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  • Firewood, 2004
    Firewood, 2004
    by Rusket
  • Downtown Prestestranda :-)
    Downtown Prestestranda :-)
    by Rusket
  • Neslandsvatn january 2003
    Neslandsvatn january 2003
    by Rusket

Drangedal Things to Do

  • For train enthusiasts

    There is an intact turntable at Neslandsvatn Railway Station, and the intact part of the abandoned Kragerø line ends here, with possibilities for railroad cycling. Cycles can be hired here:Støa Camping 3766 Sannidal, phone +47 35 99 02 61, e-mil: sparkivle@ngbutikk.net Rumours has it that they shall start renting out cycles at Neslandsvatn, too.The...

  • Kroken Church

    Kroken Church was built in 1910. Like most churches in Norway, it is wooden. Since I am not a religious person, I have never been inside the church. But the linked page, with a closeup of the church, has another link where you can find a picture of the altar.

  • Lake Tokke

    Rørholtfjorden, a part of the Tokke Lake, was originally a part of the ocean. After the last ice age, the land rose, and the lake was cut off from the sea. As the first lake in the world, a 6000 year old salt water layer was found on depths between 132 and 147 meters. A number of 8‑10 lakes like that have been found in Norway, and a very few...

  • Internet cafe and library

    Opening hours: Tuesdays: 14:30 - 20:00Wednesdays: 10:00 - 14:00Thursdays: 10:00 - 20:00Fridays: 11:00 - 16:00Saturdays in weeks with even numbers: 11:00 - 14:002005: Closed week 29 & 30 (16th - 31st of july)

  • Old railway bridge

    The railway line through Drangedal to Kragerø was opened in 1927. Kjeosen bridge has a selfcarrying construction built from chiseled stone by migrant workers called "rallar". The rallars were hard working but also known to be fond of women, booze and poker, and they were not very popular amongst the locals. Many a girl got pregnant by a handsome...

  • Day trip to Risør

    Another cute little town at the coast, appr. 45 min. from Brøsjø by car. 58.43 N 9.14 E Population appr. 7050. Wooden houses, wooden boats, art and culture.

  • Day trip to Kragerø

    Kragerø is the closest city to Brøsjø, 1/2 hrs drive away. Situated at the south-eastern coast of Norway. Plenty of things to do. Check other Kragerø pages at VT. (Ooops, there were no Kragerø pages, I have created one!)The link below leads you to a map showing how to get there :-)

  • Waterpark

    Bø Sommarland is in another municipality, 42 minutes by train from Neslandsvatn, half an hour from Prestestranda (Drangedal).

  • Visit my train station

    I do not run a business renting out rooms, but I do welcome guests, especially if you are a train freak, like myself ;-)The link is to one of my own web pages, which contains a lot of pictures of the station from 1998, before I started renovating it.


Drangedal Restaurants

  • Sports pub

    This is THE meeting place for the locals, that is those who are interested in sports. Football matches and horse racing are shown on the big screen, while people enjoy their beer or coffee. But first the place their bets in the adjoining kiosk. Those not interested in horses or football meet in the cafe / restaurant department described in another...

  • More than just a rest stop

    The food is based on norwegian traditions with a hint of foreign influence, somewhat fastfood like, but you can ask for baked or boiled potatoes instead of the french fries :-) The ambience is cozy. The big veranda is partly covered by a tent to protect smokers from rain :-), and it is an excellent place for trainspotting :-) The lake beside the...

  • Grocery store with hot food

    Longer opening hours than the cafe: 9 - 20 on weekdays, 9 - 18 on saturdays. And the food is quite good, too. There are benches and tables outside, where you can enjoy your meal if the weather permits. Roast chicken. I was hungry, the cafe was closed, it was late in the afternoon and msot of the other stuff was sold-out.


Drangedal Transportation

  • The Sørland Railway

    The Sørland Railway is the southern main line in Norway, and runs between Oslo and Stavanger. It is the simplest way to get to Drangedal, and to Brøsjø. The tilttrains were introduced on the Sørland line 1 nov 1999. Technically they are almost identical with the airport shuttletrains between Oslo S and the main airport Gardermoen. There are 16 of...

  • Drangedal Bus Company

    If you don't want to go by taxi, this is how you get around Drangedal. My brother is one of their drivers :-)Their website is in norwegian only.

  • Drangedal Hotels

    0 Hotels in Drangedal

Drangedal Shopping

  • Consumer owned

    Coop is a chain of grocer's stores owned by the consumers. Everybody can buy a stock at a price of NOK 300. The shops are spread all over Norway (and Denmark and Sweeden). There are (at least) three of them in Drangedal: Kroken avd. 1 right next to Brøsjø Station, Kroken avd. 2 in Neslandsvatn and COOP Marked in Prestestranda (the community...

  • This place has everything!

    I have described the cafe / restaurant, the sports pub and the beer shop in other tips. There is also a kiosk / grocery store, ATM, post office and a video rental department. You can even entertain yourself by playing on the slot machines. They cover the basic needs for food, as well as sweets, tobacco and magazines. A little more than in the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Drangedal Local Customs

  • Beer shop

    This is a remnant from older times (not that much older!) when norwegian alcohol politics was a lot more restrictive than it is today. Beer was not for sale anywhere, in some municipalities it was totally forbidden, in others you had to go to a special beer shop to buy it. Some of these beer shops still remain, even though you can now buy beer in...

  • Means of transport

    This is a "spark" (kicksled), which is a very good means of transport on icy roads. One person standing on the runners moves the spark by kicking the ground. The spark was commonly used for transportation of goods and people in older times. Nowadays roads are usually sanded or salted for the benifit of car drivers, which makes the use of the spark...

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