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  • Hengelo Cemetery
    Hengelo Cemetery
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  • The Merry Goround
    The Merry Goround
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  • Tuindorp geese
    Tuindorp geese
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Hengelo Things to Do

  • 2015 City Activities

    JANUARY3 Wibi Soerjadi. RABO Theater7 Onder het Vriespunt met " Waarvan Akte!", Metropool8 New Year reception, City Hall10 Bintangs, Metropool10 Jan Akkerman & Band, RABO theater10 Chess tournament, Jan Krul17 Midwinter festival, Beckum30-31 Hengelose Revue, RABO theaterFEBRUARY1, 4-6 Hengelose Revue, RABO theater6 Ernst Jansz, RABO theater7-8...

  • Tuindorp Book market

    Each year in the month of May the Tuindorp open air book market is held.Although books are the majority of merchandise, gardens plants are a part of the market too.This market is developing and a food and drinks section is growing.The market times are 10AM - 5PM.

  • Waterstaatskerk

    The Waterstaatskerk was build in 1840 as a church by engineers of the Dutch Waterstaat Ministery. The Hengelo building was one of several being constructed from 1824 till 1875. The involvement of the Dutch government was necessary due to a conflict about the ownership of former Catholic churches by the Reformed groups.The building was used as a...

  • Piet Blom museum

    The Piet Blom museum opened in February 2013, when the Hengelo Kasbah city quarter was 40 years and was declared a monument. Piet Blom was an architect and one of his city suburb designs has been build at Hengelo and it's called The Kasbah. It was a different concept with family houses being build elevated over a common area, intended for shops,...

  • Museum Electro Radio Nostalgie

    Museum Electro Radio Nostalgie is a small cozy museum with an amazing collection of electrical and electronic devices. Once started with a private radio collection, the museum offers everything from the Tesla/Edison era till the first computers.There are unique machines and parts to admire in the displays of the museum.Entrance is free and the...

  • Kermis - Fair (adults)

    Twice a year, around King's Day (the Orange Fair)and in early Fall (september) the fair returns to the Hengelo center.The street market is moved and the fair works are in full swing for five days.


Hengelo Hotels

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Hengelo Restaurants

  • Great Bistro at City Hall

    Bistro De Stadhouder opened in March 2015 and from the start became popular.They serve meat and fish dishes from the grill. Besides that, the starters and the sdesserts are great as well.Business hours:Mo: ClosedTu-Fr: From 5PMSa: From 3PMSu: From 4PM

  • Fast food from the Mediterranean

    Restaurant Hisar has fast food Egyptian, Turkish and Italian style.They serve dishes like:-Shoarma-Döner-Pizza-Egyptisch snacks-Spare ribs -Steaks -Chicken

  • Turkish Fast Food

    Dönerix serves several fast food meals like:-Dürüm-Lahmacun-Wraps-Tosti's-Pizza-SaladsAlso take away and delivery service.

  • Center city Cafataria

    Cafetaria 't Centrum is a modern one with a wide range of snacks and more.Business hours:Mo-Tu: 10AM - 2AMWe: 3PM - 2AMTh-Fr: 10AM - 4AMSa: Noon - 6AMSu: Noon - 2AM

  • Local Mexican restaurant

    Caballeros is the local Mexican restaurant. It serves tapas and Mexican dishes.A three course meal is available from Euro 20.50.Take away available.Business hours:Mo: 4:30PM - 10PMTu: ClosedWe-Su: 4:30PM - 10PM

  • New Brazilian restaurant

    Cariocas opened in may 2015. It's a genuine Brazilian restaurant with great meat dishes, like picanha, rib eye, lamb and pork spare ribs. Vegan meals are also on the menu.The meat is served by the waiters directly from the charcoal grill at long spears.A diner is about € 24,95, excluding the drinks.Also lunches and take-away service.Business...


Hengelo Nightlife

  • Hengelo's New Theater

    The RABO Theater is build on the location where the old city theater used to be.The new building has two halls. Depending on the show you visit

  • Evening cycling race + Music

    The Nacht van Hengelo (The Hengelo Night) is an annual event at the end of May/Beginning of June, when there are several cycling races on a route through center city. At the Market Square next to the finish line there is live music and other activities. As you are.

  • One For Us Beer Lovers

    Cafe 't Pleintje, on the main square, is the local beer house offering a diverse range (mostly Belgian) of 60 beers with a dozen or so on tap. As a member of the Dutch Alliance of Beer Taprooms (ABT - see second website) the beers are served at the appropriate temperatures and in their custom glasses.This is popular with the younger crowd but even...


Hengelo Transportation

  • A1 Highway

    The A1 Highway is the main road to Hengelo. To the West is connects Hengelo with Deventer, Apeldoorn, Amersfoort, Hilversum and Amsterdam. To East to Oldenzaal and Germany over the E30(Bad Bentheim, Rheine, Osnabrück, Hannover, Braunschweig, Magdeburg and Berlin.Just North of Hengelo the Highway is combine with the A35 highway that connects Hengelo...

  • Car Parks

    Hengelo has 4 major car garages:*Parkeergarage Thiemsbrug - Thiemsbrug 33Opening hours: Ma-We & Fr: 8AM - 9.30PMTh: 8AM - 10PMSa: 8AM - 8.30PMFirst 30 minutes: € 0,90Hour rate: € 1,60Dayly rate: € 14,00*Parkeergarage Q-Park De Brink - Brink 118Opening hours: Ma-We & Fr: 7AM - 7PMTh: 7AM - 10PMSa: 7AM - MidnightSu: Midnight - 7AMEach 14 minutes: €...

  • Bus departure information

    Since 2013 after the renovation of the bus station, there is are electronic displays with the departure times of all local and regional buses.One is placed inside the train station at the entrance to the city and bus station to the right.The other is placed opposite the train station entrance, so when coming from the center of Hengelo, the...


Hengelo Shopping

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  • Scooters

    Retro Scooters sells all kinds of scooters. For all kinds of mopeds, scooters and motor cycle Retro Scooters can be at service, also for insurance and maintenance and repairs.Business hours:Mo: 8AM - 5PMTu-Fr: 11AM - 10PMSa: 11AM - 5PMSu: Closed

  • More second hand goods

    Nieuw & Opnieuw is a second hand goods shop located in a former car dealer/garage.Started in 2012 it lasted some three years till customers could come in.It is a place cramped with goods and you really have to hassle for a decent price.It's a bit of everything as most of the goods come from home clearances.Business hours:Mo-Fr: At requestSa: 10AM -...

  • Another Dutch landmark: BLOKKER

    BLOKKER is a shop you probably see in whatever Dutch city you visit.They sell every day home furnishing and some articles for a surprising low price.I yet have to found a cheaper travel power adaptor pack, that the one I bought at Blokker.Blokker also sells Dutch Railway deals (day cards) from time to time.Hengelo has 4 Blokker shops.Business...


Hengelo Local Customs

  • Apple Picking Day

    In some of the older hidden private gardens fruit trees are located that will be loaded with fruit at the end of Summer. At the National Apple Picking Day the general public is invited to pick the fruit (a bag per family).

  • Repair Café

    The Repair Café is a society with some 100 branches in the Netherlands.The Hengelo branch was started in 2012 and is located at the Tempel city quarter center.The goal is to repair clothing, electrical equipment, furniture and bicycles by a group of volunteers.

  • Waste separation

    Be aware in Hengelo all waste should be sorted before wasting.BLUE containers = Paper wasteGREEN containers = Food and garden wasteORANGE = Plastic wasteGREY = Remaining wasteAt the central waste facility this is taken even some steps further; see the website.


Hengelo Warnings and Dangers

  • Winter Road Conditions

    Winter Road Conditions can be bad. In our winters there are days with freezing rain and snowfall; sometimes in a nice mix. The major roads will be salted, but rain often flushes the salt from the road and with a snow fall of more than 2 cm the salt will be used for the most part. Of course new salt will be applied, but it also needs traffic to...

  • Wildlife

    The only wildlife at Hengelo that can be scary are the insects.Around Hengelo you may encounter a rare small deer; about the biggest wildlife possible here.


    In the major entrance roads to the center special bus lanes are constructed indicated with "LIJN BUS".Do not drive on these lanes with your car or even stop there while crossing the road!


Hengelo Off The Beaten Path

  • City Hall Tower Part 1

    During the summer month the Local Tourist Office (VVV-Hengelo) and the Historical Museum (Oald Hengel) organize a historical city walk and climbing of the City Hall tower.Wednesdays at 1.45PM at from the museum at Beekstraat 51.

  • City Hall Tower Part 7

    From left to right for you to discover:Star HotelRABO TheaterThe weekly street marketThe Train StationThe Telgen BuildingThe Brink TowerV & D Department storeCinema

  • City Hall Tower Part 2

    The City Hall dates from 1963 and has Italian and Scandinavian influences. Rumour says that the tower is build at the wrong side of the building, because the blueprints layed upside down at the construction.The inside of the tower is painted by artist Piet Verberne with characters from local stories.


Hengelo Sports & Outdoors

  • Avondvierdaagse

    Each year around the last week of May of 4 or first week of June an evening walking event called the Avondvierdaagse takes place. Walking distances are 5, 10 and 15 km, each from a different location at one of Hengelo's suburbs.It always is a happy bunch of walkers with many elementary school participants. Walking shoes and some money to buy...

  • Cycling

    Hengelo is cycle network point #97 in the cycle-network of the province of Overijssel.The information sign is place opposite the Lambertus church, the basilic in midtown.You can create your own cycling journey through the Hengelo surroundings and if you are an experienced well traind cyclist hop over to other network points.Twente cycle...

  • FBK Games

    Each year at the end of May the FBK (Fanny Blankers-Koen) games are held in the Stadion with same name.She is most famous for winning four gold medals at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London. At that time, she was already a mother of two, which was unheard of at a time where female athletes were still frowned upon by many. It earned her the nickname...


Hengelo Favorites

  • Local Radio

    Radio Hengelo is the city's local radio station.The radio transmits via 105.8 MHz in the FM band and also can be listened to via Internet.Radio Hengelo also provides a local TV-channel.The studio is located at:Langelermaatweg 2447553 JK Hengelo OvTel: +31-74- 2566699

  • Bureau Hengelo

    In 2012 Bureau Hengelo started as the centralised information point for the city of Hengelo.The information shop was located at Marskant 4 at the start, but at the end of 2014 moved to the Main Library building at:Beursstraat 327551 HV Hengelo OvTel: +31-74-2501080Most of the flyers are in Dutch, but you always can ask for info at the people of the...

  • Free water

    In 2104 a "Watertappunt" opened at the market square; a tap with free potable water.Hengelo lacked an ancient city pump as many of the towns and villiages around Hengelo have.


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