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  • Qubus Hotel Legnica
    by Milady87
  • Qubus Hotel Legnica
    by Milady87
  • Qubus Hotel Legnica
    by Milady87

Legnica Things to Do

  • Legnica Theater 2004 - Inside during...

    Inside the theater during the Meeting of All the Citizens. This was a discussion of prominent present and former citizens that was conducted in Polish, German and Russian.

  • Beautiful Decorations...

    Although Legnica wouldn't attract much tourists but the town itself offers some of its own beautiful decorations adorning the buildings around the town !Legnica truly captures the essence of 'off the beaten path' when you are in Poland !CONTINUE WITH MY PHOTOS IN LEGNICA...

  • St. Jacek Church...

    This is what I love about Legnica ! There's an 'Ole World' feel in Legnica.There's no tourists around, although some hotels cater for business people.Wander around this small town would bring back some remnants of what used to be the 'glory' in here.The town square is laidback & the parks around Legnica offer some green trees with more great sights...

  • Helena Modrzejewska Memory Theatre...

    Helena Modrzejewska Memory Theatre - Which prepare performances for adults, the youth, and children. Aside of regular theatrical actions, they perform other para-theatrical and educational activities of which the most important are: Theatre Messenger Club, Creative Work Weeks, Active Creativity Trainings.

  • Rynek...

    The Rynek in Legnica is lined with ordinary modern buildings & some nice eateries, with the Baroque Townhall & a row of 8 small arcaded houses known as the Herring Stalls ( kramy sledziowe) are some of the historic buildings in the square...

  • Zamek Piatowski...

    Zamek Piastowski was built in 12th and 13th Century by Prince Henryk Brodaty (Henry the Bearded). Residence of Legnica and Brzeg princes of the Piast family.Architecture: Roman, Gothic, Rennaisance and Neo-Renaissance. In 15th Centrury towers were rebuilt, in 16th centrury a beautiful gate was constructed. The whole building was burnt down during...

  • St. Mary's Church...

    St. Mary's Church (evangelical) - a church where, according to Jan D³ugosz the chronicler Henry the Bearded had had to attend a mass before the battle with the Tartars. Its present Neo-gothic shape is dated from its reconstruction within the years 1824 - 28. Inside there were preserved numerous monuments, among other things painted casements of the...

  • Quail's Basket House...

    Quail's Basket House - Its name is derived from a very characteristic corner bay window of a cylindrical shape. The bay window and the gamble façade are richly decorated by Renaissance sgraffito showing Ezopian tales.

  • Cathedral of SS Peter & Paul...

    This is a neo-Gothic Church of SS Peter & Paul...Cathedral under invocation of SS Apostles Peter and Paul is a church that was mentioned in documents of the beginning of the 12th century. The present neo-gothic shape was performed upon its reconstruction in the 14th century. There are valuable monuments, pieces of arts and architectonic pieces in...


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Legnica Restaurants

  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    Highway Imbis: The local (snack)bar

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Jul 26, 2010

    I have no idea what the real of this place is, but they have Coca Cola and Polish Dania Gorace, Slodycze, Napoje, Piwo, Kawa and Herbata.

    The TV aerial looks promising (and so does the new stone building that is under construction).

    Behind one of the windows "24" is displayed (to indicated a 24/7 service?).

    Highway Imbis - Legnica
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Legnica Transportation

  • coceng's Profile Photo


    by coceng Updated May 20, 2004

    I find train is very reliable in reaching some great destinations in this part of Poland. Although in some cases, you have to book ahead or rather buy the ticket early on.
    In Legnica, the train & the bus station are next to each other : On the north-eastern edge of the city. There are frequent train departures to Wroclaw, 75 km.
    The buses are more convience to nearby destinations such as Jelenia Gora (61km), Swidnica(56 km) & Klodzko (126 km)...
    There are 2 trains a day to Wroclaw & 1 train a day to Franfurt, Germany,... 1 train a day to Leipzig & 3 trains a day to Dresden.

    I took my 3 am, Saturday morning train to Berlin from Legnica..after disappointedly could not get any seat to Berlin from Wroclaw!
    So, being in Legnica was really a blessing in disguise !
    The photo on the left was taken from my train on my way to reach Berlin !

    Legnica : Polish Railtrack...
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Legnica Off The Beaten Path

  • Berlin...

    This is rather my own experience. Reaching Berlin from Legnica when I couldn't get my train ticket to Berlin from Wroclaw.Berlin is a must see when you are in Germany & especially in Legnica, splash your way to Berlin !Also from Legnica, there would 2 trains a day to Poland's capital Warsaw.Also, a train per day to some destinations in Germany like...

  • Wroclaw...

    Well, Legnica is near Wroclaw, about 75 km. It is only a short train ride away ! Wroclaw is a beautiful city in Poland ! Filled with great sights & the most beautiful Town Square that I have been to in Poland ! When you are in Wroclaw, you must visit Legnica. If you happen to be in Legnica entering from Germany, please make sure you reach your way...

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Legnica Favorites

  • The Rail...

    Here's another photo by me.I took the train to Berlin from Legnica at about 3 AM. It was still dark then.I couldn't sleep, my mind was thinking about all the sweet memories while I was in Poland ! Meeting nice people, staying with them, eating their foods, drinking their vodkas (not really !).I felt kind of sentimental...Outside the train, the...

  • My Sweet Memory In Legnica...

    This is a photo of Adam & Me !I did show him VT & told him that he would see all my travel photos on VT.I said to Adam that he had a hardcore Polish look, like the long lost King of Perussia !He just laughed !Adam also told me about his female friend in China called Pok !He said whenever he thought of her name Pok, he would think of PORK !We both...

  • My Sweet Memory In Legnica...

    This is my friend Adam !Posing by his PC. he told me that he couldn't wait to get out from Legnica as the town didn't offer him anything. he had to see his own apartment & wanted to move out.He is now in Australia; Had been studying for a year there to master his English.He had visited me in KL on his way to Australia & he's a happy man & soon...


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