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Leiden Things to Do

  • Historical Leiden

    Leiden's Gravensteen is a very old building, built entirely from stone and dating from the 1300s . It was originally used partly as a dwelling place for the Counts of Leiden and partly as their private prison. Executions were carried out on the little square in front of the Gravensteen from 1463, when the building became the property of the city....

  • Churches

    Take a chance an get off the train at Leiden. It's not nearly as touristy as Amsterdam and it's an easy place to see a couple of windmills up close. Head east from the train station. The main roads will take you over a couple of canals and you'll been in the center of town with the main shopping street. One of the sites worth seeing is the...

  • Windmill

    Windmill De Put was build by Jan Janzoon Put in1618 at the Galgewater. Across the water stood a similar windmill owned by Rembrandt's parents. The Put has been painted by Rembrandt and can be seen in his earliest works. The Put burned down in 1640, but was quickly rebuild. In 1729 De Put was repleced by a much bigger one called De Korenbloem; this...


Leiden Hotels

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Leiden Restaurants

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  • Another much-appreciated sandwich

    We were in desperate need of sustenance and...preferably...a beer. But, for some reason, the part of Leiden where we were wandering was very short of places which could provide either.Then De Engelenbak appeared, and so we went in.It's a restaurant as well as a cafe and, to be honest, the lunch menu is quite short. But we were happy with our...

  • Mid town Chinese

    Hong kong is a cosy Chinese/Indonesian restaurant.Also take-away service.Business hours:Ma-Fr: 1PM - 10PMSa-Su: Noon - 10PM

  • Coffee and pie

    Eetwinkel NoroC is a small and cosy place for a cup of coffee and cake.Also great lunches.Business hours:Mo: ClosedTu-Sa: 10AM - 6PMSu: 11AM - 5PM


Leiden Nightlife

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  • Sports, Karaoke, and Good Fun!

    Vi-kings, a cozy sports bar located at the Noordeinde 28, Leiden.This is the right place for the true sports enthusiast, they have multiple TVs and two big screens. With Dutch Digital Television. and Sky TV they try to show as much sport as possible! There is always a very friendly international atmosphere present at Vi-kings.For the...

  • The Bar With My Name On It!

    On my way into the centre from the railway station this sign on the doorway caught my attention - "...It's ALWAYS BEER O'CLOCK!"Unfortunately at 10.30 am it wasn't :-(De Joker looks like my sort of pub tho' and checking out reviews and pics it seems like a lively night spot with live music and open from 1700 until ?? Reviews warn ?? means...

  • Solo gig

    The LVC is a small gig venue in the city centre. We went to see the Dutch band, Solo - a two man acoustic/singer song writer and keyboard player. I had heard that they were good - and they were! It was a great night and they signed CDs and chatted to us afterwards!The venue has free coat and bag check - but to buy drinks you must use tokens - two...


Leiden Transportation

  • By train.....

    Dutch trains are safe, comfortable, efficient and reasonably-priced. So getting to Leiden from anywhere in the Netherlands by train should be easy enough.From Amsterdam the journey to Leiden takes just under 40 minutes. There are regular direct trains running more or less throughout the night as well as in the daytime, so there is no need to worry...

  • Leiden Centraal Train Station

    One of the reason for me to visit Leiden was the train station. The concrete train station of my home town Hengelo was made from the blue prints of the Leiden station.Well, the present Leiden Centraal station is no longer that concrete example. It was replaced by a modern construction by architect Harry Reijnders in the shape of a shell.The station...

  • Convenient parking and free shuttle bus

    Leiden and parking don't go together very well, and I have known this for all of my life. It's just that Leiden (especially the center) is very old and the streets are narrow so it's not quite easy to park anywhere.I used an excellent parking service at the largest open-air parking in Leiden called Haagweg.Strictly speaking you can walk to the city...


Leiden Shopping

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  • Second Hand Books

    If you have read more of my shopping tips of other Dutch and Belgium towns, wou will know I never skip a visit to one of the De Slegte book shop branches. Although much of the contents and appearances is the same is the same, each shop has great stuff in their second hand section. To my surprise the Leiden branch had some records for sale too; a...

  • A General Tip

    Leiden has an impressive array of shopping opportunities, from small individual specialist outlets to the usual supermarkets for daily necessities. The main shopping street is Haarlemmerstraat (pictured) which with over 200 outlets has all the shops and services you should need. This runs through the centre of the city, parallel to the Old Rhine...

  • Hair studio

    Lil & Zo is a cosy hairdresser shop in Retro style.Business hours:Mo: ClosedTu-We: 9AM - 5:30PMTh: 9AM - 9PMFr: 9AM - 5:30 PMSa: 9AM - 4PM


Leiden Local Customs

  • If You Need Internet Access

    I needed to check where my hotel for the night in Arnhem was and so popped into this friendly little internet place on Steenstraat, heading towards Centraal Station. They have about half-a-dozen machines and I think it cost 35 cents for 15 minutes.They also offer cheap phone calls, cards and money transfer services.

  • Finding Your Way Around

    Even without a map Leiden is very easy to find your way around. The city centre is compact and easily walkable (or cycleable) and there are plenty of helpful signposts pointing you in the direction of the main attractions.There are also strategically located city maps which are easy to read and most of the main places of interest have external...

  • Leiden Tourist Office

    Although I didn't have cause to use this the local tourist office is the conspicuous white building to your left as you leave the railway station, heading into the city - Stationsweg 41Here you'll find multi-lingual staff offering pretty much any information or service you could require including accommodation assistance, tickets for local events,...


Leiden Warnings and Dangers

  • Be quiet

    When you visit the "Hofjes" (inner courts) at Leiden, please respect the privacy of the people that live here.

  • Seagulls

    Leiden is that far from the North sea and it's now surprising that seagulls are in town when the street markets are there. It looks like most birds are older one, just waiting for food spills, but don't be surprised when one of them takes a dive to snatch some fast food.

  • Fietspad/cycling lanes - Move away!

    The Netherlands are a country of cyclists, there are more bicycles then people and it is not uncommon for people to own more that one.Therefore, cities are organized in such a way that cyclists rule the streets.This can be a problem for anyone using a different means of transportation.If you are a driver, you will notice that often there is a...


Leiden Tourist Traps

  • An obvious one maybe: don t...

    An obvious one maybe: don t forget! the water is wet :-).

  • If you pick a restaurant where...

    If you pick a restaurant where locals dine you can't go wrong, right? WRONG!! You're in Holland now, not in Italy. And we Dutch go to ANY length trying to save a buck. So if you want to avoid the risk of nasty suprises (e.g. salads with rotten ingredients) avoid places like 'Malle Jan', 'LA Bota' and 'Charcoal'. If you're on Budget, try for...

  • Leiden´s inner city is the...

    Leiden´s inner city is the second largest in the country. If you want to see it all, you really need a bike!


Leiden What to Pack

  • Leiden Luggage: A Lust for Leiden

    Pack your interest in history and academicsDon't forget your architectural antennaeRead up on some Rembrandtand keep your musical ear cockeda prayer for good weathera desire for shopping and eatingin short: a Lust for Leiden !

  • Packing List

    On this old map you can see the city centre of Leiden. It has hardly changed since then. You can still recognize the street paterns and most of the monumental buildings... by clicking on the picture you can get the full size.

  • Leiden Hotels

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Leiden Off The Beaten Path

  • The Marebrug

    The Marebrug is a rather impressive swing bridge which spans the canal (the Singel?) which runs between Oude Vest and Oude Singel. Its roadway connects the Lange Mare with the Korte Mare.The first bridge across this canal was built in 1611 but this version, is, obviously, much more modern It dates from 1955 and has a small 'bridgekeeper's house' in...

  • Leiden hofjes: Meermansburg Hof

    The Meermansburg hof is situated at the Hekkensteeg. It is the biggest court and was constructed from 1680 till 1683. It was build on order of Maarten Meerman and his wife Helena Verburg.Original the hof had 28 small houses; in 1780 3 more were added. The houses were for widows of at least 40 years of age.

  • Leiden Hofjes: Sint Salvatorhof

    In 1625 the Roman Catholic priest Pauwels van de Velde founded the Sint Salvatorhof at the Steenstraat 17 The hof has 14 small houses for housing of women.The Hof was renovated in 1978 – 1979.Nowadays students of the Leiden University live in the houses.


Leiden Sports & Outdoors

  • Running

    In Leiden is branch of the Lopers Company, an organisation by and for runners.Lopers Company started in 2012.The goal is to run as professional as possible.

  • Rowing

    With all the canals Leiden is ideal for rowing. Outside Leiden are many smaller waters and some lakes. There are several rowing clubs at Leiden; some only open to students; others open to everyone. Rowing boat or kayak

  • Snooker/Pool

    If you are in the mood for a nice game of Snooker or pool, this is the place for you.Since the term snooker and pool are used a bit loosely around Europe, I will try to explain which kind of tables they have:- 2 snooker tables (English-style, very large tables with 15 red balls and 7 different colours)- 6 Pool tables (smaller tables, with the 6...


Leiden Favorites

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  • Scenic Leiden

    The Old Police Headquarter dates from 1927 and was designed by Jan Neisingh in the style of the Amsterdam school. The building is a National monument. Since the closure of the headquater in 2005 the city of Leiden is looking for another destination for the building like rendering of service. Location: Zonneveldstraat 10 - 2311RV Leiden

  • Leiden University

    The Webster University at Leiden is an Academy for: -Business & Management (MBA) -Behavioral & Social Sciences (MA) -Global Politics -Media Communications & Fine Arts -Professional Development (CMA) The Webster University is located at Boommarkt 1 - 2311 EA Leiden. Tel: +31-71-5168001

  • Laurens Janszn Koster statue

    Laurens Janszn Koster (1370 - 1440) was the DUtch inventor of the art of book printing.A statue of this famous Dutchman can be found in the front wall of the houses at the Haarlemmerstraat 86.Above the statue's head it sais.Lavrens Kostervan HaerlemOn it's coat it sais:LAVRENTIO KOSTER0 HARLEMENSI PRIMO ARTIS TYPOGRAFICAE INVENTORI CIRCA ANNVM DNI...


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