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Gudvangen Things to Do

  • Seagulls

    On the ferry trip along the Nærøyfjord seagulls will join the ride. It seems that they expect peole to feed them, so they fly partly in the same speed as the boat and by this offer great chances to take beautiful photos. So have your tele lense with you, but take care not ot drop it in the fjord when changing lenses!

  • Nærøyfjord - Bakka

    The tiny village of Bakka is close to Gudvangen but probably most often seen from a boat on the Nærøyfjord, perhaps as part of the highly recommended 'Norway in a Nutshell' tour. The church at Bakka dates from only 1859 but is typical of the white, wooden 19th century churches to be found in Norway. Also typical is the simply decorated and...

  • Norway in a Nutshell

    Gudvangen is one of the places where you can start your Norway in a Nutshell tour, which takes you along some of the most scenic routes in Norway. The other places are Flam, Voss, Bergen or Oslo. The trip includes rides on the Bergen Railway, the Flam Railway, boat trips on Aurlands and Naeroyfjord and from May to October the steep Stalheimskleiv....

  • The Flamsbana

    The ferry takes you to Flam, where a train - the famous Flamsbana - is already waiting to take you to Myrdal. I don't suppose I need to describe the fascinating scenery as the train climbs the mountain track - you must have seen it in the tourist brochures wherever you live. The windows don't open fully so it's hard to take pictures but the views...

  • Undredal Stave Church

    Undredal is a small village on the Aurlandsfjord, about 17 km by road from Gudvangen.It is well worth a visit for its tiny church, the smallest church in regular use in Scandinavia. First built in 1147 and called St. Nicholas Chapel then, it was thoroughly restored and given its present appearance around 1722. It retained some of its mediaeval...

  • The port of Gudvangen

    Watching boats come and go is my favourite pastime so we spent some time at the port while in Gudvangen. The boats ferry tourists from all over the world, so watching them too may be interesting. Some of them stay the night at the expensive hotel by the harbour. The souvenir shops nearby are not particularly good, very expensive, though not as...

  • The village between the mountains

    Gudvangen is situated on the Naeroyfjord, and the area of the port is the most interesting but touristy as well. Yet, busloads of tourists don't explore anything beyond the hotel and the souvenir shops at the port. If you have time, take a walk along the main and only village street to see its pretty white houses with gardens and orchards. Some of...

  • Stalheimskleiv

    If you are anywhere near Gudvangen or Flam don't miss Stalheimskleiv. We came across it by a mere piece of luck on our way back from Gudvangen, following the signs for that place. The road we took was terrifying: extremely steep and with thirteen hairpin bends, all very very close to one another. I had not been that frightened even on...

  • Aurlandsfjord

    The trip from Gudvangen by ferry continues to Aurlandsfjord, where the ferry turns right towards Flam. You could take a ferry that goes to Kaupanger on the Sognefjorden and then that is where it turns left. The contrast between the dark Naeroyfjord and the bright and sunny Aurlandsfjord is amazing. Unfortunately, we had left a new film on the...


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Gudvangen Transportation

  • Touristic Ferry through Nærøyfjord

    A very easy way to experience and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Nærøyfjord is to take a ferry from Kaupanger to Gudvangen. You will have to do nothing as relax and admire this beautiful part of Norway. The ride is about 45 kilometers and offers spectacular views of the landscape. The ride is operated by the ferry company fjord1.More information...

  • Gudvangen to Kaupanger ferry

    On our way to the North, from Bergen to Aheim, we were facing a 450 km journey. We had planned the trip a bit more inland, so we could enjoy the Sognafjord.We scheduled to take the ferry in Gudvangen to Kaupanger. It was a excellent choice because, it gave us a 2 hours rest from driving in a beautiful fjord. It's very narrow, the sight will be...

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  • evaanna's Profile Photo
    Naeroydalen at sunset

    by evaanna Updated Sep 9, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The changing colours of Naeroydalen are amazing. The mountains are so steep and their ranges so close to each other that they let little light reach the bottom of the valley. But at sunset you can see a faerie of lights on the slopes, the source of which we tried to find out but in vain. If you look at the equally high but dark mountains on the other side of the valley you don't see any places where the light could get through and yet you can admire the visual effects.

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