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Sogn og Fjordane Things to Do

  • Borgund Stave - church / Stabkirche

    Borgund Stavechurch is dating back to the year 1324 according to the history-books, but scientists found out that the wood used to build that church was cut in the winter 1180/81, so the church is obviously much older.Stave-churches are built similar to ships upside down and here in Borgund stabkirche / stavechurch you will also see the dragons...

  • The Stavkyrkje-museum in Borgund

    Dont miss the museum of the stave-churches, it will tell you a lot about the history and constructions of stave-churches / Stabkirchen in Norway. You will find this museum next to the large carparking-area and in a distance of about 150 meters from the Borgund Stavkyrkje.There is also a selfservice-restaurant inside that building and as far as I...

  • Flåm

    Flåm is situated innermost in Sognefjorden, the deepest and longest fjord in the world. 204 km long and 1308 m deep.Surrounded by steep mountainsides, rumbling waterfalls and narrow valleys. This is a true paradise if you are looking for some great natureexperiences.Read more at my Flåm page.

  • Boat trip on Naeroyfjord

    Naeroyfjord is one of the narrowest navigable fjords in Norway. A round or at least one-way boat trip on it is an absolute must for a visitor to Sogn og Fjordane. The boat goes along the beautiful fjord, then turns right into the wider and sunnier Aurlandsfjord before calling at Flam. The trip starts at Gudvangen - the tourist boats don't take cars...

  • Stalheimskleiv - a nature's wonder

    Driving up Stalheimskleiv is a hair-raising experience. The 13 hairpin bends, steep and very close to each other are not something I would recommend to anybody but, once you get to the top, the view is stunning. The whole Naeroydalen, the deep narrow valley that leads to the Naeroyfjord lies before you flanked by high mountains. The rather unusual...

  • Aurlandsvegen or route 243 Aurland -...

    If you visit Flam and go on the Naeroyfjord and the Flamsbana, there is one more attraction waiting for you there that not everybody knows of. You may leave Flam taking the longest tunnel in the world to Laerdal - 24 km but don't forget that a tunnel deprives you of the great scenery that you would have seen otherwise. And in this case this would...

  • Road 13 - Vinje - Vik

    Looking quite innocent on the map, this is another mountain road, not as dangerous as Aurlandsveien though. While there are no fjords along it, you will still come across beautiful blue mountain lakes and see your first little glaciers. We could see people walking on them, if with difficulty. Some parts of Road 13 have been cut out in rock right...

  • Vik on Sognefjord

    Vik is a village you pass through on your way from Voss or Gudvangen to Jotunheimen or Jostedalsbreen. Before you get to it, a serpentine road will take you to the top of a mountain which gives you a bird's eye view of the place. The scenery is stunning with the village far below and Sognefjord in the distance. I now often see it on the webcam,...

  • What a view!

    After spending a night on Sandane campsite we took Road 13 going south. On the map it is marked as scenic so we expected great views. But what we saw by far surpassed our expectations. Its part between Moskog and Dragsvik is a fantastic mountain road, extremely winding, and no less difficult than the famous Trollstigveien, Trolls' Ladder (see my...

  • Borgund Stave Church

    Borgund stave church is situated in Laerdal, in the south east of Sogn og Fjordane. Dating back to 1180, this real pearl of medieval architecture is one of the largest of the existing stave churches in Norway. We visited it twice, once in 2001 on our first visit to Norway when Road E16 ran past it so that nearly all the motorists stopped to admire...

  • Vestkappe and Ervik

    On our first visit to Norway in 2001 I wanted very much to see the place where the fjords start - the North Sea. I had to be convinced they were not just mountain lakes and being so close to the sea and not seeing it would have been unpardonable. So, driving south from Geiranger we took Rd15 towards Maloy and then turned into Rd618 to Vestkappe,...

  • Lodal valley and Kjenndal Glacier

    Lodal valley and Kjenndal Glacier should not be missed. The valley offers a wonderful landscape. But the valley was the setting of tragic events: twice in this centrury, huge blocks of stone fell from the sides of Mt. Ramnefjell into the Lovatn lake below and 135 lives were lost.The Kjenndal valley and the Kjenndal Glacier lie at the end of Lodal...

  • Briksdalsbreen

    The wondefulBriksdal Glacier forms part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park. The wild glacier slope plunges from a height of 1200 metres down to the valley. Briksdalsbreen Glacier is located at the end of Oldedal valley, about 20 km from Olden. From the mountain lodge it is 2 km on a gravel road up to the glacier. You can walk there or be driven...

  • Melkevollsbreen

    Melkevollsbreen Glacier is a small Glecier that you find in front of you when you're traveling in the Briksdal Valley. There is a car park near the bridge of the road where you can find a path which allow you to reach the glacier.

  • Nordfjord

    Nordfjord is a nice fjord in the Sogn og Fjordane region. The fjord, sixth longest in Norway, is 106 km long and along its borders you can see the Jostedal glacier, Europe's largest mainland glacier. In the Nordfjord there is also the Hornindalsvatnet, Europe's deepest lake at 514 meters. When you visit the Nordfjord you must see the Briksdalsbreen...

  • Nigardsbreen Glacier

    The wonderful Nigardsbreen Glacier is one of the most accessible glaciers.Followinf the road in the valley of Jostedalen, you will arrive at the Breheimsenteret with an architecture inspired by the glacier formations. From this centre a short walk lies you to the lake and to the glacier.Even at this low altitude of close to 300 metres (1000 feet)...

  • Boyabreen Glacier

    Boyabreen Glacier is one of the most spectacular and beautiful of the glacier branches. When you visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjorland, you can see parts of it. A five-minute drive from there you can get a full view of the impressive ice fall. Fantastic!!!!!

  • Supphellebreen Glacier

    The beautiful Supphellebreen glacier is the neighbour of the Boyabreen glacier in Fjaerland.From Fjaerland you drive up the valley of Suphelledalen which is the starting point for the rather steep ascent up to the cabin. Here you can see the mountains of Suphellenipa and Kaldakari (1687 metres above sea level).At the bottom of the Supphelledalen...

  • Fjaerland: the Norvegian Book Town

    The Norwegian Book Town of Fjaerland is famous for its second-hand bookshops of various sizes. Old barns and boathouses are used as sales outlets, making the book town a very special experience.

  • The Norwegian Glacier Museum

    The Norwegian Glacier Museum is situated in Fjaerland at the head of the Fjaerlandsfjord. Here you can learn about snow, ice and glaciers.This is a hands-on museum where you can make their own experiments, for instance with 1000 years old glacial ice from Supphellebreen. The architect professor Sverre Fehn designed the museum. The building has...

  • Fjaerlandsfjorden

    This beautiful fjord arm extends almost all the way up to the glacier tongues that reach down to the village of Fjaerland.Along the fjord there are many hamlets and farms. At the head of the fjord you find interesting attractions such as The Norwegian Glacier Museum and The Norwegian Book Town.

  • Kvinnafossen

    The nice Kvinnafossen falls 120 metres and is situated right beside the main road between Leikanger and Hella and the spray from the waterfall reaches across the road.According to the legend, it is possible to see a rock formation in the shape of a woman when the flow of water in the river is just right.

  • Vik: Hopperstad Stave Church

    The wondeful Hopperstad Stave Church is one of the oldest stave churches in Norway and it was built in 1140. With the exception of the nave and the chancel, most of the church's interior had been removed in the years. In 1881, the architect Peter Andreas Blix offered his services free of charge. The stave church was restored using other churches as...

  • Kaupanger Stave Church

    The Kaupanger Stave Church at Kaupanger in Sogndal is the largest of the stave churches, and is still in use. It was built in Borgund style on the remnants of two earlier churches in 1190. The Stave Church was restorated many times. Much of the interior dates from the 1600's and is richly decorated with painted neumes, vines and drapes.

  • Hjelledalen

    When you arrive to the town of Stryn you can reach the fantastic Geiranger followin Rv 15. Few Km from Stryn you pass along the Hjelledalen. This is the last thing that you can see of the Sogn of Fjordane Region before entering in the M?re og Romsdal Region. Before entering in the tunnels you can see Ovstebrufosse waterfall and a wonderful...

  • Lovatnet

    The Lovatn lake is located in the Lodalen valley. One of the things that make this lake so beautiful is because you can see a fantastic green water. It is green because it contain clay particles and rock dust, carved out by glaciers and swept along by rivers. The glaciers are continuously crushing up rocks and stones. When the glacial water reaches...

  • Briksdalsbreen walk

    You can also roam the spectacular blue ice of Briksdal glacier. All trips depart from the starting point by the souvenir shop at Briksdalen. You can chose short or long hikes and special tours with iceclimbing. More information on the site shows in the page.

  • Briksdalsbreen

    Briksdalsbreen is not a remnant of the last ice age. It disappeared completely from 9000 untill 6000 years BP), when rebuilding successively started from 2500 years BP. Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in Norway. Several outlets flow from the central ice plateau at over 2000 m a.s.l down into the surrounding valleys. Briksdalsbrenn is one of...

  • Briksdal Valley: waterfall

    Along the path that connect the visitor centre of Briksdal to the Briksdalsbreen, you can see a fantastic landscape with many waterfalls. On the right side of the path you can see a big one that go under the main road. Behind you there is a very high waterfall called Volefossen that connected the water that come from the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. It...

  • Olden: Floen

    Along the road that connect the town of Olden to the Briksdalsbreen, you can find this lake made with the water that fall down from the Oldedalen. The water has got a wonderful green-blue colour with a fantastic reflections of the glaciers and of the mountains.

  • Huldenfossen

    Outside the town of Forde, in the small village of Hulde, you can see Huldenfossen, a nice waterfall lost in the green of the landscape!!

  • Lundeelva

    Lundeelva is a typical glacier-fed river. the green colour of the river is due to tiny particules, clay and silt, which are products of the glaciers scouring the bedrock. On especially warm days you can see a light green stripe from the river outlet out in Kjosnesfjorden. The rock particles in the glacier rivers are the reason why many fjords look...

  • Jostedalsbreen National Park

    Fjaerland is the gateway to explore the wonderful Jostedalsbreen Glecier. Jostedalsbreen is the biggest glacier in continental Europe and it is covering 487 square km, and lies in the municipalities of Luster, Balestrand, Julster and Stryn. The highest peak in the area is Lodalskapa at 2083 meters.The Jostedalsbreen National Park was established in...

  • Dalavatnet

    Located on the road from Sogndal to Fjaerland, Dalavatnet is a small lake where you can find some cottages to hire and used them as starting point to hik in the region. As you can see from the photos it seems to be somewhere in the Alps!!! Wonderful landscape!!!!

  • Sogndal

    The modern town of Sogndal is the perfect home base where to start the visit of the Sogn og Fjordane Region. In the town you can see the Sogn Folkmuseum where you can find 40 buildings that remember more than 600 years of the history and tradition of the Region.

  • Sognefjorden

    The Sognefjord is the largest fjord in Norway. Situated in Sogn og Fjordane in Western Norway, it stretches 203 km inland to the town of Skjolden.The fjord reaches a maximum depth of 1,308 m below sea level. The greatest depths are found some way inland: near its mouth, the bottom rises abruptly to a sill about 100m below sea level. The average...

  • Vangsnes

    The small town of Vangsnes is known thanks the ferry pier to Hella and Balastran. The town is also known because it has got a big statue, 12 meters high, of the hero of the Fridtjof The Intrepid's legend. The statue was erected by Emperor Guglielmo of Germany in 1913. From the statue you can see a nice wiev of the Sognefjord.

  • Vik

    The industrial town of Vik is famous thanks the beautiful Hopperstad Stave Church and the Hone Stone Church. Vik is the perfect place where you can relax and to explore the Sognefjorden.

  • Vik: Hove Stone Church

    Hove Stone Church is one of the oldest stone buildings in Sogn, built about 1170 with seating for about 35 persons. The Church was due to be demolished and Peter Andreas Blix in 1880 saved the Church. Blix set out to rebuilt the Stone Church as near to the original Church as possible and held a high standard of workmanship. Soapstone was found...

  • Vikafjellsvegen

    The road through the mountain area between Vik and Vinje/Voss (route 13) provides an ideal base for hikes in both the Vikafjellet and the St?lsheimen mountains, where there are many old summer pasture farms set in hilly terrain.

  • Ferry Rides

    Ferries run to, from and around Fjaerland all day long. Not continiously but quite enough so that you can use them to admire the waters and landscape.

  • Norsk Bremuseum

    The Norsk Bremuseum has won awards for being a place where you can learn everything about snow, ice and glaciers. All local customs and glacier history are found here. Memmoth remains and films showing all kind of stuff. A fun place surrounded by great landscape.

  • Walk along the Waterfronts

    From the waterfonts you'll enjoy superb views of the mountains, plus you'll get the feeling of the towns while admiring the ferries arriving and leaving. Pristine waters.

  • Jostedalsbreen Glacier

    Visit the Jostedalsbreen glacier which is the largest on the European mainland. It is a natinal park, reached by car or by a bus tour from many of the towns.

  • Walk the Villages

    These are the most charming little towns in Norway. Take your time to wander around the streets and farms and country. You will never regret it.


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    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Alexandra Hotel Loen

    I didn't stay, I only stopped by for the dinner buffet, a whopping 395 kroner per person, but well...

  • Gudvangen Fjordtell

    E16, 5747 Aurland Gudvangen, , 5717, Norway

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Solo

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