Amersfoort Travel Guide

  • Onze Lieve Vrouwentoren in the sun.
    Onze Lieve Vrouwentoren in the sun.
    by Jerelis
  • Inside the Sint-Joris Church.
    Inside the Sint-Joris Church.
    by Jerelis
  • Beautiful Amersfoort
    Beautiful Amersfoort
    by Jerelis

Amersfoort Things to Do

  • Mondriaanhuis - Birthplace of Mondriaan.

    Who doesn’t know Piet Mondriaan? He is a famous dutch artist and an important contributor to the movement and group called De Stijl. This style of painting consisted of white ground, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors. In 1872 Mondriaan was born in the city of Amersfoort and the house...

  • Sint Joriskerk - The Cirurgijnskamer.

    The Sint Joriskerk is built in 1243, then burned down in 1370, this church and covered market was reconstructed then enlarged in 1534. The interior preserves staged arches from the Romanesque period, and a tower-porch supporting three Gothic naves and fresco fragments at the west wall. We admired some fine details of the Gothic rood screen in...

  • Sint Joriskerk - Lighting a candle.

    Although we were quite early when we first arrived at the Sint Joriskerk we were already allowed to enter it. Do keep in mind that you need to pay a small entrance fee of €1,- per person. A huge advantage of our early arrival was the fact that there were almost no tourists. Either the bus / coach was still on his way or everybody was having a...


Amersfoort Hotels

  • Lange Jan Hotel

    I must say I never stayed here, since I have my own bed in Amersfoort. But if I walk by I must say...

  • NH Amersfoort

    Stationsstraat 75, Amersfoort, 3811, The Netherlands

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Tulip Inn Amersfoort

    Stichtse Rotonde 11, Amersfoort, 3818 GV

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Amersfoort Restaurants

  • At De Korte Gracht

    Espresso bar De Korte Gracht is a nice coffee house also offering small dishes.The outside terrace is located in the former Fish Hall, a National monument.Business hours:Mo: ClosedTu-Sa: 10AM - 5PMSu: Closed

  • Enjoy a Voldaantje.

    One of the best things about being abroad is getting to taste the local cuisine and discover new specialties. Being in the Netherlands also has its share of culinary delights, but of course we are a kind of used to it J. Be sure to try at least one of the many Dutch specialties on offer in Amersfoort! Enjoying a good meal does go very well with...

  • Lots of food for little cost

    The ambience of the restaurant is unique in my experience, as run by people who love horses. Its set back from the road in the trees, parking is on grass under the trees, and the building is all wooden, with a hug forge style fireplace. Seats maybe 50 people, and all the decoration is horse related. They even have a 4-wheeled trap suspended from...


Amersfoort Nightlife

  • Gay life

    Het koetje is the only gay cafe of amersfoort.Its a real party place and can be a lot of fun,ofcourse if you are straight you're also very welcome.

  • Tradional

    At the corner of Zevenhuizen (name of street) you find this very charming place.I think it is still a bit typîcal dutch.I must say I don't remember the name anymore.But its a great place

  • too many

    there are so many bars in amersfoort.try the website www.kroegenweb.nlits in dutch but if you look for Amersfoort ( or any other city) on the left side of the page you can get an impression


Amersfoort Transportation

  • NS Train

    Amersfoort is located at the crossing of major North-South and East-West rail road tracks.Each half hour trains ride to Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport or to Utrecht-The Hague/Rotterdam to the West/South and to Zwolle-Groningen/Leeuwarden or Apeldoorn-Deventer-Enschede to the North/East.To guarantee an uninterrupted service rail road track flyovers have...

  • Travelling with (young) kids.

    Are you nervous about taking your baby or child on a plane trip? You aren't alone, most parents are nervous about it. We have moved with the kids to Alkmaar by car this holiday and drove some distances by car on when we were there and we learned a few things that hopefully will help you. General: Bring books, old favourite toys and new surprise...

  • Train service

    I must admin that usually i don't trust foreign train services, but this time i have to correct myself.I lived few months in Holland and i used the Dutch train service many times, simply lovely, great connections to every city and prices not out of mind.The train is clean, but anyway i suggest to take the 1st class instead of the 2nd.Take your...


Amersfoort Shopping

  • Second Hand books and more

    't Ezelsoor is a shop loaded with second hand books.Business hours:Mo: 1PM - 6 PMTu-We: 10AM - 6PMTh: 10AM - 9PMFr: 10AM - 6PMSa: 10AM - 5PMSu: Closed Books.

  • Hive of activity.

    In general we can state that markets are some of the traditional and most popular local tourist events. Amersfoort has a special market area right in the city center at the main square De Hof. This part of city is closed at Saturday especially for the market. This weekly market has a nice size and therefore attracts tourists from surrounding areas....

  • Amersfoort Shopping Streets

    The Amersfoort shopping streets are located in a long line from Riddergang, Utrechtsestraat, Varkensmarkt, Langestraat to Kamp, where you will find the common Dutch shops with well-known names.In the old town section you have to enter some of the smaller sidestreets to find wonderful small special shops.


Amersfoort Local Customs

  • Alleys

    Like other older Dutch cities, Amersfoort has its share of smaller streets and alleys.Explore them, because they create great photo opportunities.

  • Talko to someone who knows ...

    I guess we all agree on this on; there is nothing more exciting than going travelling - exploring another country, experiencing a different culture, travelling around in new ways, sampling the local cuisine and chatting to the local people for a different perspective on life.However during our travels we learned that there is one certain thing that...

  • Grolsch -> Just like home sweet home!...

    Let’s make no secret of it. We both like a nice cold glass of beer. Being at our travel pace is always a challenge to find a beer we like, which reflects our taste of having a beer. At Alkmaar (and this probably counts for our entire home country) it was rather difficult. We found out that there are a few local beers, only known in the particular...


Amersfoort Warnings and Dangers

  • Do drink enough!!!

    For years, we have all been told of the importance of water. The general guideline has been to drink 2 liter of water each day. For a person who is not living an active lifestyle this may be enough, but if you are physically active, you need more water than that. That is especially true if you are hiking in the Alkmaar area due to the fact the...

  • Reading a map!

    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the catchy title of the 1992 bestseller by John Gray, succinctly expresses an ancient dilemma. What--if anything--do men's and women's brains do differently?The general statement that men and women respond and behave differently under the same circumstances is true; For example, from the crib, male babies...

  • Bikes on the street

    In Holland roads bikes have the right on everybody and everything, usually they run on dedicated places at the side of roads, but it can happen that you find them on normal roads, specially in city center, so pay attention and watch carefully.


Amersfoort Tourist Traps

  • De Hof - In the old city center.

    During our car drive towards the city of Amersfoort we did some research on Google about Amersfoort and the entire area. One of the things that intrigued me immediately was the fact that there was a nice old gothic quarter in the city centre (between some nice canal) of this old medieval village. A first defensive wall, made out of brick, was...

  • De Hof - The busy center.

    Without a doubt is the square called De Hof is the busy centre of the town and a true tourist trap. But is this a good reason to avoid it and not visit it? No, not at all. You can also put this main square in the tip section "Must see"! And I can also tell you why :)All around this square you will see magnificent medieval buildings. For example the...

  • De Hof - The main square.

    Amersfoort is a beautiful medieval village, archaeologists found traces of military camps making it the oldest garrison town in the Netherlands and it is now very attractive. Remains of a true settlement in the area have been found around 1000 BC and the name of the city appeared in written documents in the 11th century. The city grew rapidly...


Amersfoort What to Pack

  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    by Jerelis Written Aug 31, 2013

    Luggage and bags: * Map and guidebook;
    * Crackers;
    * 2 Liter of water;
    * Fruit / power bars.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: * Hiking boots;
    * 1 extra t-shirt;
    * Shorts with many pockets;
    * Sunglasses;
    * Fleece type jacket;
    * Hat / cap;
    * Raincoat.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: * Lip balm;
    * (Neck) sunblock;
    * Band-aids.

    Photo Equipment: * Camera and lots of SD cards!
    * Filter;
    * Extra batteries;
    * Lens 210 mm.

    Miscellaneous: * Binocular;
    * Compass.

    Here we go ...
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    • Hiking and Walking
    • Backpacking

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Amersfoort Off The Beaten Path

  • Muurhuizen - Literally embedded.

    Amersfoort is an ideal city for a unplanned stroll, since one of its most impressive attributes is the fantastic architecture that is everywhere in the city center. Even the most spontaneous travel, however, should be sure to include some of Amersfoort's most treasured monuments on his or her route. Chief of these is the Muurhuizen, a series of...

  • Muurhuizen - So called Wall Houses.

    Like I wrote before, we saw the so-called Wall Houses at the first time at the south side of the old city center. These houses are built on the first and former city walls, which of course is the explanation for the name of these beautiful houses. This first defensive wall, made out of brick, was finished around 1300. Soon after, the need for...

  • Muurhuizen - Well hidden gem.

    Our experience about old ancient cities is that there is always a well hidden gem you don’t know about in advance. For example when we travelled to Narbonne in France and when we were on the main square Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, we heard someone saying “There is something hidden underneath this city”. This person was quite right as a native France...


Amersfoort Sports & Outdoors

  • Hiking - Take a few short-cuts.

    But don’t sweat it … Amersfoort also has many hundreds of years of history; and nowhere is this more evident than at the city center and its alleys and narrow streets. The compact town of Amersfoort is easy to get around, and the ideal place to explore on foot. Amersfoort is The Netherlands, and yet it is a culture unto itself. The area of...

  • Hiking - Game plan strategy.

    Most people try to rush Amersfoort on a budget so they end up missing some of the highlights in a whirlwind. The key to seeing Amersfoort is a game plan, you must know what you want to see before getting out. Before we visited Amersfoort we saw on a city map that the huge city of Amersfoort is divided into three main areas to visit:* The old...

  • Hiking - Take time to meander.

    Take time to meander - losing yourself in the maze of alleys, streets and lanes is one of the Amersfoort's principal pleasures. The streets wind and wander with no discernible order or object. After our stroll we rewarded ourselves with a cool glass of beer or wine for our effort! We learned that you won´t do justice to the entire city of...


Amersfoort Favorites

  • Useful phone numbers

    The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,...

  • Varkensmarkt

    The square now known as Varkensmarkt (Pigs market) used to be the St. Joostenplaats till 1552. In that year the pigs market was relocated from the Appelplaats to the Varkensmarkt.Underneath the Varkensmarkt was the covered Hellegracht (Hell canal).In 1984 the "Vrouw en de Zakkendrager" statue by sculpture Marius van Beek made of Sardinian granite...

  • USEFUL LINKS and Tourist Information

    TOURIST OFFICE:The Amersfoort VVV (Local Tourist Office is located near the train station at:Stationsplein 9-11 3818 LE AmersfoortTelephone: 0900 - 112 2364 USEFUL LINKS:Start PageCity CouncilAmersfoort Your WayDaytrip infoAmersfoort archives


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