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    This is what I do every summer...
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Arendal Things to Do

  • Canoeing and camping at Nelaug

    This is the put-in place at the station. You can paddle out north to a place with less disturbance from the railway and find a place to camp. Better bring a tent. Camping is free. Should be good fishing here, too. A local VT'er is Rusket. She in fact owns a railway station down the Arendal branch line. Check with her for this and other local...

  • Canoeing instructions, Nelaug station.

    See other Nelaug tips.There is a map of the lake put up on a board down by the lake for canoers hiring at the station. Better bring your own map to sort out the hooks and crannies of this lake and the Nidelv river. Hard to see on this photo, but at least it give you a sense of the complexity of the lake. The black line on the north-north-eastern...

  • Train trip to Nelaug

    Nelaug is a great place for canoeing, biking, hiking and more. You can rent a bike, bring it on the train and ride back down to Arendal on a marked trail. Or rent a canoe at Nelaug railway station. See my Nelaug page.The trip itself is worth going; enjoy the scenery and look at the old dams along the route.

  • Merdø community

    Outside of Arendal on one of the islands is the little well-maintained ex-fishing community of Merdø. Nice walks among whitepainted quaint houses. Swim in the ocean. Easy access from Arendal harbour. Well worth a visit!

  • Very nice church

    This being the bible heartland of Norway, no wonder the churches are prominent features of the south coast towns. The Arendal one was nice from the outside. Did not go in; there was some construction work going on around the entrance.

  • Cinema, live music, festivals....

    Most such events seem to be held inside and outside of the House of Culture (Kulturhuset) in the centre of Arendal. How they come up with the idea of building this monstreous architecture in this quaint town I do not understand, but here it is. Certainly cannot miss this one.

  • Sit at the harbourside, eat shrimps

    Every harbour city in Norway of some decency serves fresh shrimps in a paper bag for eating on the quayside. Arendal does, too. Look for this sign (photo) and go in - this was at Fiskebrygga, Pollen bay - and check them out.

  • Canoeing at Nelaug station

    Hot tips for interrailers:At the station where the Arendal branch line takes off from Sørlandsbanen line, the station master at Nelaug station doesn't have too much to do. He doesn't even sell tickets. But he does rent out canoes. A train box car full! Couldn't believe my eyes when I crossed the tracks to see the nearby lake. 12 canoes stacked into...

  • People watching at the harbour side.

    Checking out the other passer-byes at the Pollen bay appears to be THE thing to do in Arendal. This is during summer. And, admittedly, that is one heck of a fine activity here.According to local legend, during the rest of the year, most of the activity is concentrated around a french fries/hot dog stand a bit up from Pollen. A stand-up-comedian cum...


Arendal Hotels

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Arendal Restaurants

  • Disappointing

    I´ve eaten at this restaurant on a couple of occasions, with colleagues (it was them who picked the restaurant). Was very disappointed by the dish I ordered. It was Fettuccini Diana, a chicken pasta with a slightly spicy cream sauce. The fettuccini were split in two! It seems they split the pasta, in two or three, before boiling it! A true sin!Have...

  • Smoothie on the quay

    It is lovely sitting at one of the outdoor cafés alongside the quay on a warm summer day enjoying a cold ... something. One of them has a really good smoothie of mixed berries :-)

  • Breakfast at the guest harbour

    Nice surroundings, situated at the quay in the guest harbour, but open for anyone. Large outdoor area. Just a few hundred meters from the guesthouse where we stayed it was perfect for a lazy breakfast.Opening hours: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

  • American Steak House

    Big Hprn has several steak houses around Norway. I am not particularly fond of american food, but we wanted steak and it was close to where we stayed.The food was nothing special, the ambient OK and the service excellent: They were out of the dessert my son wanted; he got another one for free. I like the ordering system: You write down your table...

  • Best for carnivores

    Big Horm Steak House is a derivation from some Norwegian notion of what American steaks are like. Plus more - not only for well-fanged people...Big Horn is a restaurant chains, so one is like the other, more or less. The food is generally good and well prepared and presented. The menu comes with a pen and x-word style paper slip to fill in to...

  • Mme. Reiersen's Fish Soup

    One of the best creamy fish soups ever tasted. Very, very good!Makes a cheap meal if you choose the big portion.


Arendal Transportation

  • With your own boat

    There is a very nice guest harbour centrally located in Arendal. Fees: NOK 200 / 250, penalty NOK 500.At the reception area there are showers and toilets, beach and a restaurant which once in a while arranges a dance.

  • From Oslo or Stavanger / Kristiansand

    You switch trains at Nelaug, the local train is waiting whenever you come. The local train used to traffic the line south of Stavanger, and before that the Oslo area. A bit nostalgic to meet it again :-) (Yes, there is only one.)

  • The big secret

    This is the town square, with the subterranean parking house in the background. The big secret is that by entering the parking house you can walk or cycle through the mountain and right to the railway station :-) If you go by car, you have to drive around, as the road leads to the parking area only, but the sidewalk goes all the way through.


Arendal Shopping

  • Rusket's Profile Photo

    City Market

    by Rusket Written Aug 23, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At the town square there is a market with all the things usually found on markets. Mostly shops moving their things outdoor or travelling salesmen with cheap imported products. Nothing special, but nice to walk around. And who knows, you might make a bargain :-)

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Arendal Local Customs

  • Extraordinary numbers of banks

    The street grid just near Pollen bay in the town centre holds an extraordinary number of banks for such a small town. If I did not know better I could have suspected this was some sort of Virgin Islands Tax Haven... It definitiely isn't... Just a weird collection of mostly ugly, sterile -60-70'ies bank facades. Doesn't add any to the attractiveness...

  • By boat in town

    Arendal's town summer life extends to the sea. Indeed it is hard to say if sidewalk promenading or harbour cruising is the most popular way of seeing end being seen.Locals often use boats to go to town, and "park" along Pollen bay or other parts of the harbour. Not exactly Venice, but nice to watch.

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Arendal Warnings and Dangers

  • Maggies's Profile Photo

    Watch the buoy...

    by Maggies Written Sep 15, 2002

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    Watch the buoy when you take the boat somewhere or you might get stuck somewhere on the water. Then you just need two guys to get the rope out from the engine and to put the boat into run again.

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