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  • I wasn't good with the tractor. How we laughed.
    I wasn't good with the tractor. How we...
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  • Kolbuszowa
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  • Kolbuszowa
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Kolbuszowa Things to Do

  • Find an artist to visit

    I am so fortunate to have a friend who is local to Kolbuszowa. He discovered a pottery studio for us to visit and I made a video as my friend toured and spoke to the artist about her work. Of course I don't understand anything they say, but no matter... I enjoy all of it. And.. I found a few pieces of very nice pottery to bring home! This potter...

  • Meet the locals

    There were many people along my way on all these trips to Poland who I could write about... it's hard to know when to stop. The sisters who travelled with me enjoyed meeting a costumed local woman at the heritage festival. Vladek and his sister were so welcoming...both a joy. We were so fortunate to be able to share time with such gracious people...

  • Discover early crafts

    Kolbuszowa was known as a center for fine furniture making a century or so ago. Their furniture was often inlaid or veneer and the quality was such that some of it is part of the collection at the palace in Warsaw as well as a museum in London. I've searched for it on several visits and finally found that some of the new buildings at Skansen have...

  • The Manor House

    You can search out the Manor Houses hidden amongst the forests around Kolbuszowa. This is where the property owners lived and managed their estates...with peasants working as serfs in the fields. This Manor House is currently used by the local university for offices and meeting type facility. It's being very well taken care of, which I was very...

  • Interiors of Skansen farm house

    Notice the stencil paintings on the walls. Some of these old framed religious pictures hanging on the wall remind me of my grandparents' house, or other immigrant homes in the United States. These religious framed prints were very popular here at the turn of the century and up through the 1920's - 1940's. In such a rural community, it is a...

  • Skansen Village

    The Skansen village is a recreation of an old Polish village...accomplished by moving buildings to this site from all over the region. They are arranged as if there were people living here in typical village life style. Farm implements and household goods are included in the buildings to simulate real life situations....much the same as we see in...


    One of the things I loved about the Polish gardens is what they call MALLOW ... we call them old fashioned HOLLYHOCKS. I picked up some of the seeds while I was at Skansen village and tried to grow them without success, but my daughter in law took some home and look at these beauties! She said she'd give some to me. I know we shouldn't bring...

  • Keep searching til you find what you...

    The trip in 2001 was designed to finally locate the town from which my family stems. The family name is Rzasa (pronounced Shunsa) and is found only in Kolbuszowa and Rzeszow. Michael was the taxi driver we engaged for a half day out of Rzeszow. It was a short drive to Kolbuszowa, and he was as helpful as could be with his limited English. The...

  • Check local shops...

    Going in and out of local shops is a lesson in local culture. I found a wonderful little book store with an anniversary edition of the town of Kolbuszowa. It's a very well written history by a local college professor and it's chock full of fabulous photography. Other shops might provide convenience or an everyday item which you might purchase...


Kolbuszowa Hotels

Kolbuszowa Restaurants

  • Best place to eat in Kolbuszowa.

    The C.K. Galicja is very small but the food is great. I would recommend that place for a lunch, or diner, not really for morning coffee. They do a big selection of local food, and I thing they are very famous because of their dumplings which is hard to get. The restaurant has 3 tables and is stylish with old furniture which brings you to the XIX...

  • Krokodyles in Kolbuszowa !11????

    This was the only restaurant in Kolbuszowa on my first visit, but now there are a couple of more. We decided to return to this one again and again, however. Their food is quite good and very reasonable. All four of us women were happy with our dinners, which is an amazing thing for 4 women to agree on anything! There is a section which seems to be...

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Kolbuszowa Shopping

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    Skansen Village Gift Shop: traditional paper...

    by Pawtuxet Updated Jul 16, 2009

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    The gift shop at Skansen village is in the same room as the reception area where you buy tickets to tour the village. Although the shop is small, I have found some very precious items to keep my memories of Poland alive.

    What to buy: On my most recent trip (2009) I found many more buildings in the village, but I also noticed an increase in the variety of items sold in the gift shop. I found a painted wooden horse for a friend, native honey products, redware bowls, among other things. The women in the shop were very busy with school children who were there on a field trip. Of course there is always lots of noise and chatter when the kids get away from school on these little adventures. It's a good thing the youngsters are learning their own history... in between the chatter. :-)

    In 2006 we spent quite a bit of time in the gift shop during our visit because it was sooooo hot and the gift shop had more to offer. I busied myself in choosing the right painting by a local artist and selecting some wonderful redware pottery, amongst other things like cards and books.
    These paper cut out designs are sold at the gift shop in Skansen Village.

    What to pay: Everything in the shop is very inexpensive and I never mind spending money in a museum shop anyway, as it is a perfect way to support the efforts of the curators.

    paper cut outs clay pots...redware
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Kolbuszowa Local Customs

  • Wood carved figures and toys

    The Poles have a long history of carving figures and toys out of wood. There was a wonderful collection from (I would guess) a popular toy maker which was exhibited in one of the buildings in the Skansen village. The figures and toys made for tourists today are not of my liking...not quite the same personal touch..... but it is possible to find...


    I think this is one of the purest versions of folk art in Poland. These shrines are placed in locations where the country people can stop to pray if they can't get to the local church. Sometimes the shrine commemorates a person's death from a car accident. However, the true older version is the farmer taking time during his hard work day to...

  • Very peaceful creatures..

    The farm country of Poland is so peaceful, unadorned, pure. It's as if time stood still here. There is no hustle and bustle...life proceeds in a quiet steady pace. I found the farmlands very restful. I'd like to spend more time around these hard working people.


Kolbuszowa Off The Beaten Path

  • Farm life at Skansen

    The recreation of an historic country village includes farm tools, animals, and everything needed for daily life. There is so much to be learned and a ton to enjoy.

  • The researchers at Skansen Village

    Touring the historic village gave us a sense of what sort of life our grandfathers had in this rural area of southeast Poland. We were very lucky to have Wladek and Gosia to help us with the language, the culture, and the actual family research as we interacted with the priests at the various churches. Wladek found old maps and we visited streets...

  • Kolbuszowa...old church/ All Saints

    We photographed the interior of this old church through a window. Here I imagined my grandparents getting married...my grandfather being baptised. Notice the anchor painted on the wall....the anchor is the symbol of Rhode Island. (our home) I can't imagine why the anchor would be there when they are definately not a coastal village. The benches...


Kolbuszowa Favorites

  • The Wood Splitters ~ 2003

    A view out the hotel window in Kolbuszowa...men cut and split mountains of wood for the winter. I remember that morning as if it were yesterday. We froze in that hotel all night. So glad there is a new pleasant hotel in town today.

  • Bicycles and cemetaries ~2003

    Both bikes and cemetaries are very much a part of daily life here. Daily life moves slower than in cities and there is always the presence of the church, cemetary, and roadside shrines. Cemetaries are not forgotten...but visited, cleaned, and decorated regularly. A respect that I find refreshing and endearing. In the 2nd photo...the last of the...

  • Visit All Saints Cemetery-intrigueing!

    I found the cemetary to be fascinating. Of course I was excited to finally find my family's name on many of the stones, but aside from that...the cemetary was very different from what I've known at home. Every inch of space has been used. Sometimes you can barely walk between the stones, so dense are the markers. I was fortunate to be in the...


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