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    OV chip kaarts (chip cards)

    by cuuixsilver Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    The Netherlands are gradually shifting from using strippenkaarts (strip tickets) on the Metro, buses and trams to using new smart cards. These cards have many benefits and a few problems. They can be loaded with up to 20 euros, which means they last much longer than strip tickets; when you check in and out of a station/bus/tram the right amount is automatically deducted so you don't need to know the zones -- a huge plus for visitors. You can reload them easily with a bank card and you can even buy them online before your arrival.

    On the down side, if you forget to check out of the station, they get fouled up and you have to see someone at a special office to get it straightened out. If you lose one, you could be out 20 euros. And, maybe most problematic, your movements can be tracked, especially if you register your card (which offers some protection against loss).

    But for the international traveler, they are great. As of summer 2007, they were used in Amsterdam and Rotterdam; plans were to introduce them everywhere by the end of 2008.

    The Rotterdam chip card
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    by ultchuk Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    The Netherlands has a good running train system, allthoug some Dutch would disagree with you when there is a delay, ha! Look at the 'english' site below for planning your trip by train through the Netherlands, including the fares of the tickets to purchase.

    Dutch Train
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    by SanderH Updated Apr 4, 2011

    It's easy to get around in the Netherlands. During the day time, trains are frequent, and will bring you to all major cities in the country.

    No need to make a reservation. Just buy a ticket and hop on the train. There are two classes, but the second class will do just fine for most trips.

    You can check the schedule online, but try to avoid peak hours (before 9 and after 5) or you won't be able to find a seat.

    From all trainstations you can easely get a connecting bus to bring you to your destination.

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    Ritsen (zipping)

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Traffic can be horrendous in The Netherlands. The government tries to get everyone on public transport but with the privatisation of the railway company NS, people would rather sit in their own car and wait than in overfull trains that are not on schedule.

    So what do you do when you drive in a traffic jam? You try and get to the front of it. When two lanes become one, no one lets the other pass and move into the row of cars.

    Huge promotion campaigns from the governement educate the driver along the motorway:

    You'll find signs saying: RITSEN VANAF 300 M. meaning that some 500 m ahead of you your lane will stop so you have to "ZIP" into the other row. Basically the campaign tells you to let others in, in front of you. One by one the rows of cars "zip" to become one row.

    Tests proved that if everyone keeps driving and lets others pass, then traffic jams are less.

    See how it works on the website mentioned below.

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    by train, easy and comfortable...

    by catnl Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Dutch trains are comfortable and is a good way travelling through the Netherlands.
    But sometimes there can be delays.
    Tickets are available at every station either at the NS office or u can put money in a special ticketbox.
    On the picture a magazine called 'Metro.
    This small newspaper is avaiblable in the trains for any traveler.

    Dutch trains inside

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    by dila Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    by train ns=nederlandse spoorwegen(dutch railroads)
    ask for information at the trainstation.
    often there is a day out deal to some attractions.
    train ticket+attraction=cheaper
    childern till 4 years are free
    from 4 till 12 years you can buy a railrunner ticket it costs 1 euro.(must be with a adult)

    here you can find some answers

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    Train info

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen).
    All schedules can be found at the website below.

    Information about trains at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)

    Picture: this is a NS Ticket Vendor machine where you can buy tickets for trains. It accepts bank cards (PIN) and cash money.

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    The train

    by sim1 Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    The train is a very good way of transportation to the major cities in the Netherlands. The big advantage is that you arrive in the center of a city, without worrying about finding a parking spot for the car and of course, no traffic jams!!! Do count on delays though, and over crowded trains during rush hour.

    In my opinion the train is not very cheap here, but an easy way to travel to the center of a major city.

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    Rail pass

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Day Travel Card 2nd class € 40,30
    Railrunner - the kiddies' ticket
    Under this deal, children aged 4-11 can travel under adult supervision (19 years or older) for just € 2.-.
    A maximum of 3 children per adult can travel at the Railrunner price. Children can travel free up to and including the age of 3.
    See also the English version of the NS (national railway) website below.

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    by a5floor Written Aug 29, 2010

    The main airline of the Netherlands is KLM. KLM is short for 'Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij'. Aka Royal Airline Company.

    Some facts about KLM:

    KLM was founded in 1919.
    In 1971 the headquarter of KLM was Amstelveen (south of Amsterdam).
    In 1989 KLM got 20% interest of the airline Northwest Airlines (USA).
    In 1991 KLM introduced KLM cityhopper.
    In 2004 the group Air France-KLM was founded.
    In 2008 KLM got 100% owner of Martinair (the Netherlands).
    In 2009 Air France-KLM got 25% interest of the airline Alitalia (Italy).

    The planes are blue and white. Not to miss though.


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    Schiphol Airport

    by Imaniac Updated Feb 24, 2010

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    Schiphol is the biggest airport in The Netherlands and in the top 5 of biggest airports in Europe. From here you can virtually go anywhere in the world. It is situated in the hearth of The Netherlands, close to Amsterdam. The airport itself is a small city with many shops and restaurants and where the fun never has to end.

    Panorama View from Schiphol

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    Bicycles, period!

    by ant1606 Updated Jan 8, 2010

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    Most everybody can easily associate the Netherlands with bicycles and there must be a reason if a typical model is named "Holland". Statistics say that bicycles outnumber the 16 millions population of the country and this is not difficult to believe. They are everywhere. Orderly parked, randomly stacked, wrecked in impossible places or cannibalized to the bare bone. The dedicated parking near Central Station in Amsterdam holds 2,500 pieces alone.
    New, mint condition pieces are hardly seen and theft is very common in large cities. Typical frame color is black and I have a hard time to understand how can everybody find their ride in vast masses, especially at night without even mentioning a possible buzz factor. At times there are so many bikes one against the other resulting in an unconceivable access problem to your own. If they weren't individually locked I'd rather think of a rational "drop one, take one" approach like some folks carelessly or purposely perpetuate with umbrellas. A wise solution is to embrace the folding type criteria and take it with you on trains, into the office and up steep staircases at home.
    The country has an extensive network of cycling paths and a "Knooppunkt" system that helps travelers to move along mid- and long-range routes. Whether or not there are dedicated cycling paths, which is a likely occasion, a bike is the omnipresent king of the road used by students, executives in neck-and-tie outfit, the elderly and mothers hauling their offspring around.

    Amsterdam - Central Station Trash can for cyclists
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    Train & Bicycle

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Aug 23, 2009

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    The Netherlands is ideal to explore by bicycle.

    Most train stations have supervised bicycle parking for Euro 1.10 per day.
    Furthermore there are plublic unguarded bicycle locations. Parking on the pavement/street in front of a station normally is not allowed; at some stations wrongly parked bicycles will be removed!

    You can take your bicycle with you on the train outside the rush hours (mo-fr: 9AM - 4.30PM and after 6PM). A day ticket for your bicycle is Euro 6.00. Bicycle may only stored in thr train at the special bicycle area indicated with a bicycle logo at the related train entrance.

    At about 80 stations cou can rent a bicycle for Euro 2.85 per 20 hours. This is a membership agreement for which you pay an additional Euro 7.50 annual fee. In 2009 the NS started Electric scooter renting service at some major stations. A helmet is not required; a driver license is. The radius without charging is 60 km. Costs are Euro 7.50 for 3 hours or Euro 15.00 for 20 hours.

    Just renting a bicycle at a private bicycle shop can cost up to Euro 25.00 a day depending on the type of bike.
    Remember to bring passport and a deposit.

    Dutch bicycle websites

    Dutch Railways website

    OV Fiets at Zandvoort Train Station Train station bicycle parking Dutch Intercity train Sprinter train interior
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    Travel cheap!!!!

    by Nathalie_B Updated Aug 17, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you'd like to explore The Netherlnads beyond Amsterdam and travel around as much as possible, applying for the Off-Peak Discount Card would be the right thing to do.
    For just 55 Euro you get 40% discount on all the train tickets for you and another 3 friends or family members. The card is valid for 1 year, but even if you don't plan to stay here this long it worth purchasing the card.
    All you have to do is to fill out a form, which can be found at any train station's tickets booth, and say that you're willing to use your discount card immediately. You, then, will get the temporary card and.... HIT THE ROAD.
    Just to give you an example a single roundtrip ticket Amsterdam-Groningen costs 37.10 Euro with the card you would pay only 22.20 Euro. and if your 3 friends join too, then you already saved some money in one single journey! You can see more information HERE
    One more thing: In the website it says that you'll need to bring your picture for the card, this policy has changed and you don't have to do this anymore!

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    Public Transport

    by Pijlmans Updated Feb 19, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Door-to-Door advice and other information about public transport in the Netherlands can be found on these websites: (English) (Dutch)

    or call 0900-9292 (70 cpm)

    The website of the Dutch railways is

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