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  • The Rynek at Gniezno, Poland
    The Rynek at Gniezno, Poland
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  • Rynek and cathedral at Gniezno, Poland
    Rynek and cathedral at Gniezno, Poland
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  • Lake Jelonek, Gniezno
    Lake Jelonek, Gniezno
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Gniezno Things to Do

  • The Cathedral.

    One of the most important historical monuments of the region is the Cathedral - the place where St Adalbert is buried as well as the coronation church for many Polish kings. Among them are the first Polish coronations in history: of Boleslaw Chrobry (the Brave) and Mieszko II, both in 1025; Boleslaw the Bold in 1076; Przemysl II in 1295, and...

  • Boleslaw Chrobry Monument.

    To the south of the Cathedral, in the square in ul. Laskiego, we find the monument of Boleslaw Chrobry, founder of both the Cathedral and the archbishopric. The statue was unveiled in 1929, but after having been destroyed by the Germans during World War II, it was reconstructed in 1985.

  • 12th Century Bronze Doors.

    When visiting Gniezno and the Cathedral one should absoloutely not miss the chance to see the 12th century Bronze Doors. They are to be found in the south crypt. The doors consists of two halfs illustrating episodes from the life of St Adalbert. The doors were made circa 1170 - 1180 but the artist is not known.Due to renovation works when I...

  • St. Adalbert's silver coffin.

    St. Adalbert, also known as St. Adalbert of Prague (or in Polish as St. Wojtech), was born in 956 and killed in April 997. He is now Patron Saint of Poland. The silver coffin was made in 1662. In 1997 it was moved from its original location at the entrance to the presbytery, where we now can see it.

  • Cathedral

    Gniezno has a beautiful cathedral sitting on Lech Hill. In this cathedral which dates back to to 1324 till 1370 the first five Polish kings were crownd. The cathedral has many amazing things to see. Unfortunately, on Easter Sunday the museum and crypt were closed as well as the tower which you can otherwise climb. If you have the change make sure...

  • Reliquary of St. Wojciech

    The reliquary of St. Wojciech is placed in the centre of the chancel of the cathedral. I was very impressed by the silver casket with its saint dressed in a bishop’s gown on top. Piotr van der Rennen of Gdansk made this reliquary in 1662. The figures around the casket were made by the famous Poznan sculptor Wladyslaw Marcinkowski. In 1986 the...

  • Lake Jelonek

    Not far from the cathedral is the lake which is popular with the locals for outdoor activities. There are benches along the shore. On the other side of the lake, hidden in the trees, is the museum about the beginning of Poland. From the other side of the lake you can take lovely pictures of the cathedral in the background. Best to do this in the...

  • Holy Trinity Church (Kosciol Sw. Trojcy)

    I only had a quick peek inside the church because it was full of wedding guests and the bride and groom were already waiting outside. The church features a bell play outside which rings twice a day and has a moving St. Adalbert. The church has a gothic tower and a baroque interior. Inside the wall that surrounds the church there is a memorial for...

  • St. John the Baptist’s Church

    If you follow the footpath by the Franciscan church then you will see the church also known as the church of “The lord’s Tomb Monks”. This name is taken from the order that was established to protect the Lord’s Tomb during the Crusades in the Holy Land. The church is from the middle of the 14th century and is of Gothic style. Amazingly, it has...

  • Rynek

    The Rynek or market square is rather big in Gniezno. It features a fountain in the center which hopefully works in summer. The tourist office can also be found here. It was closed on Easter Sunday though. On the Rynek you may also see a lot of metal plates in the ground. They are more or less forming a half-circle and show the coat of arms of other...

  • Franciscan Church

    King Boleslaw the Pious founded this church in 1259 for the Franciscan friars he brought to Gniezno. The tower is what’s left of the Klaryski Konvent Oratory. Unfortunately, when we visited there was a mass going on, so we couldn’t see the high altar with the famous painting of the Holy Mother of Gnizeno which is famous for miracles. The church is...

  • Old town - Franciscan church

    The other is the early gothic-baroque Franciscan church and monastery (of the end of 13th century) which was created as the result of connecting two temples: of the Franciscan monks and the nuns of the order of St. Clare, with15th century tower. In the main altar there is a painting depicting Madonna with the baby, called "the Lady of Gniezno"....

  • Holy Trinity church

    Holy Trinity church was founded in 12 century. It one-nave gothic church. After year 1613 underbuilt in baroque style. The church has a gothic tower with baroque helmet. There is a clock with a chime instalated on the tower.In the church you can see renaissance baptismal font, late-baroque pulpit. The door of sacristy is from 15 century.

  • St. John church

    One-nave St. John Church of 14th century also deserves particular attention. It has a gothic cross vault and after the cathedral it is most precious historic monument of Gniezno. Te greatest attraction of the church is the interior - historic wall painting of the second half of the 14th century.

  • St. Adalbertus relics

    Tomb of St. Adalbertus (Wojciech) is situated in the cathedral. Nice golden decorations tower over the relics.Adalbertus was a Saint who brought christianity to Poland more then 1000 years ago.

  • Museum of the Beginnings of the Polish...

    In Polish: Muzeum Poczatkow Panstwa PolskiegoGniezno was the first capital city Poland. The Museum provides an excellent exhibition of Poland before it was formed and after. There are four exhibitions - The Culture of the Polish Piasts, The Medieval Gniezno, Gniezno in Modern Times and The Painted History of the Piast Dynasty.The Culture of the...

  • Old town

    In the direct neighborhood of the Old Square there are two more sacred monuments. One is a gothic one-nave parish-church (1420-30) with a gothic tower crowned with baroque helmet. The church is surrounded with a wall that used to be a fragment of medieval fortifications.

  • Gniezno Cathedral

    Cathedral has two massive 85 metres tall towers towering over the city and the main nave is 22 metres tall. The oldest part of cathedral is presbytery with tomb of St. Adalbertus.Main nave is surrounded by 14 chapels with a tombs of archibishops.

  • Gniezno door

    Gniezno Doors are one of the most value attractions of Cathedral and the city, being a very significant work of romanesque art. It is also mentioned as one of the most value attraction of romanesque plastic art in Europe!The doors were created of bronze about in 1175.They are decorated with scenes from St. Adalbertus life.

  • Gniezno Cathedral

    Cathedral is situated on Lech hill on the side of old town. Gniezno cathedral was an aula of coronation of Polish kings, it was a place of many great historical events, untill nowadays is a church of Gniezno archibishops and a place of tomb of patron of Poland St. Wojciech.The first temple was built probably in second half of 10 century. After...

  • Christianity has arrived

    The ONLY thing to do in Gniezno is to go to the cathedral and gaze at the "oldest door" in Poland. Make a photo or two with the nice commemorative plaza in front of the church and try to believe what they tell you on the plaques. Most probably you will be impressed till you visit Poznan and start asking questions.


Gniezno Hotels

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  • Hotel Awo

    32 Warszawska Street, Gniezno, 62-200, Poland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Gewert

    Paczkowskiego 2, Gniezno, 62-200, pl

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Nest

    ul. Sobieskiego 20, Gniezno, 62-200, Poland

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

Gniezno Transportation

  • Arriving by train.

    Gniezno is easily accesible by train from Torun as well as from Poznan. The railway station is situated to the south of the city centre, south-east of the cathedral.

  • Public transports.

    Bus tickets in daily fare in Gniezno cost about 0,50 EURO and about 0,25 EURO half fares. They are valid for one ride only.Tickets can be obtained in most shops in the city as well as from the bus driver with an additional fee.Bus routes, information about the schedules and bus numbers are placed in buses and on bus stops. You can find a clickable...

  • By train

    We came to Gniezno by train from Poznan. We took the slow train for 10 Zlotys on the way there. It took about an hour. Its end destination was actually Torun. I was surprised that the toilet on the train had toilet paper, soap and hand paper. Make sure you know what time you arrive and look out at the stations as the stops are not announced. We sat...


Gniezno Shopping

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    Obuwie: Very good shoes

    by sihi Written Nov 21, 2008

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    Very good shoe shop on the old town square in Gniezno. Shop is full of different shoes. They sell good quality shoes of Polish made. Prices are pretty good not expensive for awesome quality.
    One of good brands - NEEX.

    Shoe shop on old town square
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Gniezno Local Customs

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    Pick up your dog's pooh

    by yumyum Written Apr 17, 2009

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    We noticed that dog pooh is a big problem in Poznan where you have to be careful where you step even on the sidepath. But here in Gniezno you will find some special dog pooh bins. The dog bin doesn't actually provide plastic bags but still it's a good idea to use it. In that respect Gniezno was much cleaner than Poznan.

    dog pooh bin

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Gniezno Favorites

  • First capital of Poland.

    A visit to Gniezno means a visit to the place where the state of Poland was born. According to the Piast legend, Gniezno was erected in the place signified to Lech, a brother of Czech and Rus, by a white eagle in the area where it formed its nest. This can still be reflected in the city's coat-of-arms where the eagle is depicted. The Piast rulers...

  • How to find the objects.

    I have put links to Google Map in my tips to make it easier to find the objects mentioned, when possible to get the right position. The links are marked in italics. Unfortunately Google Map isn't very precise and too often points to other buildings than the wanted one.

  • Old city walls and gates

    There is only one little piece of city wall left. But where the city gates used to stand you may find little pyramids with explanations.


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