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  • Montfoort
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  • The river Hollandse IJssel
    The river Hollandse IJssel
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  • Skyline of Montfoort
    Skyline of Montfoort
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Montfoort Things to Do

  • Engherkade route, a hike near Montfoort

    A visit to the small city Montfoort can be combined with a 12 km long (3 hour) and marked hike along the river Hollandse IJssel and through pasture. This hike takes you from Montfoort to the village Linschoten and back. In Linschoten you can visit the Leaning Church of Linschoten. The hike is marked by the Dutch Touring Club ANWB.Start and finish...

  • Old City Wall

    When Montfoort got city rights in 1329, the city was fortified and a canal was constructed around the city.The fortifications included 24 defense fortresses and a bastion on which the Mill De Valk was built.Of the fortifications, only the Old City Gate IJsselpoort and a small part of the Old City Wall close to the Mill De Valk, along the provincial...

  • Mill "De Valk"

    The mill was built in 1753 by major Henrik van Utenhove. It likely got the name De Valk (The Falcon) in the beginning of the 19th century, although it is unknown why it got this name.When the mill was built, the farmers were obliged to bring their grain only to this mill. Other mills were allowed to grind other materials. This monopoly lasted until...

  • Old City Gate IJsselpoort

    Montfoort used to be fortified with a town wall, after it was granted city rights in 1329.The IJsselpoort was built around 1375 and is the only remaining gate, the others were taken down in 1831 and 1862. It is located along the river Hollandse IJssel. The IJsselpoort is special because it is attached to the Old Town Hall.In 1963-1965 the gate and...

  • Old Town Hall (Oude Stadhuis)

    In 1990, the Old Town Hall (Oude Stadhuis) was dated back to 1373, after taking samples of the wood.Until 1993, the building was in use as a town hall.Now, it houses a restaurant, see the website below.Next to the restaurant, the old city gate "IJsselpoort" can be found.

  • Montfoort Castle

    The castle gave Montfoort it's name: Montfoort is derived from "Mont Fortis", meaning "Strong Mountain", referring to the castle.The castle was built by the bishop Godfried van Rheenen in 1163. Around the castle, the village formed, which got it's city rights in 1329.The French occupied the castle in 1672 for a short time. At their retreat, they...

  • Leaning Church of Linschoten

    The church started as a chapel of Castle Linschoten and was built around 1400.The church is called Grote Kerk (Big Church) or St Jan's Church.In 1877 the tower was shortened because the church started to lean over. This apparently did not help too much because the church is pretty tilted nowadays.

  • Heilige Johannes de Doper Church

    The present building of the Heilige Johannes de Doper Kerk (St John the Baptist Church) dates from 1923-1925.

  • St Janskerk, Church of St Jan

    A church from the 15th century. In 1629 the St Janskerk was burned down after a big fire in Montfoort. The church was restored in 1634.


Montfoort Hotels

  • Hotel Montfoort

    Hoogstraat 29, Montfoort, Montfoort, 3417, The Netherlands

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Montfoort Restaurants

  • al_mary's Profile Photo

    Kasteel Montfoort

    by al_mary Updated Mar 5, 2006

    This restaraunt was built
    on the site of the original
    site of the Montfoort Castle.

    Great place, good food, but
    it is on the expensive side
    for what you get ....

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