Norway Warnings and Dangers

  • Swell breaking at Undstad, Lofoten
    Swell breaking at Undstad, Lofoten
    by Saagar
  • Storgata
    by toonsarah
  • parking in Moss Norway.
    parking in Moss Norway.
    by Pod

Norway Warnings and Dangers

  • Prices

    Bergen Warnings and Dangers

    Otherwise Bergen is extremely pleasant and safe town, except for one thing... Yes, the prices! What ever stories you have heard about the huge prices in Norway, they all are true ;) Well, if you stay in Bergen you'll just get used to it, but for a visitor it might come as a surprise. How does more than 100 euros for a dinner for two in a "normal"...

  • Expensive/taxes

    Trondheim Warnings and Dangers

    IMHO this is the most stupid way to collect money from foreign cardrivers, stupid for them and stupid for us: The Toll-system for cars is fully automatic and an invoice will be sent to your homeadress ! It might take 1-6 months untill you get a letter from Great Britain and who knows, maybe I will have my 1st invoices already in my postbox in...

  • Driving

    Bergen Warnings and Dangers

    You can not drink and drive in Norway.....And you can not just go out on the streets to call on a taxi...They live in some places... and if you want a taxi you have to go there or call on the phone. The light is on.. if they are free to a ride.. We also have someting called pirat taxi... This is people driving you home for less money.... But be...

  • Weather

    Bergen Warnings and Dangers

    Rain, rain, rain... Fortunately, the Sun was on rendez-vous, when I was in Bergen. I was suprised to see an umbrella distributor machine in the street (I read that it was the world's first umbrella vending machine)??? But it seems useful in case of... Bergen is Europes rainiest city. The yearly average rainfall reaches a staggering 2.250mm or...

  • Walking

    Bergen Warnings and Dangers

    There is a park up the hill of Bergen (quite close to the center), that should be really avoided, especially in the evening or night. One of my friends lived there while studying and was attacked by a drug addict. I was walking the street at 6p.m. and also saw lot of junkies, taking their pants off and injecting just in the street. There were three...

  • Floods in the middle of Norway.

    There are floods in the middle of Norway.You can get information on flooding through this website For updated messages in English please call phone no. 175 (from Norway).

  • Beware of Implicit and Explicit Racism!

    If you're non-Caucasian visiting Oslo, it is less likely that you will encounter racism as 1 out of 5 in Oslo is immigrant. Thus people are rather open minded. But, the farther you're from Oslo, the more likely you will encounter unpleasant racism. I've lived in 4 countries, and I must say that it's in Norway I encounter racism almost daily. I've...

  • Stepping up the Zig-Zag-path

    Stepping up the Zig-Zag-path is easy and not very exhausting, but at some places you really have to be very careful, where to step to and I would not recommend elderly people to take that path. For them one of the bustours that are organized by the cruiseships might be better, they take you the easy way to these viewpoints

  • NEVER cross this line unless...

    NEVER cross this line unless you want to enter russian territory AND have a valid Visa and your passport handy ! The gates are almost all the time open, but as soon as you get intothe are behind the gate in front you are touching the russian ground and the russian authorities there dont understand any jokes of the tourists. Most of the time there...

  • Driving-distances in Norway

    It is really very hard to say how long a drive will take in Norway. You take a look at the map and see it is just 80 km, but then you might need to take a ferry that runs only every 30 or 60 minutes and maybe you are late for just a few seconds and will loose a full hour at a spot where you cannot do anything, except waiting. Many such places at...

  • Free camping in a motorhome

    Norway is such a wondferful country with a wide landscape and only quite a few inhabitants for its giant size, so that would normally make such a place a paradise for owners of motorhomes to go around and park their cars where-ever they like and save a lot of money on camping-fees.Unfortunately that is possible only at some very few good places,...

  • local tours

    hiwe came back from a cruse along the western shores with the norwegin jadei booked with a local taxi comany in alesund phone:95 22 77 22and at kristiansud :93 66 16 78it was always half the price then the ripoff price from the ship.for us it was worth because we were a group of 8.there may be taxis but remmber that even when one ship arrives all...

  • The worst hotel experience in Norway!

    If you travel in south Norway and consider staying in Tønsberg, avoid the tourist trap called MARITIM Hotel.The rooms were not clean and they offer very poor breakfast, probably the worst I have experienced in Norway.My advise: even if other moderate-priced hotels are fully booked it best to pay a bit more and at a more decent establishment; you...

  • Rent-a-car with National

    IN august 2007 I rented a car on-line with Sixt , central reservation in Germany. The rental was for an economy car for 8 days, pick up and return at the Torp airport in Sandefjord, south of Oslo. The price confirmed in writing by Sixt in Germany was Nok. 2.934,05. The invoice I got from National - AB- Bilutleie AS , representative of Sixt in...

  • Insomnia

    Although experiencing the midnight sun is wonderful, many tourists have difficulties adapting to permanent daylight and can hardly sleep. And, indeed, when the weather is nice, you really never want to go to bed.This picture shows the sun at its lowest level above the Arctic Circle Line.

  • Unpredictable Weather

    Although, stadistically this is one of the rainiest parts of the European continent, the weather in Norway can change in just some seconds. On the very same night when we enjoyed a glorious midnight sun, it started to rain, and afterwards, wow, an amazing "midnight rainbow" appeared behind the buildings of the town.

  • Driving in Norway

    Many streets in the Fjord region are carved into the mountain and quite narrow, mostly two-lane. Be extremely careful when overtaking and respect the speed limits. In rural areas you might encounter sheep on the road ... usually a car does not distract them, so sometimes you have to shoo them from them road.

  • Sufferers from vertigo beware!

    I think it was our trip to Hardanger that made me fear heights more than ever. The winding roads, several thousand feet up with only a metal rail between you and the valley below, have never been forgotten after more than 50 years!

  • Norway has no dangers in terms...

    Norway is as safe a place as you'll ever visit. You are very unlikely to encounter any kind of crime. The most dangerous thing for tourists tends to be lack of respect for the nature, eg when whitewater rafting, rock climbing, diving, basejumping.

  • NordKapptunnelen

    From this sign began your trip to NordKapp. At the end of the tunnel you must pay for a car NOK 140 and NOK 46 for each adult. You must pay the same price also when you go back!!!When you visit Nordkapp prepare to spend a you must pay everything and a lot!!!!!

  • Reindeers

    One of the best things you can see in the Finnmark Region are the reindeers!!! I found lot of them along the road E69 toward NordKapp. There are a lot of them on the borders of the road and sometimes they cross it suddently, so you must pay attention when you seen them!!!

  • Drinking

    Alcoholic drinks like in all the Nordic Countries are a big issue. Also, be aware that it is not allowed to drink in public places, so if you really need to drink at the train station, at list try to hide your beer.

  • Safety

    Norway is one of the world most safest country --If you are out in the city at nighttime.Try to avoid the drunken fools,ignore .Some of them can be pretty annoying and people often tend to get into fight with them.-Avoid going arround with heavy camera gear at night if you are alone.I am a amateur photographer and i love to take night pictures.If...

  • Signs with Moose

    Not that I think any VT'er would be so stupid, but please leave the roadsigns alone. Particulary warningsignes. There have been trouble with missing signs that people have dismounted and taken home as souvernies. In particulary the moose signs. Such signs can be bought at just about any souvernieshop in Norway, there is no need to be a criminal to...

  • Customs regulation

    A warning for those who has heard that it's expensive in Norway, and wish to brink their own alcohol:Not only is Alcohol expensive in Norway, but the limits of what you are allowed to bring with you over the border is ridicculesly low. These are the limits:1 l beverage with 22-60% alcohol per vol and 1l beverage with 2,5-22% alcoholcontent OR 2 l...

  • Tidal differences

    The tidal differences on the coast of Norway have left many visitors (including Norwegians from Oslo and the inland region!!!) at loss of how to retrieve camping gear, cameras, shoes and what not that is left at now two meters water depth at the time of breaking camp in the morning... Or found their camp site inundated...In the Oslo Fjord area...

  • The adder - a common snake

    The adder is the only poisonous snake in Norway, but doesn't have a potent venom. Don't fool with it, if you find one, though, being bitten is nevertheless best avoided.They are found half-way up the length of Norway and can be quite common in suitable habitats.

  • Hypothermia in the mountains

    The local saying here goes: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!"If you are surprised by a sudden change of weather, especially in the mountains, you are in danger of succumbing to hypothermia if your are not properly prepared - you may loose coherence and eventually freeze to death. Remember that 1000 meters above sea level...

  • Volatile musk oxen in the Dovre area

    Musk oxen seem very docile and tame - but lo and behold! are they volatile. The closest comparison is the Indian rhino: its faint glimmer of thought that this may be an enemy is immediately followed by a charge...Many tourists try to get quite close for that spectaclular photo or close-to-nature experience. Just know that the danger zone set by...

  • Seacoast raw winter cold

    Coastal coldBecause of the warm ocean currents from the Gulf of Mexico(!) the Norwegian coast is ice free. Open water means less cold, but a much more humid climate during winter. This raw, coastal winter cold feels much colder than it actually is, so do not be fooled by the thermometer. On the other hand, if you are used to dry inland cold, just...

  • Dangerously narrow roads

    The roads in Norway meander, go up and down, often quite steeply but this is not the worst: if you go slowly and are careful you can negotiate all the bends without an accident. The situation becomes dangerous when the road suddenly becomes extremely narrow - just one lane - often without any warning sign. Then you may have a precipice on one side...

  • Glaciers kill tourists every year

    Glaciers are dangerous; many tourists seem not to acknowledge this. The accessible glaciers (near roads and tourist facilities) tend to be well marked with unobtrusive danger-signs and symbolic fences. Many times I have seen tourists pass this signage and climbed onto or even underneath the glaciers. There is just no way to know when a glacier cave...

  • Norwegian State Railways Oslo to Gjøvik

    If you ask for travel advice you will be informed that there are trains about every second hour between Oslo and Gjøvik and buses also every second hour. What they do not tell you is that the departures incongrously are about the same time !!! What's the use????

  • Specific warning - Norwegian State...

    Norwegian State Railways (NSB) - rarely will I be this clear in my warnings:Suburban trains in the Oslo region are notoriously late, delayed and broken down. According to NSB's own fine print (did you ever see that?) they do not guarantee the transfer times they themselves suggest on the internet time tables. If you are connecting in Oslo, make...

  • Falls view precipice

    Pay attention walking at the border of the viewpoints of falls, like Voringfoss. Look at your back if are some of your enemies around :-)

  • Credit Cards

    Well, Norway is not dangerous at all, but one of the most important tips is that they have some strange problem with credit cards. Me and other travelers that I met had problems drawing money from ATM machines (they call them Mini Bank), and some time stores can not make a transaction with a credit card that was not issued in Norway. So my advise...

  • Cost of traffic violations

    It's costly to violate traffic regulations in Norway. These are the current rates for some violations (1 EUR = NOK 8):- Driving against red light: NOK 5200- Ignoring traffic signs: NOK 4200- Driving across dividing lines, sidewalks, bike paths etc.: NOK 3200- Illegal overtaking: NOK 5200- Ignoring right-of-way NOK 5200- Ignoring giving proper light...

  • Terrible travel days Part 1: January -...

    Certain days are just not good for travelling in Norway, mostly by bad weather, some by public decree. The public decree ones are these:Januar 1st: New Years Day. Nothing happens, and public transport is very limited.Mid/late February: One week's winter holidays in schools. These are not always staggered, so that everybody gets out on the road on...

  • Strong Winds

    Strong Winds can be a pain for drivers (specially if you are driving a lorry, caravans or campers on one of the several bridges you will have to cross in Norway. When driving in strong winds, you should reduce your speed and be very careful when overtaking lorries.

  • Railroad crossings

    Be aware of the train when crossing the train tracks in roads without railroad crossing traffic lights to warn of an oncoming train or automatic gates.It is unlikely you will come across with train tracks crossing like this in Norway, but you could find them in mountain roads like the Flam valley. If you do you will see this road sign advance...

  • Sheeps

    There are over 2 millions sheeps in Norway. Dala is the most seen sheep with approximately 45% of the Norwegian sheep population.Sheeps sometimes like to gather together next to road and to eat the grass and plants of the gutters.In some areas they are used to the traffic but still is advisable to reduce your speed.

  • Road gutters

    Be careful with hidden road gutters by overgrown vegetation when parking your car. After seeing a good photo shot opportunity I parked my car by the road to realize later I was stuck as one of the back wheels of the car was not making contact with the road surface.Luckily one helpful local tried his best to help me by pushing behind the car, after...

  • Sheeps

    There are over 2 millions sheeps in Norway. Dala is the most seen sheep with approximately 45% of the Norwegian sheep population.Sheeps sometimes like to gather together next to road and to eat the grass and plants of the gutters.In some areas they are used to the traffic but still is advisable to reduce your speed.

  • Elks

    The timber industry is the one to blame for the deforestation of Norway and the decline in numbers of predators such as wolf, bear and lynx. However elks are one of the few mammals which has benefited from it, the cut of the trees allow new pastures for the elks who has to be culled every year.Elks are a great danger on Norwegian roads, many cars...

  • photography



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