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Zaandam Highlights

  • Pro
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     Lot of industry so enough jobs 

  • Con
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     boring, rainy 

  • In a nutshell
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     Interesting and worth it if you have the time... 

Zaandam Things to Do

  • Zaanse Schans

    Zaanse Schans is a collection of historic windmills and approximately 35 houses which were moved there in the 1970s.Zaanse Schans houses are not open to the public as they are lived in but you can take a stroll through the narrow canal-side walkways. It is easily accessible from Amsterdam as it is just 9 miles to the north and is served by public...

  • Here a view from De Zaan.

    Here a view from De Zaan looking to the old wooden houses in Zaandijk. Zaandijk is the place where 'De Zaanse Schans"is situated, just at the other side over the bridge. From the bridge is a good place to make pictures from both sides. Old Zaandijk and "De Zaanse Schans.

  • Zaandijk

    Zaandijk is also the place where de Zaanse Schans is. This place is visit by many tourist from all over the world, especialy many Japanese tourist. It is 20 km from Amsterdam and in the cloce directions are Volendam, Alkmaar, Haarlem etc.

  • This is an old wooden Drawbridge.

    This is an old wooden drawbridge in Wormerveer. Wormerveer has a lot of water and so we need some bridges, this is one of the oldest bridges in Wormerveer. There are alsso modern bridges such as the bridges between Wormerveer and Wormer.

  • This is a map of de Zaanstreek.

    This is a map of de Zaanstreek, with in de middle by the arrow Wormerveer. Wormerveer is a smaal town on the borders of the river Zaan. It has some industries. soccerclubs, tennisclubs etc.

  • We leave now De Zaanse Schans.

    We leave now De Zaanse Schans and take a boat for visit the waters in De Zaanstreek. There is a lot of water around and in the Zaanstreek. In some places can you rent a boat, in Jisp for example.

  • The museumshop from Abert Heijn.

    The museumshop from our biggest grocer Albert Heijn, a company from De Zaanstreek.Museum shop ALBERT HEIJNThe beginning of Albert HeijnIn the front part of this listed greengrocer’s shop on the Kalverringdijk the original layout of the first Albert Heijn shop in Oostzaan can be seen. This is how Albert Heijn, grandfather and founder of the mighty...

  • This is the Wooden Shoe factory.

    This is the Wooden Shoe Factory ,where you can see how they make wooden shoes and can buy a couple for at home.The Wooden Shoe WorkshopThe Wooden Shoe Workshop is situated in another warehouse De Vrede, originally a 1780 storehouse from Westzaan serving as storage space for snuff and grain. De Vrede was moved to the Zaanse Schans in 1984. Part of...

  • This is the Old Clock Museum.

    This is the Old Clock Museum.The netherlands clock museumUnique time pieces behind a handsome clock gableBehind the museum’s handsome 18th century clock gable there is a unique collection of Dutch time pieces. Clocks from Zaandam, The Hague, Amsterdam and the province of Friesland form an important part of the permanent exhibition giving a detailed...

  • We have in de Zaanstreek also mustard.

    We have in de Zaanstreek also our own mustard, Zaanse Mosterd, it is making in this old windmill Molen De Huisman.Mustard mil 'De Huisman'“……een huisman tot berijder” (“…. a householder to rider”)The prettily decorated board belonging to 'De Huisman' Mustard Windmill depicts a man sitting astride a chicken bearing the message ‘Hier kreeg een...

  • This is oliemolen De Zoeker.

    This is oliemolen De Zoeker.Oil Mill 'De Zoeker'Pounding nuts and seeds to make oilOil Mill 'De Zoeker' was built in 1672 and stood for centuries in the Guisveld to the west of Zaandijk until 1968 when it was spectacularly moved to the Zaanse Schans. The eighteen ton octagonal body of the windmill was lifted by crane over power cables and a railway...

  • This is a picture inside the windmill De...

    This is a picture from the inside of windmill De Kat, you can see the giant wooden toothed wheel.Windmill Society the Vereniging de Zaansche MolenThe preservation and conservation of the remaining windmills in the Zaanstreek is unquestionably the success of the Zaansche Windmill Society founded in 1925 by teacher and artist Frans Mars. He foresaw...


Zaandam Hotels

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Zaandam Restaurants

  • japanese restaurant

    there are about 3 big table.they are around the cook.he is making you diner around him on 2 is expensive (but i had never eaten japanse before so i dont know about the prices) but fresh and real great.a good experience i had menu d it think it cost about 38.50 euroit is a fish menu not rawi think the cheapest menu was around 30 euro

  • greek restaurant

    3-course about € 18,00open from 17:00 ; kitchen open till 00:00nice atmosphere,good price,good foodonly not all of the personal understands dutch.i dont know about english.reservation is better mixed grill all kinds of meatmousaka and giros

  • Restaurant 'De Bonte Boel' in...

    Restaurant 'De Bonte Boel' in Groet. The place is very colourfull, lots of kitsch. Kids don't have to sit still all the time, they can play while they are waiting for their dish to be served. They also get some crayons and can colour a pic.When they leave, they get a little present. The veggie dish :-) and the kids very much liked the special kids...


Zaandam Nightlife

  • the morning after

    Once a year there is a Nacht of Assendelft (night of Assendelft) a big event in the area.We visited the Wapen of Assendelft on the morning asfter for a cup of coffee. As we came in we had to get a table and chairs ourself but the coffe was ready 1 as that was all thay could handle on the morning after.... It must have a been a night ;-)So if you...

  • No nightlife here, this place...

    No nightlife here, this place 'Zaanse Schans' is just to see at brought daylight. But in Zaandam itself are some bars.

  • Like i told ya earlier.The...

    Like i told ya earlier.The's a big hal...and every month there is another party...then it's club,then hardcore and then it's R&B...or something else.Most of the time it's from 22:00pm till 10:00amAnd it's about $15 dollars.


Zaandam Transportation

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    by Xinta Written Aug 26, 2002

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    The best way to get to Zaanse Schans was by car. With a good map and sign on the roadside it was easy to find the place without any difficulties. Besides, the carpark was big enough to accommodate many cars.

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Zaandam Warnings and Dangers

  • Do not be deceived by the...

    Do not be deceived by the weather forecasts on the TV or radio. We thought it was going to be a good weather - nice and warm, but alas it was freezing cold than what we expected...*bbbrrr...*

  • Windmills are not only in the...

    Windmills are not only in the Zaan region. They are spread all over the Holland part of the country (consisting of the provinces Noord- and Zuid-Holland)! For instance, in Stompwijk near Leiden.

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Zaandam Tourist Traps

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    by Jaco_Emmen Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Buy the local specialties in the Zaanse Schans, not on the streets or on the markets, most of the time it is sold far to expensive!
    Smoked cheese is better to buy in the market, value is about have the price from the tourist attractions.

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Zaandam What to Pack

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    by carolineraat Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Miscellaneous: Noord-Holland is the most typical dutch region, with all the cliches that come with it. Yes, there is ice in the winter! On Marken, the light house gets threatened by it regularly.

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Zaandam Off The Beaten Path

  • Geknakt maar niet gebroken(cracked but...

    The modern warmonument in Assendelft is tugged away between two containers when we visited. It sure must look better just in front of the church.The monument has the motto cracked but not broken. It is here in remembrance of the local victims of the second world war. The slogan a world without a memory is a world without a future is on a plaque...

  • The province of Noord Holland...

    The province of Noord Holland (North Holland) often is a typical polder landscape with great views and many narrow canals, magnificent farmhouses and every now and again a mill. You can go to places like Nieuwe Niedorp, Kolhorn, Winkel, Barsingerhorn and Haringhuizen.The oldest Dutch inn can be found in Nieuwe Niedorp, it is called 'De Roode...

  • Visit the clock museum if you...

    Visit the clock museum if you have got the time for it. It's so nice! You can also find a puppetmuseum here with 18th and 19th century dolls.


Zaandam Favorites

  • Even beerlabels stick to the green :-)

    In this picture you see how well the beerlabels of Heineken and Brand beer fit in with the green buildings.This is the pub 't Konincksplein, Lagedijk 13, 1544 BA Zaandijk.Number of beers: 78. On draught: 12.Open:tuesday-thursday: 16.00-00.00 friday and saturday: 15.00-01.00 sunday: 14.00-20.00

  • Typical houses in the Zaanstreek

    The wooden houses of the Zaanstreek all have this green color. Green was, and still is, a color that lasts longer therefor it was cheaper to paint your house green and then wait longer to repaint. The Zaanstreek was not very rich, most of the people here were workmen in the industry.Today the city council oblige people to paint the houses in...

  • Windmills

    Throughout the centuries, the windmill has been the symbol of the Dutch fight against the water. Just enter to Zaanse Schans!The Zaanse Schans is a reconstruction of a Zaans residential and working neighbourhood. In this open-air museum with 20 wooden houses, mills and storehouses from the 17 & 18th centuries.


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