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  • Outside the house
    Outside the house
    by evaanna
  • Children's playground outside
    Children's playground outside
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  • Port Chalupy
    Port Chalupy
    by evaanna

Chalupy Things to Do

  • Birdwatching at Chalupy

    Chalupy offers wonderful opportunities for birdwatchers. On the bay side you come across swans, all kinds of seagulls, wild ducks and grebes that would welcome crumbs from you, even though this kind of food is not supposed to be good for them. Sandpipers run all over the shore, tirelesssly searching for food as well. If you visit the place in...

  • Sunsets over Pucka Bay

    Whenever we go to Chalupy, watching the sun set is one of our favourite pastimes. It is the more interesting that the view is never the same. In spring the sun sets over Pucka Bay so you can see it as you walk along the 'promenade'. It was too cold this year for the windsurfers to be there, but they often make the view even more interesting.

  • Find shade in the forest

    On hot and sunny or cold and windy days you can't stay on the beach for long, at least I can't. On such days the strip of forest between the beach and the railway line can provide shelter from both the sunshine and the wind. The forest is criss-crossed with paths leading to the beach but only a few are legally approved - walking on the dunes is...

  • Walking on the pier

    The pier close to the west end of the village is a new addition to the place. As the restaurant and seasonal pier at Port Chalupy are in private hands, the villagers have decided to build a new pier from the European Union funds. When we arrived at Chalupy a fortnight ago (September 2006), we were delighted to discover that a long floating part had...

  • The sea and sand to your heart's content

    Chalupy, like the other villages on the Hel Peninsula, has vast sandy beaches all along the Baltic shore. And while the only road leading to Chalupy may be congested by the traffic in the summer time, there is plenty of space on the beach for everybody. At some distance from the village there is a nudist beach. Out of season the beaches are...

  • Port Chalupy

    The port is a new addition to the village. After all, the fishermen have access to the bay all along the shore. The port is mainly for tourists, where they can hire or moor a boat, buy smoked fish or have a meal (more about that in another tip). In summer there are discos there as well. On a clear day you can look at Gdynia on the other side of the...


Chalupy Restaurants

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    The Port Chalupy restaurant

    by evaanna Updated Apr 9, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This restaurant has one huge advantage - a beautiful view over the Pucka Bay. I would like this place more if they turned the volume of the obligatory music down and if it wasn't so crowded in summer and at weekends when you have to wait a long time to be served. However, you can buy smoked fish from the small stall in a separate building there or walk on the pier admiring the old boats.

    Favorite Dish: There aren't any I am afraid, but after all I have been spoilt by the really good and less expensive restaurants at Hel. The standard offered here doesn't justify the prices.

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Chalupy Local Customs

  • Easter Customs I

    At Easter all churches in Poland commemorate Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection by erecting symbolic graves, which are watched over by the parishioners taking turns to pray in front of them till midnight before the Resurrection. Often, those are the local firemen in their helmets and uniforms. In Chalupy, the grave is guarded by young boys...

  • Easter Customs

    The majority of the Kashubs are devoted Catholics, attending Mass every Sunday and taking part in all the religious celebrations. On the Saturday before Easter Sunday they bring small baskets of food to church to be blessed. The baskets contain one or more eggs symbolising new life, a small piece of bread, some salt and sometimes a piece of...

  • Chalupy Hotels

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Chalupy Warnings and Dangers

  • Clean sea air? Not often enough.

    There are no industrial plants in Chalupy but you mustn't expect clean sea air there a lot of the time. This is because quite a few residents of Chalupy have the annoying habit of burning all kinds of things, including plastic, in their fireplaces. The smoke can be very irritating, especially for those with bronchial problems, so much so that I...

  • Mind the train!

    The railway line goes all along the Hel Peninsula cutting across the forest or coming close to the main road with the bay on its other side. You must always cross it on your way to the beach and there are many places to do that, some marked with barriers some not. There is often a lot of noise around, especially if there is a storm on the Baltic or...

  • Don't let them rip you off!

    There are some accommodations at Chalupy where they will try to really rip you off. I'd better not mention any names in case they sue me for slander, but surely when you pay 130 zloties per night (nearly twice as much as at the place I describe in my accommodation tip), you should not be charged extra for parking your car (15 zl per day) and even...


Chalupy Sports & Outdoors

  • Windsurfing at Chalupy

    Chalupy is a paradise for windsurfers. The Pucka Bay is shallow enough not to be dangerous and, if you are a beginner, that's the place for you. There is a surfing school close to the pier at the west end of the village, where you can borrow all the outfit and equipment. Its instructors show a lot of patience with their charges so you needn't fear....

  • Paragliding along the beach

    The spacious long beaches near Chalupy are a paradise for motor-paragliders, who fly along the coast. We saw a few of them this year, some flying really low over the beach. This could not be done in the summer season when the beaches are crowded but in April or May there is no danger of landing on somebody's head. For those who would rather watch...

  • Kiteboarding on the Pucka Bay

    As you approach Chalupy from the direction of Wladyslawowo, you will come across a campsite on the Pucka Bay which is very popular with kiteboarders. There are hardly any beaches on the bay side on the Hel Peninsula but here one was specially designed for them as this sport is becoming increasingly popular. Even if you are not going to practise it...


Chalupy Favorites

  • Paean to the spider

    Believe it or not, I am very fond of spiders, not the venomous ones perhaps, but there aren't any of those in Poland anyway. They are so artful and clever: they move in the air, yet they have no wings and their webs are so intricate and delicate at the same time. In Polish tradition they are supposed to bring good luck so we try not to harm them...

  • Creatures from outer space?

    The sun was still shining brightly on one of the last days of our September stay in Chalupy but there was hardly any wind. We thought that was the only reason why there were no windsurfers on the bay. It looked and felt empty without them but we thought they would be back the next day. We started walking on the pier and then suddenly one of us...

  • Strangers in the night

    Walking along the bay can be interesting not only by day when you can see flocks of birds flying over the water, the swans flapping their wings heavily, the wild geese clamouring in a V formation. At night the bay becomes quiet, the windsurfers are gone but even then you can count on surprising encounters with a cat lurking in the hope of...


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