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  • Gorinchem, Dalempoort (from YouTube video)
    Gorinchem, Dalempoort (from YouTube...
    by egonwegh
  • Gorcums Museum
    Gorcums Museum
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  • Gorinchem
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Gorinchem Things to Do

  • Dalempoort

    Dalempoort (Dalem Gate). Must have been the clear blue sky that initially made me think back to the town gate of St. Martin-de Re in France. Added a still from a video that I found on YouTube, entitled Free running Dutch style, where you can see two guys climbing the Dalem Gate.

  • Gorcums Museum

    The city's museum is located in the old town hall right in the middle of the old centre. It has a display on the town's history and it holds exhibitions.

  • The "Merwede" side bastion works

    Most impressive are the bastion fortress works on the "Merwede" river side. From here the most possible enemy attacks were to be expected as the Spanish and French were due South and over the river that was as well dangerous at high water levels, as protective against invaders. On this side the starformed bastion works can be walked as there are...

  • Seemingly an invincible town

    Gorinchem was never besieged, but according to the bastion works and citywalls, this could have been a long siege, before the citizens would give up their positions. Water was always available and this means of transport often also couldn;t be cut of completely, so food also could arrive in town. Near the Merwede-side the bastionworks are huge and...

  • You enter ... so you've got to pay

    The road to the river, where ships brought and took people to other destinations, was one of the most important and so was the gateway through the citywalls. Here was the "tolhuis" (tole house) where everyone that entered the town bringing goods and products, had to pay for his / her entry and these goods / products. Often, the means of transport...

  • Water

    As an old trading town, Gorinchem is full of canals leading from river Linge and Merwede through the town. Some of them aren’t used by ships anymore and just look pitturesque while you will see houseboats in some other.

  • Windmill de Hoop

    This windmill was built in 1764 as a gristmill and is still in use. As many other windmills, it was damaged during WWII. Since 1949, the mill is owned by the town of Gorinchem. Machines were installed in the second half of the 20th century and after a long break and several restoration works, it is in use since 1995 again.”de Hoop” means “the...

  • Beautiful Houses

    Gorinchem’s old town is full of beuatiful houses with many of them dating back to the “gouden eeuw” – the golden 17th century. Just to mention two of them: “’t Coemtal van God” is the nickname of this renaissance warehouse from 1563. The name means “all comes from God” and refers to an inscription. Another beautiful building is the old orphanage...

  • Town Hall

    Gorkum’s town hall is large, but compared to other dutch town halls, it is not very impressive. Give it a chance and have a look at its façade which mixes baroque and neorenaissance styles. It was finished in 1860, replacing a 15th century building. Today, it houses the town’s museum. Its function was took over in 1994 by a more modern building...

  • Dalempoort

    Gorinchem’s star-shaped earth walls are almost entirely preserved, but of it’s four original city gates, only one still exists: Dalempoort. It is located in the southwest of the old town, facing river Merwede. Dalempoort was constrcuted in 1597, but replaced in 1770 by its present building. Its most characteristical attribute is the turret on its...

  • Hugo de Grootpoortje

    This was the place where Hugo de Groot hid after his legendary escape from the prison at Slot Loevestein. The original building does not exist anymore, but the baroque door is still there. Hugo de Groot arrived here on and continued his fled on. He chose a day on which the market took place at Grote Markt and easily escaped in the crowd. He fled to...

  • Grote kerk and St. Janstoren

    Gorinchem’s “grote kerk” (big church) was built between 1450 and 1517. Its tower, called St. Janstoren (St. John’s tower) is the town’s landmark. It has a height of 61 meters in height and is equipped with a carrillon counting 49 bells. Two of them are hundrrdes of years old, dating from 1481 and 1625 repectively. The tower was added in the 16th...

  • The Catholic church in the Haarstraat

    Since 1838 the baroque facade of the Roman Catholic church is determining the view of the Haarstraat. The type of the church is called "water state" and is in present times remodelled to house appartments inside. The glass-in-lead windows are still there, something that the church is famous for. In these twelve windowns the 19 marters of Gorinchem...

  • Saint Nicolaas or Holy Spirit chapel

    My must sees I end with the church that is along the shoppingstreets. The Saint Nicolaas or Holy Spirit chapel is actually now-a-days only a graceful tower, as the main church was broken down in 1835. In it's place a meathall was built, but the tower remained. Remarkable are the clocks that have only one arm and only appoint to you the hour....

  • A fountain in the square middle

    And then in the middle of the Market-square there is a large fountain, called after the queen that pulled the Netherlands through two world wars: Wilhelmina. The statue on top shows her in her younger years in the role of Diana, Greek goddess of hunting.

  • The home of the guards

    On the opposit side of the square from the town hall, another large monumental building is stretching wide. This is the former building of the "head of the guards". As Gorinchem was a military important fortress, the population had a considerable amount of soldiers and military men in it's midst. This was the centre of these actions, the...

  • Gorinchem's city hall

    On the main town square (the Market), that is on one of the main shoppingstreets, one will find three monuments. To begin with the cityhall, a majestic building that is taking a complete side of the square. With a nice decorated front side in neo-renaissance styles mixed with a bit of baroc, is is a lust for the eyes.

  • The artotheque (art exposition)

    Facing the Saint Jan's church and actually being the backside of the cityhall of Gorcum, is the grand facade of the "Artotheque", a kind of small museum for art or exposition.


Gorinchem Hotels

  • Campanile - Gorinchem

    Franklinweg 1, , Gorinchem, Zuid-Holland 4207 HX

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Gorinchem

    Van Hogendorpweg 8-10, Gorinchem, 4204 XW, The Netherlands

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Campanile

    FRANKLINWEG 1,4207 HX GORINCHEM, 4207 Hx Gorinchem

Gorinchem Restaurants

  • Intriguing interior

    Among other curious meals they also serve a 'KNIL hap', apparently inspired by the exploits of the Royal Dutch Army of the East Indies (KNIL) in Indonesia - it's Indonesian sate with bread. My father was with the KNIL in the 1950s, which is one reason why I would have loved to taste the 'KNIL hap', but we'd already brought our own bread after the...

  • Well, you know how fond I am of pancakes

    "Eet tevree ... bij Brusse", says the slogan of this pancake restaurant, which means something like "eat well ... at Brusse". A wide range of pancakes will no doubt have your favourite taste as well. Sweet and spicy ... Brusse offers you whatever you like. All kinds of pancakes or ... poffertjes!

  • The name made it clear, I had to drink a...

    Pavlov, a related name of Paul in Russian, actually meaning "~ of Paul" and as well the basic form of Pavlik (which actually just means "little Pavel" ). You can understand that I had to stop here and check whether the beer was worth the name and ... it was.


Gorinchem Transportation

  • Use your feet, the best to see the old...

    Gorinchem's inner town, the old historical part, is easily done on foot. Distances are all relatively small and this way you intensily enjoy the surroundings. Stop here and there to have a drink or something to eat. Gorcum offers a great day out.

  • For other boat lovers: take a tour

    Along the Linge river near the large sluzes that can cut this Betuwe river off from the town, is the possibility to hop on a touring boat that shows you a bit of Gorinchem from the many waterways that surround the town. An example is Vita Nova that organises daily tours from Wednesday until Sundays. The tour starts at 14:00 hours and lasts about...

  • Where rivers connect and split

    To those who have a boat, arrive by boat over the wide rivers Waal (Merwede) or Noort. For smaller water fun it i possible to enter Gorinchem by rented canoe, just a bit up stream along the river Linge.


Gorinchem Shopping

  • Gorinchem, regional shopping centre

    Gorinchem has the function of regional shopping centre and attracts people from an area that takes roughly a 25 (to the West and North) to 40 (to the East and South) kilometers in it's surroundings. The main shopping streets are in the old town centre, for example: Hoogstraat, Gasthuisstraat, Grote Markt, Molenstraat, Kraansteeg en Botersteeg. The...

  • Surprising shops in town

    This shop is definately from grandmother's time and brings you back a century. these shops always have things that make people go "ooo" and "aaa", so why not take a look inside and find yourself leave with a little original surpirse from Gorinchem ... to take home as a souvenir.

  • Gorinchem Hotels

    3 Hotels in Gorinchem

Gorinchem Local Customs

  • Gorinchem and the "Holland" house...

    Old town centres always have the remarkable Dutch facades that Amsterdam is so famous for. Gorcum as well has a vast collection and variety of these typical architectural house fronts and tops. Behind the staircases and clockforms is often a simple triangular roof with the typical Dutch red rooftiles. The listfacades often hav a flat roof on top of...

  • Living with rising water needs ......

    Housinghas always been effected by possible floadings and even now-a-days one has to reckon with the inevitable. In Gorinchem's old town centre one has built new appartment complexes close to the riverside of the Linge, a small river that however is known for it's enormous water level differences. The result is visible: houses that stand in the...

  • Keeping the feet dry (part 3)

    In medieval times floadings of the wide river Merwede had a disasterous effect on Gorinchem and surrounding area's. Dike breeches appeared regularly and it called for a stronger and better organisation to maintain a safe waterlevel and take care of proper measurements against the from time to time raging waters. Therefore organisations were...


Gorinchem Off The Beaten Path

  • More Dutch countryside

    Another view of the Dutch countryside between Gorinchem and Leerdam. We came across this quiet lake with lots of birds and a special spot for birdwatching.

  • Tree in Dutch countryside

    Enjoy a walk in the Dutch countryside. A tree stump along the road that we followed from Gorinchem to Leerdam.

  • In the shade of the other churches

    The Rehoboth church is a relatively new church in the old centre of Gorinchem. It was built in 1909 and houses the Christian Society. The name Rehoboth is surrounded with mystery and originates from the United States area around Rhode Island or Massachusets. Services in the church are each Sunday at 10:00 o'clock.


Gorinchem Favorites

  • Above all a "vestingstad" = fortified...

    Gorinchem belongs to the "vestingdriehoek". Translated that is the fortresses triangle. In the junction of three provinces and three rivers, in the past centuries one fortress after another appeared as defencelines on all sides. Gorinchem, Woudrichem and Zaltbommel are three town that are turned into fortresses by large bastion-walls. Fortress...

  • Gorinchem centre around the old Sint Jan

    Like almost all medieval towns, Gorinchem appeared as a settlement around a church. Gorinchem settled around the Sint Jan's church (Saint John). First this was a Rman Catholic church, but after the reformation it became a protestant one. This happened with many Dutch churches and only few later returned to their original destination. Special thing...

  • Various rivers in NL means various...

    The fact that Gorinchem is situated on so many different waters, it is one of the places where one can see impressively good what kind of intensive waterhoushold the Netherlands have. The Linge river is entering Gorinchem on the North-Eastern side and has here two large locks that can regulate the waterlevels outside and inside the town. The most...


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