Europe What to Pack

  • Taken on horse back near Salen
    Taken on horse back near Salen
    by merida75
  • Umbrellas and rain in London!
    Umbrellas and rain in London!
    by spidermiss
  • Packing and Getting Ready for a Trip!
    Packing and Getting Ready for a Trip!
    by greekcypriot

Europe What to Pack

  • Packing for Winter

    Paris What to Pack

    i agree with everyone. cold is pretty relative depending on where you live. i am from santa barbara county, california. i went to paris in jan. '08 and although it wasn't snowing, it was freezing and windy and dreary. it also rained for about 4 days. it kept our exploring to mostly indoor venues. museums, restaurants... we walked but ended up just...

  • Packing for Winter

    Amsterdam What to Pack

    Pare your crap down & pack light! I work for an airline loading freight & luggage & have found a travel-type backpack to be the best of all worlds. Travel-type packs have the option of protecting the straps & sholder harness behind a zippered cover. Check out LL BEAN, or or any outdoor store. Trust me, strapes & loose gear get torn off ALL...

  • Comfortable Shoes

    Rome What to Pack

    There are two things that you must remember to put in your suitcase when packing for Rome to make the most of your trip: comfortable shoes and proper attire to visit churches. These would included shorts and skirts that are of decent length, as well as something that covers your shoulders. Given how hot it was during our trip to Rome, I mostly wore...

  • Summer / Winter Clothes

    Barcelona What to Pack

    A big handbag which doesnt keep falling off your shoulder! Not only is it a pain, it also isnt safe from bag snatchers. Bag should be big enough to carry camera, papers, travel guide, water, juice, a thick shawl/sweater for when it gets chilly later in the day, a sandwich for when the only food you can find is expensive and not that great -like in...

  • Rain and wind gear

    Dublin What to Pack

    Irish weather is very changeable so you need to be prepared for all eventualities!!!! You can get all four seasons in one day at times ........ The easiest thing is to bring layers & include something waterproof!!! If you do get caught out in a shower in the city then a branch of Dunnes or Pennys is your best bet for a reasonably priced umbrella.

  • Weather-Related

    Stockholm What to Pack

    If you are planning to use the public transport from airport to the city you have to have convenient rollon luggage, I originally through of taking the train but found it maybe cheaper to get a cab. Stockholm is cold.. most of the time. My sister who lives there says so, she always suggest no matter the season always bring a Jacket / sweater. Even...

  • General Packing Tips

    Florence What to Pack

    We went on July and it was very hot about 32 degrees, so all on our luggage was summer cloth, confortable shoes because you will walk a lot. If you go on winter well take all jumper, trousers, hats, etc is very very cold. Viajamos en Julio en pleno verano y hacía mucha calor sobre 32 grados, así ke toda la ropa de verano que echamos a veces no era...

  • Good walking shoes & warm clothes

    Brugge What to Pack

    Lock it up with a pad lock folks. No joke! Take some crapy clothes with you. Then replace them with new cool new ones you buy alone the way. Donate you old ones to a hostel. Bring cold meds. They are hard to find in little towns. And of coarse there’s this old one: “Lay out all the clothes you want to take with you. Take out half the clothes and...

  • Weather

    Munich What to Pack

    Munich has a continental climate. However, because the city is located near the Alps, it is likely to rain often. Thunderstorms also often seem to appear out of the blue. Make sure you take your umbrella as well as long sleeved shirt and trousers in summer - just in case. The range of temperatures between day and night or summer and winter can...

  • Clothing

    Madrid What to Pack

    There's a craZy obsession in this city among adults and children alike for any kind of bag or case that's attached to wheels and pulled along. There are plenty of unlicensed wheelie-case drivers in the city, so I suggest that we need not encourage more!! Of course, on a more practical note, be prepared for plenty of stairs in the metro, so make...

  • General advices

    Moscow What to Pack

    Despite the usual snowy image of Russia, summers in Moscow are hot, usually upwards of +25, and frequently over +30. Hence, pack plenty of summer clothing - especially as cheaper fashion such as, say, H&M, is harder to come by. And, in general, Moscow is expensive where clothes are concerned, designer or not. Comfortable shoes are again a must, but...

  • Shoes and clothes

    Warsaw What to Pack

    Big, warm, hiking boots if you going hiking, or if you going anywhere in winter! And lots of sweaters, with at least one big, thick jacket to wear over everything! Some camera's have been known to stop working in extreme cold. Poland in January is EXTREMELY cold!

  • Shoes/Boots

    Tallinn What to Pack

    Duty free on the Helsinki-Tallinn ferry so dont buy more than you can carry. Bring some decent shoes. You can get an excellent pair of boots for about €30-40 in Tallinn, that would normally cost about €65 in the British Isles.

  • Clothes

    Salzburg What to Pack

    Definitely pack warm. We were there in mid September and I don't think we ever slid out of our jackets. I will admit we are sun loving Australians but it was cold and overcast most of the time. We didn't experience rain but I would say judging by the gorgeous gardens it is a regular occurence. Of course pack a camera although there are some...

  • Combined Suggestions

    Edinburgh What to Pack

    We were greeted, on leaving the train at Edinburgh, with a very cold wind, and we all did our best to pull jackets or sweaters from our luggage. (This was in May.) The weather was very crazy there. It was at different times cloudy, sunny, cloudy & raining, sunny & raining, very windy, chilly yet sunny, and even hailing...and that was all in the...

  • Rainy Days

    Manchester What to Pack

    Manchester is quite flat in the city centre so you can bring wheeled suitcase with you. You see a lot of people wheeling suitcases around in the early hours of the morning near picadilly train station. If you are travelling around on buses, metro, trains etc I would recommend wearing a bag pack as it is easier to travel with a rucksack rather than...

  • Clothes

    Saint Petersburg What to Pack

    For a summer trip to St. Petersburg, pack a light jacket (Spring or Autumn-weight) for when the sun goes down or when it rains. Take clothes that you can layer and peel off as it gets warmer. The touristic sights are walkable only in comfortable shoes and dry weather. But bring the umbrella, it will definitely come handy!

  • Weather

    Hamburg What to Pack

    If you visit in the winter (we went there in January) be sure and pack plenty of warm and waterproof gear. there is an extremely biting wind and it can rain and snow a fair bit. I suppose it is only to be expected bering in mind how near the Baltic it is. As always, do not forget to pack the camera. I was only using a small compact (one of the...

  • Winter

    Innsbruck What to Pack

    During the winters,temperature can fall down to -10 at nights. So carry a lot of warm clothes. Gloves and a cap can always be purchased at the local markets. Carry a good pair of shoes..preferably leather as you can slip on ice with the regular keds. Gets pretty cold in the night..temperature can fall upto -15 sometimes..wise to cover yourself...

  • Beach Holidays

    Crete Island What to Pack

    Even if you have a decent base tan the intense Sun on Crete can burn you in no time at all if you don't use sunblock. And if you wait to buy it until you get to Crete the incredibly high prices for it will make you regret not bringing your own. Fortunately we brought plenty, so we did not have to buy any there. Make sure you apply it first thing in...

  • luggage

    Sofia What to Pack

    I would suggest you to carry little luggage because here you can find almost everything and for very cheap prices. The climate is temperate so it depandes on the season. The winter usually is very cold and the summer often very hot. There are plenty of drug-stores here so I believe you can find almost everything you'd need. A camera would be...

  • Slovenian currencyn - Tolar

    Ljubljana What to Pack

    In 1991, Slovenia released its own currency, called the "Tolar", abbreviated as "SIT". In March, 2004, 100 Slovenian Tolars converted to $ .70 Canadian dollars, or $ .52 US dollars, or .42 Euros. The SIT later became obsolete, when it was replaced by the Euro. As of June 2007, 1 Euro is worth approx. $1.42 Canadian, or $1.33 USD.


    Glasgow What to Pack

    The summer in Glasgow can be warm, but showers are a normal occurrence. So bring suitable lightweight waterproof clothing. Winter is very cold and yes more rain! So warm n waterproof is needed. There is a lot of beautiful architecture and natural aesthetic beauty in Glasgow and surrounding countryside. Bring a good camera ...even better is a...

  • Clothing

    Palma de Mallorca What to Pack

    1 bag swim suits, flip flops, shorts, nice dress clothes for going out. But if you don't bring any of these items there are places that sell them very cheaply. I'm not kidding. You might want to bring some toiletries

  • Clothing

    Dubrovnik What to Pack

    The women in Dubrovnik really seem to go all out, especially in the evening. Of course there are plenty of scruffy tourists too, but if you subscribe to the "when in Rome" philosophy, bring your poshest clothes and shoes.

  • Climate

    Skopje What to Pack

    Bring an empty bag to carry all the stuff you are going to buy. I spent 4 days in Skopje in early June, at it was already between 35 and 40 degrees during the day. Light clothes, hats, and sunscreen are required if you are going to be spending any time outside during daylight hours. Evenings cool down nicely, so bring some nice clothes (AMERICANS:...

  • Windproofs & sweater

    Malmö What to Pack

    I wasnt wrapped up warm enough.As Copenhagen had been pretty mild that morning, I figured I'd be ok, but there is one hell of an icy chill from the sea! So put on your woollies :) Picture of Malmo port

  • Weather

    Bergen What to Pack

    As less bags as possible as you'll be tempted to walk a lot... Usually, on the western coast of Norway is raining but the temperature is not so low (it could be between 7-15 deg. C in May or even 20). Try to find a jacket (and some trousers) as "water proof" as possible and you don't need more than a normal pullover or a shirt under it. It could...

  • Rain Gear

    Cork What to Pack

    Cork is probably one of the wettest places in Ireland so an unbrella is a must. Don't let that put you off though as it's also one of the sunniest - you just need a brolly for the showers!! Pop into Pennys or Dunnes on Patrick Street (the main street) for a cheap one if you're forgetful like me and have long since lost your last brolly :)

  • Rain Gear

    Limerick What to Pack

    Most everyone when they think of Ireland they think of rain, rain and more rain but it's not always like that. If you are coming during the summer it is best to bring a mixture of clothing. This year we had very good weather during the summer months with only a couple of rainy days. So it was shorts and t-shirts for most everyone. Just to be on...

  • Rain Gear

    Killarney What to Pack

    Wear sensible shoes or walking boots - you will do a lot of walking. In summer pack lightweight raingear & maybe a change of clothes in the event of a severe downpour & remember NO RAIN NO RAINBOW Make sure your camera is fully charged & you have plenty of memory

  • Books

    Waterford What to Pack

    The book * Round Ireland with a fridge * written by Tony Hawks is an useful companion for an Ireland trip. It tells the true story of a bet that Tony cannot hitch hike around the circumference of Ireland with a fridge within one calender month. On his trip Tony visits many irish places and their unique people. The book is easy to read and gets you...

  • Rain Gear

    Sligo What to Pack

    If you are going to be camping, then try and pack your bags as light as you can. It was very annoying for me leaving London with heavy luggage. make sure you bring a rain-coat, something warm, and something like a T Shirt. When i was there, the 1st 2 days it rained, the next days were very hot (in july), but got VERY cold in the evenings. You can...

  • Rain Gear

    Kilkenny What to Pack

    Good walking shoes, warm clothes and rain gear are a must. While in Kilkenny, it started to pour down rain and I had to take cover under a tree. Even with an umbrella, the rain will still find a way to get you wet! Be sure to have something to keep your camera dry when the rain comes. Oh, and it will surely come! While waiting for the rain to let...

  • Dress for the weather

    Trondheim What to Pack

    It's a good idea to bring an all weather jacket. The weather seldom stays the same for long, and once you've desided to go out it might turn from sunshine to rain and wind. You should prepare for all kinds of weather in the summer: Bring both the t-shirt and the warm pullover. Depending on what you are going to take pictures of: A polarizer might...

  • Bring a book

    Piran What to Pack

    After Yugoslavia is a marvellous book to either take with you or to read before you go. It offers impartial information on the regions history, both recent and past, as well as recounting the authors journey. It's written by Zoe Bran and published by Lonely Planet. Easily the best travel book I've read this year.

  • Hiking shoes

    Plitvicka Jezera National Park What to Pack

    I don’t usually build a tip about Packing but here I have to mention one thing, as it is really necessary. A pair of comfortable walking boots/ trainers. Whatever you think that is comfortable for you to walk 4 or 5 miles wear them.

  • Toiletries & Medical Supplies

    Inishmore What to Pack

    When I was there the tab water was conterminated and we only were told in the pub at night. The only supermarket on the island closes at 5 or 6 so we had no chance to buy drinking water. Just be warned that there's only one shop in case you need one! There are a few tourist shops in Kilronan where you can get things like this - but it's definitely...

  • Climate

    Jönköping What to Pack

    don't miss your umbrella!!! Rainy season: There is no special rainy season Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 3 – 16°C ( 38 - 60°F ); min: -2 - 5°C ( 28 - 41°F ) Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 19 – 21°C ( 66 - 70°F ); min: 10 - 12°C ( 50 - 53°F ) Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 5 – 15°C ( 41 - 59°F); min: 0 - 7°C ( 32 – 45°F ) Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 0 –...

  • Rain Gear

    Great Skelligs What to Pack

    I was happy to have brought a waterproof backpack. Without it everything I have brought would have been wet after the cruise to Skellig Michael! Hiking boots will help you climb the 680 stairs up to the top! Bring weatherproof clothes for the boat trip, I was soaked when we arrived at Skellig Michael because all the seaspray hit me. The boatmen...

  • Assorted Clothing

    Gibraltar What to Pack

    Smart, small, and as little as possible. If you have the money you can buy anything you need. If you haven't the money you are unlikely to need to spend money buying things. You don't need money to enjoy Gibraltar. Definitely something flat for walking from one end of the Rock to the other. And some smart shoes so you don't feel outclassed by all...

  • Croagh Patrick

    County Mayo What to Pack

    Make sure to wear Hiking boots, everything else is lethal. Then bring a stick, it'll help you on the way down. (You can rent or buy them at the car park as well! It costs IEP 1.50 to rent and IEP 2 to buy or something...) Don't forget to bring lots of drinks (non alcoholic please!!!!) And leave your cigarettes in the car ;-) Then you have...

  • General Comments

    County Kerry What to Pack

    Take One Bag and One Backpack. Can add a smaller daypack. Only what YOU can carry, yourself, without help! Remember: Take only what YOU could carry for a mile. You want the freedom to move around, to walk up and down flights of stairs, walk to train stations and thru underground stations. See our heap of luggage in the photo? There was no way we...

  • Packing List

    Paris What to Pack

    While I try to take as little as possible these are some items that I must take along with me on most of my travels. I travel during any season and adjust my packing list according to the weather, type and length of travel. Following is just a sample of the items that I usually take along: For Paris, I usually take with me 2 pair of slacks one...

  • Rain gear

    Amsterdam What to Pack

    Typical weather ranges from about 0 degrees Celsius in the depths of winter (although there is usually very little snow) to typically pleasant sunny days of +20 to 25C in the summer. However, the weather can be very unpredictable and change within a matter of hours even if it looks good to start with. Make sure you a warm coat, gloves, scarf and...


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