner!

    4) Whores are not called whores for no reason. They will rob you blind and toss you out like a dirty cabbage! On the other side of this, they are gorgeous and well worth spending at least half a day ogling at (especially after 10 Corona's and 5 Sambucca's!)

    5) Columbian's should be avoided at all costs. They are insane, and will try to explain the facts of life to you whilst simultaneously staring at you as though they were about to gut you like a fish....

    One last point - we don't make the rules....we just enforce them

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  • 8 more things to do in Amsterdam when you're dead

    by 8_tentacled_man Updated Apr 4, 2011

    not forgetting
    1. kelly's bar - where she waggles her arse as she serves you, as you drool.
    2. The only columbian who here for a Holiday and detests drugs, even though he's brough us 4 sambuca shots each and carries more ££££'s then a lottery winner.
    3. Never give your room key to 2 scouse birds who are tripping !!!
    4. Dancing - see if you can get ejected at 5am for sleeping on the dance floor.
    5. spend 20 quality minutes with a whore only to come out with the line "I was getting my belt back".
    6. catcall all those queing to see a sex show - we couldn't afford it..
    7. some whores look like models, others look like a bad dream...
    8) Avoid giving your Burger King drinks to a space cadet as the chances are high you'll see him later in the RLD where he acts as your new best friend.
    9. The sum of Corona + Heineken + Sambuca = very pissed... = sin and Dabauchery which = quality weekend.

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  • Areas to avoid

    by patricia23 Written Dec 6, 2010

    I would suggest tourists to avoid the south-eastern part of amsterdam (bijlmer, bijlmermeer, of amsterdam south east) because it's quite unsafe over there, especially at night! Better avoid also the very western part of the city (Slotervaart and Osdorp). In the center I consider it safe everywhere, but like in every city be aware of pickpockets at busy places.

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  • xeberus's Profile Photo

    Winged Vampires

    by xeberus Written Nov 28, 2004

    Oh, aren't those canals quaint? Don't they make the city so very charming! Yes they do! BUT, they also host SWARMS of mosquitos! I stayed at a place right on one of the canals and the first night I barely slept a wink. I went out and got a citronella candle the next day and slept much more peacefully the rest of the time I was there.

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