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Abcoude Things to Do

  • Amsterdamsestraatweg

    This street was made in 1685 to connect Amsterdam with Utrecht. Untill 1950 it was the main road between these two cities. Then the highway A2 was made and the village of Abcoude was quiet again.

  • Voordijk

    In 1626 the governments of Utrecht and Amsterdam decided to make a towpath between Breukelen and Ouderkerk. A sand towpath is used to tow the boats along the water, this was done either manual or with horses. The sandpath today is a small asfalt road, the Voordijk. Nice to walk along the water. A replica of a rollpole ( a pole used to get the boats...

  • The Fort

    In a circle about 15 km around Amsterdam a defence line was built between 1880 and 1920. When the enemy was coming too close it was the intention to flood the lands outside this line and keep them at a distance of our capital Amsterdam. The line was made by forts, which were supposed to keep dry ofcourse. The forts, or the defence line actually, is...

  • Stationsweg

    The street from the station to the centre of Abcoude is called Stationsweg. Coming from the station the first houses on the right look very distinguised. They were build at the end of the 19th century, and all look the same except for some minor details. They are privately owned.Next you pass the only operational farm in the village, the other...

  • Station

    At the other end of the street you come across a railroad. This track is one of the oldest of the netherlands. In 1843 the first train passed here between Utrecht and Amsterdam. Today you can still travel regular by train to these two cities.The old stationbuilding is no longer used and looks like it has to be torn down soon. Tickets for the train...

  • Kerkstraat (churchstreet)

    The street where you find these two churches is also interestering because of its houses. They vary a lot in age. The houses on numbers 16 and 18 have certificates of ownership dating back to 1665. Number 18 was had a mill to mill buckwheat to groats for a long time, and sold other kinds of flour too. Today it is just a private house.Between the...

  • Roman Catholic church

    In the same street, Kerkstraat (churchstreet), there is the other big church. It is the Roman Catholic one.At first there was a hiding church behind number 21, from the time the roman catholic churches were banned from the protestant netherlands. But it became to small and in 1886 it was decided a new church should be built. In 1888 the church...

  • Dorpskerk (Town Church)

    The oldest building in Abcoude is the Dorpskerk. It originally was a roman catholic church dating back to 1491. Today it is home to the protestant church. But the pseudo-basilica form remembers of the catholic days.

  • Walk around Abcoude

    There are several possibilities to have a nice walk around Abcoude. There is a tour sponsored by the municipality. The route and info on what you see (in dutch) can be found on their website. But you can also walk along the different small rivers and enjoy the nature around Abcoude. In april 2005 Gonnie walked 12 km along water and green scenery....


Abcoude Transportation

  • Abcoude to Utrecht

    Although, several people told us that the train to Utrecht would be much faster, we chose to take the bus. My husband and I enjoyed the beautiful drive. We saw many splendid homes, a working windmill and many beautiful farms along the way. We took the 120 in Abcoude and it took us to the town center and the central station in Utrecht. We walked...

  • One of the oldest railconnections

    Since 1843 a train connects Utrecht with Amsterdam. This train passes Abcoude. Two times per hour you can take the train here to both Amsterdam or Utrecht. See the website of the dutch railways (NS) for detailed travel information.

  • Abcoude Hotels

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Abcoude Favorites

  • Have a rest in style

    Touring around the area on a sunny day it is time to have a rest in ABcoude. There are several place for you to have a drink or a bite to eat. But one of the most known is De Eendracht. In the 18th century it was a lodgement with a drivethrough stable. This means the horsedrawn coaches could drive in the stabledoors allow the (rich) passengers to...

  • Gardens of the rich

    Behind Binnenrust there is a huge garden. Filled with trees and bordering the river Angstel. To relax in the garden there had to be a teahouse. This hexagonal building was used to drink tea in the garden but not to be hurt by the sun. Ofcourse the weak skins of the rich couldn't take much sun.

  • Home to the rich

    Once Abcoude was populair as a home to the rich, away from the city. These so called 'out houses' had all the rich could wish for, but especially the garden was a must. Because in the city the ground was too expensive to have a large garden.In the Hoogstraat there is a nice example of a 'out house' , it is called Binnenrust (inner peace and quiet)....


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