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  • The Bar of the Blu
    The Bar of the Blu
    by greekcypriot
  • Musicians, Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs, UK.
    Musicians, Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs,...
    by planxty
  • The Harlequin
    The Harlequin
    by suvanki

Europe Nightlife

  • Moulin Rouge

    Paris Nightlife

    I saw a show in Feb. 2015 at the Moulin Rouge. We paid about $170 USD per person, which included the 2-hour show, and half a bottle of champagne. I would say it great value for what we got - an amazing performance, great atmosphere in a one of a kind venue which is world famous. The acrobatic acts were amazing, and I also enjoyed the songs and the...

  • Adult Spot

    Amsterdam Nightlife

    THERMOS DAY- Contrary to another tip posted here, Thermos Day is very clean (yes, of COURSE wear flip flops!). No matter when you go, the men are extraordinary. Each time I've gone I couldn't believe that an American lad NOT Dutch appearing (tall, lanky, thin, huge-hung) was coupling with the stuff of dreams and calendars. They feature a hot tub,...

  • Pub Crawl

    Rome Nightlife

    Great way to meet and mingle with others. Got a t-shirt and free drinks as advertised. Well worth the time and money + my friend had an birthday and she entered for free and got a bottle of Champagne. The pub crawl leaders were great and helpful - took good care of us. Would do it again next time! Totally recommend! Dress for clubbing since the...

  • West End Theater District

    London Nightlife

    Lovely little pub, no frills, just a good honest boozer. Good ales and good atmosphere. One of the most famous areas of the West End , Soho has some great pubs . In the summer people spill out into the street to chat and have a drink.So many great pubs in this area!

  • Clubs & Bars

    Barcelona Nightlife

    My journey on Barcelona was short, because I went to a working meeting. But still gave to enjoy the late afternoon and evening! It is a city full of energy, with many pleasant people. The food is fantastic, greatly appreciated Tapas! And the bars are very nice, but get ready because are always full of people! I have to come back to Barcelona,...

  • Other Nightclubs and Discos

    Venice Nightlife

    Bacaro Jazz is well known restaurant and cocktail bar situated in sestiere of San Marco, just a foot from Rialto Bridge. Our small VT meeting ended there for dinner and we enjoyed there in a good food and very relaxed atmosphere. The stuff is really good and crazy in a positive way which made our stay there more enjoyable. The first thing that will...

  • NIght Clubs & bars

    Vienna Nightlife

    Loos American Bar or simply Loosbar is the name of this bar next to Kaerntner Strasse, in the pedestrian Zone of Vienna and its facade just like the interior was made in 1908 in Art Nouveau Style / Jugendstil by the famous austrian architect Adolf Loos (1870 -1933). In the summertime they also have a few seats and tables out in the street, right in...

  • Dubliner

    Copenhagen Nightlife

    I am not much into night clubs so obviously my nightlife is mostly in pubs and the Dubliner is one of this pubs in the centre of the city where locals as well as visitors intent to have a drink. It is typical Irish pub with no surprises, just the basic that you will find in similar locations in Scandinavia.

  • Budapest Nightclubs

    Budapest Nightlife

    This was a purely impulse find. It had been raining torrentially all evening and so I hadn't strayed too far from my hotel. Having been out for a meal and cruised a few bars I returned to the hotel about 11.30 pm to freshen up with the intention of finding one of the late night venues recommended by "Time Out" (actually am I allowed to mention...

  • Södermalm

    Stockholm Nightlife

    Hello, Debaser Slussen has 18 years limit Sun-Thu, and have really good events and a busy dance floor. Music interested, indie/rock people. You find Debaser concert halls both at Slussen and Medborgarplatsen. I'd opt for the Slussen Debaser, just like it better. Good bar/lounge outdoors and nice concerts/clubs indoors. Be there early. Looooong...

  • Karlovy Lazne

    Prague Nightlife

    Being at a age group above 30 I must say I was a little afraid of going in especially reading how this place if for young people only. Anyway, after paying the entrance fee(180kroun) I went straight to the oldies floor and danced my arssse off to the music. Drinks are priced according to the location and on par with other such establishments. The...

  • Temple Bar Area

    Dublin Nightlife

    Many people flock to Temple Bar area for the nightlife which means an evening of eating, drinking and enjoying music. Most bars will have a musician playing who may move on to another bar as they do the rounds. I am not sure if some of these musicians get paid or rely on donations from the customers. As the evening wears on the price of beer will...

  • Dancing and nightclubs

    Lisbon Nightlife

    Hello i recommend Lisbon, Portugal if you're planning to have a party. i enjoy 4 days your in the city and introducing the night life party at night. i love the place and the scenery. I love taking photos of the event every night. I enjoy and relax every sec i stayed in Lisbon. Awesome :D More powers. Basty

  • Astor Cafe

    Florence Nightlife

    Astor is a great place to go at night because it has a good mix of Americans and Italians. Also, there's almost always a really cheap drink deal till at least 12, and they make great drinks! The DJs are usually playing great music too. We go a lot because it's right next to the Duomo and really easy to get to. Their burgers and coffee during the...

  • Cubanita Havana Club

    Athens Nightlife

    Cubanita is a great latin club in Psyrri which usually has a live band and very often incredible dancers who will take your breath away. It gets v v crowded and hot though so if you can't stand the heat . . . If on the other hand you want to dance like a wild thing and make new friends, this may be the place for you. Dress up. Girls shld remember...

  • Other Pubs & Bars

    Brussels Nightlife

    Great night out in Brussels a few weeks ago when I stepped into The Big Game for the first time! The bar staff and security were great, the beer was cheap, and the atmosphere just perfect. We stayed very late and will most likely come back a lot more often normal pub wear

  • Hofbräuhaus

    Munich Nightlife

    When we first arrived at the The Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, we were overtaken by its size. Not only is the first floor immense but on a third floor there are separate large rooms and a stage for large parties. Even mid afternoon in April the place was packed and there was a band playing. Folks were either having late lunches or early dinners. Beer was...

  • Bars / Cafes / Taverns.

    Brugge Nightlife

    Prices aren't bad and the beer selection is exactly why one goes to a bar while in Belgium. Its endless. I was with locals so it did seem we got better service than the other tourists around us. They also serve dinner and I had the spaghetti and can I just say YUM? I am pretty sure the reason people come here to eat is JUST for the spaghetti and I...

  • General advice

    Moscow Nightlife

    I found that if you're a business traveler and you're looking to meet someone special in Moscow and especially if you don't speak English, it might be easier to use an English speed dating service - I encountered one by accident in club B2, they are having event every Wednesday at 8PM. The hostesses were very helpful and overall I was happy that I...

  • ARMIDA Bar, (Agios Nikolaos)

    Crete Island Nightlife

    You can not miss the Armida bar as it’s the Pirate ship moored in the small harbour near the Tourist Office. We called on board for a drink as it is open during the day as well as at night. it's well worth a visit just for the photo opportunity. The Drinks were not expensive (about average price)

  • Navigli

    Milan Nightlife

    We were trieing to find a place,where isn´t disco-music,and you could sit down and have a drink outside.We just walked by,and happened to be Rolling Stones playing on the stereo,and we sat down.We ment to have one beer,but,it became one drink and two beer,when it was nice place to sit.Music was o.k.(=not made with machines),and mot of customers...

  • Night clubs

    Antwerp Nightlife

    Café d’Anvers is één van de oudste authentieke houseclubs van Europa. Ze opende haar deuren in 1989 en staat vandaag de dag nog steeds aan de top van de scene met de beste en bekendste dj’s en producers ter wereld wekelijks achter de draaitafels. De locatie is een 16de eeuwse kerk in het midden van het Schipperskwartier in Antwerpen. Café d’Anvers...

  • Clubs

    Madrid Nightlife

    This is a great small intimate club in the centre of madrid. We found it by chance as the entrance doesn't show that well that it's a club inside. Intruso often has live music and the night we went there was a blues band playing and entry was free. Great club to go with friends who want some nightlife and dancing but don't want to be fighting their...

  • Nimeta Baar

    Tallinn Nightlife

    Found this place really friendly, easy to get a beer and the music was decent aswell. The bar had all kinds of nationalities including the locals. Didnt have a problem with anyone except the Russians bounce around on the dance floor like monkeys, elbows flying in ya face...strange people hahaha Dont think it is strict on clobber, one night one of...

  • Club Park

    Warsaw Nightlife

    went to warsaw for a weekend as a valentines present from my partner of two years, we are both in our early 20's , from IRELAND and love nohting more than a wild party!! :) Our final night we had decided from reading reviews that we were DEFO gonna hit lustro up so after the nightclub BANK was finished we made our way outside n bumped into a polish...

  • Irish Pub

    Salzburg Nightlife

    We went to Murphy's Law when we just needed to speak English. It was definitely still different than home, but in the middle of a six week German course, it still had a bit of familiarity. The bartender's are talkative and nice but remember Guinness should NOT be mixed! No black and tans or the likes. They also may tell you not to speak German. The...

  • In Kazimierz - around Plac Nowy

    Krakow Nightlife

    There seemed to be plenty of locals and it seemed like every 3rd person was on a laptop! Mixture of geeks, students and tourists taping away on their keyboards. Seemed like this place was an 'any time' of day place and pretty laid back. French and Brazilian music make the place even more French. Lots of books and magazines in different...

  • Nighttime Dancing

    Saint Petersburg Nightlife

    Western fun rock from Elvis and beyond. Three floors, live music first floor, russian disco upstairs and billiard room. Entrance 150 rubles women, 200 rubles men on weekends. Usually two bands per evening with fun American rock. Decor is Elvis and music Americana. The clientele are mostly normal working Russian people, but foreigners can feel...

  • Latino Club

    Dubrovnik Nightlife

    Latino Club Fuego first opened its doors in Jun 2001. In a short period of time it become the most popular club in Dubrovnik. Interesting, carefully designed interior, excellent music, reasonable prices, and pleasant staff make a Latino Club Fuego's visitors become its permanent satisfied guests.

  • George Street

    Edinburgh Nightlife

    Stylish bar on corner of St Andrews Sq/George St that has a stunning world map of the wine growing areas painted on the ceiling. The food is good and the wine is so valued that it's in a vault in the basement. Smart casual

  • Playa de Palma district

    Palma de Mallorca Nightlife

    Il Divino is a well known club on the main drag of Palma overlooking the marina with a terrace and pool area. They hold regular theme nights and parties, and there are special offers available as well as VIP packages. Flyers are all around the town so you can decide which night you would like to go depending on your favourite DJ and type of music...

  • Amnesia (Club)

    Ibiza Nightlife

    We were badly assaulted by a bouncer in amnesia as we were leaving the club. The bouncer was rude and I asked him not be then he swore at my partner, then jumped on his back pinned him down on the floor and smacked his head into the floor. I tried to get the bouncer off and he hit me and I was out for a bit. When I came around other bouncers were...

  • Molly Malones

    Helsinki Nightlife

    Paid 2.50 euro for them to lose my coat, and then swear at me and physically abuse me and a friend when I questioned them about it. A man who wasn't working when I handed over the coat insisted I only gave them a bag, and then when I pointed out that I paid for two of us, he said that we gave them two bags and a coat. After pointing out that he...

  • St. Pauli and Reeperbahn

    Hamburg Nightlife

    DO NOT GO TO BLUE NIGHT IN HAMBURG!!!!! Guy on door free entry just 5 Euros a beer and watch the girls for free, sounded too good to be true. It was free to get in beer was 5 euro. Two eastern ugly women came over sat next to us and pressurised me and my colleague for a drink I said no, before I know it my colleague had agreed to a small drink...

  • Opera night at Arena

    Verona Nightlife

    There were three intermissions during the Aida performance, two during Carmen and one during Madama Butterfly. Before each intermission there is a ritual in which the singers take their bows from the center of the stage, them all walk over to the right side and bow again, then back to the center for more bows, and then the same on the left, which...

  • L'Usine

    Geneva Nightlife

    Theatre L’Uzine is an old venue, housed on a former gold treatment factory (pic 4). It’s a typical alternative place where you find music gigs, art exhibitions, theatrical plays etc It was interesting to learn that after the closure of numerous squats in Geneva center (following the rising repression and criminalization of squatting the last years...

  • Blaa -

    Oslo Nightlife

    Blaa is such a fun place to visit. It is a hippie, artisty kind of place, as it were, and here is live music, which is how I found this place in the first place... I just followed the music without knowing that there was anything down there by Akerselva river. Was I wrong! It is just my kind of place. On Sundays there is a market in Ingens gate -...

  • Metelkova mesto

    Ljubljana Nightlife

    After the brief ten day war with Milosovic's old Yugoslav forces was over, the people moved into the old barracks that they left behind, and created a communal cultural workshop that is now known as Metelkova Mesto. Housing a number of bars and clubs, as well as the best backpackers in Ljubljana, the whole thing is now a miniature version of...

  • Discos/Nightclubs

    Porto Nightlife

    at our first day in porto we ended up at ribeira, its a nice place near the at the river side with many bars/resturants and with very chill and relaxed people.. but still we wanted some more acion, so we met a guy from australia who told us to go to a place called via rapida! it was about 5-10 minutes with taxi.. we desided to go there next day,...

  • Irish Pubs

    Innsbruck Nightlife

    Well kept and clean, grab a book to read from the bookcases, watch the four plasma tvs or enjoy the live music at night Mon - Friday 5pm - 1am Saturday 4pm - 2am Sunday and Public Holidays 4pm - 12pm

  • Nightclubs

    Split Nightlife

    The nightlife in central split (i.e around the palace area and on the front) tends to be a bit disappointing if you’re after pulsating clubs with load music and lots of meetings going on. The evenings start with sitting outside the café’s and as the evening progresses the music gets a bit louder in the bars above the café’s but never seem to really...

  • Printworks/Filmworks

    Manchester Nightlife

    The Printworks is a buzzing, state of the art entertainment complex located in the heart of Manchester City Centre. It is home to a range of restaurants, bars and clubs alongside a cinema and gym. The Printworks has something to offer both day and night.

  • Pubs & Bars

    Majorca Island Nightlife

    if you are is going to can picafort you must stop in TROTTERS ON THE BEACH. For your money, your kid´s and your holiday because next door is a duty free shop you can find :ciggis perfumes and many more. IS NO SPECIAL DRESS REQUIERED

  • buddha bar

    Sofia Nightlife

    If you expect to see a top class nightclub you can get a little disappointed. The place is more or less OK but nothing special. When I was there last Saturday with my friend Elitsa and another friend of mine we had good time. The place was full but not packed. I went there onWednesday evening as well, around midnight and it was almost empty. So, I...

  • GRANADA 10

    Granada Nightlife

    Granada 10 is definitely a notable discotecha in Granada. It is absolutely worth seeing once but I would highly recommend a visit to Camborio over Granada 10. I am currently a student at the university and I have attended both on numerous occasions. From my experiences, Granada 10 is generally vacant on weeknights but is a lot of fun on weekends....


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