Poland Local Customs

  • Sea of flames under the cross on All Saints' Day
    Sea of flames under the cross on All...
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  • Local Customs
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  • Local Customs
    by briantravelman

Poland Local Customs

  • Culture

    Warsaw Local Customs

    Poland is famous for a vodka-drinking tradition. Nevertheless, there are some popular Polish beers. One famous brewery is Zywiec which was founded in 1852 and nowadays owned by Heineken. Another well known beer brand is Okocim; an old-established brewery (founded 1845), which is now owned by Carlsberg. Both Zywiec and Okocim lager contain more...

  • Dining and Drinking

    Krakow Local Customs

    Usually I write on VT about museums and monuments. For Krakow I started my comments with one of the best beers I did drink in my life! I discovered the gorgeous dark beer called PORTER from the Okocim brewery when having lunch at the restaurant Europejska located on the north-west corner of the Rynek Glowny market. This beer tastes like a...

  • Language

    Warsaw Local Customs

    Whenever travelling abroad, it's a good idea to remain in touch with your respective consulate and/or embassy. Just in case you need their assistance (lost passport, marriage arrangements, etc.) here's a list of some of the embassies located in Warsaw: > AUSTRALIA: Nautilus Building, ul. Nowogrodzka 11. Tel: 022-521-3444 / Fax:...

  • Palace of Culture and Science

    Warsaw Local Customs

    A controversial gift from Stalin is called the Palace of Culture and Science (Palac Kultury i Nauki, PKiN). For most (but not all) Poles, including me, this building is a symbol of communism and Soviet domination over Poland. I remember very well these sad and grey times of no freedom, of poverty, persecutions, humilations and first of all of no...

  • Polglish

    If you’re walking down the street, sitting in a tram, or watching Polish TV, don’t be surprised if you hear some familiar words, that’s because many Poles these days, speak Polglish. Instead of using their proper Polish words, they will use either plain English words, or a combination of the two. For example, you might hear someone speaking Polish,...

  • Polish Superstitions

    The Polish superstitions are very strange, so I thought I would list a few.1. Whatever happeneds during Christmas Eve, will happened for the rest of the year. So if you argue on Christmas Eve, according to the superstition, you will argue the entire year.I have also heard this superstition for New Year's Eve.*If you sneeze on Christmas Eve, you...

  • Poles Like To Get Paid In Beer

    Beer is a really huge part of Polish culture. If you don't drink, you are not a real Pole. Therefore, a lot of Poles, plumbers, mechanics, and even doctors, will accept beer as payment, or in some cases a bribe, for performing, a service for you. Most of the time it's a 6 pack, no matter how small the task, but sometimes one is enough. Sometimes...

  • Poles Are REALLY Patriotic

    What you will notice about Polish people, is that they are VERY patriotic, maybe even a little too much. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your history, culture, and heritage, but they have taken it way too far, to the point where they think EVERYTHING in Poland is the best in the world, and EVERYTHING about Poland, is perfect. You will...

  • Paradocumentaries

    One of the largest television genres in Poland, is the paradocumentary, which is a scripted show, usually featuring amateur actors, that's filmed to look like a documentary. These shows are very popular in Poland, and "document", scenarios, which have been made up by the writers. These scenarios are always every day problems, that could happened to...

  • Dialects

    Just like in the U.S., different regions in Poland have different dialects, specifically Kashubia, Silesia, Podkarpackie, Zakopane and Pieniny, and the eastern voivodeships bordering Ukraine and Belarus. I speak fluent Polish, and I have a very difficult time understanding different dialects. Sometimes I watch the Polish news, and they’ll show a...

  • Lighthouse Keepers

    A tradition that has dissapeared in other European countries because of cost, still thrives here in Poland. Each operating lighthouse in the country actually has its own keeper, that takes care of the lighthouse. This has been a long tradition in Poland, and many children want to follow in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, and...

  • Lucky Jews

    I didn't hear about this when I was in the south, so I don't know if this superstition only exists in the north, or in all of the country, but when I was in Malbork and Gdansk, street vendors and shops were selling carvings and cutouts of Jews. The vendors told us that in Poland, having a Jew in your home will bring you good luck and money. I'm not...

  • Chimney Sweeps

    Chimney sweeps are rare in Poland these days, but there is a cool legend about these guys. They say if you see one, you have to grab a button on any peice of clothing you're wearing, and make a wish, and it will come true. I didn't try it, so I have no idea if it works or not, but it's a fun little superstition for the kids. Next time you see one,...

  • Religion

    Poland is devoutly Catholic and church attendance is very high. John Paul II was Polish and a hero for his countrymen who helped bring the end of communism.

  • churches and cemetery areas

    When we drived through poland-we saw so many churches and cemetery areas. And they were all beautiful and carefully maintained. And there was allways people in churches. Peaceful stop between driving.

  • Zulawy Wislane

    Although Republic of Poland is divided into 17 voivodeships ( provinces) according to the administrative reform, which went into effect on 1 January 1999 - see more on -, there are also some traditionally recognised regions connected with geographical features, ethnicity and historical backgrounds. One of those region is Zulawy Wislane, which...

  • Taking off the shoes

    Most of the Poles take off their shoes before enter the house. This custom is very common in a lot of countries so probably most of you take it as granted but if it is not used to your contry (like in my country Greece) be prepared and observe what others do :)

  • The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

    Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) is the biggest and most prosperous charity organization in Poland. Its objectives, included in the status document, are saving children's lives, health promotion and education in the field of preventive treatment. Between 1993 and 2004 The Great Orchestra of Christmas...

  • Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy

    If you are in Poland in the begining of the year and on the second Sunday of January somebody will give you heartshaped sticker like shown on the pic give them some money back. It doesn’t matter how much will you give... You’ll take part in the biggest charity action in Poland called Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy - The Great Orchestra of...

  • Polish language

    The Polish language, a member of the West Slavic branch of the Slavic languages, functions as the official language of Poland. It is a rather tricky language to master, due to numerous consonants one after another. The younger generations usually speak some English and German which are the most common second languages studied and spoken.The...

  • Learn Polish

    I think Michael Palin quoted a research stating that "Polish was among the six most difficult languages to learn" in his Television travel series.Want to learn Polish?

  • Polish language!

    Polish is a difficult language to learn, but you can try! Here are some basic words that you can use while you're there to help you get around.1. Czesc (CHESH): Hello2. Dziekuje (JEE-KOO-YEH): Thank you3. Jest piękna (YEST PYANG-KNA): Its beautiful/This is beautiful4. Jest piszne (YEST PEESH-NEH): Its delicious/ This is delicious3. Nie mowie...

  • Christmas Eve

    The day before Christmas is for Polish Catholics even more important than Christmas Day itself. It starts as a normal working day only busier as people frantically look for presents, do last minute shopping for food or decorate their Christmas trees. The shops close at about 3 or 4 p.m., buses get less and less frequent until only night buses are...

  • Listen to Polish Christmas Carols

    When Ingrid (Trekki) wrote to me, suggesting we could give links to our Christmas carols on our pages, I was really thrilled. Polish people have some really lovely ones that I am sure you will enjoy. And she has even taught me how to make the links. Thanks, Ingrid.So here they are:Lulajze JezuniuJezus malusienkiMedrcy swiataDzisiaj w BetlejemWsrod...


    In Matt's Krakow forum, he listed favourite POLISH FOOD. SOUPS1. barszcz - beetroot soup2. chlodnik - cold soup made of soured milk, young beet leaves, beets, cucumbers and chopped fresh dill3. czernina - duck blood soup4. flaki or flaczki - beef or pork tripe stew with marjoram5. rosól - clear chicken soup6. zupa grzybowa - mushroom soup made of...

  • Easter Customs

    The Sunday a week before Easter is called Palm Sunday and Polish people bring colourful specially made 'palms' to church to be consecrated. Some of them are enormous and in some villages competitions for the most beautiful palm are held every year. In traditional country households the palm is later placed behind a holy picture in the living-room....

  • Noc Swietojanska or St John's Night

    St John's Night celebrations date back to pre-Christian times, when they bore the name of Kupala. The night of 21 June, the shortest night of the year has always been considered a special one, a night of fire, which represents the masculine element and of water, standing for the female. It's a magical night when love can bind people...

  • Lany Poniedzialek

    Beware when travelling in Poland on Easter Monday: It´s "lany poniedzialek" and one of the less charming Easter traditions in Poland means that groups of youth splash neighbors, strangers and whoever comes along their way with water. Train and bus stations seem to be their favorite place to wait for "victims". And some of them tend to exaggerate...

  • An old Polish story goes...

    Centuries ago, 3 Slavic brothers, 1 Czech, 1 Russian and a Pole set out to find new homes. The Czech stopped at the first good clearing and decided it was good enough. The other 2 continued to a beautiful plain full of wildlife, winding rivers and fertile land, where the Pole decided to stay while the Russian continued east. Unfortunately the flat...

  • Fatty Thursday

    Polish people don't have Pancake Day but they celebrate Shrove Thursday, the last Thursday before Lent. The more doughnuts you eat on that day the better and people actually compete who can eat more. Our doughnuts are wonderful: made with yeast, with a drop of marmalade or eggnog inside and orange rind on the surface. I think rose hip marmalade is...

  • Pierogies!

    Pierogies are just as popular in Poland as you would have thought they were! They can be found in so many different places of the city all over the country. The most popular kind, which Poland is the most known for is called "Pierogi ruskie" which literally means "Russian perogi" and they are they kind stuffed with cheese. You can find a wide...

  • Polish political leaders

    What I found interesting in Poland was that the country is run by two men who are twin brothes, Lech and Jarosław Kaczyński, who once starred in a 1962 Polish film called "The Two who Stole the Moon." Lech is the President, and his brother Jarosław is the Prime Minister. What is humourous about it, is that "kaczyński," the...

  • The day of the Polish National Flag on...

    A few years ago there was introduced a Day of the Polish National Flag on 2nd May. That is the day when the flag should be flown both on official buildings and private houses. If you follow the link below, you can read more about the Flag of the Republic of Poland Day.

  • My Dad 8/2/26 to 27/12/04

    My father, Edward, was born and bred in Poland. He joined the Polish army in 1940, aged just 14 years old, to go and fight the Germans in the second world war. In 1948, he came to live in England, made himself nationalized and always classed England as his home. He loved England for some strange reason? I never heard him say one bad word against...

  • A little Polish history

    Poland has a long and varied history and was once the largest country in Europe. The actual name of Poland comes from the name of the Polanie tribe.In the 9th/10th century, there was a few pre-state territories. Someone called Polanie, settled near Gniezno, had managed to unite most of the other tribes iiving in the area and established the state...

  • Easter in Poland

    I Poland there are a few nice traditions during Easter.The celebration of Easter is preceded by Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday. The original palm branch is replaced by a willow or raspberry branch, and is decorated with ribbons, flowers, and leaves. They are brought to churches. Good Friday, marks the start of the vigil at symbolic tombs...

  • Storks and Chimneys

    The stork's nest on a chimney is an image I always enjoy seeing. I had never actually seen one in reality though and coming across them in Poland was a big thrill. Across the lake from the Palace at Krokowa where we stayed , there was a redbricked mill with a tall chimney. I thought I saw activity on top but being fairly shortsighted could not...

  • Polish Hospitality

    Polish people are supposed to be among the most hospitable in the world and in my opinion this is certainly true. Being invited to somebody's home for dinner involves staggering amounts of food and drink and continual exhortations to eat up. Hospitality is not just restricted to food but covers all the facilities of the family home, invitations to...

  • HOT art !!

    Here I have collected a number of photos of the lovely heating units used in Poland. Of course they have more modern heating in newer buildings...but there are some older buildings which still rely on these wonderful pieces of equipment. Some seem to be enamel over metal while others are made of very sturdy tiles on the exterior. In the Kazimierz...

  • You better watch out on Easter Monday!

    If you happen to be in Poland at Easter time, you'd better be aware of what's going on on the Monday after Easter which is also a holiday in Poland. Somebody, even strangers in the street, may pour water on you or at least you'll get sprinkled! It's an old custom, called Smingus-Dyngus, that derives from folk tradition and it simply means the...

  • Corpus Christi processions stop the...

    If you're travelling by car on the Catholic holiday of Corpus Christi, be prepared to come across numerous processions in little villages and towns as well as in the streets of big cities. They may be taking place at various times of the day so you never know! Just relax and wait, get out of the car to strech your bones, theres not much point in...

  • All Saints' Day - to those who were here...

    1 November is All Saints' Day in Poland, when Polish people visit the graves of their family and friends, bringing flowers and lighting candles. It is also the day when we remember those who died fighting for our country and light candles on their, often anonymous or just symbolic graves. It is a beautiful day, full of memories and love for those...

  • Polish Cousine

    kotlet schabowy - perhaps the best-known Polish culinary classic, loved by the POles, but I am not sure if you will like it ( may be too greasy ). It is fried pork loin chop coated in breadcrumbs.golonka (pork knuckle) - another pork dish very popular in Poland. If you can't swallow greasy food then don't order it. It is served with cabbage.pierogi...

  • About eating

    Most Poles eat in. Cooking at home is still popular in here. Althought some people eat only out (especially young people). In Poland eating patern is a little bit different from the western Europe. We eat 4 times a day. Friest we have "pierwsze sniadanie" ( frist breakfast) which we eat before schhol or work. Then we have "drugie sniadanie" ( the...

  • Polish Vodka

    Vodka is one of the most popular drinks in Poland. There is no party without vodka. The most popular are Polish brands of course :-) Some people drink vodka mixed with juice, some can drink it pure.Here are some brands you can see in Polish bars ( and not only ):Zubrowka - that's my favourite one. It tastes very good with apple juice. It contains...


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