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    A city walk in Groningen

    by pawimzelf Written Oct 7, 2012

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    There are somany things in this city, it is a museum on his own. The market place is full of restaurants outside and during the winter inside. there are many churches worthy for a visite.
    Look around every corner you see a surprice.

    canal on the walk to the center one of the many churchs the city hall
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    by Twan Updated Jul 28, 2012

    If you go to Holland you go to Amsterdam, don´t be confuzed Amsterdam is the capital of Holland (not the other way around). Amsterdam is famous for the sex, drugs and rock ´n Roll, but don´t forget is is a beautiful city as well, with all the canels and old buildings!

    Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam
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  • dutchboycalledjan's Profile Photo

    Things to do in The Netherlands

    by dutchboycalledjan Written Jul 12, 2012

    Perhaps they can find a hotel in Leiden or Delft. This is a nice one in the old center of Delft: Leiden is between Amsterdam and The Hague and has the second largest historic city center and some fine museums. In The Hague they can visit Het Gemeentemuseum, - several collections, including Mondriaan - which also shows important paintings - Vermeer, Rembrandt, Potter, from The Mauritshuis - being restaured.

    Amsterdam is a must see, just walk around or try a boat trip. Hire a bike.

    When you like the country : visit Kinderdijk, the wind mills, and stop also at nearby Dordrecht. Gouda is also a nice city - yes, the cheese - and has the most beatifull church windows in the world. Also a good place to stay, with very good trains to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

    In Limburg, near Venlo, is the Floriade, an international flower and horticulture exhibition, once every ten year.

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  • vtveen's Profile Photo

    Noordoostpolder - auto tour to the tulips

    by vtveen Updated May 3, 2012

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    The Netherlands is famous for its tulips and other bulbs. Everybody knows the Keukenhof and the so called 'Bloembollenstreek' (Bulb Region) in the western part of my country between Haarlem and Leiden.

    But there is a complete other way to see these wonderful flowers. In one of our polders, the 'Noordoostpolder' is the biggest area with tulips in the Netherlands. Late April/early May there are lots of activities around the blooming time of the tulips. Everywhere along the road you can buy some fresh tulips for a couple of euro's.

    We made the signposted car tour along the 'Bollenroute' (or 'Tulpenroute'); this is 100 km long route through the Noordoostpolder, which shows a lot of tulip fields. Besides it is more or less amazing if you realise the fact that you are driving on the bottom of a former sea.

    Along the route are a lot of interesting sites to make a stop, among them:
    - an information centre and show garden with hundreds of tulip species;
    - a huge orchid garden;
    - a garden where you can pick your own tulips (

    For directions, activities and a map see the website.

    Tulip Noordoostpolder: lots of tulip fields also some hyacinths show garden with hundreds of species one tulip made of hundreds
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  • Roggeveen's Profile Photo

    queens day (30 april) in amsterdam

    by Roggeveen Written Mar 9, 2012

    Absolutely Amsterdam. There are several nice things to experience; a very large second hand market; visit the Vondelpark; only children are allowed here to sell their items and make music. The tip to avoid the city centre is a good one. If you prepare your walk on a map, try to go to the Jordaan area.
    And above all; wear someting orange, and have fun!

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  • vtveen's Profile Photo

    Haarlem - walking along almshouses

    by vtveen Updated Feb 10, 2012

    When visiting a town/city we always try to walk around; the best way for exploring a city.
    So we did also in Haarlem during our day trip on a grey and windy day between Christmas and New Year.

    We opted for a walk along the almshouses of Haarlem (the city is famous for these so called ‘hofjes’ and has about twenty of them). It turned out to be a very interesting walk, which brought us not only to these green oasis in the city centre, but also along parts of the main shopping streets, authentic small local shops in side streets, the Korte Houtstraat - greenest street of Haarlem, a couple of very interesting monuments (among them the Great Church or St. Bavo’s) and with a short detour to Teylers Museum, the oldest museum of the Netherlands. Everywhere along the route you will find cafes and restaurants for a stop.

    We picked a brochure of this walk at the VVV-office (which is signposted everywhere in the city) nearby the department store of Vroom & Dreesmann.

    All of the almshouses are quite small and different from each other, but they all offer small homes around green courtyards. We started with the ‘Bruiningshofje’ - with a real hidden entrance - which is with just four houses one of the smallest. Most of the ‘hofjes’ were founded by wealthy Haarlem citizens as accommodation for aged and elderly women in need. The ‘Brouwershofje’ - with its typical white houses - was established by the Brewers Guild (Brouwersgilde), housing impoverished women who couldn’t longer work in one of the breweries.
    Another special almshouse is the ‘Luthers Hofje’, with its quaint little homes, adjoining the church. These almshouses were built by the Lutheran Church on the former grounds of a monastery.
    One of the bigger ones is the ‘Hofje van Oorschot’, which can be seen from one of the main shopping streets in the city centre.

    Most of the ‘hofjes’ along the route are open for visitors on weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm.
    There is no entrance fee, but be aware that all of the almshouses are still inhabited. Please respect the privacy of the people !!

    Just the walk will take about 1,5 hours, without stops.

    We got a (free) leaflet of the walk at the VVV-office. These leaflets are in Dutch and English. You also can download them from the internet:

    Brouwershofje - Brouwers almshouses Proveniershof - Proveniers almshouses Bruiningshofje - Bruinings almshouses Luthers Hofje - Lutheran almshouses Frans Loenenhofje - Frans Loenen almshouses
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  • vtveen's Profile Photo

    Groenlo, walking in a fortified city

    by vtveen Updated Nov 11, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Netherlands has quite a lot of fortified cities. Some of them are well known (mostly located in the western part of the country), but there is one which is more or less unknown as such.
    That is the city of Groenlo in the eastern part of the Netherlands (close to Germany).

    Groenlo – which has been known through the centuries as Groonloo, Gronlo and Grol – was founded around the year 610 and was awarded city rights in 1277. The city is mainly famous for its illustrious history. It played a prominent role in the Eighty Year War between the Netherlands and Spain. In 1627 the battle for Grol, fought between the troops of Prince Frederik Henrik and the Spanish, put the town at the centre of the action.

    The best way to explore the history of this fortified city is to walk around or even better by following a signposted walk through the town. Best thing is to get the brochure ‘Vestingstad Wandeling’ at the local VVV-office (Mattelierstraat). During my last visit - July 2011 – they didn’t have information in English, but the brochure has a map. The VVV-building houses also the City Museum, a good start for your visit.

    The walk brings you to the ramparts (with replica cannons), bulwarks and the city moat, but also to all other interesting historical sights in Groenlo;
    - Old Calixtus Church: the oldest building in town
    - City farm (dating back from the 17th century)
    - Calixtus Church, with an interesting interior
    - City Hall from the 16th century
    - Market Square
    - Brouwery De Klok, ‘birthplace’ of the famous Dutch Grolsch Beer.

    Opening hours
    For opening hours of the Tourist Information (VVV) office in Groenlo, see:

    Groenlo - cannon on a rampart Groenlo - moat Groenlo - city farm Groenlo - market square Groenlo - Calixtus Church, altar
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  • egonwegh's Profile Photo

    Victory Boogie Woogie,...

    by egonwegh Updated Aug 18, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Victory Boogie Woogie, alledgedly Pieter Mondriaan's unfinished master piece, made of paint, pieces of paper and plastics on canvas, on display at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. Bought by the Dutch State in 1998 for 80 million guilders, an enormous amount of money, about 32 million dollars or 22.5 million pounds. At the time, the purchase raised a lot of questions, but a recent publication has it that '...the price paid is no more than a fading memory by now'...
    Most hotly disputed work of art in the Netherlands in recent years.

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  • Pijlmans's Profile Photo

    Daytrip to Zutphen

    by Pijlmans Updated Jun 29, 2011

    Zutphen is a picturesque city along the river IJssel in the province Gelderland, in the mid-east of the Netherlands.

    It is about 90 minutes from Amsterdam by train.

    Zutphen used to be a fortified city, and the remains of the city wall, gates and defense towers remind you of this.

    There are also several churches, among which the St Walburgis Church with the famous 16th century Librije library. In this old library, the books are locked with chains in order to prevent theft. It's one of the three libraries like that in the world!

    See the link below for more information.

    Berkel Ruin, Zutphen Berkel Ruin, Zutphen Wijnhuis Tower, Zutphen Bourgonje Tower, Zutphen Berkel Ruin, Zutphen
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  • parsifal56's Profile Photo

    Go visit Utrecht

    by parsifal56 Written May 18, 2011

    One of the largest University areas within the EU, the outskirts don´t look nice from the train, but once in the centre, the channels and architecture are spellbounding. Great cafes and walks and shopping and inexpensive accommodation.

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  • parsifal56's Profile Photo

    Go visit Utrecht

    by parsifal56 Written May 18, 2011

    One of the largest University areas within the EU, the outskirts don´t look nice from the train, but once in the centre, the channels and architecture are spellbounding. Great cafes and walks and shopping and inexpensive accommodation.

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  • mariahc1's Profile Photo

    Have a blast at the Sex Museum!

    by mariahc1 Written May 9, 2011

    Going to the Sex Museum can be a very pleasant experience, especially if you are with company! You can find everything related to sex, from pictures, to objects, sex toys, sex uniforms, a hotline phone, sex statues, erotic movies, and the list goes on and on. You can learn all about the history of sex evolution starting from the ancient Greek mythology. There can be some very funny moments when you get to sit on a "special" chair which vibrates a bit. Really, a visit there is about the history of eroticism.

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  • mariahc1's Profile Photo

    Visit the Anne Frank museum

    by mariahc1 Updated May 9, 2011

    All visitors to Amsterdam should go to the Anne Frank museum. It's not that the museum has got a lot to offer, it's the whole experience of just, personally, experiencing how a whole family could be hidden in a hiding place for 2 years without going out, seeing the sun or enjoying every-day moments like normal people. The terror, the anxiety and fear that the family must have felt might seem unknown to us. But just imagine how much they suffered. It is a very-well preserved place with a detailed description of events that happened in each room. There is also a bookstore selling dvds, books and notes, all translated in different languages (apart from Greek I'm afraid). It is also ideal for teacher and student educational excursions and for anyone who is interested in World War II. Visitors should be prepared to wait in long lines as the museum is always busy.

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  • mariahc1's Profile Photo

    Visit the countryside!

    by mariahc1 Updated May 8, 2011

    Amsterdam is not only the Red Light District. If you leave the city without visiting the wonderful countryside then your trip will be incomplete. We paid for a "Countryside Bike Tour" (29.50 euros each) for a 4-hour tour. The scenery was amazing! We had the chance to see the valleys, the milking of cows, the traditional windmills, the picturesque villages etc! And the best thing about it is that you cycle in all these places. We saw the Krijtmolen d'Admiraal windmill (made in 1792) in the beginning of our journey, and we also had lunch in a tradtional restaurant which had tables and benches on small dock so we were practically on water! The peace and quiet of cycling in the countryside is a feeling that cannot be described. Last but not least, going to the countryside is ideal not only for bicycle but also for photography lovers.

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  • traveldave's Profile Photo

    The Sint Nicolaaskerk

    by traveldave Updated Apr 13, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of seafarers, and is therefore important to a seafaring country like the Netherlands.

    In the sixteenth century, the Spanish empire controlled the Netherlands. The occupation led to the Dutch Revolt, an 80-year struggle to overthrow Spanish rule. It was during this time, in 1578, when anti-Catholic sentiments led the Amsterdam city council to forbid the practice of the Roman Catholic faith in the city. As a result, all Roman Catholic churches were transferred to Protestants, and many clandestine Roman Catholic churches were set up in attics and other hidden places. It was not until 1795 that the ban on Roman Catholicism was lifted. However, 92 years were to pass before the Roman Catholics of Amsterdam would get a church of their own.

    The Sint Nicolaaskerk, or the Church of Saint Nicholas, was the first Roman Catholic church constructed in Amsterdam since the ban on Roman Catholicism was lifted. It was designed by architect A.C. Bleijs in a mixture of neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance styles of architecture. Construction began in 1884, and was completed in 1887. Notable features of the church include two Baroque spires which crown the façade, and a large Baroque dome topped with a lantern tower.

    Nowadays, there is a sizeable Roman Catholic community in Amsterdam, and the Sint Nicolaaskerk is their largest and most important church.

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