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    Amalie Skram

    by daarth Written Mar 14, 2003

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    Let me present Amalie Skram (1846 - 1905). I took this picture in honour of all females and in celebration to the international women’s day March 8th. She was an author and an amazing and brave woman of her time. She was also from Bergen.

    The statue is at Nordnes on the way to the aquarium.

    Quiz: How many monuments over female heroines have been erected by the city counsel where you live?

    Amalie Skram
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    Poems by Ibsen

    by daarth Written Jan 22, 2003

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    The famous Henrik Ibsen lived in Bergen for a while. Here are a couple of poems he wrote about Bergen:

    ¤Outing to Ulrikken¤

    15th May 1853


    Travel Sketches (Mel: The Sinclair Song)

    A lovely morning in “summer's gown”,
    Birds sat in the trees and chattered, —
    Then out streamed a party that left the town
    And off across country scattered.

    But Ulrikken lay like a giant's shield
    Turned stone by the day's bright mocking;
    A mermaid, foul troll, bade us heed concealed
    Haphazards to boot-sole and stocking.

    A full-o`-fun party, for such it soon grew,
    We wandered for hours, three running, —
    And finally Følgefonn hove into view, —
    I'll not try to hide the punning!

    Up top, away over beck and scree,
    The crowd of us set to wander;
    And here, to the dwarfs' dismay, must be
    Where giants swapped blows, a bit yonder.

    Our gaze and our thoughts are like birds of prey,
    The world is the scene they quarter, —
    Their flight took them soaring where snow-fields lay,
    They swooped on the woods and the water.

    Like swans when they yearn for the southern shore
    As high above cloud they go streaming,
    Thus joyful our yearning spread wing to explore,
    Thus sped for the Spring it was dreaming.

    And when at long last we arrived back home,
    With pride we could state our conclusion:
    There's infantry-stuff amongst those that roam
    In Ulrikken-fell's seclusion.

    --->> cont.

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    by Sue08080 Updated Jul 2, 2006

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    Bergen has a population of about 240,00. I would have loved more time to explore this beauty of a place. There seemed to be something interesting around every corner...crooked cobbled streets, galleries showcasing Scandinavian design, charming restaurants...

    at the pump
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    Poems cont.

    by daarth Written Jan 22, 2003

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    ¤Prospect of Bergen¤

    O, ancient Bjørgvin! from this vantage-view
    You look your splendid best, for hence we see
    Germanely, from this ridge, the German Quay, —
    Yes, God forgive me! — the Triangle too, —
    Beyond, your Lead, renowned the whole world through,
    Rich mine wherein you seek prosperity, —
    And Lunggaard's lake, midst many a green-clad rise,
    As deep and lucid as your daughters' eyes! —
    And now, the background! Look, where skerries throw
    A dark yoke on the sea! The fjord's smooth sleekness!
    But even better is the foreground show;
    The fell there plunges in a bold obliqueness,
    And our blithe troop, lay figures, pose just so,
    Its ladies whiling in a fetching weakness
    Whenas the southern fruits, all golden-glowing,
    (From open knapsacks) make a lovely showing.
    Henr. Ibsen

    [Ulrikken, the highest of the mountains overlooking Bergen — a favourite spot for walking; the giants, deadly foes to the gods, who were turned to stone if the sun shone upon them; Følgefonn, a glacier on the far-distant Hardanger range; dwarfs, the technicians, so to speak, to the gods — skilled miners and smiths, timorous yet capable of malice; Bjørgvin, the ancient form of Bergen; the German quay, one of the wharfs; southern fruits — a playful pomposity for oranges. Rikke Holst was one of the party. ]

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    The song about the Football team BRANN

    by Hildeal Updated Jan 13, 2011

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    When you're in Bergen you have to know what this song's about. it's a Must for all visitors.Brann means fire in Norwegian.


    Heia Brann, Heia Brann
    Blod e tjukkere enn vann. Heia Brann
    Helt fra Kniksen til Paldan
    Har mitt hjerte stått i Brann

    (my translation)

    come on Brann, Come on Brann
    Blood is ticker than wather, come on Brann
    My heart has been on Fire all the way from Kniksen to Palden

    Heia Brann, Heia Brann
    Kom og syng med alle mann, Heia Brann
    Vi e lagets tolvte mann
    våre hjerter står i Brann

    Come on Brann, come on Brann
    Sing with us all of you, come on Brann
    We're the twelth man of the team
    and our heart is on fire

    Fotballen e rund
    Eg la skylden på Tom Lund
    Eg va heispassasjer
    Det gikk opp, det gikk ne
    men eg tvilte`kkje et sekund

    the footbal is round
    i blamed Tom Lund
    I was a lift passenger
    It went up, it went down
    But I didn't doubt a second

    For eg e ekte Brannsupporter
    Eg kjemper helt til fløyten går
    for kem står imot når presset blir for stort?
    Den 12.mann på Store Stå

    Byen e Bergen:
    Byen e Bergen,
    å laget e` Brann,
    stedet e` stadion,
    så syng alle mann:
    Heia Brann, Brann, Brann, Brann, Braaaan,
    HEEEIIIIIAAA Brrraaannn!

    Bergen is the town
    Bergen is the town
    and the team is Brann
    The place is the stadion
    So come and sing with us
    Come on Brann, Brann, Brann, Brann ,Braaaaaan
    come on Brann

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    by GUYON Updated Dec 27, 2002

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    The statue stays in front of the theater where he was a teacher in 1851-1857.
    He mainly wrote dramas.
    The most known in France is 'The Doll House' (1879) which was a real scandal in Norway and in Europe : a woman leaves her husband and children to live.
    1828 - 1906

    Henrik Ibsen

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    Bergen Art Museum Encompasses...

    by Erlend76 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Bergen Art Museum
    Encompasses the Rasmus Mayer collection, Bergen Billedgalleri and the Stennersen collection. The museum is located in three buildings. The museum presents a wide range of artworks from the 13th century up to the 20th century.
    Address: Rasmus Meyers Allé 3 and 7
    Getting there: In the center of town, overlooking the Lille Lungegårdsvann Lake.
    Opening hours: All year 11:00 am – 5:00 pm daily. September 15 – May 14, closed on Mondays.

    The Rasmus Meyer Collection:
    Selected paintings spanning the history of Norwegian art from the 18th century to 1915. A unique collection of Edvard Munch’s paintings. Notable Norwegian painters such as Dahl, Tidemand, Gude, Backer and Krogh. Interiors from fine old Bergen homes from the 18th century.

    Bergen Billedgalleri:
    Art extending from the 13th century to modern times. Russian and Greek icons from the 15th century. Changing exhibitions of current and classic art.

    The Stenersen Collection:
    Foremost works from the 19th and 20th centuries - by such internationally recognized artists as Miró, Picasso, Munch, etc. Also includes North-Europe’s largest collection of Paul Klee paintings.

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  • Buekorps

    by bokfink Updated May 16, 2005

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    Buekorps (literally "Bow Corps" or "Archery Brigade") are traditional marching youth organizations in Bergen, Norway.
    The tradition, which is special to Bergen and not found in any other parts of Norway, dates back to the 19th century when kids would imitate the adult civic guards. The organizations, which are called "bataljoner" ("battalions"), are run entirely by the youths themselves. 15 different such "battalions" exist in Bergen, each usually belonging to a certain part of town. The groups are comprised of soldiers (usually carying wooden rifles or crossbows), officers (the oldest kids with most seniority) and drummers. The buekorps are most active during spring, with Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17th as the high point of the season. On that day they are a prominent and popular part of the parade through the streets of Bergen. The buekorps also have other days which are important. One of these is the day they celebrate the of their battalion's date of foundation.
    Traditionally an activity exclusively for boys, the first girl buekorps was formed in 1991. This stirred some controversy in Bergen, but the girl and mixed gender battalions are now accepted by most people.
    The buekorps tradition, even with many battalions experiencing trouble in keeping up the recruiting of new soldiers, continues to be a popular and proud feature of Bergen.

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    Bergen is home of two famous...

    by daarth Updated Dec 7, 2006

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    Bergen is home of two famous composers: Edvard Grig and Ole Bull. Worth visiting their homes (museums).

    For those of you that are Grieg fans, I will atemt to make a traveloge (under construction...)
    If you would like to read some litterature to 'put you in the mood' before visiting Bergen, I can recomend any book by crime-author Gunnar Staalesen. His descriptions on Bergen are superb, and his books are translated into many languages. Read more at this link

    Edvard Grig
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    meet me at the blue stone!

    by Hildeal Written Sep 1, 2013

    Every town has its local meeting place. In Bergen this meeting town is called the blue stone. The nine meters long sculpture made with Brazilian Sodalite ( i have no idea what that means) is located in Olav VS plass (the area between Torgallmeningen and Torggaten).

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    Bergen Theatre, "Den Nationale Scene"

    by daarth Written Feb 24, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Theatre in Bergen. A statue of Ibsen in the forground. He lived in Bergen for some years and was one of the founders of the Theatre. More to come...

    Den Nationale Scene

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    by GUYON Updated Dec 27, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Completly unknown outside Norway, Bull was a great fiddle player.
    His statue is in the same street than the IBSEN's statue but at the opposite.
    It is included within a beautiful fountain.

    Olle Bull

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