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  • Sjohuset Skagen
    Sjohuset Skagen
    by shrimp56
  • Skagens Kremede Fiskesuppe
    Skagens Kremede Fiskesuppe
    by shrimp56
  • Interior of Sjohuset Skagen
    Interior of Sjohuset Skagen
    by shrimp56

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    Sjohuset Skagen: Delicious Fish Soup in an Old Warehouse

    by shrimp56 Written Aug 25, 2013

    Formerly a 19th century marine warehouse on the wharf, Sjohuset Skagen serves a variety of fish dishes, including whale burgers and steaks. The maze of small rooms retain the old wood and design of the warehouse. We ate here with a friend from Stavanger. She and I had the Fish Soup. Our table was at the front window on the second floor. Decor was very nautical, obviously:) Food is expensive in Norway--well everything is actually, but the soup was worth the $28. US tariff.

    Favorite Dish: The Fish Soup. It was rich, creamy and filled with shrimp, white fish and blue mussels. The latter were amazingly delicious. Presentation was lovely too! The accompanying bread was rustic and fragrant.

    Sjohuset Skagen Skagens Kremede Fiskesuppe Painting of the building just outside the toilets Interior of Sjohuset Skagen
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    Emilio's Tapas Bar: Good spanish food in Norway :)

    by adema29 Updated Dec 20, 2011

    It was the first time when I have tasted the Spanish food and it was a good selection of tapas... better than the ones I have tried later in Barcelona...
    I know already that this is not a specific food for Catalonia, you don't have to remind me about it :)
    The Spanish wine was also good and all of them perhaps five times more expensive than in Spain.
    But nothing new... we are in Stavanger, one of the most expensive city in the World ;)
    The location in the old city is making probably the price...

    Favorite Dish: Tapas of course.

    Beautiful traditional-norwegian house The bar A view inside Emilio Detail-Emilio

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  • adema29's Profile Photo

    Pushkin bar & restaurant: A good ocasion to taste the russian food

    by adema29 Updated Dec 20, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The visit to Pushkin Restaurant was for me a good occasion to taste the Russian food. And it was not as bad as I was expected :-)
    I have tried the “BORSCH på Ukrainsky” which is a strange looking soup made by beetroot, vegetables and meat. You can try it without any doubt because the taste is not bad.
    As a main dish I have tried the MARINATED CAUCASIAN LAMB SHASHLIK. The lamb was OK but is anyway far away from the best I have eaten before.
    The price was under the average in Stavanger but big as it is everywhere here in Norway.
    The posters on the walls were very inspired and they show a part of the hidden Russia. You can ask the waiters for translation.
    As a tip... you can try to get a special price for wine. In our case it worked ;)

    Favorite Dish: The FRIED RED FISH was looking interesting and I will try it next time for sure :)
    If you are in a Russian restaurant you have to drink some vodka and I would like to suggest you some Georgian red wine. Not everybody likes it due to the strong oak barrel but for me it was ok.

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  • wyagi6's Profile Photo

    Mogul India: Good Indian Food!

    by wyagi6 Written Sep 28, 2011

    As an Englishman, one of the things I miss while living abroad is decent Indian food. The Mogul India has a good selection of dishes and is reasonably priced (by Norwegian standards). One of the reasons Mrs G and I like this place is that they have a take-away service, so our Friday night meal is sometimes an easy choice (especially during the cold winter months)!

    The restaurant itself is nicely decorated. The staff are very polite,speak very good English and the service has always been good whenever I've been there. The sauces are occasionally a little bit thinner than I would prefer and sometimes there is little difference in their definition of mild, medium or hot and spicy (be warned!) but I personally love this place.

    Favorite Dish: I'm a bit of a curry fan so there isn't one particular dish that really stands out for me. The naan bread is always good and I quite like the Jinga Malabar (King Prawn curry from Goa). If you're a vegetarian, the Dal Turka (Lentil curry) is very good.

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  • Emilio's Tapas house: - Sorry No Passion Here

    by romabrew Written Sep 25, 2011

    This place is awful, it is the exact thing that is wrong with most of the eating places in a land with very little food culture. I think many restaurants are opened here by people like Emilio's tapas house with the intention of deceiving the customers. Here we have a classic example of selling an ideal and not delivering on quality.
    Here is what you should expect from Emilio's:
    Dinner for 2:
    Tapas for two which comes with 6 plates of various tapas...
    mind you all this is to be divided into two portions
    2 boiled ( maybe microwaved) new potatoes not even close to the wonderful potatoes served in Spain not to mention this really isn't considered a part of what we call tapas…
    some from the can artichoke hearts in oil
    some caned olives
    something fried very small
    a sliver of beef perhaps one 200grm steak would be spread out between 15 persons in this place...

    Wine is way over priced at 80 - 100 USD per bottle.

    I had to ask for more bread just to satisfy my stomach's needs.

    The bill was over 1200 kr thats about 200 USD...

    The owner who appears to be from Spain should lower his head in shame. He has no passion, he only robs the customer. This place should not be supported and be allowed to close and go the way of the dinosaurs

    Favorite Dish: The extra basket of bread I waited 10 minute for.... Basket size: the equivalent to half a slice in real world bread.

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  • Rusket's Profile Photo

    Alanya: The best (and only) turkish restaurant

    by Rusket Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    01.03.2006 01:00 am (norwegian time): The building that houses this restaurant is on fire! It will probably be closed a while, maybe they have to relocate.

    VT member kokoryko was in town, and we had arranged a meeting. It was on short notice, thus there were only three of us: Backpackermoose, kokoryko and myself. kokoryko wanted to try norwegian food, but all the good norwegian restaurants were full due to the christmas season. I thus suggested we go to Alanya, where I have always been satisfied.

    Alanya is the only turkish restaurant in Stavanger. Food, service and ambient is very good. You can eat cheaper in Stavanger, but in my opinion you get your money worth at Alanya's.

    Opening hours:

    Monday - Thursday: 11:00-23:00
    Friday - Saturday: 11:00-01:00
    Sunday: 13:00-22:00 (buffet between 13:00 and 18:00)

    Favorite Dish: We had the two person two course meal: nine different starters and mixed grill consisting of lamb, beef and chicken. The main course was very good, the starters were better :-)

    Backpackermoose and Rusket at Alanya, photo: kokor Backpackermoose and kokoryko, Alanya restaurant Interior, Alanya reataurant Entrance, Alanya (no flash) Entrance, Alanya (with flash)
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  • Rusket's Profile Photo

    KULT.KAFEEN: Cultural coffeeshop

    by Rusket Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a cultural cafe in the cultural house, offering concerts, performances, movies etc in the basement, and with wireless internet connection.

    They serve small dishes, salads, sandwiches, cookies and a dinner of the day. Prices range from NOK 15 for a roll to NOK 149 for the most expensive dinner, while the dinner of the day is around NOK 100.

    Opening hours:
    Monday - Saturday 10 - 22
    Sunday 12 - 22

    Favorite Dish: Salad of Parma ham, taleggio, cherry tomatoes, ruccola and pesto (also available as sandwich).

    Interior, KULT.KAFEEN Stavanger
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  • adema29's Profile Photo

    One of the old pubs in Stavanger: Start with the beginning... Dickens

    by adema29 Written Apr 4, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was first time here in 2006 with one of the engineers who start the “oil and gas (hi)story” in Stavanger. I had the chance to meet him few years ago and he told me that, back in 1967 Dickens was one of the known pubs in the city. And that in that time were only few here on Stavanger’s Brygge.
    The stories he has told me were not about a very peaceful place but now things are changing. Now you can enjoy your time here with friends if you are looking for a quiet place.

    Favorite Dish: The beer and red wine... any red wine :)

    Dickens 1 Dickens 2

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  • adema29's Profile Photo

    Akropolis: Greek Restaurant

    by adema29 Written Feb 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Being honest, I would have expected more from this Greek restaurant ! I can't say that's bad, but I was not enchanted either.
    First of all, there is no Greek music inside, no music at all, in fact...and the atmosphere is too quiet.
    From their menu, we tried a mixed grill and a lamb souvlaki; the portions are not too big and the meat was not cooked enough.
    And the price.... too high, as everywhere in Norway!

    The Greek Restaurant

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  • Stim: Stim - good food, OK prices, English-speaking

    by soniahenie Written Jul 12, 2007

    Stim was a surprise to me the first time I went there. They serve up great food, have quite a nice wine list, and English-speaking staff. Service can be over the top if it's a slow day, and adequate on very busy evenings. It's in my opinion one of the best places to eat in Stavanger.

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  • Liolio's Profile Photo

    Expensive restaurants

    by Liolio Updated Jan 12, 2006

    I have visited one of the restaurants in the center of Stavanger. I can't remember the name, but it was a cosy place offering seafood and other meals and having all atributes concerning ships. I liked the food there and the atmosphere, but not for such amount of money! The restaurants in Norway are really very very expensive. If you go to eat there, be prepared to pay a noticeable sum of money.

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  • Rusket's Profile Photo

    Mexico: Mexican

    by Rusket Updated Oct 24, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mexican food in Mexico is totally different from, and a lot more varied than what I have eaten in mexican restaurants in the rest of the world. But of all the mexican restaurants outside Mexico, this is the best :-) I simply love the food there, portions are big, but the service is a bit slow. They have take away service, too.

    The interior is quite a mix, but a fairly successful one: Simple tables and chairs with sharp colours in a room where supporting pillars of the old wharf storehouse, and the newer brick walls, are visible (pic 2, 3 and 4).

    The bay has been filled up to make room for the road and new quay, and as all the other restaurants and pubs in the area, Mexico utilizes the broad sidewalk for outdoor serving during the warm period.

    Favorite Dish: It is difficult to choose, everything is good. I usually order something with chicken.

    Entrance, Mexico Restaurant, Stavanger Table, Mexico Restaurant, Stavanger Table, Mexico Restaurant, Stavanger Interior, Mexico Restaurant, Stavanger
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  • Rusket's Profile Photo

    Tou Cafe Bar: Coffeshop and PUB in old brewery

    by Rusket Updated Oct 19, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cffeeshop is open sunday - thursday 11:00 - 16:00, fridays 11:00 -01:30 and saturdays 11:00 - 03:30. In addition to coffee, they serve wraps, soups and smoothies made of organic material.

    The bar is open fridays 20:00- 01:30 and saturdays 20:00 - 03:30.

    Tou Cafe og Bar is situated in old Tou Bryggeri (Brewery) in the eastern part of Stavanger. They offer wireless intenet connection, and have a large terrace with a great view of Gandsfjorden and the mountain range on the other side of it. Nice place to stop for a sup after hiking / cycling / bathing in the Rosenli area (seen through the underpass on pic 2), or as part of one of the arrangements going on in the building.

    Entrance Tou Scene / Cafe og Bar Hiking area behind Tou Scene
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  • Stavanger-Web.Com is a...

    by RedViking Written Aug 25, 2002

    Stavanger-Web.Com is a non-commercial portal in English with all the information you need for your stay in Stavanger. Visit us at

    Favorite Dish: Stavanger-Web.Com is a non-commercial portal in English with all the information you need for your stay in Stavanger. Visit us at

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  • adema29's Profile Photo

    Phileas Fogg: Nice place!

    by adema29 Written Mar 11, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We liked the restaurant !
    Nice atmosphere, good and rapid service, good food!
    The portions are not too big; not as big as prices are:)


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