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    Pickpockets on trains

    by heryanta Written Aug 4, 2007

    This happened to my dad when the train he's taking to Germany was still standing at the Amsterdam Central Station.

    As he was loading the luggage onto the trays in the busy train some guy ran into him and rudely pushed him aside. He turned to tell the guy to watch where he was going. This turned out to be a distraction. Some other person who was behind him picked his wallet out of his back pocket.

    So please be vigilant next time you're on a train, if someone bumps into you make sure you immediately reach for your wallet. Of course the regular precautions should be taken: don't put all your money and cards in one wallet ... wear pants where the pocket can be buttoned, etc.

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  • dianneswain's Profile Photo


    by dianneswain Updated Aug 3, 2007

    Signs in the Red Light District warn of pickpockets. We can attest to that, but luckily we were faster on our feet than the thief. Picketpockets are not exclusive to Amsterdam, but this was the first time I'd seen signs posted. I've had an unfortunate meetings with pickpockets in Milan and Jamaica.

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  • nightcowboy's Profile Photo

    Low life

    by nightcowboy Written Jul 26, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I love Amsterdam was the main place to go a few years back, not any more.
    To many people from Eastern Europe and Africa they seem to make for Amsterdam
    they just won't easy street. And not work for a better life for all of us there are better places to go now.

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  • unicornpeg's Profile Photo

    Keep your bags close

    by unicornpeg Updated Jul 19, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pickpockets are everywhere. I met this guy who had his passport and rail pass ripped off when he was stopped for directions. He didn't even realize that it had happened until he needed his wallet. You should keep your passport seperate from your money just in case and keep them out of sight under your clothes for best safety. I was told by one resident that this gets worse after dark and that sometimes children are used as distractions. Pickpockets work in teams and look for people considered at a disadvantage (drunk or under the influence).

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  • enjoyprog's Profile Photo

    No One Messed With Me

    by enjoyprog Written Jun 6, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My wife and visited Amsterdam in February, which I guess is not the tourist season. That may explain why I saw no pickpocket action in the Leidseplein, Kalverstraat or anywhere else. I avoided the Red Light District for that very reason, besides, I've seen hookers and junkies before. Of course, just because I was never pickpocketed doesn't mean they don't exist. Perhaps it's a matter of me being a bit bigger than your typical Dutchman and I didn't walk around with my head in the clouds. I simply kept my camera on my shoulder, beneath my coat and was always aware of who was standing near me. Other than that, I loved Amsterdam and will be returning in October!

    Prinsegracht Leidsestraat & Prinsengracht Leidseplein Begihnhof The best of what the Damrak has to offer.

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  • DanielF's Profile Photo

    Amsterdam is famous for its...

    by DanielF Updated May 16, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Amsterdam is famous for its tolerance and its open-mindedness. Unfortunately this is understood by many people in a wrong way, considering it si a no-law city. As a result of this you will probably find more crime and insecurity here than in other European cities.

    However, in my opinion the situation has improved in the last years. And it does not mean at all that you can not freely walk around the city. Just take the usual precautions, specially in poorly lit streets and around the red light district.

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  • Rita_Felix's Profile Photo

    Be aware of Pickpocket!

    by Rita_Felix Updated Dec 30, 2006

    I have been in Amsterdam around 5 months and I always noticed the warnings about pickpocket. So, most of the time I was cautelous about my stuff.
    However in one of the times the tram was full, I was almost stolen . Fortunally I payed attention the strange behaviour of the person next to me that tried to push me in order to get to my bag. I manage to escape and warn the driver of the tram. Always pay attention!
    Dangerous places: Trams, Subway, Central Station and Dam Square

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  • Forsh's Profile Photo

    Hide That Bag!

    by Forsh Written Nov 28, 2006

    Walking up from Dam Square or the Red Light district, up Damrak towards the hotel, we were followed uncomfortably closely by a gang of young men, we noticed then that most women werenot carrying handbags. We went to the middle of the road, then to the canal side, away from all the alleyways that are on the right hand side on the way back to the hotel. Felt this was much safer. Take Care!

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  • intertraveler's Profile Photo

    Be careful

    by intertraveler Written Nov 9, 2006

    There must be a lot of tips on this subject.

    We were speaking to one off the guests staying in our hotel he was on is own when he was robbed by two men of African decent they did not get much money of him.
    We were only just speaking to him about this subject the night before.

    I dont go out of the hotel with my credit cards and I split my money into different pockets so if you are picked pocketed they dont clean you out. Also just take enough money for what you think you need.

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  • Gun blaggers

    by Greg111 Written Nov 7, 2006

    Ive been 2 amsterdam 4 times and havent really had any bother. that was untill my last visit where me and 3 of my mates where approched and asked if we spoke english. we answered yes and he told us to look across the street and said thats his mate over there and he has a gun. we want you money and your drugs ,and did we understand.
    One of my mates replied NO and with that the guy said "you guys are cool we will leave you alone" and vanshied promptly. i doubt they had a gun.
    could of been a risky move but the guys didnt seem that believable as they were quite young and his mate seemed a bit to far away to be that threatening whether he had a gun or not theres alot of people in the way.
    This took place at the dam square at around 11 pm and probably only happened becasue we sat down and started looking at a map I recommend if you need to map read do it in a cafe or somewhere like that.
    PS if you get a tramp following you playing a guitar horribly in your ear asking for a euro to go away. just laugh at him and say will will just listen to him while we walk he will go away straight away. strangly he spaeaks quite a few languages.

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  • i got mugged!

    by pikeman7000 Written Nov 5, 2006

    i have been to amsterdam 3 times now, the first time i was 17 and nothing bad happened and the second time it was all good. but the third time i got involved with the old ganja milkshakes and cakes, and was a bit worst for wear. it was about 12am and i was just ouside of dam square, i was with two mates and we walkin down a lane, i stopped to relive myself in a dark alley and my two freinds carryed on walking, i started to run to catch them up and as i came on to the main road there was a gang of about 6-7 dodgey lookin hispanic boys, one of them said something and he went to shake my hand, me being out of it shook his hand and he pulled me up to him and pretend to do some karate move by putting his leg beetween mine and shaking it about, my two mates came over and when he saw them he let go, said nice one and walked off. i didnt think anything of it, then as we were walking of i checked my pockets and my wallet had gone, so i turned round and started running like a mad idiot with my mate to get my wallet back, we ran to dam square but they had disapered. i learnt a lesson from this experiance dont shake any random peoples hands in amsterdam, but the next morning some one had reterned my wallet to my hotel, which was nice. i only had 30euros in it at the time but i got done proper!!

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  • elPierro's Profile Photo

    Watch your luggage

    by elPierro Written Oct 2, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you thought bikes were a hazard for you. Mind the pickpockets.

    Especially in the subway, central station and on busy places like the Dam Square where your attention is to a street performer instead of your bag are ideal targets for pickpockets. Always beware people on scooters and bikes, they grab your bag and gone before you can say the F word.

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  • travellightly0418's Profile Photo

    Thugs, pickpockets, druggies

    by travellightly0418 Written Aug 15, 2006

    I visited Netherlands recently for about 10 days, 3 days in Amsterdam. I had read all the warnings about street crime, druggies, pickpockets but did not see any problems while there. Frankly, if someone had approached me or given me a problem, I would have just pummeled them, I think. Suspicious people were most likely drugged out, drunk, homeless, etc. and would probably ***e themselves if you said boo!

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  • mkc87's Profile Photo

    Keep your head up

    by mkc87 Written May 30, 2006

    Several times walking the city I noticed that I was being followed a couple of times. However keeping your head up, or traveling in groups, you should have no problems with them. As soon as they realize that you see them they usually fade away. Like in any big city keep you guard up, and be a tough target .

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  • kazbah's Profile Photo

    Stuff stolen from sidepocket of rucksack

    by kazbah Written Oct 5, 2005

    I actually had an expensive bottle of aftershave taken from my rucksack during the time it was in lugauge handling between Schipol airport , and Luton airport.

    I know it was taken then because just before I put luggage in I check all pockets etc on my rucksack.

    Also when it arrived on conveyor at Luton the first thing I noticed was a three quarter done up zip on the pocket , so it hadn't just opened up on its own and fallen out.

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