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  • View over one of the harbours
    View over one of the harbours
    by Mique
  • Things to Do
    by rwaarts
  • Things to Do
    by rwaarts

Brielle Highlights

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     Medieval, fortified town, historical, nightlife, restaurant, 400 buildings listed as monument 

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     Non that i can think off 

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     We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Brielle. 

Brielle Things to Do

  • Goedereede

    A small town not far from Brielle and worth a visit! Old houses, narrow streets and the quiet atmosphere of a place away from the main tourist paths make Goedereede a town out of a Netherland picture book. (Pic 1)The Hotel/Restaurant "The Golden Lion" was build in 15th century and has once been visited by Pope Adrian VI in 1522-23 (Pic 2)

  • St Catharine Kerk/St Catherine Church

    St Catherine Church was intended to become the largest church in the Netherlands but never completed. In 1417 construction began but in 1456 it burnt down and in 1482 funding ran out and construction stopped. Only the nave and the 57 meter blunt tower were completed.The huge Tower is very typical for southern Netherlands Chruches. They were used as...

  • History Museum

    The museum is in a building, which has combined the former town hall, the city prison and the Stadtwaage (the city trading and weighing center). Going around you'll find very interesting exhibitions of the long history of Brielle starting with finds from the stoneages and showing portraits of known Brielle citizens. I was very much impressed by the...


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Brielle Restaurants

  • Small and cosy

    Restaurant Croissanterie Chez Andre is located at the sunny side of the turfkade with a view at the boats visiting Brielle.Great for a lunch or an in between coffee or tea.Open:Mo-Th: 9AM - 6PMFr-Su: 9AM - 9PM

  • Nice place for a cup of coffee or...

    i just had a nice glass of fresh orange juice here and a cup of coffee after my walk. But i saw some plates of food pass by and it looked delicous.. What i really did appreciate was the relaxed ambiance inside.. i can imagine that it would be different in summer, but it was really to my liking. Not too crowded, not completely empty either..I've...

  • Super nice place

    It is a really nice place with most excellent food. What i particularly liked about it is that the stones from the street continued as the floor of this place. Giving it a very down-to-earth ambiance. So a very nice place to just sit and have a coffee or hang out for a longer period of time and eat a great lunch. If you're interested in Stinker's...


Brielle Nightlife

  • Yet another pub in Brielle

    During your pub crawl, don't miss Honky Tonk!There's regular live bands, billiard competitions. And you can watch football matches too.OpenMon to Thur: 12.00 - 01.00 hrsFri & Sat: 12.00 - 02.30 hrsSun: 12.30 - 01.00 hrs Informal

  • Ger de Vos

    The local professional pop singer. And he's good. Goes through all the old favourites from the 60s to now. This concert was in broad daylight though. On a Sunday early evening in summer. Just around the corner of my home. I'm listening to it as I write :-)Must remember to hire him for a party, one day.

  • Pub 't Kont van het Paard

    The name means: Horse's Ass. Because these used to be stables owned by Jacoba van Beijeren, an important historical figure in Medieval times. None


Brielle Transportation

  • How to get to Brielle by public...

    Go to Rotterdam first from wherever you are. Take the metro to Spijkenisse and get off at Spijkenisse Centrum (about 30 mins).Take the bus to Brielle at Spijkenisse centrum.Either Connexxion 103 direction Brielle or Connexxion 113 direction Rockanje. The bus from Spijkenisse to Brielle takes about 20 minutes. So Brielle from Rotterdam it's less...

  • How to get to to Brielle by car

    From anywhere in The Netherlands, get on the motorway A15, follow Europoort. Right at the end of the A15, it turns into N15, through a tunnel called Thomassentunnel. Follow N57 direction Brielle, Hellevoetsluis, Middelburg. Turn left at the first traffic light and presto!20 minutes from Rotterdam, 1 hour 10 minutes from Amsterdam, or 10 minutes if...

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Brielle Shopping

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  • Sundays 16 and 23 December

    Each year there are two Christmas markets in Brielle along the main street Nobelstraat/Voorstraat.For 2007 it is on Sunday 16 and Sunday 23 December 2007. From about 12-17 hrs.In 2006 I rented a stall and sold goodies to raise money for the local Food Bank. We raised € 500!In 2007 I did it again with some friends. This time the chosen charity is...

  • Beauty treatments and cosmetics

    My neigbhour across the road is a wonderful beauty shop with all the expected good brands. It's the elaborate and knowledgeable advice and the time they take to give it to you, that makes this shop special. Apart from the top market brands, you can also get beauty treatments. And at a very friendly price too. I just had one with the Rémy Laure...

  • Wine and liquor shop

    Browse the shelves by all means! Maybe Molenbitter? (local drink).There are big barrels of sherry where you can have a bottle filled.


Brielle Local Customs

  • Mayor Koekebakker in Brielle

    Ah, this is mayor Koekebakker of Brielle (1572), who cohorted with the Spanish oppressors and raised a 10% tax on everything in town.He is put into a cage along with those catholic monks and nuns and taken along the streets in a cage for everyone to see and be shamed.This festival takes place every 1st of April in Brielle, hometown of...

  • Klokkenluiders Gild

    The Guild of The Bellringers in Brielle has a long historical tradition. Wehn I visited Anke Thea, who is a member of the Klokkenluiders Gild, I was lucky to see her ringing the Bell. This bell is in the Townhall of Brielle, the ringing will happan on certain days and times. When I watched Anke-Thea I recognized, that ringing the bell is very hard...

  • VT-ers that dare to visit me :-)

    There've been quite a few VT members that came to visit me at home.Click the links to read what they had to say about their visit to Brielle!Thank you guys for all your lovely comments!lyndseyfenwick asked a question in the Brielle forum and now also lives in Brielle! Stefank60 came to Brielle on a rainy visit in June 2007.pieter_jan_v in...


Brielle Warnings and Dangers

  • Parking in Brielle

    Parking in Brielle is free everywhere. There are numerous parking spaces. Just one warning: your car must be parked in a space marked with a P. Each individual parking space is marked.You'll get a ticket when you park your car wrongly.There's no problem outside the town center. You can also park anywhere and the walk into town is just a question of...

  • Chewing gum

    Chewing gum in the streets and on street furniture is a problem in just about any city in the world. It is very hard to remove and the cost to do so is high. So remember that and throw your chewing gum in a trash can!In Brielle there are special chewing gum trash cans recently (2003) installed. It says:"Chewing gum is waste too"

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Brielle Tourist Traps

  • Gablestone Four craftsmen

    This is not the original gablestone which is made of Bentheim sandstone which is very sensitive to wind and water. The original is in the Historical museum of Brielle.Left to right: the architect (with measuring equipment) the carpenter, the stonemason and the bricklayer. Location: Maarland NZ, Brielle

  • Gablestone Medieval dentistry

    I'm not sure about this one. I think it is new because there used to be a dentist practise here and this looks like some medieval dental practise! The reason I think it is new is that the tool to (supposedly) extract a tooth looks quite modern.I'm not sure about that either though. Currently a doctor's practise resides here.Location: Maarland ZZ,...

  • Gablestone 1827

    The translation is:First stone laid by Maria Theresia Blano anno April 3rd 1827 Location: Nieuwstraat, Brielle


Brielle What to Pack

  • Fire in Brielle

    Photo courtesy of Wil van Balen, press photographer and a former collegeau of mine. Another view of the actual fire.

  • Fire in Brielle

    Photo courtesy of Wil van Balen, press photographer and a former colleague of mine. The actual fire.

  • Fire in Brielle

    This is where the fire started. The person living there wanted to deepfry something after a pub crawl in the middle of the night but he fell asleep.


Brielle Off The Beaten Path

  • Bell ringing joys

    The Brielle Bell Ringers Guild is a very active club. They ring the bells in the St. Catharijne church, maintain, give information and organise activities.These bells are simply rung. They cannot do change ringing such as is common in the UK. Nevertheless, it's a mighty sound!Especially since 3 new bells were added in 2010. Two of them can be rung...

  • Old print

    A print of Brielle from 1622 when Brielle was still a sea port. Old prints show that Brielle didn't change considerably over the centuries. The outlines then are nearly the same as today. A big difference is that the sea is not as close anymore as it was in the Middle Ages. That's when Brielle, an important sea harbour, lost most of its...

  • Masquerade on Dec. 5th

    In Brielle we have a rather unique tradition on this day. It doesn't happen anywhere else. Research shows that it is a century old tradition. Possibly as a courting tradition between young boys and girls. At some point end 1800s and early 1900s the tradition was forbidden because there was more rioting than it was fun. We are trying to keep up this...


Brielle Sports & Outdoors

  • Ligfietsen (reclining bicycle)

    This is a special kind of bike which I haven't tried out myself but seems to be more comfortable to move along. It looks a bit scary as you are much lower than normal which means you really look those car lights in the face. A reclining bicycle.


    There are special paths for cyclists and walkers all around Brielle. Almost daily, Leida and I went for a nice bike ride. Every time Leida took a different route, never the same route twice. The first time we went out, Leida was a little ambitious ( she is much more conditioned than me). We were gone for almost two hours and I swear we went over 15...

  • Caland bridge

    This bridge spans the Maas where the really big container ships pass through. Voorne is a very rural region, yet at 4 kilometres distance there is the largest harbour in the world (port of Rotterdam) and the largest industrialised region in The Netherlands.It's an amazing contradiction.


Brielle Favorites

  • Proud of History

    Brielle has been the first city which was freed from the Spanish Occupiers in 1572. This event, which took place on April 1st 1572, is still commemorated every year with parades and a festival. Even though the town looks very quiet and small, in the Middle Ages Brielle was an important port, more important than Rotterdam. But the arm of the river...

  • Fortified Village

    After driving some miles along the Rotterdam Europort with all its factories, harbour cranes and big gas and oil tanks I passed a wall and found myself suddenly hundreds of years in the past: small roads, canals, bridges and tiny neat houses.The town walls of the Middle ages were replaced in the end of 17th century and completed in 1713. Today you...

  • The martyrs of Gorcum

    The hanging of the 19 martyrs of Gorcum (19 martelaren van Gorcum) in July 1572. These catholic priests were hung in Brielle. And there are still yearly (modest) pilgrimages and commemorations to and in Brielle. They used to be quite big. Not so these days, though last year I saw the procession from my center-of-town home window, passing by. An...


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