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Most Viewed Restaurants in Netherlands

  • Werelds restuatant,Witte de Withstraat 81b,3012bn,: If you snooze you lose.

    by countvascoderatti Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The atmosphere is warm and friendly,we felt very comfartable and relaxed,the decor is very rustic almost historic with reminders of the past and the present.The ranges from simple to the full al a carte experience with a great selection of drinks and fine wines,we ordered fish and chips and we were really impressed,fresh ,crispy and delicious,I think that everything is cooked to order,they have an open kitchen and a beer garden and a nice terrace,the other people who were dining were also very impressed,the waiter was very attentive and was really polite.

    Favorite Dish: The fish and chips is even better than I have eaten in England,cripy batter and the pure white fish just melts in your mouth,the chips were perfect,I have been told the escalopos or Snitzel are also really excellent.

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  • vtveen's Profile Photo
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    Groningen - Smeerlings Theehuys: so quiet and peaceful ...

    by vtveen Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This ‘tearoom’ is located in Smeerling, a settlement existing of eight impressive Saxion farmhouses. Together they do have the status of a protected area. In a barn of one of the farmhouses (dating from 1842) has been made a huge glass construction for the tearoom.
    But we preferred to sit outside on the terrace with views of the landscape of the ‘Ruiten A’, a small river which meanders through the area.

    The Theehuys offers of course tea, but also coffee, other drinks and a (simple) lunch.
    It is also starting point for two walks and a biketour around Smeerling.

    Favorite Dish: The quietness and peacefulness of this place was just amazing.
    And the coffee and cake were very good.

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  • ATLC's Profile Photo

    Dine with the Dutch: Dine with the Dutch in their home

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Who can describe it better than the initiator?

    'Get to know Dutch culture in a unique way and join an Amsterdammer for dinner. Book an at-home dinner with one of our specially selected hosts. Listen to their stories about Dutch culture, find out more about Amsterdam and sample our kitchen!

    Based on your individual preferences, Dine with the Dutch will match you with one of the special selected host families.
    We will make the right match for a wonderful and unique evening in Amsterdam!!!!
    For only ?49,98 you can enjoy our Amsterdam hospitality and a typical Dutch meal.
    (Special prices for children and groups up to 15 people)

    Do you want to have a special evening, for example with a taxidriver or an artistcouple?
    For many tourists Dine with the Dutch is a wonderful and memorable experience, a unique way to find out more about Amsterdam!!!'

    Favorite Dish: I haven't tried this but I hear good reports. I've a good mind to start offering this myself!

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  • ATLC's Profile Photo

    IJmuiden (province Noord-Holland) Imko's: Don't miss the fresh seafood!

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Specialised seafood restaurant in the not so attractive but lively harbour area.

    Favorite Dish: Although it's been a while since I was there, I remember the great oysters I had here. The largest I've ever eaten, prepared Asian style with soy sauce and chillies.

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  • nighthawk's Profile Photo

    Dutch cuisine has always been...

    by nighthawk Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dutch cuisine has always been simple and healthy: fish and seafood in all varieties, fresh fruit and vegetables, and, of course, the many cheese specialities for which the country is well known in the whole world. Also typically Dutch is the 'kopje koffie' (cup of coffee) which is taken at any time of the day or night or the 'pannekoeken' (pancakes) with 'stroop' (syrup). A major favourite in winter is 'stamppot', a stew of kale with bacon. Traditionally, this is accompanied by a glass of Genever (gin) to keep warm. Those who want to sample traditional Dutch cuisine should stay on the look-out for the symbol for 'Neerlands Dis' (Dutch food): a blue and white soup bowl.I often choose the salad, like this one I had in Giethoorn. Delicious!

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  • dutchboycalledjan's Profile Photo

    The Raffles: Java cuisine in the Javastraat

    by dutchboycalledjan Written Dec 2, 2010

    In The Hague I can recommend the Raffles restaurant. Authentic Java cuisine, very nice atmosphere. The owner wanted to stop, but his customers have persuaded him to continue. Closed on Sundays :-(

    Favorite Dish: Everything is great and well prepared. We usually have a 3 course diner.

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  • vtveen's Profile Photo
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    Gelderland - Terwolde: Theehuis en Rozentuin ‘De Stamroos’

    by vtveen Written Jul 5, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On one of our bike trips around our hometown Apeldoorn we came across this tearoom, which we never had heard about. Owners told us they just started their ‘business’ a year ago.

    They are open from April until October and perhaps the best time for a visit is a nice summer day as we had. It is so lovely sitting in the garden in the shadow of a fruit tree just drinking your tea (or coffee) and enjoying the quietness of this spot. ‘De Stamroos’ is servicing tea, coffee, soft drinks, cakes and pies - highly recommend having a home made apple crumble pie- and ice cream. By appointment it is also possible to have a high tea.

    The garden has a huge variety of roses with a (frog) pond in the middle; nice to walk around.
    If you want to start your own rose garden, you can buy roses in pots.

    If the weather isn’t that good visitors find a seat inside in a tasteful converted shed. It has a wood stove and a shop whit ‘rose related’ gifts.

    Opening hours
    From April 1th to October 1th on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10.30 am - 6.00 pm.
    Or by appointment with at least 6 persons.

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  • vtveen's Profile Photo

    North Holland, Schagen - De Posthoorn: dining at the main square

    by vtveen Updated May 3, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Schagen has a remarkable number of restaurants and it was quite difficult for us to decide wher to have our diner the second day of our short visit. Although not our first choice (which was Grand Café 1741, closed for a private function) we ended up in Restaurant De Posthoorn, almost next to our hotel Igesz.

    De Posthoorn is located in one of the older buildings of the city along the main square; it is family owned since 1912. We were seated by the friendly staff in the conservatory with great views of the Markt.

    Being so close to the North Sea we opted for one of the fish dishes of the menu: fillet of cod with a very tasteful mustard sauce. The fish was served with various potatoes and vegetables. We finished our diner with a (strong) cappuccino, still overlooking the main square and enjoying the coming and going locals.

    De Posthoorn offers good honest food for an affordable price (our main course was just € 16.50 pp).

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  • ATLC's Profile Photo

    Culinary Rotterdam: Culinary Rotterdam

    by ATLC Updated Feb 24, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are about 18 restaurant tips on my Rotterdam page in any category you would wish for. From local to exotic and in every price range you can wish for.
    VT member Kozzmozz is a local of Rotterdam and his page includes even more restaurants.

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  • vtveen's Profile Photo
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    Limburg - Vijlen: A gen Kirk, good and honest food

    by vtveen Written Aug 16, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A gen Kirk calls itself ‘wandel en fiets café’ (bike and hike café) and indeed when staying in the B&B or sitting on the lovely terrace, we did see a lot of bikers and hikers. Having a break, drinking a coffee or beer or having a home made apple pie, lunch or snack.

    But A gen Kirk also has also a diner menu, although the choice isn’t too extensive it has something for everybody from local to more general dishes. During our stay in the B&B the weather was so nice and we enjoyed the afternoon sun on the terrace. So we decided having diner at A gen Kirk.
    And to be honest: it was marvellous !! We had four different dishes: salmon, vegetarian pasta, natural steak and ‘coq au vin’ and they all were tasteful and very well cooked by Daniël, one of the owners. As dessert we had (both times) an excellent crème brulée.

    (More info/pics about Vijlen)

    Favorite Dish: Good and honest food for very affordable prices.
    We paid for our main course (2009) between € 10,- en € 13,50.

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  • fscked's Profile Photo

    Aran Irish Pub: Great Atmosphere and Even Better Stew

    by fscked Written Jun 17, 2009

    I was only in Amsterdam for 2 days and had lunch at this pub twice because it was so good. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and although I ate indoors, there is also a nice outdoor eating area that's situated right next to the canal. Our waitress (who was actually Irish) was very friendly and even took the time to direct us to a few places in town that we couldn't find previously. She even drew us a map! The food was excellent and the prices very reasonable. I loved this place.

    Favorite Dish: The stew w/ Guinness was awesome and their potato soup was the best I've ever had.

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  • DueSer's Profile Photo

    Leidseplein: If You Can't Decide Where to Eat...

    by DueSer Written Mar 6, 2009

    If you're trying to decide what to eat for dinner and just can't decide, try the Leidseplein. There are tons of restaurants here with food from all over the world. There's a McDonald's (of course) and the Hard Rock Cafe but there's also Mexican and Chinese food as well as food from just about any other country you can name. There are a lot of nightclubs here also.

    The only problem that I saw with this place is that part of it is quite lovely - flowers, the canal, little shops...and the other part of it is away from the canal on rather dirty streets with lots of tourists. This is really where the tourists come to eat and party. If you don't mind that, you'll enjoy it. If you do mind that, then try to come here for lunch. It won't be as busy then so you can at least experience the area.

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  • gkitzmil's Profile Photo

    Not ONE restaurant.... but many: VARIETY

    by gkitzmil Written Feb 7, 2009

    Variety is the key word in eating at restauirants in the Netherlands. The NL is greatly influenced by Indonesian cuisine. You will find great schnitzels, sandwiches and international cuisine, especially Indonesian.

    Favorite Dish: Broodjes (sandwiches) are a common daytime snack
    pannenkoeken or poffertjes (pancakes) are favorite.
    Matjes (salted herring) is widely available
    Bitterballen (deep fried meatballs) are a great snack

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  • margaretvn's Profile Photo
    2 more images

    Vlietzicht: good food with good views

    by margaretvn Written Aug 31, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This lovely restaurant is opposite the natur park "De Vlietlanden". The restaurant is right on the waters edge with a terrrace on a pontoon on the water but if you want to sit in the shade there is a terrace in front of the restaurant as well.
    We had a light lunch there and everything was fresh and tasty.
    They have a website : but it is only in Dutch.
    You can also hire canoes, and boats and waterbikes from them.
    They are all so friendly and helpful and after a 10 kilometre walk we were glad of something to dsrink and lunch.

    Favorite Dish: I had a french bread "gezond".... cheese, ham, tomato, egg and salad, Koos had an "uitsmijter" bread with melted cheese, ham and three fried eggs on it.

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  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    Overview Dutch Biologic Restaurants: Dutch Biologic Restaurants

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Aug 10, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are a number of Dutch restaurants, growing their own food next door to the restaurant itself.

    Here's an overview:

    Villa Augustus
    Oranjelaan 7
    3311 DH Dordrecht
    Phone: +31-78-6393111
    Business hours:
    Mo-Th: 7AM - Midnight
    Fr: 7AM - 1 AM
    Sa: 8AM - 1 AM
    Su: 8AM - Midnight

    De Kas
    Kamerling Onneslaan 3
    1097 DE Amsterdam
    Phone: +31-20-4624562
    Business hours:
    Mo-Fr: Noon 2PM & 6.30PM - 10PM
    Sa: 6.30PM - 10PM

    Rijnkade 39
    6811 HA Arnhem
    Phone: +31-26-4426664
    Business hours:
    Tu-Su: Noon - 10PM

    Herberg De Klomp
    Vilsterseweg 10
    7734 PD Vilsteren
    Phone: +31-529-459000
    Business hours:
    We-Su: Noon - 8.30PM

    Van de Boer
    Mathenesserweg 2-4
    3026 HA Rotterdam
    Phone: +31-10-4155745
    Business hours:
    We-Sa: 11AM - 10PM

    De Veldkeuken
    Koninslaan 1
    3982 HD Bunnik
    Phone: +31-30-2542463
    Business hours:
    We-Fr: Noon - 5PM
    Sa-Su: 11AM - 5.30PM

    De Stapelbakker
    Oude Waag 21
    4153 RC Beesd
    Phone: +31-345-618901
    Business hours:
    Mo: Noon - 8PM
    Tu-Su: 10AM - 8PM

    Cuisinerie Mensinge
    Mensingheweg 1
    9301 KA Roden
    Phone: +31-50-5013149
    Business hours;
    We-Su: Noon - 8PM

    Favorite Dish: Biological food; direct from the land next door.

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