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  • Snillfjord
    by Saagar
  • Sea eagle over Vennastranda
    Sea eagle over Vennastranda
    by Saagar
  • Martin's 1912 boat
    Martin's 1912 boat "Viggo"
    by Saagar

Snillfjord Things to Do

  • Prekestolen - Pulpit Rock

    It seems any sane or burgeoning fjord in Norway wants to copy Lysefjorden's Pulpit Rock - Prekestolen.Snillfjorden's is les impressive than its namesake near Stavanger, but nevertheless a nice and interesting place.Prekestolen is an interesting and dramatic rock outcropping just about across from the settlement of Skorilla. There are a series of...

  • Numerous lakes

    There are lots and lots of small lakes and a few big ones in Snillfjord. Nearly all of them have drinking water quality, none of them have any yucky critters or parasites, and there is plenty of fish. Some of the best picnic and camping spots are near lakes: you'll have drinking/cooking water as well as bathing water at hand. It's hard to recommend...

  • Big time roof

    Out on the sea at Snillfjord, perhaps fishing, and it starts raining?Head for Hafsmoberga, the cliffs on the north side of outer Snillfjord, and look for the "Cupboard" formation in the cliffs. Here is an area of overhanging rock 50 meters out, 70-90 meters up that will give you shelter from the rain, and you can continue meditating or fishing in...

  • "Migaren" waterfall

    "Migaren" ("The One Who Pees") is a rainfed watefall that falls off the cliff Hafsmoberga and clean and straight into the sea. Not that high, about 80 meters, but interesting and nice. Just after heavy rains it can grow really big, and during strong winds it may seemingly not reach the sea at all, the water being blown away half-way down. Below,...

  • Moa Farm at Krokstadora

    Moa Farm has been turned into an "open farm" where visitors can come and see the farm work and proceedings.It has turned quite popular locally among schools and children, so it's about the only formal activity anywhere close to a theme park or activity centre.There are several farm animals and birds,and a focus on activities for children.They can...

  • Freshwater trout fishing

    The numerous small lakes and streams of the Snillfjord area are teeming with small trout. There are very few trouts of any size, say more than 40 cm/ half a kilo, but the smaller ones taste equally good.At the right spots and during the right weather conditions you will fill your frying pan easily.For most places you will need a licence, and you...

  • Eagles

    Snillfjord's rugged terrain is a good habitat for eagles. There are two types of them, the largest is the sea eagle, and the slightly smaller golden eagle. Both are common throughout Snillfjord and while the golden eagle is more of an inland species they intermingle here and you need to know how to distinguish between them - if you're into it. The...

  • Fjord fishing and boat touring with...

    Martin Klungervik, retired fisherman, runs tours with his 1912 issue boat, fishing, sightseeing and/or picnicing. He can organise drop offs and pickups in the Snillfjord-Aastfjord-Hemnefjord-Hitra area.Worthwhile doing is to go on a fjord tour when the sky is blue and the fjord is flat; then go to see Hafsmoberga.

  • World's deepest undersea tunnel

    Perhaps not your idea of sightseeing, but by default, when you leave Snillfjord municipality for the island of Hitra you enter a tunnel that takes you below the sea at a depth of about 130 meters. Some people think this is a scary tunnel because of its steepness and start to smile again when there are signs of daylight at the other end. Too early...


Snillfjord Restaurants

  • A ship sank, a restaurant opened...

    An odd name for a restaurant in Snillfjord, but this ship went down just off shore here and the name stuck, finding a reincarnation as a restaurant.The restaurant is a local favourite, and attract many locals and holiday makers alike. The mainstay on the menu are a selection of Norwegian fish and meat dishes along some more fast-food like stuff....

  • Wide open outdoor restaurant

    Find some driftwood, get down to the tidal belt, light a fire and cook up your catch of the day. Didn't catch any fish? Try mussels, they are right there, in profusion along the Snillfjord shores and the locals won't eat them.Or take a packet of instant noodles, say the prawn type, and add some green crabs, snails, mussles and other things you find...

  • THE bakery in Snillfjord-Hemne

    A local bakery located near upper Øragata in Kyrksæterøra. Supplies the entire ditrict with breads, cakes etc. Has a cafe on its premises, and an outlet in a small shopping cetnre in tow, too.Open during regular shopping hours. Some grocery shops carry their breads and cakes, too. Good full-grain breads.Good marzipan cakes, too!And all the...


Snillfjord Transportation

  • By ship to Snillfjord

    You can - - - - nearly ----- get to Snillfjord by Kystekspressen ship. They dock at Sandstad on Hitra Island just across the Trondheimsleia Sound, 10 minutes by car/bus from Snillfjord proper. Kystekspressen plies the Trondheim-Hitra-Kristiansund v.v. route with fast ships.

  • The main roads through Snillfjord

    Two roads of mention pass through Snillfjord municipality. One transects from southeast through to Hitra in the northwest, county road No. 714. Deviating from this at Vaavatnet is a road crossing west to Kyrksaeterora. Since there are no other major roads and no scheduled boat routes, these roads will form your skeleton access to Snillfjord.There...

  • Road map of Snillfjord

    The map (photo) shows the entire municipality of Snillfjord and the near-complete network of roads. Gives you a fair sense of topography and access points.


Snillfjord Shopping

  • Local woven textiles

    Not a shop, but an association of people, mainly women who are interested in handicrafts. For the most part it is textiles that are in focus.There are several reasons for these handicraft associations to form, such as the wish to continue an art tradition, learn new techniques or simply to have an excuse to meet. Individual members may sell the...

  • David Crockett would have been proud!

    Hellandsjø Skinnsøm is located - ah! you guessed it! - at Hellandsjø, NW of Kyrksæterøra. A non-descript factory building tucked away in the forest houses the production facilities and a factory shop.The raw materials are mainly hides from locally felled moose and red deer. Clothing items made from hides.Handbags, slippers, bottle bags.Food bags -...

  • Under a caring hand...

    Handlaget in Kyrksæterøra is an outlet for local individuals and commercial craft producers making handicrafts and knitwear. It is also a DIY shop for seamstressers, knitters and leather workers. A small town's "Husfliden" store, as you will find in the main cities in Norway.Handlaget also sells the locally made leather goods from Hellandsjø...


Snillfjord Warnings and Dangers

  • Slippery moss

    The moss on clifftops around gorges and waterfalls is extremely loose and slippery. Be careful when stepping on such patches or trying to hold onto them - doesn't work very well...

  • Adders - hoggorm

    Not life-threatening by any means - crossing the street is much more dangerous - but there are quite a few adders in good biotopes in Snillfjord. They tend to come out for a tan and warm-up for the night's hunt during sunny days and you can find them in the open. Don't kill them since they are keeping mice at bay.The adder (hoggorm in the...

  • Snillfjord Hotels

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Snillfjord Tourist Traps

  • Saagar's Profile Photo
    ��ragata street in season...

    by Saagar Written Jan 24, 2005

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    Øramartn is the yearly summer market in Kyrksæterøra, normally held in the last weekend of July.
    During the market period - about a week - the main street Øragata is closed for traffic and local and itinerant merchants set up shops and shacks.
    For locals there is the meeting of friends, neigbours and an excuse to do something different, but for visiting tourists it seems like a tacky market and tepid beer in plastic cups.

    Unique Suggestions: The thing to look for may probably be local snacks and BBQ food served in stalls, and the sellers of local woodcraft, knitwear and cured meats.
    Another thing to look for is who is playing at this evening's outdoor concert - it happens sometimes that big names and good music crop up.

    Fun Alternatives: Since many local people are drawn to the market days, you'll have the sea, the rivers, the mountains and the rest almost to yourself...

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Snillfjord What to Pack

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    Private collection

    by Saagar Written Jun 16, 2004

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If going into the back country hiking, camping, on a photo excursion, or fishing you will need rubber boots. Regular hiking shoes and even more sturdy hiking boots will get soggy, if not downright wet straight through. Experienced hikers, guests of mine have laughed at this, considering rubber boots a condensation trap and a primitive nuisance... They have all come to regret it once there.
    If you do not have any rubber boots, good Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish designs are available. The light "seilerstovler" are no good, you need a pair with a sturdy outsole and proper heel. If you really insist on using leather, Lundhags and Alfa hunting boots are two brands high leather boots that will do the job - as well as do away with your wallet....

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Snillfjord Sports & Outdoors

  • Rock climbing

    There are many granitic, gneiss and other hard rock cliffs and mountain sides in Snillfjord. Some of these are excellent for rock climbing and bouldering.Local climbers (mainly Trondheim folks, students and roaming climbers) come here on day acents and weekend climbs. I have no specialized knowledge, neither is there anything organized, guided or...

  • Canyoning

    Snillfjord has several facinating canyons that deserve exploration- Some of them are quite spectacular despite their relatively small size, and you may need helmet, wet suit and climbing gear to negotiate them safely. Use the 1:50.000 map and set out to find a spot.

  • Orienteering posts

    The various sports associations in Snillfjord has teamed up to organise a two-year orienteering race where the point is to reach scenic spots and historical places in the entire municipality. You buy a participation form and a local map and you're in the race. If you tick off a minimum of orienteering posts varying with your age group, you will be...


Snillfjord Favorites

  • Raspberries - privatised!

    For a general background, see my blueberry tip.Raspberries grow in the lower locations and often near cultivaded lands and habitation in Snillfjord. They are of the small, wild-growing variety. To some extent they are cultivated and kept, and the locals have worked out that these rows of bushes here are the approximate property of this farm, and...

  • An abundance of blueberries

    In July-August you will find an abundance of blueberries in suitable locations in Snillfjord. The longer into the summer, the higher into the mountains you will have to go to find the good, ripe ones.You can pick blueberries just about anywhere, but show some consideration in terms of volume (ok for your consumption, but don't pick a ton for...

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