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Rozenburg Things to Do

  • The 'Havenroute' (Harbour route)

    The Dutch Automobile Association (ANWB) set out a route in cooperation with Port of Rotterdam.You will find yourself going all the way around the Nieuwe Waterweg (New Waterway) area including the many harbours, industry, Storm Surge Barrier, beaches and nature.On April 21st 2003 I drove a very small part of it. Leaving home (Brielle) I crossed the...

  • Storm Surge Barrier

    Also known as the Maeslant Barrier, will protect the land in case of a spring tide with added factors that would flood the land even as far as Dordrecht and the Biesbosch.

  • The 'Nieuwe Waterweg' (New Waterway)

    Now turning to the other side, the New Waterway where in the distance you see the great Storm Surge Barrier. Two white arms the size of an Eiffel Tower each, will have to keep the water out when there is Spring Tide that, with some other factors, would flood the land behind from the coast to Dordrecht and the Biesbosch.Note the well-maintained...

  • Natural park

    Driving along the 'Landtong Rozenburg' one sees the Caland Canal on one side, and a natural dune landscape on the other side.The landscape here is very special and developed on its own when the point of land was created by the engineers.This very narrow strip of land amazingly turned itself into a kind of natural dune landscape.The area can be...

  • Scoop it up!

    The 'dock' (the red part that you see here) looks like a sort of scoop that places itself under the ship and 'scoops' it up to above water level.

  • A ship in dock

    A moveable dock in the middle of the Caland Canal attracted my attention. It seems it has just half a ship on it.

  • Drilling platform up close

    You can stop almost anywhere along the one road that goes along the 'Landtong Rozenburg'. Which is really great if you want to make a photo.

  • Drilling platform

    Driving along the 'Landtong Rozenburg' one immediately hits on this drilling rig as it majestically rises from the water.

  • Always activity

    The Port of Rotterdam with its industry and freight traffic works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.Even on a bank holiday like the Monday after Easter!


Rozenburg Restaurants

  • Veerhuis

    If you're waiting for the ferry from Rozenburg to Maassluis, or just want to see the river traffic come by along the 'Nieuwe Waterweg', have a good meal or a drink at 't Veerhuis. Pub lunches and dinner and the usual drinks and snacks. A salad with potato salad, salmon, smoked eel, hard boiled eggs and shrimp and toast sets you back € 7,95.

  • The icecream lady

    At the very end of the 'Landtong Rozenburg', where you'll see many day tourists on a sunny day, stop for an icecream cone at the icecream van! Two balls of icecream for € 1,20 in a normal cone.Four balls of icecream for € 2,40 in a large cone.

  • Rozenburg Hotels

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Rozenburg Transportation

  • Ferry rates

    Voetganger = pedestrianFiets = bicycleBromfiets = motorcycle (up to 50cc I think)Enkele reis = single tripMultiveerpas = probably 10 tripsMaandveerpas = month ticket.However, these are old rates on the photo. For current information, click the link below. If you need help, do ask!

  • The Rozenburg Ferry

    It's just a short crossing between Rozenburg and Maassluis which takes you easily to the A4 direction The Hague and Rotterdam.Details about schedules and prices at the link below. If you need help, do ask!

  • The Harbour route (Havenroute)

    Follow the little blue six-sided signs for the touristic Harbour Route.When that includes the ferry, you can find details at the link below. If you need help, do ask!


Rozenburg Favorites

  • Looking after the 'Landtong Rozenburg'

    Various parties are involved in the further development of the 'Landtong Rozenburg'.First the Council of the town Rozenburg. Then Port Rotterdam, Rijkswaterstaat (the state, so to speak) and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). But also the City Council of Rotterdam and various other institutions.Main objectives are safety, nature and wildlife...

  • The 'Landtong Rozenburg'

    The point of land at Rozenburg is a narrow strip of manmade land that has taken on a life of its own. It was created as a dam between two waterways in the 1970s.On one side the mighty 'Nieuwe Waterweg' (New Waterway) where ships come in from the North Sea into the Port of Rotterdam, the largest port in the world.On the other side the Caland Canal...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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