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  • Looking for Peer Gynt on the Besseggen
    Looking for Peer Gynt on the Besseggen
    by mtncorg
  • Over view map of Jotunheimen
    Over view map of Jotunheimen
    by mtncorg
  • Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark
    by Tetreus

Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Highlights

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     Glaciers, Mountains, Laeks - Natural Drama worthy of Grieg and Ibsen 

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     Lots of muscles aching the next day, LOL 

Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Things to Do


    In the Jotunheimen, you will find the tallest mountains in Norway. These are the true Giants of the Park. Trails wind to the top of the tallest two peaks - Galdhopiggen and Glittertind; the highest peak depends upon whether you count the ice atop Glittertind or not. The Norwegians do not.Norway's highest mountain at 2469 meters, it is much like New...


    Another form of Giants found within the Park are glaciers. These are another major attraction of Jotunheimen, whether you climb among them or simply observe them. In this landscape, it is easy to imagine the Ice Ages of the past. Glaciers can either be highways to other destinations or barriers to forward progress - depending upon your experience.


    As with the other geographical features within the Park, the lakes found in the Jotunheimen are giant, as well. Gjende, Bygdin and Russvatnet extend far into the landscape in fingerlike, fjord manner. Gjende, with its boat service, represents a main highway into the wilderness beyond.


    The ridge between Gjende and Bessvatnet is called the Besseggen. Over this ridge, the trail from Gjendesheim to Memurubu winds. Besseggen was immortalized by Henrik Ibsen who described Peer Gynt's ride on the back of a wild reindeer over the Besseggen - and his subsequent fall into the waters of the Gjende far below - musical background provided by...

  • BESSEGGEN revisted

    Below the ridge of the Besseggen, you scamper across the Bandet, a small ridge serving as an isthmus between the waters of the Bessvatnet - lying to the north only a few meters below - and Lake Gjende - over 400 meters straight down to the south!

  • Sognefjellet - road 55

    Crossing Jotunheimen by Sognefjellet is full of thrilling moments. First, the road goes up along the beautiful emerald Lusterfjord and, if you are lucky enough to be the passenger sitting on the right, you can enjoy the marvellous scenery to your heart's content. The driver does not see that much, having to mind the winding road to make sure you...

  • Randen - Fagernes - road 51

    Having crossed Jotunheimen by Sognefjellet or road 55, we expected similar impressions crossing it again from Randen to Fagernes this time. If we had done it in the opposite order, we would have enjoyed the latter much more. But, spoilt by our journey a few days before, we couldn't give this part of Jotunheimen its due. The most interesting point...

  • Besseggen

    Besseggen is a narrow ridge separating lakes Gjende (1000m) and Bessvatnet (1375m). It is one of the most popular hikes in Norway. For details and more pictures, see my travelogue.


    There is a private hut - there was an older hut here which burnt down in '98 - at Memurubu, about halfway between the west end of Lake Gjende - Gjendebu - and the east end - Gjendesheim. The hut is on the north side of the lake at the end of the Memurudalen. Boat service connects Memurubu with either end of the lake and accommodations and food can...


    Roads on the east side of the Park end here at the large DNT hut. Trails and boats lead forth. There is a long history of touristic activity here dating back to the first DNT hut in 1878. One of the main hiking tours within the Park sallies onwards, leading in 5-6 hours over the airy Besseggen arete over to the hut at Memurubu.


    Created by glaciers, the valleys between the disparate ranges of the Jotunheimen demonstrate the glacial 'u' form. Memurudalen is but one of many found within the Park. The east and west - austre og vestre - portions of the Memurubre - large glacial plains - make up the head of this valley which extends down the Memurubu along Lake Gjende. Some of...

  • Galdhøpiggen

    The highest mountain in Norway. 2469m.Closely followed by Glittertind which also is in Jotunheimen. 2464m.


Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Nightlife

  • Play Cards, Drink beer :)

    A good way to get some luxery on the walking.Camp near one of the Norwegian Tourist agencys Cabins.They sell expensive beer and got tables.Play some card and let your feets rest. No suits here.

  • Short Nights

    .Français: Les nuits sont très courtes fin juin, alors profitez de ces magnifiques couchers & levers de soleil...English: De nights are very short in June, so enjoy those great sunsets & sunrises... Dutch: De nachten zijn zeer kort in juni, dus geniet maar van deze zonsondergangen & zonsopgangen... ;-)

  • Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Hotels

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Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Transportation

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    Waiting for Gjende boat at Memurubu

    by mtncorg Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Gjende is the best known lake in the Jotunheimen with boat service on its waters - though not the only one. The lake stretches far into the mountains and the boats plow from the DNT hut at Gjendesheim - on the east end - to the huts at Memurubu - at the lake's midpoint - and Gjendebu - on the lake's west end. The boats offer a quick and easy way to get into the wilds fast.

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Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Local Customs

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    Norwegians paying homage to Jotunheimen trolls

    by mtncorg Written Jun 5, 2004

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    Trail junctions and high points are often marked by large piles of stones, added to by the mortal passerby, in thanks for a successful wandering. Normal trail markings are marked by red 'T's painted on rocks by the trailside - grafitti, even here in the wild North.

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Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Warnings and Dangers


    With good equipment, a little experience and good maps, you can wander all over the Jotunheimen. Cairned trails take you up the main valleys, but with open country in every direction, you can trek at will. Sometimes the way you pick can get quite steep. You are in the Home of Giants, afterall.


    There are many glaciers in the Park. Some extend for miles - Smorstabbreen, Veobreen, Memurubre. Crossing glaciers requires a knack for finding and avoiding crevasses - sprekken. Streams need to be forded, as well. Nothing quite as fun as walking 50-100 meters across a knee-deep glacial stream whose icy beginnings you can see just beyond;-\


    There is a boat service on Bygdin and Gjende which allows people to get into the wilderness of Jotunheimen quickly. You can also send your pack ahead and walk the trails unencumbered. I have read where Norway is one of the most crime-free areas of the World. A study showed that of different countries, only in Norway were five 'lost' wallets...


Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Off The Beaten Path

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    Roead 51 van Lom to Fagerness June'99 [Own photo]

    by Porteplume Updated Jan 13, 2003

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    Le Jotunheimen en juin ! Sur la route 51 qui nous menait de Lom à Fagernes. Des paysages incroyablement fascinants...

    Jotunheimen in June ! On the road 51 between Lom and Fagernes. Really incredible lanscapes there...

    De Jotunheimen glejster in juni ! Op de weg 51 tussen Lom en Fagernes. Van een onbeschrijvelijke schoonheid...

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Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark Favorites

  • Tiny plants and great views

    Jotunheimen doesn't have any trees, but its mountain slopes are far from bare. Wherever possible, tiny plants, mainly mosses and lichen, push their way up to form whole carpets which in the end give colour to the whole scenery. And not just one colour, a multitude of them, from brown, through various shades of green, to yellow and white. Not a...

  • Pure Nature !...

    .Français:Des rennes sur le Glacier de Jotunheimen. Une vue inoubliable...English:Unforgetable view on the Jotunheimen Glacier with those beautiful rendeer on the front...N.B.: Because of my poor English, I'll add some info from Norvegian Website about animal life, as we saw many animals we even didn't know the names before:"Besides the wealth of...

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